SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 3 Episode 11

Party Pooper Pants (SpongeBob's House Party)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM May 17, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • Hilarious

  • I still wonder how the lost episode is worse then this.

    Spongebob's pricky attitude just means a big 1,even though I want to give this a decent mark. Yes,Underwater Sun was a good song,but the ending of PPP was just bad. Spongebob says Well Squarepants,you did it again. party went the other direction Mr. Squarepants,the direction you didn't want!
  • A bad episode from BEFORE the movie!?!?!?!?!?! Impossible!

    Well, turns out it IS possible, as shown by this episode right here. This is "Party Pooper Pants" , a Spongebob special. I have watched every Spongebob episode from its beginning to the present, and I can tell you now that 30-minute specials have never been this show's forte. Specials usually have a few major flaws, and half of the episode is wasted on unfunny Patchy filler. This episode is probably the fifth worst special I've seen, only being topped by Truth or Square, Spongebob, You're Fired!, What Ever Happened to Spongebob?, and Atlan- you know what? I don't even want to write that special's name. This special suffers from one major flaw, but we'll get to that later. So without further ado, let's dive in to what I believe is the worst pre-movie episode ever!

    (Note:I won't review the Patchy filler, since I don't want to. )

    So the Spongebob portion starts with Spongebob shopping at the supermarket. He's trying to break his record of how fast he can gather all of his supplies and get to the checkout line. It's good to have goals. While checking his items, Spongebob notices a plan-your-own-party kit, and decides to hold a party. You can bet high jinks will ensue. So Spongebob decides to invite 177 gues- 177!? This must be a pretty wild party you're hosting, because your living room can barely fit 20 people! But don't worry,it will be a wild party, full of... knock-knock jokes? Tongue- twisters and crackers? Charades?! This sounds like a party for 10 people, not 177! Not to mention, Spongebob has written a schedule for EVERYTHING. Dude, you're taking the "unsupervised parties can lead to disaster" rule from the kit way too seriously. But now there's now time to change it, cause it's party time!(or at least get-together

    (Patchy Filler)

    Alright, it's now nighttime. Spongebob freaks out since no one has arrived for 40 seconds(it's actually probably only 20 seconds), and then Patrick arrives. Then there's a really awkward conversation until Mr. Krabs arrives, followed by a mildly funny exchange between him and Patrick. They laugh, but the overbearing host states laughter is isn't scheduled until 9:03. I thought that was the time for the cracker-eating slash tongue-twister contest, but whatever. Then, to my surprise, Squidward, of all people, shows up. This is because Spongebob disconnected his cable and Squidward can't watch TV... 'kay. Actually, it's pretty funny. Squidward calls the party lame, which is a pretty big understatement. More guests start coming in, which leads to two funny scenes, one of them involving irony, and one involving the secret Krabby Patty formula. The last guest arrives, which leads to ANOTHER funny scene. Gosh, this episode is actually pretty hilarious. So, there are only about 15 partygoers, not 177. Sorry, Spongebob, but I guess they knew you were a terrible host. Speaking of terrible hosting, once Spongebob comes out out the coat room, he sees everyone [ gasps ] actually having fun. Spongebob ruins the party for everyone, and now, back to the schedule! What's up next: newspaper comics! .............. Yep, newspaper comics. For a party. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMEE. So, Spongebob goes out to get today's paper, and the guests start to have fun again. Spongebob goes to check on what all the noise is about, he thinks the party has gone into chaos without him when they're just partying. That's the main problem with this episode. Spongebob is just the worst. So after several attempts to get back into the house, Spongebob decides to break in with a hatchet when he is caught by the police. The officers think he's busting in to another person's house when Spongebob informs them of the real situation. The police understand, but arrest him anyways because they didn't get invited to the party. What. Are you kidding me? Those aren't grounds for arresting someone! You're abusing your authority! Well, SOMEHOW Spongebob is prison and stays there for the night. When he is released early in the morning, he goes home and finds out there was a spare key under the welcome mat. The welcome mat that was NEVER seen in any other scene. What?

    Spongebob finds his home trashed. Patrick says that the party was one of the best and he should host one every weeknight, and that's when Spongebob realizes sometimes it's best of just hang loose. The episode ends with a pretty good song in the Patchy portion.

    So what did I think of the episode overall? It is pretty funny and I liked the song at the end, but the main problem for me was that Spongebob was just unenjoyable. That, combined with the BS reason the cops arrested Spongebob and how the welcome mat was never there, just makes this a (sorta) bad special.
  • Wow. A terrible episode. From BEFORE the movie!

    I never thought that would EVER happen. But the sad thing is, a lot of the NEWER episodes are actually BETTER than this. This is JUST LIKE Best Day Ever, but without the song, and annoying/stupid/pointless filler from Patchy added. Seriously, the Patchy segments are ALWAYS a waste of time. They're not funny, or entertaining. Just stupid and often creepy. And if they were to subtract the Patchy segments, you'd get a normal length episode. So I know I'm in the minority here, but I DO NOT LIKE this episode. Period. The plot is pathetic, just like Best Day Ever. Everything that can go wrong goes wrong. Booooooooring. Blah blah blah. The end. Perhaps it was actually this episode, not the movie, that started the decline. However, the movie just worsened it. And this episode is the very earliest evidence that the show would take a turn for the worse and eventually hit rock bottom.

    If this was only 11 minutes without the pointless Patchy filler, I'd pair it with Best Day Ever.

    Grade: 0/10 (should probably be a -9 just for causing the decline!)

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2 (originally posted last year on July 19): Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.
  • It's like putting a puzzle together.

    I remember back in late 2003 and, yes, this used to upset me. What upset me was a certain character, which was Squidward, was left out of the party scene. I never understand why until late 2004. Squidward was my favorite character until 2006. Yes, I cried, but I kept my tears secret (consider me 11 years old in a 22 year old body back then). In January 2004, I've watch a new SpongeBob episode on VHS named "SpongeBob meets the Strangler" and I had a battle between the House Party and the Strangler episodes. Such as on the Strangler episode, Squidward appeared more in that party scene compare to the scene in that House Party episode. I thought it had something to do with the party's atmosphere or the type of music. In late 2004, the battle was over because I figured out why Squidward was somewhat not shown in that party scene. Here's how I figured it out: SpongeBob, Patrick (the main cast), Mr. Crabs, Squidward (the welcoming guest, before the break), Sandy, Mrs. Puff, Larry, Pearl (the party goer cast, after break). As of 2006, I now hate Squidward. He is such a butt. He's more grumpier now and if he were real, I'd stay away. Seriously!
  • Not the best special

    This special was not the best I've ever seen. Plus I hasn't seen this one in a very long time. I still remembered it,,,but there were some problems. The plot here was interesting but I kinda hated that SpongeBob locked himself in the house because he was busy doing something. Also it was getting boring after awhile. I laughed at parts like the beginning, the list for the party, one of the fish arriving late, Larry looking himself in the mirror (which is a real lobster), etc. The Patchy scenes here were okay, but they are not the best. It does has some laughs...and I enjoyed that song near the end. Overall score 7/10
  • Not a terrible special, but it has its flaws.


    Spongebob is completly out of character in this episode. Usually, I would think he would let people party as they pleased. But instead, he had them follow a schedule. That is not like Spongebob at all.

    The cutscenes with patchy were just filler, and a sad attempt at comedy. Not a chuckle. Patchy was annoying, as was his parrot.

    The part I liked was when everyone was enjoying themselves, and Spongebob thought the party was over. Then he learned that everyone enjoyed themselves, and wanted him to throw another party. I liked that.

    This special isn't terrible, but not great either.

  • Other than the Patchy scenes, it was not bad.


    SpongeBob buys a "Throw The Best Party Ever" kit and invites all 177 of his closest friends to a house party. But then he accidentally locks himself out of his house during the party. When he tries to get back in, the cops think he's a burglar trying to break. He spends all night in the Police Station and misses his big party. Patchy the Pirate hosts this episode, as well as his own house party.

    10 out of 10

  • Not good!

    Seriously, I don't get why so many people like this episode. If you ask me it was boring. If you like it then fine. But all I'm saying is that I didn't enjoy it at all. Why? Well first of all, the whole Patchy scenes sucked. I gotta say, Tom Kenny's got guts for playing that unfunny pirate. Patchy was annoying as usual and was just a useless part of this episode. This episode could've totally fit into an 11 minute episode, but because of Patchy, it didn't. The only part that I really liked about this episode was that song at the end. Other than that, it was boring. The part I hated the most was SpongeBob was arrested just cause he didn't invite the police to the party. I understand this is a kid's show and all, but still I didn't find it all funny. So I didn't like this so called special, and I don't know why so many do. My final grade for this episode is a D. Teen_Tomboy out!
  • Bad episode

    SpongeBob buys a "Throw The Best Party Ever" kit and invites all 177 of his closest friends to a house party. But then he accidentally locks himself out of his house during the party. When he tries to get back in, the cops think he's a burglar trying to break. He spends all night in the Police Station and misses his big party. Patchy the Pirate hosts this episode, as well as his own house party. This episode is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very bad!
  • SpongeBob throws a house party and invites his closest friends

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It wasn't my favorite special but it was enjoyable for the most part even though some parts were a little boring especially the second half of the special. The Patchy scenes in this special were pretty funny as well. As for the Patchy scenes, I really liked that song that the Bird Brains sang at the end of the special which was called "Underwater Sun"... best part of the Patchy scenes. I didn't really like SpongeBob being bossy and I didn't like when SpongeBob was locked out of his house during the party and Mrs. Puff didn't even bother to help SpongeBob and ignored him. Larry the Lobster using SpongeBob's special comb was very funny. SpongeBob dressed up as a bunny as well. Oh yeah, the other part I hates was the cops arresting SpongeBob just because he didn't invite them... okay, that is just stupid. SpongeBob giving everyone their communication cards to communicate with one another. Everyone having the time of their lives at SpongeBob's house party was really good to see. Patrick telling SpongeBob that he should throw a party more often at the end of the special was also good. Overall, despite a couple of things that bugged me, this was a superb special of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9/10
  • People are so wrong that this episode is cool.

    I hated this episode.The only part I liked is that song called Down,Down,Down.But the whole episode stunk so bad.Spongebob gets locked out of his house.Patrick was an idiot again because he thought Spongebob was the ice sculpture.What a big fat idiot.Then the police arrest Spongebob just because he didn't invite the cops to a party?!That is the stupidest think I ever saw.It was a lame party.Larry messed with Spongebob's comb and Mrs. Puff could have known that it was Spongebob out the window,but instead,she didn't even help at all.I just want to murder Patrick and kill the cops for doing that.This episode is better off without it.I hate this episode so much that it's so terrible like the Sponge Who Can Fly.
  • Great!

    This episode is sort of a love hate relationship, I love this episode but others don't. It's very underrated.

    It's not as good as other S3 episodes, or even other Patchy episodes. I did like the song at the end, though, and there were some gags that made me laugh. But I think there was too much SpongeBob abuse with this one.

    I forgot about this one completely. I remember seeing it around 2 years ago, but that's it. Spongebob got arrested because he didn't invite the cops to his party. that was dumb.haven't seen it in a LONG time and my memory is a little fried, but I thought it was great! 10/10.
  • If you are looking for a party, this is an episode for you.

    This children's episode really grooves you up a lot. First, Spongebob is going to have a party, and than second, No friends came so he started crying, and third, Patrick first came and than more, and than after Everybody came, they were making a messy party on Spongebob that someone kicked him out outside or something, and that's when the Police came found Spongebob byhimself outside his house and the Police changed it's mind because Spongebob talked about his house over there. Ok people, this is so funny at the end where Patchy has the worst party and just got popped out you know that? Please see this episode. It's funny!!
  • Spongebob's House Party

    Patch is throwing a house party, and remembers when Spongebob had a house party. The first half of the episode was funny with good gags like the kit and Spongebob trying to follow the instructions to the word. The second half was ind of boring though. I mean all that happened was Spongebob got locked out and tried to get in, although it was still pretty funny. Oh well, at least there was a great song at the end. Overall, not one of the all-time greats, but still a very good episode, and well worth watching a time or 2. 9/10 A-
  • superb

    patchy the pirate has a house party, and he remembers the time spongebob threw one. he buys a party kit and has several people come, but he accidentally gets locked out. is the party going to suffer because of this, or is spongebob being gone actually a good thing?

    decent episode, i like most of it but i think the second half is more boring... the only thing i really liked out of the second half was the song at the end. overall, good first half, kind of boring second half, so my grade for this is a B+ or so
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob. spongebob goes to the store and buys a party kit and invites all of his closest friends to party and they are having a good time since it was all set up really nice and when he goes out side to get something he locks himself out of the house and misses the whole thing and they all had a good time when he comes in the house he sees all the excitment they had last night at the party this was a really good ep i thought and it had its funny parts in it
  • Spongebob's house party: Spongebob throws a huge party inviting the whole of Bikini Bottom all is going "well" until Spongebob gets locked out then "chaos" breaks out and Spongebob guests "Aren't having fun".

    Spongebob's house party: What a great special this is. This is an instant classic episode/ special. I love how Spongebob MUST stick to the schedule and the song that those puppet birds sing in the patchy segments. I also enjoyed this quote from Plankton

    Mr Krabs: What does yours say, Plankton?

    Plankton: Oh, uhh, it says, (really shows 'Where are You From?') 'Discuss the secret ingredient of the Krabby Patty formula.' (clears throat) How interesting.

    Mr Krabs: Nice try, Plankton.

    A truly great episode and plot so great that it's my 10th favourite episode of Spongebob ever. I highly recommended this special

    Spongebob's house party: 9.8
  • Sorry fans,but this is my most hated episode.

    You know why I hate this episode? Because it's bad!
    After watch this episode,I will cry!

    1.Spongebob was arrested for not inviting the police (This is my most hated part!!!)
    2.Patrick think the ice spongebob is spongebob(I even hate this part too!)
    3.Ending sucks! (Spongebob smile,Why? It's just so awful!)
    4.Spongebob was locked outside (I hate it!)
    5.Spongebob should skip it the newspaper part!

    The writer should even make this! They should never ever made this episode because it's wasted they time and money! Also I hate this episode! This episode must be banned! This episode must be banned! This episode must be banned! This episode must be banned!
    This episode must be banned!

    Score: F--------------------------------------------
  • If you are in a bad mood, sit down and watch this episode, and your mood will change!

    This episode of spongebob was very fun to watch. What a great episode. If you like to party, watch this episode! The best part was when we see spongebob in a bunny suit and he says " I was supposed to lead the bunny hop!'. It was very funny when he got locked out of his house. This was the best episode ever! Who wouldn`t like this episode? The creators must have been brainstorming while thinking up plans for an episode, and this was the conclusion! This episode rocked! It is a very rare episode. Why is it so rare?! This episode rocks beyond comparison. I suggest that you watch this episode if you are in the mood to party! Final grade:A+. This episode is the best ever!
  • Hilarity domains again!

    SpongeBob hosts a party! You can just imagine how crazy things would turn out, and boy it was so unpredictable! This is one of the best SpongeBob episodes, as for the character because he acted hilariously on it. All the things he said were funny, like how annoying he was to the Lou the cashier from Barg n' Mart! Then SpongeBob goes into his crazy personality, controlling and overreacting, when organizing the party! lol. When he gets locked out of his house it's just so funny, then all of the sudden he appeared wearing a bunny outfit! Who would have thought of that?! And seeing him angry on the bunny outfit is just too good!

    The Patchy segments were actually pretty good! And I absolutely loved the "Underwater Sun" song! This is one of the best SpongeBob specials without a doubt!
  • not very impressive for spongebob

    As much as I'm a fan of Spongebob Squarepants this episode it not very impressive. It holds is a hidden message behind it though, I'm not sure if the message was accidential of intentional. Well Spongebob wants to throw a party and he wants everyone to have fun. Only thing is he mapped out the party and that completely spoiled it for everyone.
    Everyone was already having fun but because it all didn't ha[pen th way he wanted it he got upset and tried to force everyone to do it his way. This ruined everyone's fun and people left and so his party was a totally drag only because he wanted it to go as planned.

    Things don't always happen the way we want it to. I think that's one of the messages.
  • wow

    This episode is a classic. The fact that spongebob is trying to host a party but is to strict. I love the ironic seen where spongebob recieves patchy's invitation and says "Whoever sent this has no idea about the physical limitations of life underwater" then says "Oh well better throw these in the fire" It's so ironic cause fire can't be underwater :):lol: . anywho patchy trying to throw out the bird brains was funny. He made them walk the palnk. they just flew away and patchy said "Oh no, i forgot that your birds" Then started crying. this episode will never die!
  • SB hosts a party.

    This episode never gets old. This episode is funny , and has many characters. The way SB thrown a party was very funny too. Unfortunately its very rare. Its almost never on. This is one of my favorite episodes overall , and is 5th best episode from Season 3. This sounds classic. This episode features Mr. Eugene Krabs , Gary , Spongebob Squarepants , Patrick Star , Sandy Cheeks , Mrs. Puff , Tom , Sheldon Plankton , fish with glasses , guy from police , officer Nancy , Miss Shell , Fred , fish with blonde hair , Scooter , Lou , and Larry the lobster.
  • What an awful episode.

    This episode of SpongeBob SquarePants is painful to watch. I don't really like this episode. The only thing that's funny and good in this episode was Patchy The Pirate's house party. I laugh on some of that parts. But Party Pooper Pants, SpongeBob's episode, is bad. SpongeBob has been locked out of his house and nobody's letting him in. Everything he does, he just can't get inside the house. Then almost at the end of the episode, two police officers came and wants to join the party but SpongeBob can't get inside the house. That means they can't join the party. So they took SpongeBob to jail. Poor SpongeBob. It's painful to watch. It's not even funny if you've been locked out of the house but that doesn't mean if you're ruining a party or if you have a schedule to what to do but people doesn't like to follow it. Then you got in to jail. That's not funny and I don't like to see SpongeBob being hurt. They just made the episode bad. The Party Pooper Pants episode is bad but Patchy The Pirate's house party is good. So I rated this episode 5.0, mediocre.
  • this episode was well thought up and especially all the jokes must of taken em year to come up with some of em.

    this has got to be the best sponge bob square pants episode ever and I certinaly think it always will be and it probably will aswell.

    I really liked it when sponge bob was locked out his house so he had to break in but then the police come and understand what he was doing but then the police arrest them for not inviting them but there hand cuff broke so they had to use that old fashiond one .
  • This episode never gets old!

    I love this episode especially when it first premiered. The plot was very interesting and humurous. Spongebob getting a plan-your-own-party kit and trying to throw the best house party in Bikini Bottom. Then things just keep getting worst when they're not the way he planned them to be. The Spongebob crew also managed to come up with another catchy song, "Under Water Sun". Everything about this episode was fun (Patchy the Pirate too).
  • This was a great episode.

    While shopping at the Barg n' Mart, SpongeBob finds a "Plan Your Own Party Kit". He decides to throw a party using the kit. When all his guests arrive, he starts the party. His party is horrible, with discussion cards and reading newspaper comics to his guests. Nobody has any fun until SpongeBob locks himself out of his house because he got the wrong newspaper. After continually trying to get into his house using different methods, he grabs a crowbar and attempts to break in. The police find him and place him under arrest, but when SpongeBob explains everything, they don't arrest him. A little while later, they come back and arrest him for 'not inviting them to the party'(obviously not true). When he gets back, he is depressed because his party failed. Then, Patrick comes and tells him that the party was great.
  • SpongeBob calls Bikini Bottom to come to his party.

    This episode was a funny one, I can tell why it was gonna be big when it would air.:o And Larry looking in a mirror and he's lek, "mmmmm.. Larry, you are looking so good, I could just eat you! mmmmmmmm mmmm!" That was the most funniest part on the episode. Well, now I really don't know what to say, oh! When the cops came and arrested SpongeBob because he didn't invite the police men and women to his party, so they made him get in the old handcuffs they had.:D So now I say Get it? Got it? Good!
  • Spongebob decides to host a party, calling virtually all Bikini bottom.

    One of my worst episodes ever. I think that when a person decides to watch a cartoon, he wants to watch the cartoon, and not a silly pirate interrupting. I think that all Spongebob Squarepants episodes with that pirate would have been way better, should he have been omitted. In contrast, it was an OK episode, with Spongebob trying to fix everything according to his programme, even the time and topics of the people that want to talk to each other, thus ruining his own party. It seemed that without him his party proved to be a success. Average episode, if the pirate is not taken under consideration.
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