SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 4

Selling Out/Funny Pants

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 23, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • There's a very thin line between funny and annoying. Spongebob is definitely the latter

    One word sums this episode up pretty well: annoying. SpongeBob goes into a laughing fit over one of the lamest jokes imaginable: "another day another nickel". Squidward tells SpongeBob that he'll burn out his "laugh box" if he keeps laughing too much, so SpongeBob goes through all the clichs to avoid laughing throughout the day: pies, whoopee cushions, you know the deal. We then go through the most annoying noise ever: SpongeBob crying, which admittedly isn't as intolerable here as in "A Day Without Tears" (which I will be getting to). But still, it's annoying for its short time. We then get an ending ripped off from "Fools in April", only it ends in a really insulting way where SQUIDWARD burns out his laugh box, and he gets a piece of the cubic creepers. Honestly, the only thing here that made ME laugh was the joke about Squidward's laugh box being broken when SpongeBob first hears about them. All in all, this episode was annoying and boring all at once. Tolerable though, compared to some other stuff later down the line though.
  • Great episode

    I thought that this was a great episode but it wasn't my favorite episode of SpongeBob. I liked this episode for the most part. There were a couple of things that I didn't like in this episode such as Carl because he was creeping me out being cheerful and acting suspicious and I didn't like how Pearl threw Mr. Krabs of the house... Mr. Krabs should punish Pearl for that and not let Pearl get her own ways. The musical number "Cha-ching" was unneccessary and not very catchy but luckily it's short. Other than those things, this was a great episode. I thought it was funny when Mr. Krabs was doing everything after he quit his job especially when he was playing golf and said "Wait a minute, I hate golf". I also thought it was funny when Squidward was depressingly singing "happy birthday" to that little boy. It was also cool to see that Mr. Krabs used all of this money to buy back the Krusty Krab because when do you ever see him do that because he is so dang cheap. Overall, this was a great episode. 8/10
  • Not bad

    This episode is OK, I just didn't like Mr Krabs money song.
  • . spongebob squarepants. 5/1/99 to 9/23/05

    well folks, spongebob has had a good run. i am sorry to tell you that on september 23rd 2005, spongebob died. however he was replaced with his twin brother who has a higher voice. everyone was so upset that thier singing, comedy, and personalities turned bad and thus that started the bikini bottom apocalypse. [basicly this wasnt BAD but there would be no more classics :(]
  • Underrated and not reviewed that much

    This one was perfect and not as much reviewers as the previous episodes. My nitpick here was Pearl kicking Mr. Krabs out of his own house because he want to get a job. Wow, already her first appearance in the post movie era and she has that attuide (?) This continue of course and her treatment to Mr. Krabs gets worse. But I'm ignoring that since this is always been an excellent episode. I laughed at Mr. Krabs doing stuffs after retiring (I cracked up when he was playing golf and said I hate golf), Squidward singing Happy birthday in a weak way, "You wouldn't talk to human resouces?" "With a big smile (big grin)," etc. Just an entertaining episode to watch. Score 10/10
  • Uh...

    For some reason, I don't really know why, I don't like this episode at all! In this episode, Mr. Krabs sells the Krusty Krab for millions of dollars. The Krusty Krab now becomes the Krabby O' Mondays. As SpongeBob and Squidward work in the new fast food place, Mr. Krabs can't take his mind off of anything except fast food. So, he goes to work at the Krabby O' Mondays. There he finds a shocking secret about Carl, the new manager. I guess what I didn't like about this episode was the singing. That song drives me insane and I just can't stand it! There was also no funny parts in this episode. What made it worse is that the ending was so disgusting that I thought I was going to throw up. So, in conclusion, I did not like this episode at all. Grade: F.
  • Perfect


    This episode starts out with Mr. Krabs singing a song about money, then Howard Blandy, president of the Blandy Franchising Company, comes to the Krusty Krab and wants Krabs to retire for a bunch of money. He accepts it and says "See you around" to SpongeBob and Squidward. A new manager called "Carl" comes to them and ires them to work at the Krabby O' Mondays. Mr. Krabs drives past Krabby'O Mondays, ignoring it. He goes to Bikini Bottom Discovery Place, Then goes to play golf, But he then claims he hates golf, Then he goes home and lies in his bed saying he has nothing to do. He tries to talk to Pearl but Pearl kicks Mr. Krabs out of the house and tells him to get a job, Then he goes to the beach looking for a job, Meanwhile..Carl wants Squidward to have the spirit, So he shows him what punishment he will get if he dosen't, a henchman, So Squidward smiles for the first time possibly, Meanwhile...Mr. Krabs arrives at the Krusty'O Monday and SpongeBob is sad about not being able to be a fry cook. Mr. Krabs comes in there, and SpongeBob hugs him and shows him what is happening, Mr. Krabs gets mad because it wasn't made by hand, So he complains to Carl, and he says "It's better if you don't know" then closes the door, Mr. Krabs gets mad so he brakes the TV, and messes up the Krusty'O Monday, and shows the coustumers what it is made of, Garbage, They spit it out and then the Krusty Krab explodes. Then Howard Blandy comes and is suprised to see the place destroyed. Mr. Krabs sells all his money to work at the Krusty Krab, then he yells at SpongBob and Squidward to clean up the mess

    10 out of 10

  • Wait a second. I hate golf!

    These episode is great. It starts off with Mr. Krabs singing a song about money. Just like in Money Talks and Atlantis Squarepants. I think the song was unneeded though. If you watch the show, you already know he's greedy. He dosn't need to sing about it. Anyways, a parody of Donald Trump(Howard Blandy) comes in. He buys the Krusty Krab away from Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs happily accepts, on account of all the money. With Carl, the new manager, Spongebob and Squidward are terrified. Thare are many changes. The patties are made with some sort of goo. The restaurant is renamed Krabby O Mondays. And Squidward is forced to(GASP!) respect the coustumers. Soon Mr. Krabs comes back because retirement is boring. He has to put a stop to all the madness. But the Krusty Krab explodes thanks to him. He buys the reatuarant back from them. Now he has the love of his employees. (Not Really)
  • It's okey...

    Selling Out

    This episode isn't very original, the idea was already used very much, the end and the beggining are okey, the jokes and the story are not what I was waiting for.

    The episode needed more creativity, specially because that idea was already use it for another cartoons and programs, but maybe the writers had the chance of changed it a little.

    I like the episode, but honestly, I think that isn't like the episodes of the other seasons and some jokes don't make laught like before, but I think that is a good episode, I hope the new episodes get better.

    66/100 6.6
  • Great episode, except for a couple things.

    I thought this was a pretty good episode, but not one of the best of season 4. It had its good moments, such as the scene with Mr. Krabs trying to have fun after quitting his job and Squidward singing "Happy Birthday" to that kid. I also liked the fact that Mr. Krabs stood up for himself and was willing to buy the Krusty Krab back at the very end. You don't see Mr. Krabs do things like that very often. While this was a mostly good episode, there were a couple things I disliked about it. Firstly, I didn't like the song Mr. Krabs sang at the beginning. I don't really know why. I just sort of felt like it didn't need to be in there and that the writers just threw it in as filler. Secondly, I didn't like Carl. He was really annoying to me since he was so cheerful through the whole episode. Other than those things, though, this was a good episode overall. Final grade: B-. Marebear2009, out!
  • perfect

    krabs sells the krusty krab for an early retirement but he finds himself to be really bored and have nothing to do, so he applies for a job at the new krusty krab, only to discover that the new manager has changed everything about it. what will mr. krabs do to get back his old krusty krab? is there anything he can do?

    good episode, i really wanted to see what would happen and i thought the way they got to the conclusion was handled nicely, a very interesting and entertaining episode that to me, gets an A+. Just perfect
  • A fine episode.

    I missed the beginning of this episode, the part about Pearl and the song. I really don't mind Mr. Krabs retiring because he has worked at the Krusty Krab (once called Krabby O'Monday) since the first SpongeBob SquarePants episode, Help Wanted, maybe before. I also don't mind him being the busboy. As long as he's happy, I'm happy. I like the new manager because he's friendly, but what I don't like is that Mr. Krabs complained to him about the automated machines. Come on, this is the 21st century, not the 20th! This would've been my all-time episode if it hadn't been the complaints from Mr. Krabs.

    By the way, I also like the new restaurant, Krabby O'Monday as much as the Krusty Krab, maybe more friendly. I expected that restaurant to be there instead of The Krusty Krab in future episodes since the Krusty Krab had been there since the aforementioned episode. I think it's time for a change.
  • Worst...episode...ever.

    I can't get over how bad this is. Mr. Krabs kills a Canary which is cruel and confusing. Really, this isn't a treat. Normally, I love every episode of spongebob, but this hits the poop pile. It's a good thing catscratch is on, or I'd barf to death. I only liked Pearl in this darn episode. Not recomened!!!
  • Wow. Half an episode. What...fun. Whee.

    Let me think about this one. The episode opens with a song. There's a difference between opening IN song and opening WITH a song. This song seems random, and doesn't really set us up for anything. I mean, we already know Krabs is greedy! If this was one of the first episodes, it would be acceptable, but here it's bad. Also, the song isn't really a great one. I found the tune annoying and the words hard to make out. Why was there a bird flying around?!

    Any way, some millionaire guys show up and buy the Krusty Krab. We then get a scene with Pearl. It's nice to see a main character other than Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Krabs and Plankton, but here Pearl comes out more annoying than she is normally. Also, her conversation with Krabs seemed rushed with cuts a wee bit too quick.

    Krabs returns to the new "Krabby O'Monday" and gets a job there. This is the actual funny part. There were some fun parts, like Squidward being forced to sing, and alright animation of the resturants changes, with fun little details. The manager guy was fun as well.

    However, Krabs getting a job there doesn't really make sense, as he's got all that money. If he's bored enough to get a job, couldn't he find a better one than a janitor? Sigh.

    Krabs goes crazy, destroying the place, and the plot becomes sadly predictable. We all know that when the patty-making thing gets jammed, it's gonna blow up and Krabs gets the resturant back. Also, how many times has the Krust Krab been destroyed? This is probably the fourth time or so!

    Then there's the fact that Funny Pants wasn't aired during the slime-whatever. Get lost, L'il JJ! Funny Pants sounded rather standard anyway. Although this was a weak episode, compared to the other season 4 ones, it was pretty darn good. I actually found myself laughing at a few scenes...only a few, but that's better than nothing.

  • I really liked this episode!!!

    This episode was genius! The Krusty Krab is sold and turned into the Krabby O' Mondays. But Mr. Krabs- I mean Eugene- goes back to work there anyway. I liked this idea and how it was done. I truly think this is just short of when the episodes started to lose quality. That started in Funny Pants. This felt like a classic season 3 episode to me. I can't believe at the end, though that Mr. Krabs sold the Krusty Krab for full price when he could have just paid a little bit. Not your smartest move, Mr. Krabs, I thought you were supposed to be cheap!!! Anyways, great episode.
  • great

    selling out you have got to be kidding me this was an awesome episode mr krabs sells the whole reasturant with a completly new name i love this episode and even though its not my favorite spongebob episode of all time its still a good episode spongebob made krabby patties from a treadmill how hillarious is that and not to mention the ending with mr krabs and all the other people at the krusty krab bursting out with everybody man that was so hillarious the manager in the episode was cool too so in conclusin this was an awesome episode indeed it gets a 9 kingnicky1 out
  • This episode was pretty good.

    Selling Out: The episode was alright and pretty good. My favorite part was when Mr. Krabs was off doing all his activities in his retirement, or when Spongebob and Squidward were working at the Krabby O' Mondays and Squidward had to change his attitude (Otherwise it meant human resources, lol). The only thing I didn't like was Mr. Krabs's song at the beginning of the episode and the ending when Mr. Krabs said "No not really, now get back to work" and then he opened the cash register to look at his money. Sheesh, I hate how Mr. Krabs is so cheap and just wants money. Final Grade: C+ (79%)
  • Allright episode.

    This episode ranks somewhere near the 'allright' vicinity for me. Whilst it had entertainment value, consistent writing and all the usual things you look out for in a good episode to watch, i didn't much care for the somewhat primitive moral which seemed counterprogressive and counterscientific to the extreme- i.e that making something by hand is somehow a better system than mechanised automated manufacture, which is a proven good working method for manufacturing various foodstuffs. However i shall dismiss this as one of those insanely old fashioned morals one comes across all too often and get down to the rest of the episode. It was good, entertaining and an all round good episode. Good episode.
  • One of the good episodes of season 4.

    To start, I sure can say that this episode was a good one because we see for the first time in the series that Mr. Krabs sells the Krusty Krab which is something innovative in my opinion. Also the part that Mr. Krabs gets very excited when he sees a lot of briefcases full of money made me laugh. And the part that Pearl told Krabs to get a job was something correctly made because people can't stay at their homes doing nothing. Also when Squidward is forced to be happy was a sad part in my opinion because he didn't have any freedom in the place, and in the case of Spongebob was also sad. But the best and most hilarious part was when Mr. Krabs revealed himself to the new owners which I really liked and the people starting to dislike the food was good to see.
  • Another great episode from Season 4! (Ducks before everyone else starts chucking stuff at me).

    Howard Blandey arrives and says he wants to buy the Krusty Krab for cases full of cash. Mr. Krabs takes the offer and gets tons of money, leaving Squidward and SpongeBob with a new boss, Carl. He completely transforms the Krusty Krab into The Krabby O Mondays, where their motto is service with a smile. Which, as you can imagine, Squidward will find hard. Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs goes around doing all the fun stuff he's always wanted to do, like visit the Hook Museum, and other stuff. But he gets bored fast, and goes back to the Krabby O Mondays for a visit. However, Carl has turned Squidward into a peppy, smiley person, through bribe, and all of the patties are made by a machine, meaning SpongeBob isn't really doing anything. Mr. Krabs shows people that they're eating coloured cementy stuff, and they all leave. Mr. Krabs gets his job as manager back, but he can't do much since he destroyed the KK in anger. It was a great episode, but I really despise Carl.

    Final Grade: A

    Wow, that was long..
  • It was an ok episode. I don't understand why a lot of people can't stand it though. It had its good and funny parts.

    Selling out was a one part episode. It wasn't that funny but I guess smaller kids would have found the song to be entertaining and funny. Selling Out was about Mr. Krabs selling the Krusty Krab. It started out with Mr. Krabs admiring his money, than goes into a song called Ca-Ching. After the song these people come in and try to buy the Krusy Krab from him. Mr. Krab refuses at first but when he sees all the money his is being offered, he changes his mind and runs off with it. Spongebob and Squidward get a new boss who changes everything around. They have big manuals they have to follow or else. Meanwhile, Mr. Karbs is painting bowls of fruit, playing golf, and visiting the new hook museum. He gets bord with everything and tries to get Pearl to do something with him and talk with him. She gets annoyed and sends Mr. Krabs out to get a job, get a hobby, or get some friends. Mr. Krabs ends up back at the Krusty Krab or Krabby 'O Mondays and gets a job as the bus boy. At the end he breaks everything and gets the Krusty Krab back. Spongebob and Squidward have to pick up the mess.

    Overall this was a decent episode. It had its funny moments. But like everyone else is saying, it didn't live up to the value other Spongebob episodes do. It isn't that good but still ok if you want to watch something.
  • I gues this episode was ok...........................................................................................................................................................

    I don't think the episode was short or bottom of the barrel, but it still wasn't the greatest. I liked it still though, don't get me wrong there! I just didn't like how it was a single episode. It should've been Selling Out and Funny Pants. What about you? Do you prefer just 1 episode? Whee. How fun. I like 2 episodes a lot more than 1 episode. It makes it more exciting to look forward to. If you know what I mean. I'm just saying my opinion, don't kill me! I.... am a man! Anyways, I thought it was not like the SpongeBob SquarePants we know! Get it? Got it? Good! Now it's your turn!
  • This was an hilarous episode.

    This episode was really funny It is where Mr. Krabs sings about money at first then some lawyers come and ask if they could own the Krusty Krab and rename it Krabby O'Mondays Mr.Krabs refuses but if it means he gets more dollars he agrees to sell out the Krusty Krab Carl who is a geek/nerd now owns the resteraunt(whatever you spell it) and turns the Krusty Krab into a dump even making krabby patties with dust Mr.Krabs sees and Carl is sold out and Mr. Krabs is back in busness Great and funny episode unlike the rest of season 4.
  • why does everybody hate this episode?

    i enjoyed this episode, the way it plotted fast food cahins was very clever. ( reminded me of mcdonald\\\'s) The episode is about mr. krabs selling the krusty krab to a fat food chain entrepeuner for lots of money but when krabs finds out what they\\\'ve done to the krusty krab, mr krab\\\'s loses his temper and destroys it. The episode was funny and clever winking towards reality. I can see why people don\\\'t like it though it\\\'s probably to clever for the average 10-year old spongebob fan. But for older audiences(i am 15) would find this heavily amusing.
  • Selling Out is Decent

    Mr.Krabs Loves Money and now he Gets Rich and Retires and For the Krusty Krab is Changed to Krabby O' Mondays Retirement Sucks Mr.Krabs Said So He works back at Krabby O'Mondays and notices Squidward is Smilling,Patties made of Garbage and Automatic Cash Register he destroys the Resturant and it's Bankrupt and Back to Square
  • This episode is just about franchise and life as a resturatuer.

    Mr. Krabs sells the KK to a huge resturant chain. Simply, it's about life in the food biz. This wasn't the best. There are much better episodes and people know it. I can't even believe I wasted my Friday night to watch this trash pile of an episode. In lamens' terms, this episode just plain sucks. Anyone who thinks this episode is the best ever, you aren't exactly looking at the right review. I almost wanted to throw my tv out the window just cuz of this episode. That is why this episode is being classified in "Not my Favorite storyline."
  • too short and well...nothing special happend basically

    It was okay i guess. Mr. Krabs once again steals the opening show by singing like he did a duet with Spongebob in "Welcome to the Chumbucket." There were some funny moments but as usual the animation is just too different and not what we're use to and it was just too short,you can tell the animators were trying to get this episode down to a limited 10 minutes, because of the rushed flooding of the Krusty Krab. It was good, just not too original.
  • I liked this episode but the only bad thing about it is that it didn't air with 2 episodes.

    In this episode of SpongeBob SquarePants Mr.Krabs sells the krusty krab so he can get a whole bunch of money. Then he finds out that they mess everything up and he goes and trys to turn everything back to normal.

    I liked this episode. It is a great one. The only bad thing about this episode is that they usually have two episodes in one. This one only aired with one. That is the only problem I had with this episode. Other than that I would recomend that you watch this episode. I liked it and probally you will to.
  • One of my favorite episodes

    I rally liked this episode. My favorite parts are when Mr. Krabs is playing golf and says, "Wait a minute, I hate golf" and when Pearl gets annoyed by Mr. Krabs interrupting. Pearl seemed to be really grouchy because of that. I also liked it when Squidward is trying to explain to Mr. Krabs that the manager is forcing him to smile and when Mr Krabs shows all the customers that the krabby patties were really made out of synthetic garbage. Although, I don't understand how the customers would've eaten that without noticing what they're made of. Anyway, this episode was funny.
  • Best episode so far this season, but still nothing like it used to be. Also I can't help, but feel a little rushed in this episode...

    This episode had some high points and some low points. Lets talk about the low first...

    This episode to me felt like really fast paced. It felt like they wanted to get it done real quick. And right as I was beginning to enjoy it, it was over. I was like hey wait a minute... thats it. They really didn't use all of its potiontial. I mean it was a great story line, but just lacked some minor details and effort that could have made it a really good, interesting episode. Patrick wasn't in it... again. I really miss Patrick because they are starting to introduce swuidward and mr. krabs more and although thats nice they should keep a steady balance. Now lets look at the positives...

    I liked the storyline overall and it really was interesting unlike the past few. I loved the new manager because although he looked all nice and cheery, he really was evil and menacing. I hope they show him more often because he was a pretty funny character. The new writers are finally returning the characters back to there original selves. I mean swuidward seemed dull and boring like he used to lol until the manager made him cheery. Also spongebob seemed funny again with the krabby patties. "Where's the love!" I liked how they showed how they made the krabby patties out of sludge. I thought it was pretty funny. And unlike a couple this season where they were just messy and unorganized, this episode the writers seemed to know what they were doing.

    Overall a good plot and funny scenes, but it could have been a little better and fixed a couple things to make it great.Not bad though... good job writers.