SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 13

Shanghaied / Gary Takes a Bath

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Mar 09, 2001 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

When a giant anchor falls onto SpongeBob's house, Squidward, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to climb the anchor, and they find the boat of the Flying Dutchman and he imprisons them.

Gary Takes a Bath:
 The day that Gary has to take a bath arrives, but Gary doesn't want to take a bath, and SpongeBob tries everything possible to make sure he takes a bath.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Two of SpongeBob's funniest episodes.

    Whoever wrote these episodes must have watch a lot of Looney-tunes. Lol
  • Two perfect SpongeBob Episodes

    Whenever I watch older SpongeBob episodes, I get a lot of nostalgia and its such a good feeling. These two episodes give me that same feeling!
  • Yeah yeah another nutshell

    Shanghaied (aired 3/09/2001)


    Gary Takes a Bath (aired 7/26/2003, lol two years apart)


  • excellent pair and the best for the season

    Shanghaied: An excellent episode and I really the plot for it. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward (eh, not really since he disappeared the most during the middle half) working for the flying dutchman after landing on the ship was hilarious. I laughed at the all work they did. Squidward ending up at some dimmension (which ends up at his house) was very funny. I thought the ending was the best. Overall an excellent episode. 10/10

    Gary takes a bath: This episode was funny as well like the last one. Most of the parts here involves SpongeBob trying to take Gary a bath which was funny. I laughed at almost everything here such as the fetchball, Mr. Krabs' unexpected cameo, SpongeBob chasing Gary, and the ending. Overall another excellent and funny episode. 10/10moreless
  • Two more great season 2 episodes!

    Shanghaied gets the prize for the most comedy in any episode of Spongebob I've ever seen! I loved Spongebob's impression of the Flying Dutchman when he was trying to remember his name. Squidward getting burned repeatedly was also funny, and I also love it when they howl (I don't know why they do it), especially when Patrick does it. Sponge's and Pat's attempts to scare people were also hilarious! The part where they're shown ice skating was so random and unexpected!:) Gary Takes a Bath was a really cute episode, but it was too short. It's so funny when Sponge says, "I've got a crisp dollar bill for the next fella to take a bath in this house," and Mr. Krabs appears out of nowhere! Hahahahahahahahahaha! The whole scene that had Sponge in the tree and Gary taking away the ladder was also cute and funny. To wrap up, these episodes are both great, and they never fail to make me laugh! Marebear2009, out!moreless
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Dee Bradley Baker

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (30)

    • How did SpongeBob and Patrick get back on the ship after they jumped off of it?

    • In "Shanghaied," Squidward says "Think, SpongeBob. We're about to be eaten. What can you wish for to make so we don't get eaten?" How did Squidward know that the Flying Dutchman was going to eat them when he was in the fly of despair the whole time?

    • When SpongeBob is talking to Gary about the buried treasure in the house, they are in a room with a metal background, but when it has a closeup on the map there is a bamboo background.

    • Despite the title, Gary never actually takes a bath.

    • When SpongeBob hit the ship against rocks, it makes the ship with no wall. But when it shows SpongeBob, Patrick and The Flying Dutchmen scaring people, when they're driving the ship and SpongeBob says "Keep going", the walls and windows appear, but they destroyed them. Also, when SpongeBob and Patrick were on the ship going through perfume department, the ship is repaired.

    • Running Gag: Squidward being fried by the Flying Dutchman after he talks sarcastic or does a complaint about the Dutchman or his ship.

    • In "Gary Takes a Bath," when SpongeBob is filled with water, he has his pants on, but when he bursts through the front door, saying "Water, you waiting for? GARY!", HIS PANTS ARE GONE! Then when he walks to the tree, he has pants again.

    • In "Gary Takes a Bath," there is this huge tree across the street from the pineapple. Where did it come from? It never was there before.

    • After SpongeBob wishes Squidward was with he and Patrick, he appears with them. Then he says, "SpongeBob, we're about to be eaten..."
      How does he know this when no one said anything about the Flying Dutchman's plans on eating them?

    • The episode "You Wish (Shanghaied)" has audio commentary on the "SpongeBob SquarePants Complete 2nd Season DVD."

    • When SpongeBob asks the Flying Dutchman if he could help him tie his shoes, the Dutchman says he hasn't worn shoes for over 3000 years, but likes to wear a sock over his ghostly tail. In "Shanghaied," the sock makes its second appearance and we learn that this sock is the Dutchman's dining sock and can't eat without it.

    • The episode has 3 alternate endings. Before it aired, Nick had a vote on which ending to show, and Spongebob's ending was chosen. Now, in the U.S., the episode always airs with the Spongebob ending. All endings are shown in the season 2 DVD. the 3 endings are:
      1: Spongebob wishes the dutchman was a vegetarian
      2. Squidward wishes he never knew Sponge and Pat
      3. Patrick wishes for a pack of gum.

    • When the Flying Dutchman's head turns all the way around his head, it's a homage to the movie The Exorcist.

    • The people in the mall sceen were all part of the Spongebob Squarepants staff and
      a bag with the letter "B" on it stands for the store "Brokstone"

    • When SpongeBob tries to learn to tie his shoes and talks to the Flying Dutchman, the Dutchman says "I haven't worn shoes for over 3000 years."

      In Shangheid, when SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward go to the Dutchman's ship when he dropped an anchor, at the end of the episode when the Dutchman is chasing SP, Pat, and Squid in the blender, the Dutchman is wearing a shoe.

    • When Gary and Spongebob are hanging on the ceiling, they've crashed through the second floor and are on the third. So SB has 3 floors. But in "Sandy, Spongebob, and the Worm," he has 2 floors.

    • When Gary is leap-frogged, he has no shoes. But he had shoes in "You're shoe's untied."

    • When Spongebob cleans the chair, he says "I've got something to CHAIR with you, Gary!" The CC says "SHARE." When he cleans the dishes he says "DISH is more like it!" The CC says "THIS." He also says "WATER you waiting for, Gary?" and the CC says "WHAT'RE."

    • Spongebob counts in paces (1 pace = 2 steps) instead of steps to the bathtub.

    • When Patchy crashes into a house, we see bubbles. But on this show, bubbles are only supposed to appear underwater! Well, I guess if you're blowing bubbles, they could appear. But when you crash into a house, bubbles don't appear!

    • How did Squidward know that they were about to be eaten because he was in the fly of doom when the dutchman told Spongebob and Patrick that he was going to eat them.

    • In the Charter Communications TV Guide listings, they spelled "Gary", "Gry" for "Gary Takes a Bath".

    • When you see the scene where Spongebob and Patrick are listening to Squidward how he wants the last wish, the side of the boat has no spiderwebs. But in the next scene, there are the spiderwebs next to Spongebob and Patrick!

    • Closed Captioning identified Polly the Parrot as "Potty". This also happened in the Christmas Special.

    • The first time Patrick scrapes the side of the ship and SpongeBob says, "And...STOP!" right before SpongeBob said,"And...STOP!" you could see that Patrick was at the front of the ship with SpongeBob and the ship was still moving!

    • Spongebob never got his prize from the cereal box!

    • The Flying Dutchman burns Squidward. Spongebob and Patrick get scared and jump off the ship. As soon as they jump, look at Squidward. He's fine!

    • In Shanghied when Spongebob, Squidward, and Patrick are climbing the rope, it's dark brown. As soon as Spongebob says, "Squid, wait!" the rope is light brown.

    • When SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward start climbing the rope, it is brown. Then it turns black. Then in a close up it's brown. Then it's black. Right before they get onto the ship it's brown again! When they get on the ship it's black again!

    • Goof:
      When Gary came out of the Pet Door at the front of the house, after SpongeBob opened the door, there's no pet door anymore!

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Kid: I had four biscuits, and then I ate one. Then I only had three.

    • Gary: Meow.
      SpongeBob: How am I supposed to know what a snail would do with a broach?!?!

    • Flying Dutchman: Okay, jump out when I give the signal. (surprises the child) Booooo!!! Prepare to be haunted by my ghostly ghost pirates!!
      SpongeBob: (in the bushes) Was that the signal? Ok, ok sorry, just do it again.
      SpongeBob & Patrick: Oooooo, oooooo, aaaahh, ooooo...
      Patrick: Hoooow does he dooooo thaaaat? Ooooooo...
      Flying Dutchman: Get back on the ship.
      SpongeBob & Patrick: It's still a mystery!!
      Kid: Those guys are dorks.
      Flying Dutchman: Yes, but they're my dorks.

    • SpongeBob: Gary-the-Snail do you hear me?!

    • SpongeBob: Okay, Gary! You have duped and/or frustrated me for the last time!!

    • (SpongeBob jumps into the scene in a frog-like stance.)
      SpongeBob: Hey, Gar! How about some Leapfrog! Wah-hee!\
      (SpongeBob leaps over Gary.)
      (Gary begins to crawl on SpongeBob and once he does, SpongeBob uses his rear end to send him flying across the room, in an attempt to shoot him into the bathtub.)
      (We then see a shot of Gary against the wall with his shell cracked.)

    • SpongeBob: Gary!! There's a bomb strapped to my chest!! It's gonna explode in 3 seconds unless you take a bath...!
      (Gary sits there.)
      SpongeBob: Please...
      (SpongeBob blows up.)

    • SpongeBob: Gary! It's that time of week again... bath time!
      (Gary's eyes widen.)

    • Patchy: A-Hoy children I'm back, I hope all you boys and girls enjoyed the show because, IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO WALK THE PLANK!!
      (A Please Stand By Sign come on)

    • Flying Dutchman: Ah. It does me heart good to see children out after dark. Pink one, take us behind those rocks!
      Patrick: Moving behind the rocks! (goes behind rocks and starts scraping up boat)
      Spongebob: Keep going! Your good, your good, your good and stop.
      (we see whole boats exterior gone)Don't worry Captain, we'll buff out those scratches.
      Flying Dutchman:Ugh. Alright nevermind it. Just jump out when I give the signal.

    • Flying Dutchman: What a night be this. Crew, howl with me so that we might set the seven seas a blaze with fear! Awwwwooooo!
      Spongebob: Hahahahahaha!
      Patrick Li-di-li-di-li-di-li!
      Flying Dutchman:Awwwwooooo!
      Spongebob: Hahahahahaha!
      Patrick Li-di-li-di-li-di-li!
      ( Flying Dutchman tries to howl but is cut of by Patrick)
      Patrick Li-di-li-di-li-di-li!
      (Flying Dutchman tries again and still gets cut off)Li-o-li-ba-ha-liiiii...
      (both wait and Patrick dies down)
      Flying Dutchman: Eh, that'll do.

    • Spongebob: (holding dollar) I've got a crisp dollar bill for the next fella to take a bath in this house!
      (Mr.Krabs comes in bath and takes dollar)

    • Flying Dutchman: You're part of my crew now and our job is to sail around and frighten people. It'll be grueling, mind numbing, and repetitive! Just like daytime television.
      Squidward: Now you listen here mister! If you think I'm gonna spend more than five minutes on this dumpster then you're crazy! I mean look at this place! (picks up jock strap) It's disgusting! Whoever told you that hanging oil lanterns next to hard wood paneling was a good idea?! ( picks up Squidward) Ah! Oh now what? I suppose you're gonna show me- (opens fly of despair)Oh. Oh gee, very nice. What is this some kind of magic act? (throws Squidward in and zips up)
      Flying Dutchman: Would anyone else like to enter the "Fly of Despair"?
      Spongebob: No! We know our place now Mr. Dutchman!
      Patrick: We'll do anything you ask.

    • Flying Dutchman: Now listen. Who so ever sets foot on the Flying Dutchman's ship, uninvited or otherwise, shall become members of his ghostly crew forever... and uh ever.
      Squidward: (sarcastically)Will we be getting buisness cards?
      Flying Dutchman: (burns Squidward) Silence!

    • (after jumping off ship)
      Spongebob&Patrick: That was a close one.
      (they fall back on ship)
      Flying Dutchman: Welcome back!
      Spongebob&Patrick: Aaaaahhhhh!
      (they jump off ship)
      Spongebob: That was an even closer one! (they fall back on ship)
      Flying Dutchman: Welcome back!
      Spongebob&Patrick: Aaaaahhhh!(they jump off ship)
      Squidward: Hey! How come when they act up all they get is the welcome wagon?! If you ask me it's-
      (burns Squidward with flaming snot and they fall back on ship)
      Flying Dutchman: So are you gonna try that again?
      Patrick: Probably.
      (burns Squidward)
      Flying Dutchman: How bout' now?
      Patrick: Uh-
      Squidward: No! No, they're not! Phew.
      (burns Squidward)

    • Flying Dutchman: Who dare be disturbin' the Flying Dutchman's own lair?!
      Spongebob: It's Squidward. He wants to complain to you.
      Squidward:(stutters) I, I, no-
      Spongebob: But what about all that stuff about him having a dirty ship and being lazy and all?
      Squidward:(nervously) I never said that.
      Flying Dutchman: Insulting a man's ship be worse than insulting his mother.
      Spongebob: No, no wait it was his mother you said that was dirty not his ship!
      (Flying Dutchman burns Squidward with flaming snot)
      Squidward: Ow.

    • Spongebob: Doesn't this place seem familiar?
      Patrick: I don't know. Why?
      Spongebob: I don't know. Doesn't it just kinda ring a bell?
      Patrick:(hears bell ring) Yes!
      Spongebob: I know who owns this boat. I just can't place the name.
      (Flying Dutchman pops out)
      Flying Dutchman: Aaaaaaoooooaaaaoooaaa!
      Spongebob: No no it's not aaaaaaoooooaaaaoooaaa!
      Flying Dutchman: I am the Flying Dutchman!
      Spongebob: That's it! Squidward this ship belongs to the Red Baron!

    • Squidward:(after seeing ship)Great let's go! Now I can finally give this anchor dropper a piece of my mind!
      Spongebob: I don't know Squidward. That ship has a spooky green glow around it.
      Squidward: That's probably because it's good for nothing owner is to lazy to clean, or drop his anchors in the right place!(climbs up to ship)
      Spongebob: Squid wait!

    • Squidward:(about to climb rope) Well I'm going to get to the bottom of this thing.
      Spongebob: Wouldn't that be the top?(Squidward starts climbing) Squid, wait! Wait!
      Patrick: Squidward!
      (they join him)
      Narrator: A few inches later.
      Spongebob: Ship!
      Patrick: Spongebob how long are you gonna stay in your little fantasty world?
      Spongebob: No look a giant ship!
      (they look at a giant green lowing ship)

    • Flying Duthcman: Listen up! We're heading down to Bikini Bottom tonight for a little haunting spree. So I want this ship to look good and scary.
      Spongebob: You mean you want it to look good and scary? Well I think we could probably-
      Patrick: No no. I think he means he wants it to look so good that it's scary.
      Spongbob: Or maybe that by looking so scary you forget that it doesn't look good. Patrick: I don't get it.
      Spongebob: Look it's easy it simply means-
      Flying Dutchman: Nevermind what it means! I just want this ship to look scary! That's it! You know, mold growing on the ceilings and bugs in the sink.
      Spongebob: So you don't want it to look good?
      Flying Dutchman: Get moving!
      Spongebob&Patrick: (singing) A sailor's life is a wonderful life! A wonderful life for sure!

    • SpongeBob: I am now going to assault your mind with subliminal messages.
      (We see a series of bath-related items and scenes.)
      (We then see a freckled girl with pigtails laughing.)
      SpongeBob: Sorry you had to see that...

    • SpongeBob: Three wishes, Pat. Isn't it great!
      Patrick: Wishes?? I wish I knew that earlier.
      (clock goes back 5 minutes)

    • Flying Dutchman: I'll grant you three wishes.
      Patrick: (haggles) Make it five.
      Flying Dutchman: (haggles) Four.
      Patrick: (haggles) Three, take it or leave it.
      Flying Dutchman: (agrees with the haggle) Okay, three wishes.

    • Spongebob: Why do you think the Dutchman asked us to wait in our bunk room?
      Patrick: Maybe he's going to give us a reward!
      Spongebob: Like movie passes!
      Patrick: Or an oversized coffie mug!
      (they start bouncing)
      Flying Dutchman: I've been thinkin'. Stop bouncin'!(they stop in mid bounce)Uh, this whole "crew for eternity" thing isn't workin' out. It's not really you so much it is me.
      Spongebob: Your setting us free?
      Flying Dutchman: Well, actually I'm just gonna eat you. See you at dinner.
      Spongebob&Patrick: Ahhhhhhhh!
      Patrick:Wait! I have an idea.
      Spongebob: Really?! What is it?!
      Patrick: Let's leave!
      Spongebob: But the door is locked and the only way out is through the... perfume department.
      (we see a perfume department door)
      Patrick: Let's do it!
      (we see this ridiculous scene of them running for their lives in the perfume department and burst out gasping)
      Spongebob: I always hate goin' in there.

    • The Flying Dutchman: That's enough! Using my mystic otherwordly powers, I shall decide who gets the last wish. Eeny meeny miney mo, catch a sailor by the toe, if he hollers let him go; my mother told me to pick the very best one... and you... are... it! (lands on Spongebob)
      Squidward: Now think, Spongebob! We're about to get eaten! What can you wish for to make it so we don't get eaten?
      Spongebob: Don't worry, Squidward, I've got it all figured out! He won't be able to eat us, because I wish that the Dutchman was a vegetarian!
      (The Flying Dutchman becomes a broccoli-chomping vegetarian. Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward are transported to what appears to be Spongebob's house)
      All: Hooray!
      Spongebob: We're home!
      Patrick: You did it, Spongebob! We're safe!
      Squidward: But why have we been turned into fruits?
      (The camera pans out to reveal that they're in a fruit blender)
      Flying Dutchman: Hey, I get a wish too. Fruit prevents scurvy!

      IN YER HEAD?!! I told you we weren't doin' that stunt!!!
      Potty: I didn't get the memo!!! (BOOM!)

    • SpongeBob: Now Gary, we could do this the Hard way, or, the Easy way... or the Medium way or the Semi- Medium, Easy-Hard way or the "sort-of Hard with a touch of all accord of difficult challenging" way.
      (Gary only blinks.)
      SpongeBob: So that's how you wanna play it, huh?

    • Spongebob:Mmm. Kelpo, with one of 8 essential prizes inside.(Frantically searches for prize then giant anchor falls)
      Spongebob: Holy shrimp! Squidward! The sky had a baby from my cereal box! Squidward! Squidward the sky had a baby.
      Squidward: That's not a baby, that's a giant anchor! Now go away!
      Patrick: Hey Spongebob, the sky had a baby!
      Spongebob: I know. What do you think we should name it?
      Patrick: How about..
      Squidward: Why don't you two go climb it's anchor rope? I'm sure it goes somewhere far away!
      (anchor crashes Squidward's house)Now look what you've done!
      Spongebob We didn't do it Squidward, our hands are clean.
      (show clean hands)
      Patrick: Clean.

    • Flying Dutchman: Okay square one, since pink one's working the navigation it's up to you to find our first victim. (gets telescope Here use this spy glass. Now hurry up! We're burnin' moon light!
      Spongebob: Let's see who we can find. (spins telescope) Captain, there's a guy we can scare. (points to big tough guy, Flying Dutchman blows to point at little kid)
      Young Fish: I had four biscuits and I ate one then I only had three.

    • Patchy: Polly say hello to the nice people.
      Polly: Help, I'm being held here against my will, help.

    • Squidward: I wish I had never met SpongeBob or Patrick before!
      SpongeBob: Hello, stranger, I don't believe we've met.
      Squidward: That's not what I meant!

  • NOTES (34)


    • When The Flying Dutchmen turns is head around, it alludes to the head turning scene from the movie The Exorcist.

    • Shanghaied: Fly of Dispair

      The Fly of Dispair is a bit like the Rabbit Hole in "Alice In Wonderland". The only difference is, the Fly of Dispair is completely endless and there's no way to escape it.

    • 3 Wishes: Aladdin & Genie.
      When the Dutchman offers them 3 wishes, this is alluding to the 3 wishes that Genie offers Aladdin when Aladdin first rubs the lamp. In addition, the Dutchman and Genie both have ghostly tails.

    • SpongeBob and Patrick: Like movie passes? Or a coffee mug?
      Both of these things were gifts given to Stephen Hillenburg, and Bill Fagerbacke.

    • SpongeBob: This ship belongs to the Red Baron!
      The red Baron was a German Ace Pilot in World War I. He got shot down by Canadian Ace Pilot Roy Brown in Europe.

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