SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 18

Sailor Mouth / Artist Unknown

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 21, 2001 on Nickelodeon

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  • Nickelodeon

    Sailor mouth should be on I wish I hope it comes back on
  • Sailor Mouth is just hilarious!

    Sailor Mouth: This episode is packed with laughs from start to finish. The censorship is perfect (there is still one part where you can read Spongebob''s lips during Eels and . Great episode. 10/10.

    Artist Unknown: This episode is quite funny but the ending just makes me so mad. Favorite quote: "Mr. Tentacles has all the talent" and "To the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump, dump". 8/10

    Sailor Mouth


    Artist Unknown


    gotta replace #20 on my 20 favorites list with Artist Unknown next month
  • third second perfect pairs for season 2

    Sailor Mouth: An excellent episode. Kinda surprising to see SpongeBob and Patrick saying bad words. When I was younger (I was actually 4 when this first came out the air), I didn't what words is actually, but now I know the dophin chirps is bascially the f word. Of course, I laughed when SpongeBob and Patrick kept saying those words and then Mr. Krabs would put them on some favor. SpongeBob accidentally saying Aw, *** after losing the game was very funny. But my biggest laugh was Mr. Krabs swearing when his foot hits the rock. The ending was funny as well. Overall an excellent episode. 10/10

    Artist Unknown: Another perfect episode. I think this episode is a tad weaker than Sailor's Mouth since I didn't got that much laughs here than that episode. I did laugh at some parts such as Squidward on the woman's head, SpongeBob drawing the opposite circle, SpongeBob trying to think before he hits the marble, Squidward going crazy, and the last part. Overall, an excellent episode. 10/10
  • Both episodes are wonderful!=D

    Sailor Mouth: My most favorite of the two. This ep is just brilliant. It starts with Spongebob taking out the trash & noticing some dumpster writing. He reads it & noticed one said "Mr. Krabs is a--" So, Spongebob tries to figure out what the word means. Patrick tells him that it's a sentence enhancer. Soon after that, they both start using the bad word constantly, causing all the Krusty Krab customers to leave in disgust. Mr. Krabs freaks out & Squidward tells him that Spongebob's been saying a bad word. When Mr. Krabs stubs his foot, he starts cursing left & right & Spongebob & Patrick go tell Mama Krabs. Mama Krabs faints after hearing all those bad words & when she wakes up, she makes all 3 of them to paint her house. This ep is hilarious! It's funny when the bad words get bleeped out with dolphin chirps & honksXD

    final grade: A++

    Artist Unknown: This ep is just as great as SM. I love the part where Squidward freaks out & starts destroying everything lol

    final grade: A
  • Artist Unknown was perfect but Sailor Mouth was a pure gem.


    Sailor Mouth:
    SpongeBob and Patrick pick up a "bad word," and start repeating it to the shocked patrons of the Krusty Krab, but Mr. Krabs doesn't like this! He stops SpongeBob and Patrick from using the word by informing them that it is a bad word, then SpongeBob and Patrick regret their utterings.

    Artist Unknown:
    Squidward starts to teach an art class at the Recreation Center, but SpongeBob is the only person who shows up. Then, Squidward tries to pass off SpongeBob's art sculpture as his own, in order to impress a big-shot art collector.

    10 out of 10

  • This, Sailor Mouth particularly, is probably my favorite episode.

    Spongebob: I've gotta embrace the marble!
    Spongebob:I've gotta sniff the marble!
    Squidward: Uh, okay...
    Spongebob: I've gotta lick the marble!
    Spongebob: I've gotta wash the marble, I've gotta date the marble, I've gotta BE the marble!

    I love it!!!!!!!!!

    I like Sailor Mouth a little better though because of the way Squidward treated Spongebob in Artist Unknown. Spongebob turned out to be a GREAT artist but Squidward didn't appreciate his talent. The only question I have about Sailor Mouth is, if Spongebob and Patrick didn't recognize the first bad word which was on the dumpster, how did they recognize the other dozen when Mr. K screamed them out? The writers probably just didn't think of that (oops, their bad:P). Oh, well. It's still a great episode. One of my favorite parts of that episode is when SB and Pat are playing Eels and Escalators and Spongebob responds to something Pat says by being all "Yea verily!" when obviously he could have just said "yes" which would have been so much more boring.:)
  • Sailor Mouth> Best...season 2 episode....EVER!!!! Artist Unknown> Very Good!

    Sailor Mouth is a good episode. It really is! Infact, I'm sort of shocked SpongeBob got away with these type of jokes without Nick shooting the ban gun at it, like "Hi Patrick! How The *dolphin noise* are ya?" "Pretty *dolphin noise* good SpongeBob!" OMG! XD. This episode was funny and really meant for SpongeBob...It was the *dolphin noise* Grade: A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+ A+

    Artist Unknown was also really good. I loved how they referenced many art stuff here (infact, I love starring at paintings!) and was also a good thing for SpongeBob. Grade: A+
  • perfect

    What I liked (Sailor Mouth)- the chutes and ladders parody game, Patrick riding the ice-cream truck, Krabs swearing and Spongebob and Patrick telling his mom, them all thinking his mom swore at the end when it was Old Man Jenkins' car, etc.

    What I liked (Artist Unknown)- the ending, with Spongebob going to the dump and Squidward quitting his new job, Squidward getting frustrated with Spongebob, etc.

    Good episodes. Both had an equal amount of humor and plot. A+
  • Who knew SpongeBob and Patrick can say such foul language in "Sailor Mouth"? :D LOL

    Sailor Mouth: I thought that this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". Who ever knew SpongeBob and Patrick can say such foul language in this episode? :D LOL. SpongeBob and Patrick learn some new words which turn out to be cuss words (don't worry, their foul mouths are blocked with steamboats, seagulls, and etc. so don't be concerned about this episode at all parents). SpongeBob and Patrick saying every cuss words there are were very funny. SpongeBob and Patrick tattletelling on each other for saying cuss words was very funny. Mr. Krabs saying cuss words and then SpongeBob and Patrick were gonna tell Mama Krabs about it was very funny. The ending was very funny. I also loved the introduction of Mama Krabs in this episode. Overall, this was just an all-around hilarious episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10

    Artist Unknown: I thought that this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". Even it is predictable because we've seen these kinds of plots in other SpongeBob episodes before, it was very funny when SpongeBob is in art class with Squidward (who happens to be the art teacher). Squidward teaching SpongeBob everything about the art was very funny. All of these creative things that SpongeBob came up with were just hilarious and classic. SpongeBob going to the dump because he thinks his art is horrible thanks to Squidward was very funny. SpongeBob doing every art thing that Squidward taught him and Squidward going insane after that was absolutely hilarious. I also thought the ending was great as well. The only thing I kind of didn't like was Squidward taking credit for all of SpongeBob's artwork but I can let that slide. Overall, an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10
  • *dolphin noise*ing hilariousness! Oh ya, and Artist Unknown.

    Sailor Mouth; A hysterical episode! SpongeBob and Patrick learn some dirty words, and hilarity occurs. This episode uses a lot of adult humor, with plenty of cursing, though all censored of course with different sounds. Many funny moments happen, like 40 lashes or when Patrick gets carried away by the ice cream truck. A fine example that can easily convert a sponge-hater to a sponge-lover.

    Score: A- 9.3/10

    Artist Unknown: Not as good as Sailor Mouth, but still great. The best part had to be the ending, poor squid. SpongeBob's technique to make a circle was great too, a so stupid it's funny moment. This episode is often overlooked do to it's partner, but I personally love it.

    Score: B+ 8.9/10
  • Perfect

    Sailor Mouth- Spongebob and Patrick begin using unethical words and Mr. Krabs tells them to stop, however when he ctaches them using them again it spells big trouble for both of them. I loved the mmentary on cursing, but the bleeping was asolutly perfect. 10/10 A+

    Artist Unknown- Squidward begins teaching an art class, but rejects Spongebob's art, saying it's not perfect. However, a famous art collector wants another copy for his collection. Great episode, nice to see Squidward's insanity come out. 10/10 A+

    Overall, 2 perfectly crafted episodes, these both stand out among the best of season 2. 10/10 A+
  • I had no problem with Sailor Mouth, but Artist Unknown was very terrible.

    Sailor Mouth: A good episode with adult humor, I see why it has been reran on MTV.
    GRADE: B+

    Artist Unknown: Oh god, my eyes bleeded after seeing this episode. Squidward becomes an art teacher, and SpongeBob is his only student. As Squidward does everything wrong, SpongeBob does everything right. Squidward tells SpongeBob he's doing a bad job and he runs away to the dump. An art collector comes in right after when he hates Squidward's art, but loves SpongeBob's statue. Squidward says he is responsible, but after breaking a part, the collector says he can make another one in no time. Squidward gets SpongeBob back and he does everything wrong as Squidward does everything right. At the end, Squidward makes the most beautiful statue in the world and makes the janitor responsible as the art collector would make him famous. This episode was terrible and had no happy ending.
    GRADE: F

  • When I first watched these episodes, I thought that they would be good. I had reason to believe this, since all of the previous episodes were. Guess what? I was wrong.

    Yawn, yawn and lots more yawn. But I'm not very sleepy. Neither of these episodes have funny jokes (except 40 lashes), a thing which Nick failed to do before (and after) this. This is, very easily, the worst episode of Spongebob ever. The first episode was bad for younger watchers, who (hopefully) have never heard of a "bad word". The second one is filled with somewhat mean "jokes", espesially the one about the painting Bold and Fresh being renamed "Belongs in the Trash". The creators have come up with better plots then this one. In fact, the only episode that is even CLOSE to this bad was The Lost Episode. As it says, this episode was indeed panful to watch.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob . him and patrick start to use a word they saw on the dumster and they keep saying it even thought they dont know its bad word and they learn that from mr krabs. and in the second one squidward has a art class and he wants to teach people thing is the only person that shows up is spongebob and he thinks he knows what he is doing and he makes a really good peice of art one of the best in history . and squid thinks its bad but when a really big art colltor wants to pay one million dollars for it he wants spongebob to come back again and spongebob lost all his talent on this . and squid gets really mad and starts to destroy things and the art colletor comes in and see what squid did he wants to buy it afte squid said it was not his . and he gets even more madder this was a good ep
  • Very, very good.

    This is Season 2 at its best, right here.
    Sailor Mouth: What can I say, really? Brilliant plot, awesome humour, and "Eels and Escalators" is an awesome parody of Snakes And Ladders. Some highlights: "Squidward Smells... good" and The ending with Old Man Jenkins and his Boatmobile.
    Artist Unknown: Even better! I loved every second of it (though that fancy-pants art guy was a bit annoying at times). Some true LOL-moments here, particularly "I gotta sniff the marble!" and the whole Bold n' Brash thing (more like "Belongs In The Trash"!)
    So, yeah. Awesome pair of episodes. Some of the best of Season 2.
  • Sailor Mouth was perfect! And I also liked Artist Unknown a lot!:D

    Sailor Mouth is another Fantastic SpongeBob episode! We get to see SpongeBob and Patrick using Sentence Enhancers! But they are really just bad words that foul up the place with disruptive nonsense. SpongeBob takes out the trash to the dumpster oen night when the Krusty Krab was closing, and notices a new word after "Mr. Krabs is a" Then you hear a dolphin noise! It gets worse when SpongeBob and Patrick say the word all over the Krusty Krab the next day. After they learn it's a bad word, SpongeBob and Patrick play the great classic legendary game: Eels and Escalators! They have fun with it at first, until SpongeBob rolls the dice and every time he gets the eels, while every time Patrick gets the escalators! So he bad-mouths the game, but Patrick now wants to tell Mr. Krabs! After they run down to the Krusty Krab, they both end up having to paint it. However, this is the juicy and funny party, when Mr. krabs comes out and stubs his toe, he says every bad word known to man repeatedly! So now SpongeBob and Patrick go off to tell his mother! This is another funny and cute part! At the end SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs are painting her house, when Eugene's mother walks by, she stubs her toe and yelps a word! They all thought she said a bad word now, but it turns out it was just Old Man Jenkins in his jalopy! Artist Unkown wasn't quite as good, to some huge Squidward fans, this was one of those old pre-movie Squidward Sabotage episodes. But I still liked this episode! I liked the parts where Squidward is ready to invite all of his students, but it turns out they wanted cooking class and not art class! I loved Monty P. Moneybags! He was cool and funny! SpongeBob is the true artist behind all of this because he made a beautiful Roman-styled art Sculpture of some random human! After Squidward breaks it, he tries to get SpongeBob to make a new one, but the annoying part is, is that SpongeBob follows Squidward's footsteps now which results in him not helping Squidward at all and making failure projects. In the end, now this was SUPER FUNNY!:D Squidward goes on a rampage and breaks everything in the classroom! Which results him in making the best golden human sculpture ever! Too bad Monty thought it was the janitor and not Squidward, sadly Squidward probably didn't deserve the fame and fortune since he lied that he made SpongeBob's sculpture and not SpongeBob. Oh well, I still thought these were great episodes!:D
  • Two fantastic episodes!

    Sailor mouth:
    What can I say? Hysterical! This episode is worth watching. Spongebob and patrick are constantly using a curse word (it isnt a real bad word, just a dolphin chirp). This was a super awesome episode. Simply an amazing episode. Seasons 1-3 just amaze me, and this was the reason why. This was the best episode ever in spongebob history! It was a little better than krusty towers (I never thought any episode could be better than that one, but I was wrong!). This episode was completely amazing. I really think it is funny. Reminder: If a parent reads the reviews and sees that there are curse words, they are just sea noises. They are not real curse words. Just amazing! Final grade: A+

    Artist unknown:
    Another fine example. This episodes as amazing as sailor mouth. I think that this episode is real funny. Art is really fun. This was another fantastic episode. Just plain awesome! This episode made me laugh until I got a throat ache. Just another great episode! Some people say that this was an awful episode. It was absolutely not! I disagree with anyone who hates this episode. I think this episode was gold! This was an episode from heaven. I love this episode! Final grade: A-

    What a long review
  • Two great episodes.

    Sailor Mouth:
    A little inappropriate for the younger audience, but still, little kids won't find it as amusing as an older kid/teenager/adult would. Basically, SpongeBob reads a swear word on the dumpster, and he and Patrick start saying it constantly. They promise Mr. Krabs they won't, but they both end up doing it, and try to get each other in trouble, similar to when they tried to turn each other in, in Life of Crime. Mr. Krabs tells them there's 13 bad words (when you're a sailor) and the one they keep using (which is a dolphin chirp) is #11. Anyway, then Mr. Krabs says every swear word (or makes every swear word noise, like a horn noise, the dolphin chirp etc.) and they both have to paint Mama (or Betsy) Krabs' house.


    Artist Unknown:
    Not the best episode ever, but a great episode. Squidward has organized an art class, but only SpongeBob shows up because everyone else thought it was baking, and Squidward tries to teach SpongeBob art, but SpongeBob's is perfect, and Squidward's is...not great..hehe (laughs nervously). Anyways, some famous art guy sees SpongeBob's amazing sculpture and Squidward takes credit for it, but when the head falls off, the art guy asks for another one. Uh-oh! What now? He gets SpongeBob to make it again, but now SpongeBob is doing it...not great..and well, Squidward paints/sculpts (can't remember which one) something else, and the art guy loves it, but Squidward says he doesn't care (because he didn't realise the art guy loved it) and the random cleaner guy becomes a millionaire when Squidward leaves saying "whatever it is, he did it" or something along those lines.


    Waaooh, they were long reviews!
  • Sailor Mouth was great, but Artist Unknown was better. (Everyone boos)

    Sailor Mouth:
    SpongeBob learns a new word after looking at the dumpstr writing. He and Patrick start saying it, and Mr. Krabs tells them it's one of the 13 bad words (I think it's 13 anyway.) So they promise not to say it, but whilst playing Eels And Escalators, SpongeBob says the word when he loses, and Patrick goes to tell on him. But then Patrick says the word as well and they race to the Krusty Krab to tell on each other. Mr. Krabs punishes them, but when he hurts himself, he says the word, and they tell Mama Krabs, who fakes a heart attack. In the end, they're all punished. This was a well written episode, and very funny.

    Grade: A

    Artist Unknown:
    Squidward starts an art class, and there's only one pupil: SpongeBob. He teaches SpongeBob how to do art, but when SpongeBob does it perfectly, Squidward tells him he's doing it wrong. Eventually, SpongeBob leaves the class saying he's not worthy of being in Squidward's art class and leaves to the dump. But a famous art collector, Monty P. Moneybags shows up and sees SpongeBob's amazing sculpture. Squidward says that he did it, which of course he didn't, but when they're going to put it in the boat, the sculptre's head falls off. Monty says Squidward should be able to do another, and says he'll be back to get it tomorrow. But Squidward needs SpongeBob back to do so. Another fantastic episode of SpongeBob. Not as many people liked this one, but I certainly did!

    Grade: A

    Another great installment of classic SpongeBob. Season 2 was great!

    Final Grade: A
  • I'm only doing Sailor Mouth, since it's the only good one around the two.

    Sailor Mouth was awesome! Not because it had bad words. But how in incopriated into the story.

    It all started when Spongebob takes out the trash. He goes to a bin with a BUNCH of dumpster writing, then comes over to a dirty message; "Krabs is a (bleep)" Patrick comes to identify it as a fancy word. Ohh!! That's why MTV shows it so much!

    THe next day, Sponge and Pat go on a swearing spree, in which Mr. Krabs stopped them quickly. Well, that's the end of the road, isn't it?

    OR is IT?!

    When playing eels and esculators, Spongebob swears, then this happens, then that happens, then they go to jail! Just kidding, they have to paint Mama Krabs' house.

    This episode is funny, but really inappropriate to young children. Glad I like adult humor on this!
  • Sailor mouth: Spongebob and Patrick say bad words Artist unknown: Squidward teaches an art class and spongebob attends

    I personally loved both episodes! They were awesome!
    This is how each episode should be. I thought the storylines were really creative. I liked Sailor Mouth better but they were both good. I thought they were both good. Things i found funny in Sailor mouth:
    1. when spongebob and patrick try to tell on each other to Mr. Krabs
    2. when they thought mr. Krab's mom said a bad word but it was just a horn
    3. when spongebob does badly in the game escalaters and eels and says the bad word and patrick said," you said number 11"
    Things i found funny in artist unknown:
    1.When spongbob made the leap-frog thing out of paper.
    2. when spongebob does alot of things with the block made of marble.
  • Sailor mout really is good.

    I love this episode because Sailor mouth can add some bad words to a sentence. I think that Man Ray must have wrote on the dumpster or some sucpicious kids. I have really loved some of the sayings where Spongebob puts in the mic. I would probably say that you should watch that video on youtube.com but it reveals the bad words and it is for 18 and older to view. Don`t you just hate that when it happens?
    I wouldn`t be very excited if Spongebob just said words like stupid, dumb, crap, crappy and you probably know the rest.
  • creative describes these two episodes

    Sailor Mouth was a decent episode to watch because it was just plain funny to watch. But it is not the greatest episode I have ever seen. All it's about is how bad the bad words are and stuff. But seriously it was not as great as it could have been. But letting that go lets move on to Artist Unknown. It was loads better than the previous episode. Squidward was for once funny and we learn that Spongebob has a ton of talent. I mean you would think that Spongebob would suck at art and that Squidward would be good at it but nope it's the opposite way.
  • This is one of the funniest episodes in the hole series!

    A great episode SpongeBob and Patrick learn a bad word and the next day they start using it alot and everyone leave the restaurant. Also in the other part SpongeBob creates a sculpture and Squidward tell him that the sculture isn't art and SpongeBob goes to the dumb ashamed. Sailor Mouth:
    SpongeBob and Patrick pick up a 'bad word', and start repeating it to the shocked patrons of the Krusty Krab, but Mr. Krabs doesn't like this! He stops SpongeBob and Patrick from using the word by informing them that it is a bad word then SpongeBob and Patrick regret their utterings.

    Artist Unknown:
    Squidward tries to pass off SpongeBob's art sculpture as his own, in order to impress a big-shot art collector.
  • This is funny!

    I really loved 'Sailor Mouth'! It was so funny, it cracked me up! Every time, I heard the noise of a chirp or a foghorn, it would just make me laugh! I liked 'Artist Unknown', too. But, it wasn't as funny as the other episode. On the dumpster, where it says 'Krabs is a (beep)', it could be possible it's the 'B' word! I'd like it better if they used censor sounds instead of chirps and foghorns. But I think censor sounds are only used on adult shows like 'Family Guy' and 'Futurama'. I gotta admit, though. This episode was very funny.
  • Funny!!!

    I really liked SAilor Mouth!! It was hiliarous! I crack up every time I hear the chirps, horns, and honks! It\\\'s so funny. I think this is one of the best episodes ever. It\\\'s funny and entertaining. I liked Artist Unknown too. It wasn\\\'t as funny, but it was good none the less. My favorite part in Sailor Mouth was when Mr. Krabs hit the rock. He started cursing left and right. All thirteen bad words! I laugh at that part the most. My favorite part in Artist Unknown was when Squidward got so mad. He started destroying evrything! It was funny. Well gotta go!
  • Uh....an interesting episode

    Sailor Mouth:
    While taking out the trash.Spongebob finds writing on the trash bin.He learns an new word.Which was an bad word.Something that he shouldn't say.

    Uh....this one is good lesson for younger kids.I always avoid saying those bad words.But I liked how they made the sound effects on the way they talked using other stuff.

    Artist Unknown:
    Squidward decided to be an art teacher thinking that he would be discovered and be famous of course.

    Yeah this one was pretty good.I mean Squidward accuse of Spongebob that he doesn't have talent.I think he was jealous that Spongebob could draw.
  • In Sailor Mouth spongebob and patrick learn some new words, believing that they are sentence Enhancers, they end up using them the very next day. But that gets them into trouble when they find out that the Enhancers are actually bad words.

    While watching this episode with my brother he said the bad words every time spongebob or patrick got bleeped. I thought that this was defintly a classic, esp. when Mr. krabs shouts up at the sky when he hurts his foot. I also liked the song that the men sang during the opening credits to this episode.
  • If not my favorite,one of them

    A very revealing episode.It shows how kids could have bad influence from the others.I wonder what could happen if Super Nanny went there.However,for more\'dirty\' this episode could be(not unknow artist),this is the funniest of all the series=if you have a good humor sense,thing that some do not have,and because that do not give it a good grade.I HAVE NOT nothing against them,but looking sailor mouth with other looks make it painful to watch,the oposite that i am writeing here.It could not be a good example for children,but they usually just do what the other do if they want!And about unknow artist.....it was good,but I prefer sailor mouth
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