SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 6 Episode 4

Not Normal / Gone

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 04, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Ok for Season 6

    This episode was bad, but defiantly not as bad as most of the episodes in this season. I didn't exactly like the plot much, but there were some funny moments.

    Rating- 4/10
  • Not Normal was Not Bad

    This episode was so freaking hilarious. When I first saw it I was so shocked to see SpongeBob without any holes, freckles, nor buck teeth. He looked so wierd. I laughed when SpongeBob said, "Hi, how are you?" in a calm deep voice. I also liked how SpongeBob critized Squidward and how SpongeBob and Patrick were doing wired stuff. It was funny to se Squidward become "normal" too. I also thought that Not Normal had a good lesson in the end about being yourself and I was glad that SpongeBob turned back to his original self.

    My only nitpick was that Squidward was acting like a jerk in the beginning, but I won't lower my score because of that. Overall this episode deserves a perfect score. :)
  • SpongeBob try to become normal

    I thought this episode was superb. Speaking of the reception, this episode isn't treated very well. Even though I was surprised of the positive reviews here on other people on different websites seem to bash too often. This is one of the most underrated episode of an underrated season. In my opinion, I thought the plot was pretty enjoyable for most parts. My only cons here were a few gross out gags and the beginning when Squidward was a little mean to SpongeBob (mainly when he kicked him out). But the whole episode got better after that part. I really enjoyed the scenes where SpongeBob was being normal and he would often say "good day sir" "how' it's going" and "wonderful weather we're There were some parts that were funny like Patrick stretching himself (even though it was a gross humor), SpongeBob at Squidward's house, the water slide, and the ending. SpongeBob bring normal was quite a great idea and people couldn't be complaining about that cannot stand his high pitch voice in the newer episodes, he sounded deeper while normal. Overall while this may be the best episode of the season, it is quite an underrated one. 9/10
  • Perfect


    SpongeBob is acting really weird all the time, so Squidward tells him to be normal. SpongeBob takes his advice and watches a video about being normal. Soon, SpongeBob is acting very normal. But SpongeBob wants to be weird again because he doesn't enjoy being normal and boring, so he tries to make himself not be normal.

    10 out of 10

  • Great episode for season 6.

    This is a really funny episode. I feel like I'm watching a season 3 episode. I love when Squidward says there are normal people, and then a fishtank appears. I didn't like Spongebob's normal personality. His voice was too deep and he looks real ugly. Some funny parts are when Spongebob catches Patrick reading a newspaper and then hides it. I also like how Spongebob printed out the Krabby Patties like paper. But soon Mr. Krabs fires Spongebob, so Spongebob needs Patrick to get him weird again. i love all the things he did to get weird. This is a very funny episode. B plus. 8.5 %
  • This episode was bad. Nuff' said.

    As stated in the summary, one word describes this episode in great detail : bad. Spongebob and Squidward's characters were so OOC (out of character) I couldn't believe I was watching them in this episode. Basically Squidward tells Spongebob to be normal, then he watches some commerical and becomes normal. Absoutely normal. Boring. Non descript. Ugly. Very ugly. At this point the episode deserves a 6. But no, Spongebob has to tell Squidward he isn't normal, which makes Squidward makes hate him even more. To top that off, Spongebob has to get Patrick's help to make him weird. All that effort with no avail, until he sees Squidward's "normal" face which shocks him into seeing himself, and becoming weird once again. Pointless episode.
  • SpongeBob becomes normal

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". I thought it was very funny when SpongeBob started to become normal. The only thing that made my score a little low was because I thought Squidward was a little harsh when he told SpongeBob to start acting normal and stop being abnormal and a couple of gross jokes that were in this episode such as Patrick's head all the way to his belly button and SpongeBob's eyeballs popping out of his eyes. I thought it was very funny when SpongeBob was watching a video on how to be normal. SpongeBob acting normal and starting to change such as him not being square and more was funny and pretty odd in a good way. I thought SpongeBob making krabby patties from the computer was funny. I thought it was funny when Patrick was teaching SpongeBob how to be weird so SpongeBob can be back to his own form again. I also thought that the very ending of this episode was hilarious when Squidward turned normal and was wearing pants. Overall, this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9/10
  • Not Normal indeed.

    This episode was without a dought one of the worst SpongeBob episodes that I've ever seen in the history of TV. That "normal" SpongeBob got on my nervs after a while. Also, it didn't make sense how SpongeBob had his holes, nose, and buck teeth remove. Those other normal people in the video were stupid! And the "normal" SpongeBob was a jerk to Mr. Krabs, Patrick, and Squidward. It seemed to have ruin SpongeBob's own character. One thing that was strange was, SpongeBob screaming makes him back to his normal self?! Who came up with that? Finally, Squidward being normal sucked for two reasons. One: He didn't become his regular self at the end, so I think Squidward might act normal for the rest of the series. Two: His face was a rip-off design of Squidward's new face in The Two Faces of Squidward. ARGH! This episode was really weird, stupid, had bad jokes, was a rip-off of Patrick SmartPants, and was almost a tearjerker. I think the episode suffured the same rate as Breath of Fresh Squidward. It seems like Season 6 is gonna be a rough season. I'm not watching this episode again! Enough said.

  • Not Normal

    Yes, the show already did an episode similar to this (where Squidward moves to the society where everyone is the same) and, yes, this is nowhere near the classic that that episode was, but as far as newer episodes of SpongeBob Squarepants are concerned, this was still pretty good.

    It really speaks to the strength of this show when I am now 20 years old and I laugh just as hard at it as I did when I was 10. How many Nickelodeon shows can do that? Rugrats, Kenan and Kel, and maybe Hey Arold, but that is about it.

    When all is said and done SpongeBob will definitely challenge Family Guy as the best cartoon of all time.
  • SpongeBob becomes normal

    Squidward wakes up one morning to find SpongeBob out on his lawn screaming loudly. Squidward yells at him and tells him that he isn't normal. Feeling this is true, SpongeBob makes a vow that he will become normal and therefore rents a DVD about How to Become Normal and watches. The next day, Squidward asks the fry cook to make a patty. Without a word, SpongeBob hands Squidward the patty, and continues to stay as silent as possible. When Squidward walks into the kitchen, SpongeBob is not working at the stove. But instead, he's working at the computer. SpongeBob tells Squidward that from now on he is normal. This makes Squidward excited, but Mr. Krabs angry. After SpongeBob explains how the computer will help print patties faster, Mr. Krabs now puts more faith in his fry cook. This continues for three weeks. And then, after those weeks have past, SpongeBob has made a dramatic change to an oval with absolutely no holes or freckles. Even though the patties cook faster, Mr. Krabs becomes mad when he discovers that they were cooked on paper. He then forces SpongeBob to go and not return until he agrees to cook patties like he did before. SpongeBob goes to hang out with his best friend, but Patrick tells SpongeBob that he's no fun. SpongeBob then visits Squidward, but that just makes Squidward annoyed when SpongeBob tries to make Squidward normal. Realizing that he no longer wants to be normal, SpongeBob tries to return back to his old self. Unfortunately, he can't do that, so he goes to Patrick, who offers to help him. They do a bunch of silly stuff, and slowly, but surely, he begins to transform back to normal. But later, just as he's about to fully go back to normal, he goes back to normal SpongeBob. Now both of them cry over how SpongeBob will never return back to normal. But when Squidward reveals his normal self, it scares him back to silly SpongeBob. SpongeBob then thanks Squidward for helping go back to un-normal. Then the episode ends with SpongeBob laughing and Squidward being normal.
  • wow, this episode is pretty good!

    This episode really surprised me, it was wonderful! I really thought it was funny the way SpongeBob was acting, "Hi, how are ya, lovely weather we're having" that was pretty good. I really liked it because of the fact that SpongeBob actually realizes that he isn't normal. But then he realizes how boring being normal really is. I liked what SpongeBob and Partick had to do to regain craziness of SpongeBob. Much better than many recent episodes, I was impressed. I hope they start making more episodes like this, this is actually the first I had really, really liked in a long time!
  • Brilliant new episode!

    A lot of the new Spongebob episodes have been major letdowns and dissapointments. A lot of them have been rip-offs from older episodes. They seem to be running out of ideas these days. But this episode was suprisingly brilliant! It had a really interesting and very fresh and original idea. Spongebob literally turned "normal" by behaving boring, looking flat and curved, and having a dull monotonous voice. It many funny parts; the whole concept was funny. I loved the cynical "How to be Normal" video Spongebob watched. I loved SB's dull voice and how he kept saying "Hi, how are you?" Overall this was a hilarious episode with fresh original and bizarrly funny concept that is really worth watching.
  • "Hi, how are ya? Wonderful weather we're having" lol, good episode.

    This episode is not bad at all, I got to say, the plot is pretty risky, yet one of the most originals ones they have come up with. The episode itself had a lot of do's and don'ts. Some scenes dragged a little, and the characters acted a bit annoying is some parts (Yes, I'm talking to you, Mr. Patrick Star) but there were many funny scenes as well. I liked the little montage of SpongeBob's transformation, and the part when Squidward first sees SpongeBob's "normal" house and he slaps himself, I always lol at that part =P The things that SpongeBob and Patrick did to make SpongeBob un-normal were pretty funny, specially the talk backwards one. Another thin that stands out in ths episode is SpongeBob's normal voice, it's so monotone and life-less than it's absolutely hilarious! lol "Hi, How are ya" hehe. The ending was...weird, yet funny. Final Grade: B+
  • Good, but not great.

    This episode was better than Krabby Road, and the second best episode of the week, but I think it's a little overated. Anyways, the plot of Spongebob being normal was original and there were also funny parts like the new way that Spongebob made Krabby Patties and the scenes with Patrick and Spongebob trying to act weird to get Spongebob back to being "not normal".
    However, the episode did start to get weird after while, and I didn't like the ending. The "normal" Squidward was creepy, and I didn't understand how Spongebob seeing him and screaming turned him back to normal, but this episode was still impressive.

    Overall, this episode was good, and one of the best of the marathon.
  • This episode is fantastic!

    I love this episode! In my opinion, it's one of the better ones of season 6. I love it when Spongebob goes over to Squidward's house, fixes his face, and points out that he never wears pants! I also like how all Spongebob can say is "Hi how are ya?" and "Wonderful weather we're having" even though that gets a little annoying after hearing it several times. I also like all the things Spongebob does to try to "reweird" himself and the ending when Squidward scares him back to his normal self! The only thing I didn't like about this episode was Spongebob's eyes popping out. All in all, though, it was a fantastic episode! One more off-subject thing I should point out. I noticed I accidentally left out a word in the first sentence of my Lost Mattress Review. That word is "season". Just making sure everybody knew that. Marebear2009, out!
  • Great episode!

    This was an awesome episode of spongebob. Why do you guys hate this episode? This episode is so good. I love the part where he told squidward he was not normal because he had a weird face, and that he did not wear pants. This episode was so funny. I cant understand why there are any haters at all. This was a great episode. I also loved it when spongebob and patrick where trying to get strange so spongebob would not be normal anymore. I thought it was really funny. Especially when they were doing a " slip and slide" all over bikini bottom. In their underwear! This was an awesome episode and I dont see how anyone could hate it. Final grade: A-
  • Good, funny

    Summary: SpongeBob is acting really weird all the time, so Squidward tells him to be normal. SpongeBob takes his advice and watches a video about being normal. Soon, SpongeBob is acting very normal. But SpongeBob wants to be weird again because he doesn't enjoy being normal and boring, so he tries to make himself not be normal. I thought tis wasa great episode especially when Spongebob is ormal and says Hi how are you doing? Great weather were having. That makes me laugh every time I see that part of the episode. Well that is all for my review.

    A 9.2/10
  • spongebob tries to be normal and its so funny

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  • All in all it was a pretty good episode.

    In this intallment of Spongebob SquarePants, Squidward points out that SpongeBob is not normal. So SpongeBob takes his advice and decides to become normal. After a few weeks he begins to loose his spongey shape and becomes normal. Could this be the end of SpongeBob, obviously no, because they're licensend to a seventh season now. This episode was pretty good although throughout some parts the episode it was lacking some humor and could have been better. But, after a terrible fourth season, SpongeBob SquarePants has seemed to gain it's rightful place back on top... At least for now, it has.
  • SpongeBob tries to be "normal".

    In this episode, Squidward is upset at SpongeBob singing and running around his house, so he says that he is not normal and should try to be normal. SpongeBob then gets a videotape about how to be normal and takes its advice, leaving him to a dull, round, and noncratered sponge. Now, he ends up losing his job at the Krusty Krab, and Squidward even hates him more than before since SpongeBob says he is not normal. When SpongeBob needs help, Patrick trains him to be normal again. But it doesn't work. The ending was the worst part, Squidward is now normal and it scares SpongeBob back to his regular form. If I had to give one word about how I feel about this episode, I'd say "terrible!" I don't see how so many people like it! This episode really sucked!

  • This was one of the better Episode in Season Six!!

    This Episode I thought was pretty good! It showed Spongebob on a whole New Level! WHich is becoming a Normal Everyday Office Worker! Yawn, talk about boring huh? but still this was a good Episode becuase not only was it Clean and decent and was an Episode with no Grossness, it was an Episode with an intersting and different Storyline! the Plot was good too, showing SpongeBob becoming a normal Office Worker by listening to some Advice from Good Old Squidward! but in the end, it turns out SpongeBob isn't cut out to be like that for too long, and is better for him to live his Life his usual way by doing fun and wacky stuff with Patrick! But then SpongeBob got scared out of his Normality by seeing Squidward's New Normality! So yeah this was a Pretty good Episode that showed the World of Normality and Office Working!
  • Spongebob is normal and it'z hilarious!

    This is the most hilarious episode of Spongebob I've ever seen. I have to admit I am suprised so of the reviewers said it wasn't one of the best episodes...WHAT! I loved it. It was great. "Hi, How are ya?" line made it for me. That was so funny. And slightly scary when squidward said it. I have to say it may be the best episode since Season 3...HAHA! It's in my Top 20 list!!!!HAHAHAHHAAH......I think it was a series classic. Come on, people. You have to admit this is a Spongebob classic. I don't know whether to laugh or loathe at you guys for this one! I'LL LAUGH!
  • the music sings!!!!

    It was quite defferent, but I thought it made pretty good sence to the whole "Spongebob" thing. Again, this is just an opinion. Some may think it was silly, but I never would have though that Spongebob would become normal. Its kind of awkward that i'm writing this review, sence the episode aired about 7 minutes ago. Yeah, you've probably figured me out. I've made my point, now i'm just stalling to rack up words. Once again, i'm saying this episode was good. Go see for yourself, you might like it. i give it a 9.5 because i truly enjoyed this episode
  • squidward tells spongebob to be normal, so he does and turns into a normal weirdo.

    Yep, another great installment. the best episode ever in spongebob history. NOT! I hated this epiosde, it was just stupid. First off, the episode started off like any normal episode, but got very very bad. I mean, why did spongebob turn into a weird looking holeless freak! Spongebob was boring, and soon I just thought it was plain stupid. I don't know why spongebob turned all dumb, and he was starting to get annoying near the end. And I didn't really like the whole paper Krabby patties. What... the... HECK? Well, overall, this episode was bad, Maybe even worse then atlantis squarepantis. Sorry, it sucked.
  • A makeover!

    Not Normal: This episode was pointless. Squidward tells Spongebob to be more normal, but what did he meant by normal? Of course, the new Spongebob turned out to be boring. But the plot was pretty good. No wonder how it removed Spongebob's crater, freckles, eyes, nose, legs and hands, accent, and those front teeth, it has come to this, Spongebob barely had a character in this episode, And I have a friend who thinks he's better looking like that, but that's 90% false! And who thought of having Spongebob back to his actual look by being scared? That was a bad excuse for him. This episode was okay. Next is a lonely sponge!

    Episode Grade: C
  • Another dreadful peiece of garbage that the writers threw together in 5 seconds.

    SpongeBob is acting really weird all the time, so Squidward tells him to be normal. SpongeBob takes his advice and watches a video about being normal. Soon, SpongeBob is acting very normal. But SpongeBob wants to be weird again because he doesn't enjoy being normal and boring, so he tries to make himself not be normal. F

    Just really dreadful. I mean have they completely lost all of the good ideas. It seems like they are not even trying. If you ask me the writers need to be thinking less about their paychecks and more about the good of this show. I remember the good old days when this was the show that everyone loved, but now it really is a turn the channel show.
  • Contrary to other reviews, i found this episode funny, clever, and well thought out.

    "Not Normal" was a whitty, fun episode of spongebob. I think the new season is off to a silly, yet clever, start. Honestly, i do think "Patrick SmartyPants" was *similar* to this episode. But there where some faint, or complete, differences between the two to make this episode as original as it is. I absolutely loved this episode. Sure, there are some episodes MUCH better then this one, but the thought-out plot might just make it onto my "Favourite Episodes" list if the new season is epically painful to watch.

    What made this episode for me was Spongebobs transformation in this episode. It made me smile to see a smoothed, 'normal', version of the sponge i've come to love. People complained on how he actually changed. Loosing his craters did seem a bit impossible at first. But, I know from past episodes the underwater utopia has make up, easily removing freckles, and as for craters, ITS COMEDY. Humour has no laws of physics. The impossible is possible and there are no boundaries. All in all, i give this episode a 8.5 or 9. it lost points for *possible* plot repeat and a few cheap jokes and laughs.
  • This was quite an interesting plot. I never would have thought that Spongebob would become normal...

    As i've said, this episode was quite an interesting plot. It was quite defferent, but I thought it made pretty good sence to the whole "Spongebob" thing. Again, this is just an opinion. Some may think it was silly, but I never would have though that Spongebob would become normal. Its kind of awkward that i'm writing this review, sence the episode aired about 7 minutes ago. Yeah, you've probably figured me out. I've made my point, now i'm just stalling to rack up words. Once again, i'm saying this episode was good. Go see for yourself, you might like it.