SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 1 Episode 8

Sandy's Rocket / Squeaky Boots

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 04, 1999 on Nickelodeon

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  • Sandy's Rocket is worthy

    Sandy's Rocket is great, haven't seen that one in years until just recently. Probably one of the best in season 1 for me. Squeaky Boots eh not that bad. Gave it a 9 to bump the pair up to an 8 overall. :)
  • Sandy's Rocket is overrated, Squeaky Boots is over-hated

    Squeaky Boots is actually one of my favorite season 1 episodes. It's a clever parody on Edgar Allen Poe's "The Telltale Heart", and the squeaking doesn't get annoying. It's actually pretty fun to watch. Sure, it has its flaws, like reused animation, but it's still a pretty good one. Trust me, squeaky boots are the least annoying that annoying can be. 8/10

    As for "Sandy's Rocket", it's currently #17 in my Worst SpongeBob episodes list, and my least-favorite episode before Season 5. The only thing I liked about it was when SpongeBob and Patrick were in outer space, playing with the zero gravity. But then they kidnap everyone, and the HIJACKED rocket crashes on the moon, with everyone in it, with no way back home. 3/10
  • Moon Ride! Moon Ride! Moon Ride!

    Sandy's Rocket: I love Sandy's Rocket because it's clever and original. I love it when SpongeBob runs around the ship hence my title. I also like it when Patrick and SpongeBob are inspecting Squidward. Favorite quotes: "It's "Pardon my French but GET THIS THING OFF ME!" Great episode: 9/10.

    Squeaky Boots: It's pretty funny but the squeaking does get annoying. I do love it when Krabs eats the boots and SpongeBob comes in and asks squarely, "Umm, why did you eat my boots, Mr. Krabs?" My rating: 7/10
  • Why the hate for these episodes?

    Sandy's Rocket: When SpongeBob wants to go to the moon on Sandy's rocket ship, SpongeBob gets some sleep before he goes there. When Patrick convinces SpongeBob that there is aliens they go near the rocket to spray the windows. Or do they? I thought it was funny when SpongeBob put clothespins on his eyes so he could stay asleep and when SpongeBob and Patrick capture everyone in Bikini Bottom. This was an underrated episode that doesn't deserve the hate. 9/10

    Squeaky Boots: When Mr Krabs is left alone with a pair of boots that Pearl doesn't want he gives them to SpongeBob, but the squeaking from the boots drives him crazy. I thought the ending was funny and when SpongeBob makes his boots talk. I think the reason I like this episode so much is because it is written by my favorite writer of the show and that is Mr. Lawrence. I don't think this deserves the hate either. 9/10
  • Sandy's Rocket was underrated, but Squeaky boots I agree wasn't very good!

    Sandy's Rocket - In this episode when Spongebob comes to see Sandy, it seems she has a rocket going to the moon, Spongebob wants to go to the moon until Sandy says its okay. Spongebob and Patrick both go to the moon (Its really bikini bottom) and catch aliens (They're really bikini bottom citizens) While sandy tries to stop them. I loved how at the end Spongebob actually did go to the moon. People hate this episode because its boring I thought it was hilarious! And a cute idea! I loved it when Patrick thought he was playing video games and he said "Yeah I win high score Woo Hoo!" It was funny when Spongebob and Patrick kept hunting bikini bottom citizens when they thought they were aliens. Possibly the most underrated episode of season 1. 9.5/10

    Squeaky Boots - I agree this episode was just annoying, but not as annoying as "Slide Whistle Stooges". Those boots were so annoying I wasn't even angered when Mr. Krabs stole them from Spongebob and ate them. It was a little weird, but I felt bad for Spongebob when he didn't have them and started crying. But seriously there's no real plot in this episode. It wasn't a bad episode, more of a poor one. 4.5/10

    Overall Grade: (7/10) B-
  • holy crap it's too underrated


    At least 7.5
  • They Were Both Terrible

    Sandy's Rocket: I didn't find this one funny. This episode proves how stupid Patrick and Spongebob are. Besides the scene where Mr. Krabs prefers to be taken than his money, this episode was extremely bland.

    Score: 5.5

    Squeaky Boots: Bad. Just bad. The beginning was funny with Pearl getting those boots and the ending was kinda good, but other than that, this episode proves how bad Season 1 can be. The squeaking got old and annoying really soon. And the ending was just Mr. Krabs going apesh*t about the squeaking and eating the boots. What kind of show is that with that much violence? They'd still show worse stuff in Season 6, but that fact alone doesn't defend the episode.

    Score: 4.0

    Overall, these two episodes were pointless as hell, and should have been saved until Season 3 or some other declination season.
  • The weakest season 1 pair ever

    Sandy's Rocket: The plot to this episode might sounds good but SpongeBob and Patrick were kinda dumb in this one. I only laughed at SpongeBob trying to go to the moon, SpongeBob checking the clock, SpongeBob playing at the rocket, SpongeBob and Patrick at Squidward's house, and the very ending. My other problem was the episode was a boring. That's why I didn't laugh that much than the previous episodes. The overall score is 6/10

    Squeaky Boots: This was more worse. The main reason is the nonstop squeaking. It got on my nerves and that's why I didn't like this episode very much. I only liked laughed at Mr. Krabs singing about Pearl, Mr. Krabs thinking of money and than hear squeak, and the very ending. SpongeBob playing with the boots was funny when he annoyed Squidward but then it got old after that (since Squidward left for a vacation). Overall, this may be the worst season 1 episode but on the positive side,I didn't think it was awful, it was just poor 4/10.
  • Both were great but Sandy's Rocket is gold.


    Sandy's Rocket:
    SpongeBob and Patrick are accidentally launched into space while playing around on Sandy's new rocketship. They land back in Bikini Bottom, and they think everyone in town are aliens

    10 out of 10

    Squeaky Boots:
    SpongeBob's new pair of boots produces an outrageous squeaking sound whenever he walks. When he wears them to work, the sound begins to drive Mr. Krabs absolutely nuts, so Mr. Krabs tries everything to get rid of them.

    9 out of 10

    FINAL- 9 out of 10

  • ive seen better rotten stake

    sandy;s rocket horrible they shoudve kept this episode lost because it had no point to it whatsoever dont watch this episode EVER! grade 1.7/10 F---- squeaky boots i guess this was an okay episode but it still wasnt that great because it has a bit of noise in it mr.krabs probaly shoudve kept the squeaky boots to himself i woudve given this episode an 8 if it wasnt for the bad beginning and bad ending even though it was kindve funny overall this was an okay episode but im only gonna give it a 7/10 C- final grade 2.5/10 F--- if it wasnt for sandy;s rocket this wouldve gotten a much better grade kingnicky1 out
  • Sandy's Rocket: It's barely watchable but it's better than its second pairing "Squeaky Boots" Squeaky Boots: The worst "SpongeBob SquarePants" episode of Season 1

    Sandy's Rocket: I thought that this was a mediocre episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It's wasn't very very bad but it was just BARELY bad which is actually a compliment from a huge SpongeBob fan like me. The story didn't seem to interest me and I really disliked how SpongeBob and Patrick are just capturing everyone in Bikini Bottom because they both think they're aliens. This episode is barely watchable in my opinion but the story could have improved so much better. I usually laugh at whatever shenanigans that SpongeBob and Patrick do but this episode wasn't that funny and great to me for some reason. There were some funny parts in this episode though. I thought it was funny when Patrick gave SpongeBob that alien repelent. It was funny when SpongeBob and Patrick sneaked inside Sandy's rocket. Patrick playing something and thinking that it is a video game was hilarious. It was also liked when SpongeBob and Patrick were floating in gravity inside the rocket. There also could have been a way better ending improvement. Overall, there were some funny parts, but this was just a mediocre episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" in my opinion. 5/10

    Squeaky Boots: This episode is much worse than "Sandy's Rocket" and it's the worst "SpongeBob SquarePants" episode of Season 1. All of that squeaking that SpongeBob would make with those boots just annoyed the heck of me and I wanted it to stop. The whole episode was just annoying, ridiculous, and unacceptable to me and the plot didn't even make sense. I also hated it when Mr. Krabs sneaked into SpongeBob's house to get the boots to stop all of the squeaking. I also felt very bad for poor SpongeBob when he was crying because he thinks that he lost the boots. Okay, I agree with Mr. Krabs, the boots squeaking by SpongeBob were annoying me to death but that is no cruel reason to steal the boots from SpongeBob. The only part I did laugh at was when Mr. Krabs ate the boots and then has the hiccups at the end of the episode. Overall, the worst "SpongeBob SquarePants" episode of Season 1. 2/10
  • These episodes they are bad!

    Sandy's Rocket:
    SpongeBob and Patrick are accidentally launched into space while playing around on Sandy's new rocketship. They land back in Bikini Bottom, and they think everyone in town are aliens. They are just stupid!


    Squeaky Boots:
    SpongeBob's new pair of boots produces an outrageous squeaking sound whenever he walks. When he wears them to work, the sound begins to drive Mr. Krabs absolutely nuts, so Mr. Krabs tries everything to get rid of them. Okay this sure scary. The only part I liked when the Ol' Kamakani music played.


    These episodes aren't worth watching. I will never reccomend these very cruddy episodes!
  • great

    In Sandy's Rocket, Spongebob and Patrick use Sandy's Rocket and become convinced that they are not in Bikini Bottom, and that aliens have taken over. So they spend the episode capturing their friends, thinking they are all aliens. Will they figure out they are being dumb?

    In Squeaky Boots, Krabs give Sponge bob a pair of squeaky boots, but he soon goes mad when he can't get the squeakiness of them out of his mind. He ends up getting rid of them. Will Spongebob find out?

    Good episodes. Sandy's Rocket used to scare me when I was younger, especially the ending. Sandy's Rocket is pretty easily the better of the episodes. Squeaky Boots is kind of boring and has a dumb plot.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob . he sees sandy is building arocket to go to the moon to get things from it to look at . and he wants to go too and she lets him go and she says be here in the morning. and patrick gets him to worry about alines but thing is the rocket goes off and they think they landed on the moon but it was not it was bikiny bottom and they thought the towns people were aliens. and it the second part spongebob gets theses boots from krabs and it drives him crazy and wants to get rid of them now.
  • Sandy's Rocket: Perfect Squeky Boots: Fair

    Sandy's Rocket- Spongebob and Patrick accidently fly Sandy's Rocket around the moon, and then come back to Earth, but they assume they're on the moon, so they bag all the Bikini Bottomites up. Very funny, good plot with Spongebob and Patrcik thinking they were on te moon. 10/10 A+

    Squeky Boots- This episode is probally the weakest of season 1, it's really hard to watch at times because it's so annoying with the squeaking and it's just not funny really. 6/10 D-

    Overall, Sandy's Rocket is a perfect episode, that should be done again, Squeaky Boots will make you deaf. 8/10 B-
  • I hated Squeaky Boots,but Sandy's Rocket was fine.

    Sandy's Rocket was not that bad as an episode.I don't care that Spongebob was wrong again but why is the moon like the size of what it looks like.That's so impossible and not even real.Another thing that was horrible was the next episode Squeaky Boots.That episode was so terrible.I hated that whole montage when Mr. Krabs hears a lot of noises with Spongebob's squeaky boots.I now feel sorry for Spongebob that his boots were lost.He was so sad and not pretty happy.The only part that was so good and not bad was when Mr. Krabs boils and eats the boots.He was insane!!!That part was so funny and I loved it.But the whole montage is why I hated Squeaky Boot so much.Sandy's Rocket could have done better in the first season.This was a horrible episode to make and It's on my top 10 worst Spongebob episode list.
  • This pairing is another underrated episode from Season one.

    Sandy's Rocket: A decent episode. This episode isn't isn't as bad as some people say it is. It did have several enjoyable moments like the scenes with Spongebob and Patrick playing with the rocket's buttons,Spongebob making crop circles,and the ending.The only bad thing about this episode is that it doesn't as many jokes as most episodes, but it didn't make the episode entirely boring. Squeaky Boots:A much better episode.Mr.Krabs gets a pair of fishing boots for Pearl's birthday but she hates them,so Mr.Krabs gives them to Spongebob instead. Spongebob wears them and makes constant squeaks with them. I didn't find the squeaks irritating at all, I thought it was hilarious. There were other good and funny scenes like Mr.Krabs' breakdown and then eating the boots and the scene with him being kept awake by a squeaking window. This episode is a good Season one episode. Overall, these episodes are not boring and unfunny to me. I find them entertaining.
  • Sandy's rocket was funny, but squeaky boots was sort of scary to me

    Well I have to say that sandys rocket it very funny, but not one of the best episodes i've seen, it was funny when squidward was wearing that pink womans bathing suit with flowers on it, and when they shot all the "aliens" on "the moon." But squeaky boots scsred me to death with krabs thinking and hearing and hallucinating about seeing only squeak squeak squeak. But it is bad compared to the rest of the episode. But the episode was good and i will say: Sandy's rocket b+ and squeaky boots a d-. I would give the full thing a b. and a 5.0
  • Snady's Rocket one of the top of the line epiosdes. But, Squaeaky Boots, press the mute button.

    OK, Squaeky Boots was very annoying because of the stupid squaeky boot noises. The plot was actually dumb, and the first sign of Mr. Krabs being a cheapskate. He says he wants to get rid of em', but what does he do? Instead of getting his money back by selling them, he gives them to Spongebob and quickly annoys the customers, the employees, and of course, our ears. Also, he actually ATE the stupid bargain boots! Anyway, the scores are... Graphics: 8/10 (magnificent): Ahhhh... The good ol' graphics of Spongebob. Sound n' Voice Casting: 2.9/10 (awful): Keep wathing this episode without the mute button and see what I mean.=( Plot: 5/10 (middling): Right, it is middling. It could have been better. Humor: 6.8/10 (average): Not very funny here... Dialougue and Language: 7.1/10 (average): It is not bad. Actually, it is good. Grossness Factor: 2/10 (very low) -0.2 off the original grade. Bottom Line: This episode was THE worst in the year of 1999. It deserves a 4.5/10 (shabby) from me. Now here is a "top of the line" episode. Sandy's Rocket is such a magnificent episode of Spongebob SquarePants. The plot was great, the graphics are awesome, the sound was far better than Squeaky Boots, and the dialougue is fabulous! It is all about Sandy packing up to go on a trip to the moon, and Spongebob asks her to go with her. Sandy says he doesn't fit, and Spongebob proves her wrong. When Sandy shoots a pop gun at her belongings, Spongebob thinks she is going to use it for Alein Hunting. Then they get into an argument. Then at night, Patrick shows up with a can of "Alien Out Alien Repellant" to spray the windows of the rocket. When they get there, Patrick goes inside and plays around in it. Then they go alein hunting when they blast off, and shoot with their pop guns at everybody. Anyway, the scores are... Sound and Voice Casting: 8.7/10 (magnificent): This episode's sound is sublime compared to Squeaky Boots's sound. And the voice casting, GREAT. Dialougue and Language: 8.9/10 (magnificent): The lines are fabulous! Humor: 8.9/10 (magnificent): LOL! Plot: 9 /10 (sublime): Classic plot! Graphics: 8/10 (magnificent): Same thing as the other episode because it was made on the same year. Grossness Factor: 3/10 (not that bad): -0.4 off the original grade. Bottom Line: This episode deserves a 9.3/10 out of me. Overall Grade: 9.5/10 Well, looks like my work is done here, stay tuned in for my next review, members!
  • Awesome episodes!

    Sandy's rocket:
    I just don't get why everyone hates this one.It's not so funny,but it is entertaining and enjoyable.My favorite part was the Kubrick/2001:A space odyssey reference as well as the ending.Though I feel bad that Patrick didn't win in a showdown against SB in the very end.Bad thing about this is the fact that Sandy is presented as the scientist,which became really annoying in season 4.This was a great episode.

    Squeaky Boots:
    I love Mr Krabs based eps,and this one isn't an exception.The jokes are funny,storyline simple but good,and the ending where Mr Krabs went insane is hilarious.I've noticed that this one is hated too,unfortunately.

    Sandy's Rocket I have always liked this one for some reason.
    Maybe it's the reason it makes a mockery of the Sci-fi gear or maybe it's because Spongebob and Patrick finally get up to they're good old shagginess!
    But most likely it's because our two heroes hunt their own town for aliens that don't exist!
    I think the plot was vary good and it's done nicely!

    Squeaky Boots
    I can see how this one would get annoying after awhile,but to be honest for some reason I haven't seen this one that many times.
    The plots OK and the end is not what I would call my favorite.
    But it has some funny moments and it get a little bit of bad rep!
  • Sandy's rocket=awesome Squeaky Boots=bad

    Sandy's Rocket:

    Sandy is planning on going to space. Spongebob wants to come, but Sandy refuses (at first). Then, she says he can come if he stays out of the way (like that'll happen lol). That night, Spongebob and Patrick go to "alien-proof" the windows but end up lauching and going into space. Chaos ensues. When they land on the "moon" (in reality Bikini Bottom), they collect "aliens", starting with Gary and eventually captures everyone in town, including Sandy. Hands down, this is one of the best episodes of S.Bob ever, especially when Spongebob "returns" to Bikini Bottom (really the moon) and everyone wants to talk to him.

    5 out of 5 stars


    Squeaky Boots:

    This episode has meh written all over it.
    The only really funny part was when Mr. Krabs broke down and heard everything as a squeak, and then took the boots (which he hid under the K.K.) and deep-fried them. Then he ate them. When he and Pearl left for vacation, he keep squeaking when he hiccupped, which was really funny. 2.8 out of 5 stars
  • Sandy's Rocket was great, and extremely underrated, but Squeaky Boots sucked.

    Sandy's Rocket: Why is there so much hate for this episode? I personally liked it a lot. It had many funny moments. One was when SpongeBob was giving examples of the signs of aliens, and one was 99 cent stores. Another was when Patrick started playing "the video game". The rocket ship scene was funny, and I also liked the ending, and Patrick catching himself. All in all very funny, and VERY overrated.

    Score: B+ 8.8/10

    Squeaky Boots: Terrible. A very bizzare episode, with annoying squeaking, random boot eating, Krabs going insane, and the debut of my least favorite character...Pearl. The second worst Season 1 episode, only ahead of the Reef Blowers, but even THAT episode is almost better, and it doesn't even have dialouge.
  • Can't see what's so bad about these episodes; I like them.

    Sandy's Rocket: It's an okay episode. Nothing special, but it's not horrible. It has plenty of funny parts, like when they mistake Squidward's hot water bottle for an egg sack, and of course the following line of Patrick's is a series classic:

    SpongeBob: So! You were an alien all along and you didn't even tell me!

    Patrick: *I* didn't even know!

    Plus, I thought it was kinda cool how the episode had an eerie, sci-fi feel to it, even though it was only in a "SpongeBob-and-Patrick-are-idiots-and-think-they're-actually-on-the-moon" sci-fi feel. Still, the episode was original. It dabbled in new things for a SpongeBob episode, and I thought it did that pretty well.

    Squeaky Boots: Now this one is HILARIOUS. One of my favorites. What makes it so great is the sheer randomness of it. I mean, The Telltale Heart but with squeaky boots? What? Why? How? Who cares. It's funny as heck. It's ingenious, not in that it has the world's cleverest plot, but that no one else would ever think of anything like this. You'll be laughing hysterically at that fact alone. Now see, new writers, if you want to make a ridiculous episode with a stupid plot that makes absolutely no sense, THIS is how you do it.
  • Sandy`s rocket was very boring, but I liked squeaky boots.

    Sandy`s rocket:
    What can I say? Boring! This episode was just plain unrealistic. It was not funny. Watching this episode is barely more interesting than a documentary on dirt. So you probably get my point. This episode was terrible, and I would rather "the algaes always greener"! Come on spongebob! You can do better than this bore! Final grade:F. Rating: 1.4/10

    Squeaky boots:
    This episode was the good one. This was highly comedic. Spongebob did a great job making this episode! Who wouldn`t like this episode? It might be annoying because of that constant squeaking, but I dont care. Final grade:A-. Rating: 9.2. Final episode grade: C+
  • Sandy's Rocket was kinda stupid but Squeaky Boots I liked better.

    Sandy's Rocket started off pretty good, but then it went downhill after seeing SpongeBob's tremendous idiocy by firing at all of the Bikini Bottomites when he was on the same planet! They went over the moon and the rocket landed back on Earth! I don't know, but the parts where spongeBob and Patrick having fun in the rocket was pretty good. Squeaky Boots was better because I liked the way Mr. Krabs dealt with those boots! It was so funny! And it was a similarity to that old horror novel: The Telltale Heart. Mr. Krabs eats up the boots at the end, and I was relaxed along with him and Pearl when they were gonna relax on a vacation! They were driving to the location! It was a good scene! Sadly Mr. krabs got the hiccups and squeaked because of those cursed boots! After seeing this episode, I wanted to go on a vacation along with Squidward! At first the boots didn't annoy Mr. Krabs but they did when he did not get enough sleep!
  • The darkest day of Season 1.

    C'mon classic writers, THIS is what you come up with?

    Sandy's Rocket: Below average, but is god compared to the next one. Like usual Patrick is funny, but as much as most episodes. Unfortunatly this episode introduces the scientist side of Sandy, which later becomes her only, horrible personality.

    Squeaky Boots: It's just random boots squeaking. WTF? This episode is not only boring, but F***ING ANNOYING! Plus it intoduces Pearl, who is the worst character in SpongeBob. Then, in the end, Mr. Krabs becomes a psycho and eats the boots? WHAT!?! God I hate this episode.

    These are the kind of episodes that make me think Season 1-3 might of not been the best thing since slice bread, of course I'm wrong, so this episode also makes me lie! Curse you!

    Actually Sandy's Rocket was OK, but Squeaky Boots sucked.
  • It's above average, but not much else. Read my review for more.

    This was an okay episode. Let's brake it down.

    Sandy's Rocket: A

    Here's the first time we see Sandy the scientist. I liked this episode, but it's not all that great. I thought that there could have been a little more plot, but it still deserves an A.

    Squeaky Boots: B-

    It was kind of annoying. It was pretty much one of the worst Season 1 episodes. It was okay, but it's not going to win any Season 1 awards. A pretty average episode.

    Total: B

    It was pretty average. It was the only Season 1 episodes I that didn't really like. It was okay.
  • Filler episodes. Boring. Nothing special.

    What a real shame! After two of the best of Season 1, comes probably the two worst. There is nothing special about these episodes. They're interesting ideas, but they just don't really interest me much. Well, Squeaky Boots has a funny plot, until you see the episode and you have a nervous breakdown because of that constant SQUEAKING!! >:(

    Well, in Sandy's Rocket, SpongeBob and Patrick go into Sandy's new rocket when they weren't allowed, and think they're on the moon, when actually the rocket misses the moon and lands back in Bikini Bottom. That parts funny. Now, it's just the two of them sucking up everyone in Bikini Bottom with that weird net thingy because they think everyone's an alien. Even Gary! It was just too boring, and then they fly ONTO the moon thinking they're back!

    Squeaky Boots, well Mr. Krabs gets Pearl some horrible boots, she hates them and so Mr. Krabs gives them to SpongeBob telling him they're special "fry cook shoes" or whatever. Basically the rest of the episode is listening to SpongeBob and those squeaky shoes! BOR-ING!!

    Two mediocre episodes.
  • One of the most pointless episodes.

    This episode and some other season one episodes are notable reasons why the first season was a bit of a wave storm. The first season was either a hit or miss in terms of episodes, and this was certainly a miss. This episode was composed of two boring and or annoying parts to it. Sandy's Rocket was lame and had some parts that meant to be funny but to me were not. Squeaky boots had that annoying squeaky sound of the boots for a lot of it, and it was not the best thought out and developed plot in my opinion. Sandy's Rocket was more tolerable, thus somewhat helping the score.
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