SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 8

Plankton's Pet

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Jan 19, 2013 on Nickelodeon
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Plankton's Pet

After failing again to steal the krabby patty secret formula, Plankton gets a pet to cheer himself up.

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  • Another modern Spongebob episode that's actually good?

    What do you know, it looks like that the writers made most characters less mean spirited this time and simply revolved around Plankton getting a pet. For once, Plankton is actually happy and wins in the end, without the Krabby patty Formula. In fact I was glad to see that Plankton got a friend that he could connect with, even if it was just a pet.
  • Great episode right here

    I can really say that I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. It was actually very nice to see Plankton happy here and finally not chase that formula too much. One thing I'm excited about is that in the end of the episode, Spot didn't go away so that makes me wonder if he'll be in future episodes and I hope he is. The episode was funny and I was hooked all throughout the episode. One of my faves for this season for sure :Dmoreless
  • By far the best Spongebob episode I've seen this decade('10 to '13). It deserves a place in my Top 20 Episodes. :)

    So, "Plankton's Pet" is probably one of the best episodes of 2012 and 2013. Better Than "It's A SpongeBob Christmas", better than "Bumper to Bumper", better than "Squid Defense" and DEFINETLY better than "Squid Baby". (1) Why, you may ask? Well, let's start, and I can talk about it.

    The Story: It all starts when a "baby" ( actually Plankton) gets a Krabby Patty and tries walking off. Mr. Krabs attacks the Baby (again, Plankton. Don't freak and everyone starts freaking out But then, Krabs reveals it's Plankton, and kicks him out again. Plankton then decides he needs to keep his mind of the Patty for a while, when Karen suggests he should get a pet. SpongeBob decides to help Plankton find a pet ( Don't ask, he just pops up), and they go to where SpongeBob found Gary, The Bikini Bottom Animal Shelter. After seeing a worm, a disgusting snail ( I think that snail was the one from "Gary in Love"), And PATRICK, they come across some algae on a rock that tries to eat Plankton. Plankton is then rescued by an amoeba that Plankton and SpongeBob name Spot. Soon after, Plankton has to learn how to treat a pet, which is followed by Spot being able to get a Krabby Patty. Plankton is overjoyed, until Karen realizes Spot wants a reward. Spot then eats the Krabby Patty, causing Plankton to send Spot outside. When Plankton comes to see Spot again, Spot is missing, so he and Spongebob go back to the animal shelter to find him, where they are attacked by an urchin, a worm, and a Sea Monkey. Spot then rescues them (He was on Plankton's eye the whole time) and Plankton gets Spot back.

    The Verdict: Funny as all hell, while still being serious at times. I loved it. 11/10 ( if I could rate it that, but i'll settle for 10.

    See you Next Time!!!

    (1)*These episodes will be reviewed at a later time this weekend.moreless
  • The best episode of 2013!

    This episode was actually really good!Plankton decides to get a episode was funny and crowd saying "Awww" was funny,and so was Patrick's also liked the baby only problem I have is the last-minute things are looking up for 2013!
  • By far the better episode of Season 9!

    While Squid Defense was good, it didn't really have the sense of appeal to fans to the start-up and conclusion. However, they immediately fix up the flaws of the last episode, and we're given a great, funny, original, and heartfelt episode of SpongeBob. In Plankton's Pet, Plankton is suggested from Karen that he should have another activity to do after he once again fails again to steal the Krabby Patty formula. While the set-up, does seem convient, it is handled much better than in Squid Defense and flows smoother. At the point, in the animal shelter, Plankton finds an amoeba with a SpongeBob who he names Spot after it defends from the rest of the animals. I also appreciated the humor a lot more, and I was able to find flowing throughout the whole episode. The introduction had by far the best part, when Mr. Krabs was beating up a baby (who was just Plankton in disguise) and everyone was freaking out. That part was just downright hilarious. They were also some moments here that cracked me up too, such as when Patrick was an animal in the animal shelter, and Plankton said he was "too stupid". It was also funny how Plankton was trying to play catch with Spot and accidentally "hurting" him, as well as how he was teaching him to get a Krabby Patty from the Krusty Krab. Plot-wise, this was one of the best out all the SpongeBob episodes in general. The plot flowed smoothly, there were many turns of events well appreciated (such as how SpongeBob and Plankton figured out where Spot was), and it had a healthy doe of humor and emotion. The emotion was well played in the end, when Plankton and Spot reunited once more; in fact, this was one of the only times that I actually interested in Plankton, and I loved him here. My only problem was that it was kind of unfinished in the end. I mean, what happens to them in the end? Will Spot become a supporting character? Aside from that, this was well done episode, and I applaud the writers for giving their best effort, because they deserve.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.5/10 Incrediblemoreless

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    • Mr. Krabs: Stop right there, you thievin' infant!(attacks the baby, who Plankton in disguise)
      SpongeBob: Yi-eeh, that's harsh!
      Mr. Krabs: So you thought you could pull a fast one, eh? (Holding baby up by the diaper) Now, come out of there, you little pest! (continues hurting the baby)
      Fish #3: What's he doing? You leave that poor baby alone!
      Mr. Krabs: Okay. I guess we're gonna have to do this the hard way.
      SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, no! Don't do it!
      Customers: (disgusted at Mr. Krabs being violent to the baby) Ooh... (they faint)
      Mr. Krabs: Oh, calm down! It's just Plankton. (Squeezes the baby's body and Plankton pops out)

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