SpongeBob SquarePants

Saturday 10:00 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered May 01, 1999 In Season





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  • Everytime I watch this I feel my IQ drop and I feel it is low enough

    It's hard to avoid this show especially when it is constantly thrown in your face and shoved down your throat. It is so overrated. I never could stand this show. Even more this show has plunged Nickelodeon into a major dark age that they are now emerging out of. Still I see way too much yellow. Yeah I'm well aware of how popular SpongeBob is but even the majority of fans out there would prefer less of it and more variety on Nickelodeon. Yeah they love but most would like the poor sponge be given a break. Most of the fans have become semi rabid and take it way too seriously and developed shorter attention spans too. I really don't recommend this show to young children due to much of the content. A lot of dark themes like murder plotting and suicide are featured. Even more all the main characters have been downgraded to being so one sided and going from funny dumb to just plain dumb and annoying. Plus there was an episode about SpongeBob getting a splinter and how gross and disgusting it gets. In fact there are quite a few gross out moments. The only reason why this show is still highly rated other than the plethora near brainless fans is that most of these reviews are based on the quality of the first few seasons and some on the latest seasons with the creator returned probably to restore this show to some of its former glory and quality. Nickelodeon needs to finish this show and find some new ideas and talent. You know it's bad when close to 90% of the programming consists of SpongeBob and there's no special reason for the marathon but because the network is so hyperfocused on it.