SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 12

Safe Deposit Krabs

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM May 25, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • A modern episode where Mr. Krabs isn't actually a jerk?

    I still haven't seen every season 9 episode so far, but I noticed that a "Mr. Krabs is greedy" episode has actually been done correctly. Mr. Krabs may be quite greedy in some parts of the episode, but I don't think that he's actually in the wrong. He doesn't get away with all the money, and no harm is dealt to any other character in this episode, due to something stupid that Mr. Krabs has done. Also, the people of Bikini Bottom aren't complete idiots in this episode. When we see an insane Mr. Krabs asking for all the money, they don't let him in, or give him the money, they kick him out of there. Also, the moustache disguise was quite good, and I'm glad that Mr. Krabs didn't get away with that either, the people of the Bikini Bottom aren't that stupid anymore. It's also funny to see him freak out because of all the money. I hope that more "Mr. Krabs is greedy" episodes turn out like this, and maybe they can finally improve from some awful episodes like "The cent of Money" (I'm ignoring "Spongebob, you're fired!") This episode gets an 8/10.
  • Pleasantly Surprised

    I thought this episode was very decent; I think the number one rule about Mr. Krabs' greed is that it can't directly hurt anyone else, and it didn't in this episode. Sure, perhaps indirectly, but his actions don't put anyone in harm's way. I also got a kick out of him losing his mind in the bank. This is actually one of very few gags I can remember laughing at in new spongebob. Overall, I thought this episode was pretty solid.
  • W-what the heck!?

    Ok, This episode is WAY TOO rushed, He is fucking greedy in this episode just like You are Fried by firing spongebob for a nickel. The plot is about mr krabs getting trapped in a bank with full of money, Is this the best you CAN come up with!? Writers, Don't even start making him a crybaby just like you made spongebob a crybaby too. This made me almost hate the likeable characters left in the modern one. It's funny seeing mr krabs on fire running to the bank, But the ending is rushed. Old spongebob was better! The plot is even random too. Spongebob is annoying now and even patrick is completely dumb now as he used to be smart and dumb.
  • Its ok

    The episode is fine, I wish it was a little better.
  • Mr. Krabs is greedy again

    It was an ok episode but I just hate how he is greedy again in this episode.
  • I didn't think it felt necessary

    This episode didn't give much to offer. I hate it when they exaggerate Mr Krabs' obsession too much, like him crying over putting a penny deposit in a bank, it's just a big eye roller... I'll admit I thought it was kind of creative when Mr Krabs was in the money vault, and he made those palm trees out of stacked dollars, with money sacks for coconuts.
  • Season 9 is set to be one of the best seasons with episodes like this

    I'd like to start my review off by saying thank you. Thank you Mr. Krabs for NOT being a huge jerk. Any who, I really liked this one and I can easily say that it was amazing. You know, when season 8 started, I think the writers got hit with a brick and started writing AMAZING episodes rather then writing good/bad/great/mediocre episodes for seasons 6 and 7. I thought this was an enjoyable episode and it's nice to watch it on reruns.
  • Mr. Krabs is trapped inside the bank so SpongeBob and Patrick go save him

    I thought that this was a good and enjoyable episode of SpongeBob SquarePants :) Is it the best episode ever? No not at all but it's a really fun episode though. I liked the storyline, I liked some of the humor, and I liked the episode overall. The storyline was something simple and creative. Mr. Krabs, for once, actually wasn't a jerk in this episode. Greedy? Yes. A Huge Jerk? No. He was just a greedy crab and that's it which is honestly no problem at all. It was just the "jerk" part that was going to worry me but thank goodness the writers took the "jerk Mr. Krabs" for a change. SpongeBob and Patrick trying to break into the bank gave me chuckles... I wish it was actually funny though but oh well. I didn't think Squidward's cameo and Pearl's cameo (especially) was very necessary in this episode. I actually would've loved to see Sandy, at least make a cameo, in this episode but of course the writers don't know how to use Sandy properly. The episode in my opinion could've had more humor in my opinion and even though I got just chuckles out of it... I found the SpongeBob and Patrick thing trying to break into the bank to be a little bit of a filler. It was only hilarious once they actually got into the bank but that bank owner or bank manager was there and opened it with Patrick running off.... that cracked me up. Mr. Krabs' hallucinations was hilarious too and seeing him go crazy was funny. I really hope we will get more "Greedy Mr. Krabs" and NOT "Greedy and Jerky Mr. Krabs". This is not as good as some of the other Mr. Krabs episodes in my opinion but it's way better than others like "Penny Foolish", "The Cent of Money", etc. I recommend this episode to the fans. It's a fun episode and it's one of Mr. Krabs' most enjoyable presence in my opinion. 7.5/10
  • GREAT!

    Best of season 9. Alot of good jokes and moments
  • I know this episode's probably gonna be HATED, but let me get this review off my chest...

    I actually LIKED this episode. All of the parts seem to be better than your average ABYSMAL Mr. Krabs episodes, like "Penny Foolish" and Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation. And Unlike those, there is actually a SOLID plot. And here it is:

    So, our story starts with a news break showing the new bank is opening, and the 1st 100 people to make a deposit get FREE Interest on their deposit. Mr. Krabs leaves SpongeBob in charge of the Krusty Krab while he's gone, and RUSHES to the bank. However, Mr. Krabs's money fetish gets in his way of making a deposit as security usually tosses him out. Then he disguises as a woman (just like in "The Cent of Money") and he makes a deposit. 1 Penny. So, after that, he decides he wants it in a Safe Deposit Box, and so, they put it on there, and while Nobody looks, Mr. Krabs gives a farewell to his penny, but then Security locks him in the Safe Deposit Box on accident. Mr. Krabs breaks through the back end of the box, and finds MILLIONS of dollars behind the boxes. Later, SpongeBob gets worried about Mr. Krabs, he looks for him, asks Pearl if she knows where he is (Oh, and did I mention Pearl was a Jerk in this episode?) and SpongeBob calls Mr. Krabs, who then says he's having the time of his life: And he's running out of oxygen (But I thought they Lived So SpongeBob goes to Patrick's house to ask for his help, and Patrick ends up helping. However, after a few slightly humorous break-in attempts, they decide to withdraw him from the bank instead.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs has gone nearly INSANE in the bank, and Just in time, SpongeBob is able to get him out. Soon enough, they get kicked out of the bank, and Mr. Krabs gets his free interest: Another Penny.

    Overall, this episode was pretty good, but it wasn't as good as Plankton's Pet or Evil Spatula. BUT, it WAS better than Little Yellow Book and Jailbreak.

    7.5/10 C-
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