SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 7

Pre-Hibernation Week / Life of Crime

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM May 05, 2001 on Nickelodeon

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  • Funny episodes!

    Pre-hibernation week: Great episode. I love the band music that plays whenever something bad or extreme is about to happen. Favorite quotes: SpongeBob: I is 100% mammal. SpongeBob: [pleading] I thought you said we going for a ride in the park, Sandy. 9/10

    Life of Crime: This episode is pretty funny. Favorite quotes: Patrick: Liar liar plants for hire. Sponge: It's pants on fire, Patrick. Patrick: You would know. Patrick: You're a crazy person! 8.5/10
  • da review

    Pre-hibernation week: This episode is pretty good, and I think it is quite funny. . Who else has realized when Patrick says "Who are you people?!" he says it the exact same way in I'm with Stupid?) But anyway, I do agree with the review below this one about this episode. It's about 6/10

    Life of Crime: Much better than the partner episode. But they're both pretty good. Well actually, this episode is beyond that point. It's not pretty good, it's the 2ND BEST EPISODE OF SPONGEBOB IN MY OPINION. And it's also very quotable. "I think I'll eat it now!" "Patrick, we need to cover our tracks!" "I'm doing it"

    "Liar liar plants for hire"


    This is a 15/10 in my opinion, being a tad worse than Chocolate with Nuts, which is like, 15.5/10

    OVERALL: 10/10
  • Sandy and SB play some dangerous games and SB and Patrick accidentally popped a balloon.

    Pre Hibernation Week: Parts I liked/laughed SpongeBob and Sandy playing games, SpongeBob licking while sliding, the fish saying "Uh, I can explain," the tough fish saying "Go Team Rules!", "This is a load of barnacles," and Patrick's cameo at the end. The plot for this was not bad. However, my problem that this episode was really boring and I did not enjoy the plot very much. So, overall, this episode gets a good score. 7/10

    Life of Crime: This was better from the previous one. The plot was great. I liked and laughed at the parts when Krabs was watching a show, Mr. Krabs having various people's stuffs, "What you wanna do today?", SpongeBob and Patrick get a balloon then pop it, "I guess I'll eat it now," SpongeBob eating Patrick's chocolate bars, and the last part. Some of the parts in the middle were lacking, so that's the flaw in this episode. Overall score will be 9/10.
  • Both the episodes were pretty good but I would say that "Life of Crime" was a tad better than its first pairing in my opinion

    Pre-Hibernation Week: I thought that this was a great episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It wasn't the best and it not my favorite episode but it was a pretty great episode to watch. Sandy going to the extreme with Spongebob was pretty funny. SpongeBob sliding with his tongue was very funny. Sandy being worried for SpongeBob and everyone in Bikini Bottom was looking for SpongeBob when SpongeBob was just hiding from Sandy the whole time was pretty great. It was funny when the Bikini Bottom citizens were hiding under Patrick's rock. The funniest part in this episode was Patrick's cameo appearance at the end of the episode when he said "Who are you people?". Overall, some of the scenes were just alright but could've improved so this was a great episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 8.5/10

    Life of Crime: This was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It was boring in a few parts but it was superb for the most part. Not my favorite episode either but still good to watch (like I said) and it's a tad better than "Pre-Hibernation Week" in my opinion. SpongeBob and Patrick "borrowing" the balloon and accidentally popping it was hilarious. SpongeBob and Patrick acting "normal" in front of everyone in Bikini Bottom was funny. It was funny that it was just National Free Balloon Day. SpongeBob and Patrick turning themselves to jail and the police let them out of jail because it was National Free Balloon Day was also good. Overall, not my favorite episode and it was boring in a few parts such as SpongeBob and Patrick camping out but it was overall superb. 9/10
  • superb

    What I liked (Pre-Hibernation Week)- "Who are you people?!", Sandy starting to sleep at the end of the episode, all the extreme things she and Spongebob did, etc.

    What I liked (Life of Crime)- Krabs trying to justify stealing, pretty much every line with Spongebob and Patrick alone, including the chocolate, "if we're underwater, how can there be a fire", etc.

    Good episodes. The first was good in terms of plot whereas the second had some really funny moments, and as such my final grade is a B+/A-, I think is fair
  • Mediocre

    Pre-Hibernation Week:
    Sandy is going wild over the fact that she will have to hibernate in a week. She goes crazy and takes SpongeBob on a wild adventure doing psycho events to have a lot of fun and burn carbs in a little bit of time. This episode shows the selfish side of Sandy

    Grade: 4/10 E

    Life of Crime:
    SpongeBob and Patrick find out that you can borrow anything without permission as long as you return it, or that's what wise Mr. Krabs says. SpongeBob and Patrick want a balloon, but neither one has any money, so they "borrow" it and it pops. They decide to run away and live like criminals, because they think they're now "thieves."

    Grade: 7/10 B-
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob . is sandys hybernation time and so she takes him on a wild ride of crazy events and that are really dangrious to burn carbs and stuff and when spongebob goes to say something she goes right into hybernation time. and in the second part spongebob and patrick learn from mr krabs its ok to borrow as long as you return the thing that you borrowed so they go to the carval and take a bloon thing is they think they crimnals and go on the run but realize that it was ok to take things since it was a free day in bikinbottom . such a good ep

    Pre-Hibernation Week: Okay, so here's the Top-rated Epiode of Nick's history. (In my opinion) I Don't know what you guys are talking about, is 9 enough? It's worth a Ten! One of the biggest reasons i like this show, and one reason i like this episode is that Pantera is Special Guest in this Ep! I sure like Hard Rock, and Pantera Granded my wish! Sandy and SpongeBob have to do dangrous stunt before the week begins to sleep. Well, not more, to Life Of Crime!

    Life of crime: A Little worse, but still Awesome! SpongBob and Patrick broke a balloon, and they think they're criminal, so they're escaping. However, this was also awesome, but not quite. The pest part was before the credits: Patrick: "I Mean it!". PHW: A+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    LOC: A
  • Pre-Hibernation Week was great, Life of Crime was fantastic!

    Pre-Hibernation Week: One of my favorite Sandy episodes. It had some really great scenes, like the racking scene, and some really funny lines, like "Gold Team rules!", "I is 100% ma-male." and of course, "But, but he always folds his clothes before running around... in the nude!". Plus the music from Pantera was a nice touch. It also had a really funny ending, "Who are you people!?!".

    Score: B+ 8.9/10

    Life of Crime: Even better! It had so many fantastic parts, from the fire underwater joke to Patrick's belly button lint to Pat saying "Now I'm gonna starve!" during a close-up of his really fat body. This is seriously one of the all-time greats, and in my top 5 Season 2 episodes.

    Score: A- 9.3/10
  • Still good.

    I think some parts of the episodes should had done some improvement,but I loved both of the episodes.I loved the whole scene with Sandy destroying these houses.That part was a good part of the episode and It was a pretty good scene.I loved that scene that shows Patrick's hairy leg.That part was cool and funny.I also think that both of the episodes were pretty tight and both of the episodes were pretty good ones.Another part that was pretty tight is when the guys went into this elephant's nose and they thought it was a cave.Both of the episodes were tight.
  • Two more great episodes in season two!

    Pre-Hibernation Week is pretty good and also funny! We get to some some good old classic moments in this episode and one of a kind events! Like that mystery guy who wears kiddie clothes and licks a big lollipop, that says "Uh, I can explain!" twice in this episode! We also get to see The Sea Needle and the Industrial Park in Bikini Bottom! Sandy sure did venture off to some dare-devil places to live life to the fullest before her hibernation! Boy, she really doesn't want to go to sleep without having some awesome fun! Poor SpongeBob though, having to go through all of those stunts where he can get hurt or mamed, or some other form of scariness! Ouch, that hay in the needle stack must've hurt! And that water was so cold since he was frozen in a block of ice, and even worse, the giant clams like to feed at this hour! Good thing SpongeBob ran away from her when he had the chance! And that was funny when Patrick came to his house with groceries and ice cream saying: "Who are you people!?" Life of Crime was also a great episode! I loved it so very much! In Life of Crime, we see that Mr. Krabs constantly breaks the law secretly by stealing items without getting caught, he is a naughty man! But he tries to weasel his way out of it saying he borrowed that stuff, just without asking. I must say, this episode sure did have some great classic moments too that can easily be memorized. Like when SpongeBob and Patrick had chocolate bars! And when SpongeBob tried to fly, but fell off a cliff and said: "Okay, we still can't do that!" And also when he said: "This town ain't big enough for the two of us!" Lol! This truly was a great episode, at the end we see SpongeBob and Patrick didn't steal after since it was free balloon day! I loved the ending when Patrick said this: "Alright, which one of you flat-foots stole my lollipop?" They laugh! But then Patrick says: "I mean it!"
  • We've finally come off the roller coaster of 7.5-score episodes, and we're finally back on the "Classic Season 2 Coaster".

    Pre-Hibernation Week:
    I adore this episode! I absolutely love it! Love, love...Okay you get the idea. Anyway, Sandy has one week until hibernation and does lots of crazy, dangerous things with SpongeBob, and when he can't take any more of it, he hides under Patrick's house (yes, the rock :P) and Sandy searches everywhere for him. She gets the whole town looking for him, and they're too tired and can't take any more so they also hide under the rock. Realizing SpongeBob is under there, they push him out, but Sandy has already started hibernating. And then Patrick comes along and sees everyone under his rock. xD


    Life of Crime:
    Lol...this episode rocks too! :D SpongeBob & Patrick have stolen a balloon, on free balloon day, and when it pops, they run away, but all they have to live on is one chocolate bar, which Patrick eats straight away, and then they try to get each other in trouble with the police. They are arrested, for 2 seconds. Since it's free balloon day. Hillarious, classic, and did I mention hillarious?! ;)

  • 2 classics..especially Life of Crime

    Pre-Hibernation Week:
    I loved this. Sandy has one week before hibernation time, so she wants SpongeBob to do lots of dangerous things with her, but it's all to much for SpongeBob, and he eventually hides under Patrick's rock. Sandy forces all of the Bikini Bottomers to look for SpongeBob. (It was funny when that guy said I'm ready, I'm ready' pretending to be SB, and Sandy said 'Oh no you ain't!' That always cracked me up!) They too hide under Patrick's rock when Sandy drives them crazy, and when they find out SB is in there, he's booted out and Sandy is happy, until she falls asleep and starts her hibernation. I also laughed so hard when Patrick found all of those people under his rock xD

    Grade: B

    Life of Crime:
    L-O-L! Even better than the other segment! SpongeBob and Patrick steal a balloon (on free balloon day) and run away when they think they'll be arrested for stealing it. They survive on just chocolate, but Patrick eats his in one go, and when SpongeBob's going to eat a bit of his, Pat blames him for nicking his chocolate bar! LOL! Unfortunately, I haven't seen this episode for about 2 years, and can't remember what happens fully. I think they turn each other in, and the police but them in a jail cell, and then take 'em out again a second later, as it's free balloon day. Okay I admit, the plot is stupid. But the episode is so funny!

    Grade: A
  • Very Funny Episodes!!

    Pre-Hibernation Week: So Sandy notices that its almost time for her to Hibernate, and so she gets Spongebob to help her with her chores before she Hibernates, but Sandy realizes that she barely has any time to do any fun things (or things SHE calls fun) so basically Spongebob and Sandy do Crazy "fun" stuff that get Spongebob hurt and Sandy READY FOR HIBERNATION! A+

    Life of Crime: Spongebob and Patrick dont know what to do today! So (From the bright idea of Mr.Krabs) They Decide to steal ("borrow") a balloon.. with out knowing its free Balloon Day. Funny Episode.. but I just didnt like the plot that much...Dang! B+
  • Life of Crime is funny!

    Pre-hibernation week is excellent, and after that one comes a better one: Life of Crime.
    In Pre-hibernation week, SpongeBob wants to avoid Sandy from her really extreme sports, but he totally wants to get away from her. And Sandy ends worried by seeking SpongeBob. Funny stuff: "I am a man!", and pulls out a razor. "You can´t go until we find SpongeBob" a guy picks up a kid -"here it is"-"SpongeBob is square", he transform him square. "the kid: I´m ready!". "he is not in my thoughts" "So think again!" and a lot more, of course.
    Life of Crime is totally great. SpongeBob and Patrick can´t buy a balloon so they took it borrowed without permission, but it explodes. So they think that they must live as criminals leaving it all. But they discuss and they want to tell on each other, but when they get there, they realizes that is the international balloon day. hilarious.
    Funny stuff: Patrick looks at his bell-button, and there is some clips and wool. SpongBob has a national bank wich was a rainbow ending in a pan. When Patrick tries to talk with rudeness. Patrick leaving mark where they were escaping. They are in jail two seconds. Patrick believing that Bob ate his candy. SpongeBob enjoying of the candy. Patrick believes again that someone ate his candy. The street circus. Mr. Krabs is a complete thief.
    A great episode, always gonna be of my favorites.
  • Not really good episodes.

    I didn't really like this two episodes especially Life Of Crime. SpongeBob and Patrick thinks that they stole a balloon but it is Free Balloon Day. Mr.Krabs said they could borrow anything they want but they need to return it. The balloon popped. So they were very afraid if they go to jail. When they leave Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob have two chocolate bars to eat. Patrick ate one but he said SpongeBob stole his chocolate bar. That's why I don't like this episode. They're so dumb and they made me mad. Prehibernation Week is better than Life Of Crime but it's kinda boring. Sandy was having fun with SpongeBob before she hibernates but she's like killing him. So SpongeBob hid from Sandy. This two episodes are not my favorite and they're not really good episodes of SpongeBob.
  • 33rd episode

    Pre Hibernation Week had no special qualities to it at all. It was one of the most average episodes I have reviewed so far. But anyway there was little comedy but plenty of action in this episode. But seriously this is as average as it gets. Now the slightly better episode was Life Of Crime because it was funnier than Pre Hibernation Week. You see having Patrick in an episode really helps it out big time. Not only that but thank goodness Sandy is not in this episode. To complete my review I just have to say that there are better episodes than these two just waiting to be watched.
  • Ok so Sandy has to hibernate and goes crazy. Patrick and Spongebob steal a balloon on free balloon day and label themselves as thieves. Hilarious.

    Ok, in the first part in one week Sandy has to hibernate. She then she realizes she only has a little bit of time left to do crazy stunts with Spongebob. So she brings him along and does all these crazy and dangerous things. Spongebob gets sick of it and runs away from Sandy. Sandy tries hard to find him, and makes everyone else look for him to. Eventually everyone else turns him in and he tells Sandy he can't take anymore of the stunts, but shes already hibernating. In the second part Spongebob and Patrick "steal" a balloon on free balloon day and run away because they thought that they were thieves. They turn themselves in (or something like that) and end up realizing the truth. I thought the second episode was pretty funny, because when Spongebob and Patrick are running away Spongebob says something like "Cover up the trail so they won't find us"! Or something like that and Patrick is covering up thier footsteps with a trail of red paint. Hilarious.
  • This was a great episode and a very good and funny one.

    Pre-Hibernation Week:
    Sandy is going wild over the fact that she will have to hibernate in a week. She goes crazy and takes SpongeBob on a wild adventure doing psycho events to have a lot of fun in a little bit of time.

    Life of Crime:
    SpongeBob and Patrick find out that you can borrow anything without permission as long as you return it, or that's what wise Mr. Krabs says. SpongeBob and Patrick wanted a balloon, but neither one had any money, so they "borrow" it and it pops. They decide to run away and live like criminals. They get hungry, so SpongeBob just happened to have 2 chocolate bars. Patrick ate his, then he forgot he ate and accused SpongeBob of stealing it, so Patrick runs to the police station with SpongeBob hot on his tail. They tell the police they stole a balloon and the police laughed because it was free balloon day.
    This was a great episode.
  • average episodes

    Pre Hibernation Week had no special qualities to it at all. It was one of the most average episodes I have reviewed so far. But anyway there was little comedy but plenty of action in this episode. But seriously this is as average as it gets. Now the slightly better episode was Life Of Crime because it was funnier than Pre Hibernation Week. You see having Patrick in an episode really helps it out big time. Not only that but thank goodness Sandy is not in this episode. To complete my review I just have to say that there are better episodes than these two just waiting to be watched.
  • Both episodes were great. =D

    Pre-Hibernation Week was filled with the humor and unique style that I love about Spongebob. It was entertaining all the way to the end. I find myself quoting this episode a lot...:P

    Life of Crime is my absolute favorite episode of Spongebob. It made me laugh out loud when I saw it. The basic idea for the show is funny, and the way it was played out in the episode is hilarious. No matter how many times I watch this episode, it never grows old. It has always been a favorite, right up to the very end.

    Both episodes followed the "typical Spongebob" humor and wit that I like about the show.
  • spongebob and sandy compete in underwater sports like extreme jacks and skiing down sandmountain.

    a very good episode because of many funny parts including the hay in the needle stack game. finding the hay in the needle stack is the reverse of a famous saying finding the needle in the haystack.
    this eppisode is very funny because of all the games sandy has them play.
    the fish who are looking for spongebob after he is missing keep tricking sandy because they want to go home.
    Favorite quotes
    Fish (picking up small fish): \\\"i found spongebob\\\"
    sandy: \\\"that\\\'s not spongebob,spongebob\\\'s square\\\"
    small fish (after being formed into spongebob shape):\\\"I am ready Iam ready\\\".
    Sandy: \\\"No you ain\'t!\\\"
    overall this is one of the greatest spongebob episodes
  • Here we see that Spongebob can only have a limited amount of fun! And in the second half we see a paranoid Patrick, or maybe plain stupid, but still hilarious!

    Pre-Hibernation Week wasn't the greatest of episodes. This is one of the episodes that seems to be totally dedicated to Sandy. Spongebob is completely shattered with all the extreme sports, its good to see Sandy enjoy herself though! Although possibly the best part is when she falls asleep! Bringing up my score is probably Life of Crime. It's funny how naive Spongebob can be. He shows hilarious paranoia when he and Patrick think they will go to jail. Right towards the end of the episode when Patrick accuses Spongebob of stealing his candy bar was really funny, Patrick is so stupid it's funny. Great to see the candy bar splattered on his face :-)
  • This is the best episode I've ever seen! I totally memorized it!!

    Pre-Hibernation Week is a funny episode, and the extreme music goes well with it. I like the comment from Sandy: "He always folds his pants before going out--in the NUDE." That left me cracking up.
    But the episode I really enjoy is Life of Crime. It's so orignial and goofy, perfectly Spongebobish. I've had to have seen this episode dozens of times, and it's just as good every time. It's got a ton of awesome quotes, hilarious situations, and even Mrs. Puff's hair curlers (whatever that has to do with anything). But I digress.
    Anyway, Spongebob is a great show to watch for a laugh. And this is the best of it in my opinion.
  • episode #33

    pre-hibernation week: in just a few days, sandy is going to hibernate. she starts having lots of fun that nearly kills spongebob. he tries to hide from sandy, but she wont stop hunting him down.

    life of crime: mr. krabs explains borrowing to sb and pat. they borrow a balloon then pop it. they then run out of town thinking theyre criminals.
  • These 2 episodes were perfect.

    In Pre-Hibernation Week, Sandy has just so little time before she has to hibernate, and she has to spend that time crazilly with Spongebob. So she does the most silliest, dangerous things with Spongebob. Spongebob, tired and weak, tries to tell Sandy that he doesn't want to do it, but everytime it fails, so he decides to hide under a "rock", or Patrick's house. So Sandy freaks out, and asks the Gold and Alpha teams to search all throughout Bikini Bottom for Sponge. But they too get tired and use their "rock-senses" So Squidward and the rest find out that Spongebob's hiding there too, so he's been found out!

    In Life of Crime, Spongebob and Patrick are guilty of charge!... well, not really. When Mr Krabs teaches them about "borrowing", aka "stealing", Spongebob and Patrick borrow a balloon, but it pops! So now they can't return it and they think they stole it! So then, they turn themselves in, but good thing... that it was free balloon day!
  • Great episodes, yet again...

    Great episodes, yet again...

    Pre-Hibernation Week:
    SpongeBob is enlisted in Sandy's one-week crusade to have as much fun as possible before she goes into hibernation.

    Life of Crime:
    SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally pop a balloon they "borrowed" from a discount store... on Free Day.

    (Pre hibernation week has a special music guest star, pantera)