SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 1 Episode 14

SB-129 / Karate Choppers

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Dec 31, 1999 on Nickelodeon

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  • SB-129 was perfect, but Karate Choppers is my #1 favorite SpongeBob episode.

    SB-129: SpongeBob and Patrick want Squidward to go jellyfishing, but Squidward just wants to play clarinet, so he tells them he'll be right out then sneaks out the back door and hides in the Krusty Krab freezer. He gets locked in the freezer and gets thawed out for 2,000 years. Squidward wants to go home, so he goes to the time machine, but when he goes to the past he enters the prehistoric period. I thought the funniest parts in this episode were the can opener gag and when Squidward chokes on his clarinet. I think that this is the better prehistoric/past episode even though SpongeBob BC is still good and is one of the many great episodes this season has to offer. 10/10

    Karate Choppers: After SpongeBob beats Sandy at karate, Sandy says that she will get him tomorrow. SpongeBob doesn't want to lose, so he starts to focus more on karate than working at The Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs wants him to stop doing karate, but when SpongeBob tells Sandy she thinks that he's just tricking her and still practices karate on him. When Mr. Krabs fires SpongeBob, Sandy believes him and begs Mr. Krabs to give him a second chance. Then they have to find something else to do that's not karate. This is my favorite SpongeBob episode of all time. Choosing which joke is the funniest episode is too much of a challenge for me, so I will just recommend watching this episode if you haven't seen it already. 10/10
  • SB-129 was a great episode, while Karate Choppers is one my my Favorite episodes EVER.

    SB-129 : This episode is a pretty good episode. It starts out with Spongebob and Patrick coming over to see if Squidward wants to go Jellyfishing. Squidward then decides to go to the Krusty Krab (which is closed at the time) so he can get away from SpongeBob. Spongebob tracks him down, however, Squidward hides in the freezer, where nobody finds him for 2,000 YEARS. He winds up in the future, where there are actually MORE SpongeBobs, So Squidward decides to go to the time machine that the future SpongeBobs built. He then goes to the past, where Squidward teaches the primitive Spongebob and Patrick how to jellyfish. After that, He gets sent to an abandoned Netherworld where he's alone. In the end, he goes back to the present. 9/10

    KARATE CHOPPERS:: This episode was one of the ABSOLUTE BEST episode I've ever seen (With Have you seen this Snail RIGHT behind it). It starts out with Spongebob sneaking around his house, being Paranoid because he thinks Sandy's gonna pull a Karate attack on him, but because of his Paranoia, he wins the fight after Sandy attempts to sneak up on him. Soon enough his paranoia may cost him his job, as Mr. Krabs thinks karate is rotting Spongebob's mind. Just after that, Sandy tries to attack him using the Karate maneuver, and Mr. Krabs cataches him ( even though SpongeBob didn't do anything) and fires him. Sandy pleads him for a second chance, so Spongebob gets a second chance. However, after transitioning from sandwich making to Karate, Spongebob thinks he's doomed, butas it turns out, he and Sandy get to make patties at the Krusty Krab using Karate Power. 10/10

    Overall Score: 9.5/10
  • 14th Episode and 2nd best

    SB-129: Spongebob wants Squidward to go jellyfishing but dosn't want to so he hides in a freezer being frozen for 2000 years but wants to go back at his time so he went inside a time machine going to the past but instead he went into the prehistoric era and invented jellyfishing by showing them to Spongebob and Patrick then he broke the time machine and he went to his own time.

    Karate choppers: Mr. Krabs dosn't want to see Spongebob doing karate tricks so he was fired. Then he decided to use the karate for making burgers of course.
  • One of the best in the shows run

    As fantastic as karate choppers is, the episode that really shines here is sb-129. It is a really unique episode that pushes the wtf factor to hilarious lengths.
  • SB-129 is my fav episode during the season 1 of Spongebob.

    SB-129: SB-129 is fantastic! My most favorite episode on Spongebob Squarepants. Really well-planned and fun to watch.

    Karate Choppers: Also funny, but not funny as the previous episode. Some ironic humor in this one though.
  • These episodes were perfect...can't decide which one is better

    SB-129: I thought this was a perfect episode. An interesting fact that this is the first episode where SpongeBob didn't had a huge role. The plot was really great. The only parts that bugged me was SpongeBob kept asking Squidward he wanna jellyfishing. I felt like he said it for 20 times. I'm not taking off points though. The parts that me made laugh were SpongeBob's clock blares at Squidward and swallows the clarinet, Squidward in the future, Squidward alone, the prehistoric SpongeBob and Patrick hurting themselves with jellyfishing, and the last part. Overall, a perfect episode, despite that one scene. 10/10

    Karate Choppers: Another perfect episode. First episode to focus karate. I laughed at so many parts such as SpongeBob watching TV with that talking fish, SpongeBob and Sandy doing various karate stuffs, the hot sauce part, SpongeBob karating on that fish (who thought it was Sandy), Sandy karating on SpongeBob (even though he's not allowed to), then when they making krabby patty, and the last part. Overall, perfect episode. 10/10
  • Perfect again


    Squidward hides in the Krusty Krab inside a freezer, and SpongeBob and Patrick try to look for him, but he's trapped in a freezer for 2,000 years and travels through time, as he goes to the past and then returns.

    Karate Choppers:
    SpongeBob and Sandy are practicing karate, but Mr. Krabs sees them and tells them to do no more karate because it poisons their minds.

    10 out of 10

  • superb

    SB-129- Squidward tries to hide from Spongebob and Patrick and inadvertently gets sent to the future, where he meets even dumber versions of Spongebob and Patrick, while trying to find a way back home.

    Karate Choppers- Krabs is worried Spongebob is spending too much time with Sandy practicing karate. He gives him a choice- his job or karate.

    Both good episodes, and this time it is hard to pick a favorite, so I'll just say my final grade is a B+/A-.
  • "SB-129" was awesome and "Karate Choppers" was superb

    SB-129: I thought that this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". I loved Squidward went into the time traveling thing and it was very cool. Squidward going into the prehistoric time was very funny. It was funny when Squidward was in the white blank world and then after Squidward said "ALONE" and there would be the word "ALONE" everywhere. Squidward going into the future and sees SpongeBobs X, Y, and Z was very funny. The two-headed Patrick was also very funny. The ending was also absolutely hilarious as well. Overall, the time traveling episode was epic and very adventurous and it's an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10

    Karate Choppers: I thought that this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It wasn't as good as "SB-129" but it was still fun to watch. Why can't the writers make SpongeBob and Sandy episodes like these in the later episodes. Now, they just make SpongeBob and Patrick episodes and don't even bother to add Sandy in at least some of their adventures OR they can at least make SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy episodes for now on. Anyways, this episode was great. The hot sauce thing was very funny but kinda weird when it was talking. All of SpongeBob and Sandy's karate moves were funny in this episode. I also thought that ending was great. The only thing I didn't like was how SpongeBob cried after Mr. Krabs fired him. Overall, this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9/10
  • SB-129 is 1 of the best of the show, Karate Choppers is great too

    SB-129- In it, Squidward is tired of being bugged repeatedly by Spongebob, so he hides in the Krusty Krabs freezer... only to be propeled many years into the future! Will Squidward make it back to his time? This episode has excellent gags, is the first to star Squidward, and it's easily one of the best of season 1. 10/10 A+

    Karate Choppers- Spongebob and Sandy's karate practices begin cutting into Spongebob's work schedule, and it severely irritates Mr. Krabs. Will Spongebob be fired or not? Not quite as great as SB, but it still has enough memorable lines and gags, for me to give it an A. 10/10 A+

    Overall, two of season 1's best, well worth watchcing. 10/10 A+
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob squidward gets trapped in the frezzer of the krusty krab and there looking for him and travels through time back to the past and stuff and it was really good alot of funny moments. and the second part of the ep spongebob and sandy are told not to do karti anymore and they start to sneek karti all the time it was really good and funny both parts were funny in this ep i thought like where sandy and sponge are lieing to mr krabs and cutting thins up using karti i thought was funny
  • These two episodes are some of the best ones ever!!

    The first episode is about Spongebob and Patrick wanting to go jelly fishing with Squidward, but he obviously does not. So Squidward goes and hides in the Krusty Krabs since it is closed on Sundays, but gets stuck in the freezer, and travels 2000 years into the future, then uses a time machine to go all the way back into the past way before the present, and then so far into the future, that nothing is there, and it is so weird. He finally returns when he says the he misses Spongebob.

    This episode is about Spongebob and Sandy being to addicted to karate, so Mr. Krabs threatens Spongebob to fire him if he does not give karate up.
  • SB-129 is my favourite Spongebob episode ever and Karate Choppers made it better. 11/10

    SB-129 isn't hilarious. But it is cool and random. Those are two things that Spongebob Squarepants is a successful show. It's a bit unrealistic how no one noticed Squidward in the freezer for so many years. But there are lots of cool characters and events (I like Patron). The most random thing in this episode is definately when Squidward gets into the other dimension with the random colours, shapes and voices. But onto Karate Choppers and it too has an amazing plot. I think this episode could have had a better name like "No more chopping" or "Don't play rough Spongie" but still an amazing episode pairing.
  • SB-129 is one of the best episodes ever,and Karate Choppers is overrated.

    This could easily be my third favorite episode of all times.I liked the plot,design,EVERYTHING.And according to this episode,Squidward is the real inventor of jellyfishing.I dare to say that this is the scariest episode of all times,because of that Alone,Alone,ALONE,alone,Aloonne...part,that was pretty freaky,BTW when Squid was passing trough dimensions,one of them looked like The 3rd dimension from the Simpsons episode Treehouse of horror VI.Maybe it's just me.

    Karate choppers:
    I didn't like this one so much but it didn't drop the score due to SB-129's epicness.I liked how Tom Kenny played that tabasco drop. :) And the ending..was Ok.Just Ok.I'll finish this review by saying that this episode's overrateness just kills me. :)
  • Both were great!

    SB-129 I found out recently that the title refers to that the episode is "S"ponge"B"ob Season "1",episode "29",weird!
    It had a good plot and the Squidward abuse was needed here and I liked the chrome future gag.
    The time traveling part was nicely done I especially liked how when Squidward was nowhere and his words echoed all around him it made it vary creepy and unsettling. A great episode that's likely better than the other.

    Karate Choppers
    A nice adition to season one, but doesn't really have anything real great about it.
    But I did like the quote="Yes mama,I mean sir,I MEAN BOSS,I MERAN POO BAH!!!",what does that even mean?,lol.
  • One near perfect, another overrated, still good.

    SB-129: This is in my list as one of the most overrated episodes of all times, and don't get me wrong, I like this episode, specially for being the first episode with Squidward as the main character, but I don't think it deserves all the praise it gets from most fans. I didn't like most of the "pass" scenes, I found the pre-historic SpongeBob and Patrick to be quite disturbing and annoying, the future scenes were great, though "fuuuture, fuuuture" lol Another scene I liked was when Squid was on this paranormal dimension and he says "alone" and all these voices start popping in, that was a great part,. Overall, good episode, final grade: B+

    Karate Choppers: Boy, I love this episode, my favorite season 1 one, easily. Sandy is a great character and this is one of her best appearances. I miss these kind of karate episodes with her. SpongeBob was hilarious as well "aye aye, capi-tay!" haha. But I think you can't talk about Karate Choppers without mentioning all the innuendos here, this one may be one of the episodes with the most adult jokes after Sailor Mouth. I guess you really have to look into it to find them, but you can sense that the situations could be compared to sexual ones, and the thought of that is simply hilarious. Overall, one of my very favorite ones, final grade: A+
  • Two fantastic episodes!

    SB-129: Absolutely awesome! It had many funny parts, but two really stood out for me: When Squidward is about to play his clarinet and the narrator says "get your earplugs ready" and when Squidward goes into the wrong time machine, which ends up being the can-opener! Spongetron and Patron are great characters, and are both in my Top 10 most wanted characters to return. The "Aloooone" part was awesome too! A really great episode, with a futuristic setting parodying how people thought that the year 2000, the upcoming year, was the future and that everything would be incredibly high-tech and modern.

    Score: A- 9.3/10

    Karate Choppers: Not as good as SB-129, but still fantastic! This is easily one of my top 3 Sandy episodes, the only two I make like more are "Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm" and maybe "Pre-Hibernation Week". My favorite parts were the hot sauce bit (voice by Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob!) And the ending:

    Sandy: I love karate!
    SpongeBob: I love kara-tae!
    Mr. Krabs: I love money-a!
    Squidward: I hate all of you. A fantastic, near perfect way to end the millennium.

    Score: A- 9.1/10
  • SB-129 was great, but Karate Choppers just made my day!

    SB-129 was a cool episode. I think the quote at the beginning of the episode from the narrator was very funny; "It's time for Squidward to pratice his clarinet...so get your ear plugs ready." It was also funny seeing Squidward doing that exercise while he went, "Future, future, future..." But the whole scene with Squidward being alone was just creepy. I also thought that the ending was funny as well. So my final grade for this episode is a B+. Now as for its partner episode, Karate Choppers, oh my gosh, it was hilarious. One thing that I liked about it was I think the fact that it showed Sandy and SpongeBob's good relationship with each other as friends. But of course like most SpongeBob episodes there were a lot of funny parts. My favorite part was when SpongeBob slammed his hand into Squidward's head and then he was all like, "I'm gonna pretend that didn't happen, just fill these orders!" And the scene with SpongeBob attacking Mr. Krabs in the bathroom was very funny too, especially when he yelled out, "Sandy!" I liked out they were trying to get the thought of karate out of their mind, but instead all they did was end up making it so worse that they just couldn't resist it anymore. The ending was also funny. My final grade for this episode is an A+! One of the best episodes of season one, if you ask me!
  • Some of the best of the season.

    SB-129:An excellent episode. It's about Squidward getting frozen in the Krusty Krab for a thousand years. I loved how everything was chrome in the future and how Squidward unwittingly invented jellyfishing in the past. This episodes plot was entertaining and it had some of the most rememberable gags in the series. This is definitely an episode worth watching.

    Karate Choppers:I didn't like this episode as much but it's still pretty good. I loved the beginning with Spongebob and Sandy trying to "karate" each other and when they karate chopped everything in the park. I also liked the ending and Squidward's last line in the episode. This was a good episode.

    Overall, this was a rememberable episode with good jokes and well written stories.
  • One of the best episodes this season!

    This was slightly scary, but it was really funny. I only thought it was scary when the narrator said "2000 years later" and squidwards face was completely stuck to the freezer. That made me jump. But, I still love this episode. I thought it was really funny. I liked it when squidward said " who is the barnacle head who invented that game anyway?" and spongebob and patrick said "you are squidward!". One of my favorite episodes! Final grade: A+

    Karate choppers:
    I liked this episode. I dont feel like reviewing it, so all I can say is that it was awesome! Final grade: A+

    Total: A+
  • The last two episodes of the year 1999! Right before the new Millenium!

    The summary explains my classification as to why these two episodes are a very special episode! Anyway they were also very good! SB-129: One day SpongeBob and Patrick want to go Jellyfishing, and they want Squidward to go with them! Squidward is annoyed however, and refuses to go with them. But SpongeBob and Patrick won't leave him alone, so he sneaks out the back all the way to the Krusty Krab! But he locks himself into the freezer and is trapped for 2000 more years! So now he sees what the future is like! SpongeTron and Patron! and everything is chrome! and there are now 486 letters in the Alphabet! Next he goes to the past and meets wild caveman SpongeBob and Patrick! But now he is in some sort of freaky otherworldly dimension, and when he stomps on the ground, he luckily falls back into the time machine! And now he wants to go home! Aw poor Squidward, but I'm glad he was able to return home! Very fortunate!:D Once he is back, SpongeBob and Patrick still want him to go Jellyfishing with them! The funniest part is when Squidward says "No! Who is the barnacle-head who invented that game anyway?" And they say "You are Squidward!" After realizing when he was in the past he showed caveman Spongebob and Patrick how to catch jellyfish with nets. Squidward now says "I'm going back..." Next up is Karate Choppers! This episode made me hungry! Especially when Spongebob and Sandy were on that picnic to the park! This episode was a great SpongeBob versus Sandy episode! Mr. Krabs however does not like seeing SpongeBob constantly doing his karate moves and scaring away his customers. But in the end it all works out when they do karate on krabby patties which scores Mr. Krabs extra money! My favorite part in this episode was when SpongeBob pretended to be a plant and chanted Photosynthesis! And I also liked it when they were in the park! So this was a great episode too! Perfect for the fabulous new Millenium!
  • Fantastic! Truely fantastic! Absolutely truely fantastic! Amazingly Absolutely truely fantastic! Wanna find out why? Click the "more" button now..

    What can I say? It's amazing! Squidward gets frozen in the Krusty Krab freezer when trying to get away from SpongeBob and Patrick (who want to go jellyfishing), and ends up first in the future, then in the past, and finally in the middle of nowhere. After a long journey, Squidward is back, and actually happy to see them. A classic episode that just never gets old.


    Karate Choppers:
    Although it's not as enjoyable as SB-129, it is another episode that just never gets old! SpongeBob has become a little too obsessed with karate, and when he promises to stop, Mr. Krabs sees Sandy karate-ing him, and fires him. But after giving the poor little fry cook one more chance, Mr. Krabs catches them karate-ing everything in the park. But Mr. Krabs doesn't fire him-he has a better idea. Hillarious script (particularly the ending) and a fantastic episode overall.

  • SB-129 is one of the best Season 1 episodes ever, and Karate Choppers is in my Top 10 Season 1 Episodes.

    These episodes would be worth a 10, however, SpongeBob's crying in Karate Choppers knocked it down .2, because it reminded me of when he cried in All That Glitters. Pathetic reason, I know.

    Squidward deserves some peace and quiet, right? Well, as we all know, he is not going to get that with neighbors like SpongeBob and Patrick. So, would you consider getting frozen in the Krusty Krab freezer for 2000 years peaceful? Well, it is, but it's hard to play your clarinet when you're frozen. Anyway, after 2000 years, the door breaks off and Squidward finds himself in the future KK, where everything is chrome. He asks SpongeTron (the future SpongeBob) how to get back to his own time period, but he ends up right into the past, where he meets prehistoric SpongeBob and Patrick. It seems peaceful, until Squidward starts playing, and SB and Pat's ancestors get angry. The time machine breaks and Squiddy is stuck. In the end, he gets back and remains stuck with his two noisy neighbors, but realised he missed them while he was gone, especially SpongeBob.

    Grade: A*

    Karate Choppers:
    SpongeBob and Sandy are really obsessed with karate, or as they call it: Kar-a-tay. But it poisons SpongeBob's mind whilst he's at work, and Mr. Krabs says he will be fired if he doesn't stop the karate. SpongeBob, being himself, doesn't stop, and gets fired for it. This what slightly lowered the rating: the crying was a bit annoying. Mr. Krabs gives him one more chance, and Sandy and SpongeBob desparately find another hobby. They go to the park for lunch, but soon, they end up chopping their sandwich ingredients, and can't resist playing karate. Mr. Krabs catches them, and SpongeBob thinks he's fired. But Mr. Krabs has something else planned. Want to know what? You'll have to watch it to find out!

    Grade: A

    These 2 episodes are great, and there's a 0.01% chance that episodes these days can compare to these classics. Even if they are getting better..

    Final Grade: A*
  • The best episode ever....of season 1

    I love how Sandy and Spongbob just can't stand it! And go crazy making sandwichs. I just watched that episode. The credits are playing and the're doing another episode of Spongbob. Plus, I'm almost to 100 reviews! Plus, I cleaned up "My Shows" list. Well, I talked about my life too much, so lets talk about the review. My favorite line is. "Duh, I'm stupid! I like karate!" Plus, SB-129 is good. I own it. On VHS. My favorite part on SB-129 is the time Squidward was in the past. This is the end of another review. I don't know what number it is. Probably 78th.
  • Review # 4

    SB-129 – Squidward goes time traveling (Present, future, past, even paster, present) an enjoyable, amusing sensation.
    Karate Choppers – Probably one (except "Karate Island") of the only episodes, so far, that shows Spongebob & Sandy and their true love for karate. Karate is the one connection that connects these two really, really well. Any SpongeBobxSandy fan would agree with that.
    Basically through the whole ordeal, they find different & random ways of attacking each other. When they both least aspect it, for example:
    While watching TV, a simple phone call, visit to the supermarket and even a red sauce encounter, ha-ha.
    Even a poor, innocent, park gets destroyed because of these two.
    I may have not been on the floor, laughing my head off like no tomorrow, but watching these two perform karate non-stop, is a treat for this loyal fan.
  • Will Squidward ever find peace and quiet? In this episode, he finds it in the most rediculous places!

    Wow! I prefer SB-129 more than Karate Choppers. Here is my thoughts:

    SB-129: One of my favorite episodes of all time! If you ask me what my top 5 SpongeBob episodes are, this would be 4th! Prehistorices really hated Squid's clarinet playing. That was funny! It was a very well written episode. I got bored near the end, though.

    Karate Choppers: Another episode of karate. I didn't find this to be as funny as SB-129. I didn't like the plot. I had to admitt, it was good! SpongeBob's crying phase was halarious! I wanted to see better out of that.

    SB-129 Score: A+
    Karate Choppers Score: A
    Final Score: A+
  • Wow! This is one of the best episodes I've ever seen.

    Karate Choppers is --One of the best and hilarious episodes ever made! Don't miss this one!! The sound effects were the best ever!! Sponge and Sandy love to fight and show us it's all about the ka-ra-tay!!! The sound effects in this episode ROCK!! Mr. Krabs is hilarious in this one and Sandy is her usual wonderful karate chopping self. I love the fact that they both have ka-ra-tay on their mind at the park. I also loved when Spongebob's hand in serving up the bread and Sandy's hand appears with her karate gear! Awesome!!! Don't miss this episode--it's what got me hooked on Spongebob!
  • This is a fabulous starter Season 1 episode!

    This episode is freekin' awesome! This is a good episode so Spongebob stays at bay. I don't think that the future won't be chorme for Spongebob. The show and episodes are great, but its not so high in the ratings. This episode did very well and the good part is that it is on the tv all the time! This is one of the best episodes there are. There are probally over 150 episodes but this beats the most of them. It was funny and it had a great storyline and everything! I am a huge Spongebob fan and Ilove this episode!
  • This is a great episode.

    I really enjoyed this episode especially how Squidward travels through time and that was a cool thing for him to do, but I kind of felt sorry for him because he was trapped in the middle of nowhere. But it was a good thing that he returned safely. The primitive Spongebob and Patrick were really funny and I liked how Squidward invented jellyfishing because it was good and all.

    Also Karate Choppers was another cool episode that I liked and truly enjoyed and Spongebob and Sandy doing karate look great, but I didn't like what Mr. Krabs did to Spongebob but the ending of this episode was a really good one especially what they say at the end because it was hilarious and truly enjoyable.
  • Squidward goes to the future and the past, Sandy and Spongebob are prohibited from doing karate.

    In SB-(something something) Squidward first goes to the future to encountre many Spongebob clones, and quickly finds a way into the past. He then finds no Bikini Bottom, and a caveman form of Spongebob and Patrick. He teaches them jellyfishing. He finds a way back to the present. In Karate Choppers, Spongebob and Sandy get told by Mr. Krabs to not do karate. Thier karate instinct takes over though, and they end up using thier karate to make krabby patties, helping out the buisness.

    Well... I guess it was ok, but nothing really happened that made me laugh. So so-so.
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