SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 18

Sailor Mouth / Artist Unknown

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 21, 2001 on Nickelodeon

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  • third second perfect pairs for season 2

    Sailor Mouth: An excellent episode. Kinda surprising to see SpongeBob and Patrick saying bad words. When I was younger (I was actually 4 when this first came out the air), I didn't what words is actually, but now I know the dophin chirps is bascially the f word. Of course, I laughed when SpongeBob and Patrick kept saying those words and then Mr. Krabs would put them on some favor. SpongeBob accidentally saying Aw, *** after losing the game was very funny. But my biggest laugh was Mr. Krabs swearing when his foot hits the rock. The ending was funny as well. Overall an excellent episode. 10/10

    Artist Unknown: Another perfect episode. I think this episode is a tad weaker than Sailor's Mouth since I didn't got that much laughs here than that episode. I did laugh at some parts such as Squidward on the woman's head, SpongeBob drawing the opposite circle, SpongeBob trying to think before he hits the marble, Squidward going crazy, and the last part. Overall, an excellent episode. 10/10