SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 4

Selling Out/Funny Pants

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Sep 23, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • This was the final episode C.H. Greenblatt worked on.

    • Why would Mr. Krabs pay full price to buy the Krusty Krab back when one of the financial aid fishes said they might only get a fraction of what they paid? He could have saved millions of dollars.

    • When the man fish says "What did he say? Garbage?", he sounds like a girl.

    • When Mr. Krabs pulls up in the boat with the money in a trailer attached to the boat, the trailer has "U-Pull" written on it, which is a pun on U-Haul.

    • We learn that Mr. Krabs has a bicycle that he got 30 years ago. So Mr. Krabs' age might be in the 30s or 40s.

    • When the customers discover that the Krabby Patties are garbage, they run out of the restaurant, but when the Krabby Patty machine explodes and floods, there's a lot of customers in the waves.

    • When Mr. Krabs is singing his song, and he is in his office, you can see a bird flying beside him, but isn't this underwater, so how could a bird survive there?

    • When Mr. Krabs sings the last line of the song, Mr. Krabs is wearing green vest, a bow tie, and he is holding a cane, but in the next shot, the cane, bow tie, and vest are gone.

  • Quotes

    • Carl: Uh, Squidward? Can I talk to you for a second? What's our motto here at Krabby O'Mondays?
      Squidward: Sincere service with a smile.
      Carl: Well, yes. But with the Krabby O' Mondays spirit. Now, Squidward, you wouldn't want to have to talk to human resources... (a big fish steps out of the door)would ya? So what's our motto again?
      Squidward: Sincere service (slaps himself and then gets happy) with a smile!

    • Carl: Eugene, you're in violation of your contract. Mr. Krabs: Rules, here's a rule for ya! People can't eat stain glass barstools!

    • Pearl: Get out! That's it, Dad! Get a job, get a hobby, or make some friends, because I can't take this anymore!

    • Mr. Krabs: Krabby O' Mondays? Not a name I would have thought of.

    • Mr. Krabs: Krabby Patties are supposed to be made, one at a time; not on a conveyor belt!

    • Mr. Krabs: What have you done with the real Squidward?
      Carl: The less you know, Eugene, the better.

    • Carl: Mr. Blandy?! CODE RED!! FREE THINKER!!!

    • Mr. Krabs: I feel so alive!
      (music comes on)
      Mr. Krabs: Chaching!Chaching!Chachingary!(Mr. Krabs jumps down on the floor to a customer) Money,oh money!How I love the.(customers sings along with Mr. Krabs,while spotlights face them and Mr. Krabs takes their money) Chaching!Chachong!Chachangaroo!
      Lady: Oh,for pete.
      (Mr. Krabs runs in front of the lady sitting down)
      Mr. Krabs: (Mr. Krabs pops out of a pot) From pennies to dollars,any amount will do!(dollars fall down on the screen) Chaching!Chaching!It's no contest!There's only one thing that I love the best!From every side I've ever seen.The sweetest sound I've heard.(bird chirps)
      Chorus: Heard!
      Mr. Krabs: I'd gladly give up everything for the money I had earned!(Mr. Krabs laughs and runs with a wheelbarrow) Chaching!Chaching!Chachingary!There's nothing on Earth like the feeling of greed!(Mr. Krabs runs in the Krusty Krab)There's nothing on Earth like the feeling of greed!(Mr. Krabs laughs)

    • Mr. Krabs: Top of the morning, Spongebob.
      (puts dirty dishes in sink, Spongebob comes over to him)
      Spongebob: (surprised) Mr. Krabs! What are you doing here?!
      Mr. Krabs: Well, you see, retirement is not all it's cracked up to be.
      (Spongebob keeps staring at him happily, Krabs whistles)
      Mr. Krabs: Uh......O.k.... you're starting to creep me out now.
      Spongebob: (hugs Mr. Krabs) I knew you would come back.
      Mr. Krabs: Alright now.... get back to work.
      Spongebob: Aye aye , captain!
      Mr. Krabs: I'm not your boss anymore. Just call me Eugene.
      Spongebob: Aye aye...Eugene. (giggles)
      (Krabs makes a funny face)

    • Mr. Krabs: Wait a minute, I hate golf.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The boss that gives Mr. Krabs the money looks and sounds similar to Donald Trump, complete with a toupee.

    • Song
      Mr. Krabs' song about money: "Cha Ching, Cha Ching, Cha Ching a-ree" is an imitation of the Oscar-winning Mary Poppins song, "Chim Chim Chir-ee", which was written by the Sherman Brothers.

    • Moving Trailer: Name
      If you look at the name of the moving trailer filled with suitcases of money, the trailer says U-Pull on it. This is a reference to the famous moving company U-Haul.

    • Restaurant: Krabby O' Mondays.
      This may be a spoof of the restaurant, Ruby Tuesdays...or on T.G.I.Fridays. Note also the colorful buttons on the uniforms--possibly an oblique reference to Office Space, where each employee was required to wear a certain number of "pieces of flair", and Jennifer Aniston threw a fit over it.