SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 3 Episode 18

Plankton's Army / Missing Identity

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 19, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • SpongeBob tells the story about losing his identity and Plankton calls his family for help

    Missing Identity (since it is aired first): This episode was excellent and had funny parts all the way through. I laughed at the morning routeline (mainly cracked up at tasting Gary's treats and he would go blech), SpongeBob later repeating this just for Patrick to say hi to him (although it went a little too long but not slow moving), SpongeBob and Patrick at the dump, and the last minute of it. Overall score 10/10

    Plankton's Army: This episode was a little funnier than Missing Identity. It is one of the funniest Plankton episodes I've seen. I laughed at the flashback of Plankton using disguies, the robot, Plankton on the dollar, Plankton trying to join the tough guys, but get beaten up, all of Plankton's family are rednecks/hillbilles, Sheldon being made fun of (first episode that reveal Plankton's first name), and a few more parts. Overall 10/10
  • Perfect


    Plankton's Army:
    The show starts out when Plankton attempts to steal a Krabby Patty. He is then caught and flushed down the toilet by Mr. Krabs. He returns to the Chum Bucket, sulking to his computer wife Karen about his failures. She then suggests to hire an army to help him. He first tries a bar, but the tough guys beat him up. He then realizes he could call his entire family to help. He messages them all to come to the Chum Bucket. Thinking they will all be evil geniuses, he finds out they are all hillbillies; saying "I've been away from home longer that I thought." He then gets them to agree to his plan in exchange for Root Beer. They then attack the Krusty Krab, tying up Mr. Krabs and Squidward in a toilet (SpongeBob is cleaning the bathrooms, totally unaware of the crisis). The Planktons open the safe containing the Krabby Patty secret recipe. Before Plankton reads the recipe, Mr. Krabs pleads him not to read it, saying "There are secrets not meant for mortal eyes!". Plankton reads it anyway. The ingredients turn out to be:
    A pinch of salt
    3 tsp. of chopped onions
    A cup of love
    4 lb of ground Plankton
    No. 4 causes Plankton to panic, running away. The other Planktons read it and run (except for one, saying he can't read). Mr. Krabs and Squidward manage to escape from the toilet. It is then revealed to SpongeBob (who has finished cleaning the bathrooms) and Squidward that the recipe that Plankton has read is a fake, and the real one is hidden somewhere. Squidward then guesses it is under Mr. Krabs' mattress. Mr. Krabs runs towards his house, yelling "Curse you, Squidward!"
    Missing Identity:
    SpongeBob SquarePants is at a diner, late at night. It is a dark and weary day, and the rain is pouring down. A patron is solving a crossword puzzle, and realises he had lost his pen. A waitress says he can borrow hers, and does. SpongeBob says he once lost something more important than a pen. He once lost his identity.
    He recounts the events of last Monday. He wakes up, and throwing his blanket into the air, says "Good morning world, and all who inhabit it!" The blanket falls on him and SpongeBob, not being able to see, falls off his bed and his alarm clock falls on top of his head. He falls down the stairs and the alarm propels him into the window. He feeds Gary, and realises that he has been feeding Gary snail food for years and doesn't even know what it tastes like. He tastes a little bit, and is horribly disgusted, and his disgust is even heard at the headquarters of the company that makes Gary's snail food. He looks at the clock and realises that he's late for work, so he quickly gets changed and skips to work.
    While he skips to work, he says hello to Patrick Star, says hello to Old Man Jenkins, then places an apple on Mr. Krabs' desk. Then, two guys throw him into the dumpster.
    Later, as SpongeBob serves food to a customer, the customer tells him that he should wear a name-tag so that she can thank him in a sophisticated and civil manner. He assures her that he is wearing a name-tag, but then sees nothing but a shirt. He immediately hyperventilates, and tells Squidward that he has lost his name-tag. SpongeBob faints almost immediately. When he wakes up, he asks Squidward what happened. His response is that he fainted because he lost his name-tag. Squidward assures him that his name-tag is not that important, but just as he says that Mr. Krabs informs them that there's a uniform inspection in one hour. Squidward tells SpongeBob that he should retrace his steps.
    SpongeBob does, but fails in finding it. Patrick suggests looking in the dumpster, and they go searching there. Patrick finds SpongeBob's name-tag, but it seems to keep disappearing. SpongeBob is confused, but all the mysteries are cleared when Patrick says "At least I don't wear my shirt backwards!" SpongeBob then realizes that he had his name-tag all along, his shirt was just backwards. At the uniform inspection, Mr. Krabs smells SpongeBob and is horribly disgusted. He kicks SpongeBob out of the Krusty Krab.
    SpongeBob finishes telling his story, and thanks the waitress for listening, calling her "Betty". She says that her name isn't Betty, she just borrowed someone else's uniform while hers is getting cleaned. When SpongeBob learns this, he ends the episode doing a Jack Benny double-take.

    10 out of 10

  • These episodes were so enjoyable that it's hard to pick which one I like better

    Missing Identity: I thought that this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It was very funny and pretty classic. SpongeBob telling the whole story to the people at the diner about how he lost his name tag was very funny. SpongeBob's morning routine was very funny especially he would taste Gary's food. The way SpongeBob would breathe in this episode was very funny. I also liked how Patrick was breathing in this episode. SpongeBob retracing his steps over and over again was funny. Patrick calling SpongeBob "SpongeBoob" was hilarious. SpongeBob and Patrick searching in the dumpster was funny but kind of gross. SpongeBob having his name tag on the back of this shirt all this time was also funny. Overall, an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10

    Plankton's Army: Oh my gosh, this episode was absolutely hilarious. They had less SpongeBob in this episode though but the way the writers handled this episode was very funny. SpongeBob would only appear for a quick 30 seconds or so in the beginning of the episode and then appear a quick 30 seconds or so at the end of the episode... that's how short his role was. Anyways, Plankton finding out that he has a bunch of hillbilly cousins was absolutely hilarious. Plankton's cousins wanting to help him for root beer was very funny. Karen laughing at Plankton's first name "Sheldon" was also hilarious. It was absolutely hilarious when Plankton and his cousins chased after Mr. Krabs and Squidward and tied them to the toilet. It was absolutely hilarious when Plankton was reading the cook book which was how to make Plankton and then Plankton runs home... oh my gosh, that part always makes me laugh hard. The ending was also funny when Squidward knew where Mr. Krabs hides the formula and then Mr. Krabs runs back to his house. Overall, a hilarious episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10
  • great

    plankton's army- plankton has a new plan to get the recipe for the krabby patty, will his new plan work? and if so, can he handle the secret ingredient?

    missing identity- spongebob tells two people in a restuarant the story of how he lost his nametag, and the struggle he had to go through to eventually find it.

    Both were just OK, they weren't terrible but they were not out right fantastic either, missing identity was a tad better i think, but neither is anything i would brag about, they had their overall moments i guess, they get a low B from me
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob planton returns and its the 25th annversary of the first time he tried to steal the formula and he decides to go trough the plans he used but then he goes and decides to round up all his family and relitives around and they go and take down the krusty krab and they find out formula has planton in it but it was a trick this was funny and in the second ep spongebob loses his name tag and goes and trys to retrace his steps on how and were he lost it and then he decides to retell the story on how he lost it to jog his memory this was a good ep
  • Both episodes were excellent.

    Plankton's Army: I loved this episode. Some nice humour with Plankton's relatives ("ROOT BEER?!") and some nice humour with Plankton's first name (although I think Karen overdid it a bit). All in all, it was a good episode.

    Missing Identity: I loved this one even more. SpongeBob loses his name tag and and sets out to find it. I loved the scene with Patrick forgetting what he was supposed to do to help SpongeBob "retrace his steps". Also, it was a different sort of episode, in which SpongeBob is telling a story in a diner. I liked it.

    So, yeah. These were some good episodes.
  • " ROOT BEER!?!"

    OK, Plankton's Army is an example of a quality episode. It is funny all the way through. Also, it was a great way to celebrate Sheldon's 25th anniversary of failure attempts to steal the formula. He reunites the Plankton family to invade the Krusty Krab. Anyway, the scores are... Plot: 10/10 The plot here is fabulous!!! I mean, "but united the Plankton Family, could be a real pain in the fanny!!!" Humor: 10/10 This episode is as funny as ever through all this episode!!! Dialogue: 9.8/10 This episode's dialogue is unforgettable. I can remember all of it with ease. Graphics: 10/10 Well, well, well, the graphics had nothing gross in it, and it looks like the original. Sound: 10/10 Awesome! Outstandingly good! Plankton's Army overall score: 9.8/10 Bottom Line: this episode is a match for The Camping Episode ( which I think is spectacular)
    ____________________________________________________ Missing ID can be boring in the direct beginning, yet it also can be pretty darn funny in the middle of this episode. I mean Spongebob does all of that " retracing his steps", and Patrick just messes it up all the time. The only reason he didn't he thought he lost it was because his shirt was on backwards all that time. Anyway, here are the scores...

    Plot: 8/10 Fine, just kinda basic. The Krusty Krab inspection was a great idea. " whoever doesn't pass gets the BOOT! I mean, this stinky one, you have to wear it for the whole day".

    Graphics: 9/10 Good ol' SB graphics!

    Humor: 8.2/10 Good. Patrick is good at making me laugh! =)

    Dialogue: 9.6/10 Memorable quotes. "The most important meal of the day, servin' it up, Gary's way!

    Sound: 9.2/10 Still awesome! Outstanding! Superb! Whatever you call it! Just not a perfect ten!

    Missing Identity: 9.2/10

    Bottom of the bottom line: Good pair, no wait, scratch out the 'good', and put 'awesome' in there! Wow!

    Well, looks like my work is done here, so stay tuned for my next review!
  • Two great episodes about both Plankton and Spongebob.

    To start the episodes had plenty of effort in their storyline and plot involving either characters. But starting with the first episode Plankton's Army I can say that it was well written at least in how Plankton planned all the invasion. What made me wonder was that Plankton didn't remember his own family at all as they were from the country side; the story behind it could had been interesting to cover but the episode was rather fascinating when in one part Karen started joking about Plankton's real name Sheldon that really made me laugh of all the scenes she takes out of him. Also the part when they arrive at the Krusty Krab was influential for a plan that Plankton could had done a long time ago; but adding it into more simpler words Mr. Krabs did a great job in writing a different formula to scare him off that proved to be hilarious for the most part.

    In Missing Identity I saw Spongebob remembering about a past event and made me wonder how long was it ago but the story behind it turned interesting in my opinion. Especially in such scenes like the one Patrick ignored Spongebob when they had the deal to say hi to each other, it really was strange but rather funny like the usual. Although it didn't surprised me how they found the name tag since it was in Spongebob's shirt the whole time; for me the way Spongebob put his shirt on was already a sign that he didn't look carefully but I think it can serve as a lesson for him.

    For being a good episode I decided to give it a 9.3 superb rating for this review.
  • SHELDON?! lol, awesome episodes!

    Missing Identity: Pretty funny episode, SpongeBob had a lot of funny lines, sometimes it's good to see him freak out! My favorite part was probably "The most important meal of the day, serving it up Gary's way, bop!" xD The thing of this episode is that it's too repetitively, even though that is the point, but you kind of get tired of it. Nevertheless, great episode. Final grade: A-

    Plankton's Army: Even better than it's partner episode, really, the best Plankton episode ever! Love Plankton's cousins, they are hilarious characters, who doesn't love hillbillies? Lol, Even though SpongeBob was barely on it, it worked really good on this episode, unlike most episodes in which he is a minor character. Loved the gag of Karen popping the word "SHELDON" behind Plankton's back, by the way, the fact that we discovered Plankton's real name made the episode even more special! The ending of this episode was as good as the episode itself, overall, a great classic. Final grade: A+
  • This episode was great

    This will be kind of a short review okay?

    Planktons army:
    This episode was really funny. I thought it was cleverly plotted. I liked how they showed plankton`s entire family. I thought this was a great episode that should come on more often. This episode made me laugh till I burst! Final grade: A+

    Missing identity:
    I thought that the plot was kind of stupid, but that doesnt mean that its bad! It was so funny, that I thought I would die laughing. Who wouldnt like this episode? I love this episode. To me, it is a famous episode! Final grade: A-

    Total: A+

    I told you it would be short!
  • So hillarious!

    These episodes think I kind of like Season 3.

    Plankton's Army: So funny with the Sheldon scene, hahaha! Sheldon! To start off, I thought Mr. Krabs told Plankton that it was the real recipe when Plankton looked at it, not anymore now. Liked that episode

    Episode Grade: B-(I'm going to take a break with numbering the grades)

    Missing Identity: Really funny! This is about Spongebob losing his name tag that goes up to big originality to being hillarious! It was also funny that Patrick didn't say hi to Spongebob correctly, so on, this episode is still really good. Liked that episode.

    Episode Grade: B-

    Final Grade: B

    This episode was good as Chocolate With Nuts, Idiot Box, and the Camping Episode which aren't average.
  • lol funny episode

    well the episode about planktons army was preety cool and funny and the other episode was just FUNNY i love both of these episodes i think this is one of my all time favorite episodes every time i c this episode i just laugh i dont care how much times i see this episode cause its just cool. the episode about planktons army was very exciting especially in the ending i REALY thought that plankton was finnaly after all this episodes was going to get the secret recipe i was sad that he dident though but still i love the episode i rate it a 9.6/10
  • Plankton gathers an army of his relatives, Spongebob loses his identity.

    In the first part, Plankton wants to get the Krabby Patty secret formula so he gathers all his relatives in an attempt to forcefully obtain the formula. In the end they find the fake formula and it says that it uses Plankton(s) in the recipe, and they all run away. In "Missing Identity" Spongbob "loses" his identity so he trys to find his name tag for an employee inspection. He ends up searching in the dumpster, and Patrick ends up finding that Spongebob put his clothes backwards. But in the inspection, Spongebob smells like trash(literally). It was an okay episode(s).
  • These episodes were hilarious!

    Sheldon! Ahaha ha hah ha haha ha ha ha! This episode was hilarious, silly and most of all funny, no wait, there's one more: A Good Expression, which I call AGE. I loved how Plankton's first name is Sheldon! I mean Sheldon! Ha ha ha haha! And SpongeBob lost his nametag and is all worried for the employee exception or something, so it's like he lost his idenity! I have this episode on the Season 3 DVD's and I watch it all the time, but it just isn't my favorite! So I guess that's about it! Get it? Got it? Good!
  • Very Good!

    <b> Missing Identity </b>
    SpongeBob looses his badge.
    \"<i> Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, Badless, badless. </i>\"
    <b> Plankton\'s Army </b>
    Plankton calls all his family. All are hillbillys.
    \"<i> Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect. </i>\"    
    Combining the two they make a perfect episode.    
    DVDs in which each are:

    <b>Missing Identity:</b> <i>Sponge for Hire</i>
    <b>Plankton\'s Army:</b> <i>SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric</i>                
  • Hilarious

    Missing Identity is the funniest episode I've seen . My favorite part was when Spongebob said,"Oh, and these two guys threw me in a dumpster."That was the funniest thing I heard Spongebob say in the season! Plankton's Army was also hilarious.I really thought Plankton was actually going to find out the krabby patty top-secret formula.I loved it when Karen typed Sheldon on the screen like that.That was the most hilarious thing in the whole episode!