SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 3 Episode 18

Plankton's Army / Missing Identity

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 19, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In "Missing Identity," the one step SpongeBob didn't retrace was when he was having trouble putting his pants on right.

    • When Plankton said "...or a thousand!" there were 88 names in the phone book, not 1,000.

    • In "Plankton's Army," there is no way Plankton can reach the fake formula book. Plankton is too small and he couldn't do it that fast.

    • Goof: In the several instances in which SpongeBob is shown from the back, his lapels are never seen until Patrick notices it in the dumpster, while the lapels are never on the front either.

    • Until this episode, SpongeBob has never had a name tag nor have there been uniform inspections.

    • SpongeBob doesn't appear in the majority of the scenes on "Plankton's Army".

    • When "Betty" says SpongeBob story took 11 minutes, she must be talking about the length of the episode.

    • Goof: When SpongeBob and Patrick go to the dumpster, they are shown from the back. But SpongeBob's nametag and lapels aren't on the back of him.

    • In "Missing Identity", you can see SpongeBob's collar on his shirt is missing also. This might be one of the clues where his name tag is.

    • If you look closely at the Plankton family when Plankton says, "victory thy name is Plankton". You can see there are many copies of the main family members that have speaking parts.

      Plus, there's Plankton family members that have the same body features and look exactly alike, but they have different shades of green.

    • In "Missing Identity," SpongeBob says that he has never tried Gary`s food, but he had tried it in earlier episodes.

    • In "Missing Identity," when SpongeBob yells to Patrick from his window explaining what he's going to do, Squidward's house is missing! You can tell, because you can see Patrick's rock, but not Squidward's house.

    • When they show the scene of all four things SpongeBob keeps doing to find his identity, the third scene, the one where SpongeBob is feeding Gary, and then you see the one where SpongeBob hits the window. These two should be switched. Also SpongeBob makes the "Yuck!" sound when he hits the window. He was supposed to say that when he licked the snail food.

    • Plankton's relatives include Clem, Zeke, Rufus, Jeke, Billy Bob, Billy Jim, Billy Billy Bo Willy Banana Fanna Fo Filly, Toad, Enis, and Rainchild.

    • Patrick is a huge fan of the band Stingray 5000.

    • The real Krabby Patty formula is hidden in Mr. Krab's house, under his matress.

    • When Spongebob says hi to Old Man Jenkins, his nametag is missing.

    • In Missing Identity, SpongeBob says he has never tried Gary's food. In the episode "I was a Teenage Gary", SpongeBob did try it.

    • 1. the thing which holds the notes on the diner window is missing the second time we see it.
      2. at the start of missing identity, we see a close up of the note holder thing, we see only one note but in the next wide shot it had several.

    • In Plankton's Army. This is the only time that SpongeBob was a minor character. Mr Krabs told SpongeBob to mop the floors and towards the end SpongeBob reappears.

    • A few moments after you find out that Plankton's first name is Sheldon, Karen types it on the screen in computer writing, but in the next scene, it's thicker, and in regular writing.

    • In Plankton's Army,Karen wanted to know what happened but she never heard what happened because Plankton didn't want to talk about it but later Karen showed plankton what had just happened

    • In one time when Spongebob was retracing his steps, it was not in sequential order. The order was blinded by blanket, fell down stairs, sing Gary the feeding song, and crash into window.

    • The Dumpster Is Bigger when Spongebob And Patrick Gets In Than When It Is Shown At The Begining

    • When Spongebob Retraces His Steps And Serves Food To Gary,He Turns Around.There's No Nametag On His Back

    • It appears that the path that Plankton goes screaming on to the Chum Bucket is the same one Mr. Krabs takes to his house.

    • How could Plankton have fit inside a dollar? It's flat!

      Reply: It probably wasn't a real dollar.

    • In "Missing Identity", when Spongebob tastes Gary's food, it tastes so bad that he tries to take it out, but in "Dumped", Spongebob eats it and it tastes fine.

    • In "Plankton's Army" Squidward said the real formula is under Mr. Krabs's Mattress, but in "Squeaky Boots", and in "Mid-Life Crustcean", he was sleeping in a HAMMOCK!

    • when spongebob first woke up and went to feed gary, spongebobs TV was on the right side of the window, but when he was putting on his pants the TV was on the left side of the window

    • When Clem is introducing the family and when they're walking, Plankton's eyebrow turns yellow for a moment. You have to be really, really quick to catch this. I have a pic of this if you want to see.

    • When Patrick talks about not having a nose in,"Missing Identity", real-life starfish actually have a nose but no eyes(They smell their way around).

    • When SpongeBob and Patrick talk right before SpongeBob starts trying to "retrace his steps", Squidwards house isn't there.

    • How and where does SpongeBob lose a nametag???

      Reply: The way he struggled to put his pants on after he first fed Gary

  • Quotes

    • SpongeBob: Hey, guys, what'd I miss?
      Squidward: Mr. Krabs, is that really that Krabby Patty secret recipe?
      Mr. Krabs: A'course not! And Plankton'll probably figure that out and be back here tomorrow. Besides, I keep the recipe in a secret place. A place so secret, not even Plankton could figure it out.
      SquidwardLet me guess...it's at home, under your mattress.
      Mr. Krabs: (runs home) CURSE YOU, SQUIDWAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!

    • Plankton: Felicitations, malfactors! I am endeavoring to misappropriate the formula reper the planning of affordable commestables! WHO WILL JOIN ME!?!? (back in lab in a wheelchair and completely bandaged) I just don't get it.

    • Plankton: (Ding Dong) They're here! Welcome, brethren! (There's thousands of Plankton and they're all country-like)
      Clem: Hey, look, everybody! It's cousin, Plankton!
      Family: Yee-Haa!
      Plankton: I've been away longer than I thought.
      Clem: Howdy cousin!
      Plankton: (Looks at his hand after shaking Clem's hand) Ugh...
      Clem: It's me, Clem! Of course you remember Zeke, Rufus, Jeke, Billy Bob, Billy Jim, Billy Billy Bo Wil Banana Fanna Fo Filly, Toad, Enis (It's been along time) Retro McGee Rainchild...
      Plankton: All right! I get it! I mean, come inside, make yourself at home.

    • Plankton: The Plankton family has been always pushed around and stepped on. Wait, that's it, acting alone we're powerless, but united the Plankton family would be a real pain in the fanny!

    • SpongeBob: Patrick, why didn't you say hi to me?
      Patrick: Hi.
      SpongeBob: Oh, let's take it from the top.
      Patrick: Hi, SpongeBob.
      SpongeBob: Don't forget your line this time.
      Patrick: I won't.
      SpongeBob: Good morning world, and all who inhabit it. The most important meal of the day lalala Gary's way. Blah! Patrick, why didn't you say hi to me?
      Patrick: What's my motivation?
      SpongeBob: Forget the motivation, just say hi! Urgh!

    • (SpongeBob starts to tell the story)
      SpongeBob: I was in my way to work...
      Lalalalalala lalalalala lalalalala...
      Customer: Hey, start your story.

    • SpongeBob: Quick, Patrick. I need you to say hi to me again.
      Patrick: That wasn't part of the deal, SquarePants!
      SpongeBob: What do you mean?
      Patrick: My hello's aren't just some recording you can rewind and play over and over again. They're special!

    • Spongebob: Now that my horrific incident of terror is over, how about some breakfast?

    • Plankton's Cousin: Golly, she sure is pretty Sheldon.
      Karen: Sheldon?
      Plankton: Yes, that my first name.
      Karen: HAHAHA Sheldon. (still laughing)
      Plankton: Will you please..
      Karen: (laughing) I'm sorry, im sorry.
      Plankton: Alright, as I was saying..
      Karen: HAHAHA
      Plankton: O.K we all know Sheldon's a funny name.
      Karen: O.K, im done no more.
      Plankton: Good, to continue, only you can bring honor...
      (Karen types out SHELDON behind Plankton's back and everyone laughs.)
      Plankton: ...and dignity...
      (Karen types out SHELDON with an arrow behind Planktons back and everyone laughs.)
      Plankton: ...back to the plankton family...
      (Karen types out SHELDON, in flashy Las Vegas style rainbow letters.)
      Plankton: ...for years it has been my goal to unravel the secret formula...
      (Karen does it one last time, this time with an animated entrance, red and gold letters, and stars too!)
      Plankton: AHAH! (spots what his computer wife was doing and pulls the plug)

    • SpongeBob: Have you forgot what we're looking for knee deep in yesterday's top 40 songs?!?
      Patrick: Yes.
      SpongeBob: I'll give you a hint. Two words: First word, "My", second word, "Nametag!"
      Patrick: Can I have another hint?

    • Plankton: Victory! My name is Plankton! (turns around and on his back, there's a paper that says "Sheldon")

    • Mr. Krabs: Plankton, wait. You can't look at the formula.
      Plankton: Begging won't help.
      Mr. Krabs: I'm telling you, you won't be able to handle the truth. There are some things in this world that weren't meant for mortal eyes.
      Plankton: Eye.
      Mr. Krabs: Eye.
      Plankton: I don't care. Drum roll please! (Plankton rolls himself a drum roll and runs to Mr. Krabs's desk, where a book labeled "Recipe for a Krabby Patty" sits on it) Finally, after all these years, I'm about to find out what makes a Krabby Patty taste so good. (opens book) The secret recipe for one Krabby Patty is.... a pinch of salt....
      Mr. Krabs: Plankton! Wait!
      Plankton: (turns page) Three teaspoons of chopped onions....
      Mr. Krabs: I'm warning ya....!
      Plankton: (turns page) A cup of love....
      Mr. Krabs: Don't do it!
      Plankton: Mixed together with the most important ingredient. Four HEAPING POUNDS OF FRESHLY GROUND (turns page) plankton?
      Mr. Krabs: I warned ya.
      (Plankton runs back to the Chum bucket screaming his head off; back at the Krusty Krab, the book drops and all the plankton gasp and scream in chaos)
      Mr. Krabs: (laughing)....... Hey, why aren't you runnin'?
      Family member: Well I can't read!
      Mr. Krabs: Get outta' here!
      Family Member: Huyhuyhyhuhuy!

    • Mr. Krabs: There's going to be a surprise uniform inspection in one hour. Anyone who doesn't pass... gets the boot! This boot to be exact. It's very stinky, and you have to wear it all day.

    • Waitress: Wait a minute, when exactly did you lose your identity?
      Fish: Yeah, and who's Patrick? (camera pans back and the cook is hanging out the pick-up window)
      Cook: And why did you eat Snailpo?

    • Spongebob: (camera fades to Spongebob's room; Spongebob is sleeping; his alarm goes off; he shoots out of bed and his blanket goes off screen) Good morning, world, and all who inhabit it! (his blanket lands on his head; he fights to get it off) Gary, help! I can't see! Gary! (Spongebob steps off bed looking for Gary) Gary, are you there!? (loses balance and falls onto the floor; his alarm then falls on him) Ow! (stands up) Gary? (walks off) Gary, buddy? I need you to be my eyes, okay? Am I near the bathroom? (Spongebob falls through a door and down the staircase; he lands in his living room and his alarm clock spits him out, shooting him through the air) Gary? (he lands face first into a window) Gare? (slides off the window into the kitchen where Gary is waiting with an empty food dish; Gary meows; Spongebob pops up happily) Gary! Now that my horrific incident of terror is over, how about some breakfast? (reaches arms off screen and grabs a can of Snailpo; breaks into song) The most important meal of the day, serving it up Gary's way! Pop! (pours can into Gary's bowl) Enjoy, buddy. Hmm, you know, I've been feeding this to Gary for years, and I don't even know what it tastes like. (Spongebob rolls his tongue out to taste the residue left in Gary's can; he has a look of giddy anticipation on his face; as his tongue touches the food, he makes a "blech" noise; sound waves travel through Bikini Bottom and to Snailpo World Headquarters)
      Snailpo Employee: What is it, Peterson?
      Peterson: I'm not sure. I feel... a disturbance.

    • Squidward: Is this the secret formula, Mr. Krabs?
      Mr. Krabs: Of course not! And Plankton will probably figure that out and be back again to find out what the real formula is. But don't worry, boys, the formula's safe from harm. I got it hidden in me most secret hiding place, a place no one, not even Plankton, would ever figure out.
      Squidward: Let me guess. It's at home, under your mattress.
      Mr. Krabs: (gasps and runs to his house, screaming) Curse you, Squidward!

    • (SpongeBob is trying to retrace his steps to find his name tag, but Patrick keeps messing up)
      Patrick: Hi, SpongeBoob. (laughs) SpongeBoob? SpongeBoob! (laughs more)

    • Plankton: (when he has nothing else to do with stealing the Krabby Patty formula) I never thought I would get this far.
      Mr. Krabs: Then allow me to suggest your next move.
      (cuts to Plankton getting flushed down the toilet)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Snailpo
      Snailpo is a reference to Alpo dog food.

    • Name: Billy Bob

      The name of one of Plankton's cousins is maybe a parody to actor Billy Bob Thorton.

    • Sign: I Am Not A Roach

      The sentence that was said on Plankton's sign is a parody of Richard Nixon's famous quote "I Am Not A Crook."

    • Battlestar Galactica
      The robot in "Plankton's Army" looks like a Cyclon from the show Battlestar Galactica.

    • United Plankton Pictures Inc.

      The logo of the studio above is Plankton and his family members from this episode, but in a crudely hand-drawn form.

    • Plankton's Computer Wife: Your name is Sheldon?
      A possible nod to Robin Hood: Men in Tights, where everyone cracks up when they find out that the Sheriff of Rottingham is named Mervin.

    • A Pinch of Love
      Perhaps the Pinch of Love was based loosely on the Powerpuff Girls' formula of sugar, spice, and everything nice (namely love).

    • Stingray 5000
      This is an obvious reference to the heavy metal band Powerman 5000.

    • SpongeBob: Porquoi.
      SpongeBob yells out "Porquoi." Which, in French, means "Why."

    • Bank Robber: Attica!
      In "Missing Identity" Spongebob has a fantasy of a person robbing a bank while wearing Spongebob's nametag. In this fantasy, the bank robber shouts "Attica!", which is a reference to the 1975 movie "Dog Day Afternoon" about a bank robbery with the main character chanting "Attica!" several times.

    • Guy at Snail Po headquarters: "I've felt a strange disturbance..."
      This is a reference to Star Wars Episode 4, when planet Alderan blows up. Obi-Wan Kenobi says he's "felt a great disturbance in the force. As if a million voices cried out and were suddenly silenced." The guy at Snail Po headquarters heard Spongebob taste the Snail Po and go "Bleh!!!"