SpongeBob SquarePants

Saturday 10:00 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered May 01, 1999 In Season





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  • Started off fantastic, lost it's charm seasons 4-8, got back on its feet season 9-present

    SpongeBob started off as my favorite show on Nickelodeon. It had likable characters, fun storylines, beautiful animation, and great humor (My favorite episodes BTW were "Band Geeks" and "Life of Crime"). Originally the show was supposed to end after the movie in 2004 until greedy Nickelodeon decided to renew it because of it's rising popularity, which ended up in Stephen Hillenburg and his beloved writing team leaving the show. This is where SpongeBob began to flush down the toilet. SpongeBob went from a nice friendly sea sponge who cared deeply about his friends to an annoying over exaggerated idiot who cries a lot of the time. Patrick went from stupid but in a funny way to a bigger idiot and not in a funny way. Squidward went from cranky to still cranky but with a more violent tone. Mr Krabs went from greedy but still caring towards his employees and daughter Pearl to a cheap, greedy, cruel, heartless monster with no respect for anyone but money, to the point where he became one of the most unlikable characters on television. Sandy was the only likable character in the newer seasons, despite being more into science and less into karate like the older seasons. The humor began to rely more on gross out humor (look at The Splinter for example), and the plots focused more on the Krusty Krab vs The Chum Bucket and less on creative and original storylines like the earlier seasons. Then came the sequel to the first movie, and the original creator Stephen Hillenburg returned as the show's creator. From this point on, SpongeBob has risen back on it's feet and became the legendary cartoon it once was. The plots nowadays tend to focus on new and original plots like "What would happen if you had Life Insurance underwater?" or "What would happen if you could drive a bubble boat". If you haven't seen seasons 9 or 10, definitely check them out. I'm glad this show got good again, and I look forward to seeing where future seasons take us, as well as the third movie in 2019. Seasons 1-3: 10/10, Seasons 4-8: 5/10, Seasons 9-present: 9/10