SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 6 Episode 17

Shuffleboarding / Professor Squidward

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 16, 2009 on Nickelodeon

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  • One is THE WORST, the other is still pretty bad

    Shuffleboarding: SpongeBob and Patrick are huge jerks, throwing everyone in jail for the dumbest reasons ever. "Your shoes are untied" How is that funny? They're throwing innocent people in jail, including Manray who was just doing his laundry. And the title is a lie. It had nothing to do with Shuffleboarding. At least it was going to, but the writes probably scrapped the idea but were too lazy to change the title and first couple minutes. And at the end, everyone chases MM and BB because they thought it was them who jailed everyone, even though SB and Patrick's costumes looked nothing like them. Don't you love it when the guilty get off scott free and the innocent get punished? NO! NOT AT ALL!! I give it a 3.5

    Slide Whistle Stooges: WOW! THIS IS MY PERSONAL LEAST FAVORITE EPISODE IF SB! It's is so bad, I will never watch it again. It has almost everything in a bad episode of SpongeBob: Squidward torture, annoyance, town people hypocrisy, filler, and SpongeBob and Patrick being complete TOOLS! The first problem you'll notice is that THE SLIDE WHISTLE NOISE IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING! And it plays CONSTANTLY throughout the episode! After Squidward starts playing the slide whistle in town, everyone hates him, and they want to KILL him. They even cheer when he's FALLING OFF A CLIFF IN A GASOLINE TANK, AND HE EXPLODES! Remember in Jellyfishing and My Pretty Seahorse where Squidward fell of a cliff and exploded? Why was that funny but this isn't? That's easy, because in those episodes it was kept comical. If you fell off a cliff, you wouldn't explode. It's exaggerated, and that makes it funny. When you explode in gasoline truck, THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU! IT'S NOT FUNNY IT'S DISTURBING! So Squidward wakes up in a hospital and has a slide whistle LODGED DOWN HIS THROAT! SO HE HAS TO COMMUNICATE USING SLIDE WHISTLES! This will probably happen all again, because he has to talk using a slide whistle. So then SpongeBob and Patrick make fun of the sick and dying in the hospital and everyones ok with it. .... WHAAAAAAAT!?!?!??!? SO IT'S FINE IF SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK ANNOY EVERYONE, BUT NOT SQUIDWARD!?!? I GIVE THIS THE LOWEST SCORE IMAGINABLE!!!
  • 1.0
    First of all,I thought the splinter's sister episode was slide whistle stooges. anyway,here's my review.


    I don't give a damn. It's minorly ripped of of night light. A MM BB cameo.


    Slide whistle stooges

    Oh my what!!!! I always hated how Spongebob and patrick play the slide whistle. Plus,thiws episode plot was minorly based off of Idiot Box. Spongebob and Patrick show Squidward a new childish thing,Squidward gets addicted to it. SWS is the same. Squidwared ends up addicted and playing it around town. He gets hurt. In idiot box,he also got hurt. This is just bad.
  • Both episodes are severely hated and I think they're both deserve 9 ratings.

    Shuffleboarding:(MY opinion) One of the most underrated episodes ever. Too much hate for it. I mean, the biggest flaws were the title and the last few minutes. Other than those, I liked the episode. My first episode review is now gonna have more details (and I'll be doing the same thing to my older reviews.

    STORY: Yes, the story may not be original, but it is unusual. I understand why they don't the title since we ever seen shuffleboarding (I don't even know what that). 5/10

    WRITING: Luke Brookshier, Nate Cash, and Derek Iversen wrote the episode. I'm somewhat biased to hate a Brookshier/Cash episode because they are my post-movie storyboard directors and most of their episode are not awful. Derek's writing here is not the best, because at the time, he was struggling to be a great writer until season 7. 7/10

    HUMOR: SpongeBob getting hit with MermaidMan''s boomerang, then he keep throwing it back to Barnacle Boy, SpongeBob is on Barnacke Boy's face and asks "hi, how are you doing?" scaring him, SpongeBob and Patrick jumping on Barnacle Boy, SpongeBob and Patrick pronouncing shuffleboarding, the trophy appears behind Patrick's back pocket, some of the arrest are funny (but the rest are stupid), and Man Ray's head being shrunk. 9/10

    AWESOME: The scene with Man Ray. Overlaps with funny. 10/10

    VOICE ACTING: Guest stars the late Ernest Borgine and still alive Tim Conway. Their performance are still great as well. Same thing to Bob Joles' Man-Ray. 10/10

    ANIMATION: Great for the most part. 8/10

    FLAWS (also known as cons): The title, most of the last few minutes of the episode (minus the Man Ray scene).

    SCORE: 9/10

    Slide Whistle Stooges: Like Shuffleboarding, I don't think this was a bad episode. It was however more annoying due it its filler. Most of the episode is just sliding whistle being played and I honestly hate the whistling sound. But the slide whistle aren't as annoying as the coach's whistle.

    STORY: Another special plot for the show. 10/10

    WRITING: OMG, Alexander and Cervas storyboarded this episode and co-wrote it with Iversen. Expect more bashing. Their writing is their biggest flaw because it was so lazy. 4/10

    HUMOR: At first SpongeBob and Patrick slide whistling was funny but then it was starting to wear off until Squidward do so. It was a hundred times better with Squidward because he annoy the citizen. Also when he drive off the Chum Bucket and the Krusty Krab. The ending of the episode counts as well. 8/10

    AWESOME: Squidward driving the truck though it was funny at the same time. 10/10

    ANIMATION: It was somewhat better than Shuffleboarding but not much. The animation is noticeable awesome during the last few minutes. 8.5/10

    FLAWS: The slide whistling noises got annoying after awhile and that's my only flaw. The most annoying scene was definitely when Squidward runs off from SpongeBob and Patrick.

    SCORE: 9/10

    OVERALL: They're both 9, so it stays the same.
  • Terrible two


    Pffff... shuffleboarding my ass. The shuffleboarding plot is scrapped in the middle of the episode, and then Patrick and Spongebob go around throwing everyone in jail, including Man Ray. This is certainly one of the worst episodes of the show, and has a completely misleading title. How about just naming it "Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy VII, or You're Under Arrest!" instead of Shuffleboarding?

    Slide Whistle Stooges-

    Another episode where Squidward is being tortured to death. Eventually, he gets sick of the slide whistles, and plays one right at Patrick and Spongebob, who like it. All three of them go out to annoy the folks, but Squidward goes to far and drives everyone insane. He ends up in the hospital after falling off a cliff in a truck. And the ending is just terrible. Apparently it's okay to make fun of people who are sick and/or dying, but generally annoying people is death penalty in Bikini Bottom. Very bad episode.
  • In "Shuffleboarding," SpongeBob and Patrick "fight crime" after shuffleboarding contest assuming the identity of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. In "Slide Whistle Stooges," Squidward annoys everybody (including the audience) with a slide whis

    *Sigh*... What can I say about this episode? My opinion of the episodes after the SpongeBob movie is low, but this is even worse.

    Let's start off with "Shuffleboarding," where Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy let SpongeBob and Patrick compete in the Bikini Bottom Shuffleboarding Contest disguised as them when they are hurt. Not heeding their orders to come right back, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to "fight crime" by throwing people in jail for things like being ugly or old. Their stupidity and idea of crime is what makes it bad. But it is not as bad as the main part of this review, "Slide Whistle Stooges."

    This is what made me want to write this review: warning people to stay away from "Slide Whistle Stooges." If you thought Squidward was the one character in this series that annoyed you the least, your thoughts will change. He gets hooked on playing the slide whistle after SB&P bring one to his house. The rest of the episode is pretty much Squidward playing the slide whistle for several minutes, annoying the heck out of the townsfolk and yours truly. If this does not convince you, think of somebody playing an instrument that is loud and shrill and plays two notes in rapid succession. That is a good part of this episode.

    If you see the title "Shuffleboarding" come on the screen, change the channel to avoid thirty minutes of pain.

    Score: 3/10
  • wow, just wow




  • Two Stupid Episodes

    "Shuffleboarding" summary: SpongeBob and Patrick dress up as Mermaidman and Barnacleboy and "defend" the town after they put the real heroes in the hospital.

    First of all, the title of the episode is "Shuffleboarding," but the episode itself has nothing to do with that. Sure, winning the shuffleboard tournament is the reason SB and Patrick get the costumes in the first place, but most of the episode is them running around throwing people in jail for things they can't even control. They even throw Man Ray in jail when the only thing he was doing was talking to an old friend at the laundromat. And even worse, at the end of the episode, the angry townspeople blame Mermaidman and Barnacleboy for everything!

    "Slide Whistle Stooges" summary: SB and Patrick go around playing slide whistles, and eventually rope Squidward into doing it, too.

    That's...pretty much it. The only other notable thing that happens in the episode is that in the end, Squidward ends up in the hospital...with a slide whistle stuck in his throat. Uh huh.

    So, yeah, these episodes don't really provide much. Thumbs-down.
  • An Ok Pair of episode


    Plot: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are at the hospital and can't attend a shuffleboarding tournament, so SpongeBob and Patrick fill in for them. While they're at it, they decide to actually take their full place and start fighting crime. (Despite what the title suggests, the episode "Shuffleboarding" does not at all focus on the game of shuffleboarding. It doesn't even show SpongeBob and Patrick playing shuffleboard.)

    Review [Shuffleboarding]: Why is this episode titled "Shuffleboarding" when the plot has nothing to do with the sport!? Anyways, In this episode Spongebob and Patrick fill in for MM&BB in the shuffleboarding contest when they're injured. They acutally win the trophy, but there not done yet SB&P take to the next level decide to fight crime, also and take MM&BB'S place. They later confront Man Ray who isnt doing anything evil but arrest him anyways, and along with ManRay, Mabel was arrested because Patrick thought she was Manray's lackey.

    Patrick also puts the old lady from "Have You Seen This Snail?" for being too old. [This makes no sense I know.] But later, an old lady is seen at the laundry mat and he doesn't arrest her.

    Final Grade [Shuffleboarding]:

    6.5 out of 10 [C "Ok"]

    Slide Whistle Stooges:

    Plot: SpongeBob and Patrick get new slide whistles and keep playing them, much to the annoyance of Squidward. He is getting so annoyed of it until he buys one and begins to like the toy himself.

    Review: This one was the worse of the two Shuffleboarding being a tad better, but thats not saying much. I found this episode to be for the most part annoying and the fact that the Bikinibottemites were cheering when Squidward fell off a cliff was cruel and was not a normal reaction by any means...

    Final Grade: 5.5 [D+ Mediocre]
  • Abysmal


    Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are at the hospital and can't attend a shuffleboarding tournament, so SpongeBob and Patrick fill in for them. While they're at it, they decide to actually take their full place and start fighting crime.

    Slide Whistle Stooges:
    SpongeBob and Patrick get new slide whistles and keep playing them, much to the annoyance of Squidward. He is getting so annoyed of it until he buys one and begins to like the toy himself.

    1 out of 10

  • 6 words:Spongebob and Patrick ruined these episodes

    Okay,so we have two more terrible episodes.First off,I'll start with Shuffleboarding.

    Why is it called that?They don't even Shuffleboard.They do,but it's not seen.And that's the first problem.The Second problem was that Spongebob and Patrick were such idiots once again.First,They nearly injure Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy with their stupid boomerang.Second,they arrested people for no reasons.I mean,they arrested a guy for his shoes being untied.Oh come on!My shoes get untied all the time,and look at my hands,no handcuffs.And third,Spongebob was WRONG again!At the mob,at the end of the episode,Spongebob thought they were fans.IDIOT!F.

    Now the annoying conclusion,Slide-whistle stooges.

    This has got to be the most pathetic episode ever.Spongebob and Patrick were so annoying again.I hated those whistles,they were so annoying.And then they got Squidward into it too.What a waste of time.

    Okay,so that's my review.Blah Blah.
  • Abysmal

    Shuffleboarding- After injuring MM and BB, Spongebob and Patrick have to disguise themselves as their heroes and compete in the Bikini Bottom shuffleboarding contest. First of all, this episode barely had anything to do with Shuffleboarding, and more to do with SB and Pat pretending to be MM and BB again. 1/10 F-

    Slide Whistle Stooges- Oh my gosh, this is one of the most god-awful Spongebob episodes. It's basiclly Spongebob and Patrick playing with slide whistles an entire episode, just so flipping irritating. 1/10 F-

    Neither of these episodes made me laugh, definitly 2 series worsts right here. 1/10 F-
  • I thought "Shuffleboarding" was superb but I loved "Slide Whistle Stooges"

    Shuffleboarding: I thought that this was a superb episode of SpongeBob and it was well done. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was when SpongeBob and Patrick arrested everyone for no reason but other than that, this was a superb episode. Of course, the appearances of MermaidMan, Barnacleboy, and even ManRay are very well done. I thought it was funny when SpongeBob was close to BarnacleBoy's face and says "hi, how are you feeling?" and when MermaidMan mistakingly got a tissue for a telephone the first time and than an actual telephone. I was really hoping to see some shuffleboarding in this episode when I first heard about this episode though. They should of called this episode "ManSponge and PatBoy" instead. I also thought it was funny that SpongeBob and Patrick were certified to impersonate MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy. It was also funny that the angry mobs were chasing MermaidMan and Barnacleboy at the end and then SpongeBob says "they have so many fans". Overall, despite that one problem I had with this episode, it was a superb episode. 9/10

    Slide Whistle Stooges: I loved this episode and I know alot of people found this episode annoying but I found this episode to be enjoyable and it would have me dancing around to the slide whistles that SpongeBob, Patrick, and even Squidward were playing. I thought it was funny that SpongeBob and Patrick kept chasing Squidward around while playing the slide whistles and it was funny that Squidward got obsessed playing with the slide whistle. I kind of bugged me that everyone in Bikini Bottom was cheering after Squidward fell off the cliff but I love this episode too much so I won't take away points. This episode was enjoyable all the way in my opinion and love listening to the slide whistles. It was also funny that SpongeBob and Patrick played the slide whistles everywhere in the hospital at the end. Overall, a fun and enjoyable episode of Spongebob and it's one of my favorite episodes. 10/10
  • Bad

    Shuffleboarding- Basically Spongebob and Patrick dress up as their heroes to play shuffle boarding. But we see them win, we don't see them play at all. So they go around Bikini Bottom dressed as their heroes. Very lazily written and not funny. D

    Slide Whistle Stooges- TERRIBLE. This is the most irritating episode of Spongebob I have ever seen. I know the point was to be annoying to Squidward {and later everyone in Bikini Bottom} but they ruined it. I almost couldn't make it through this, it was terrible. F, and one of their worsts.

    Both were bad with little redeeming qualities, I thought
  • Very well done episodes, even though the second one was a little better.

    These episodes are two more very good ones from one of my favorite post-movie seasons. Shuffleboarding was a pretty entertaining episode for the most part, but there were a couple things about it I disliked. First, I didn't like how Spongebob and Patrick put everybody in jail for all those stupid reasons, such as "You're too old." Second, and pretty much everyone else has mentioned this, but the title is very misleading. I was hoping we would actually see some shuffleboarding, but we didn't. On a more positive note, this episode had several funny moments, such as this:

    Spongebob:Hi! How're you feeling?
    Barnacle Boy: Will you get off of me!

    I also liked Man Ray's part in this episode and how the "My leg!" gag was used. Overall, this was a good episode, although it could've been a tad better. Silde Whistle Stooges was a better episode in my opinion, but it also could've been a tad better. It did get a little annoying after a while, and I didn't like how everyone cheered after Squidward drove the truck off the cliff. This episode also had some funny moments, though, such as the scene at the very end at the hospital. So, all in all, these were very good episodes, even though improvement was needed at a couple places. Marebear2009, out!
  • Yep once again, dissapointed.

    Man, am I lazy, anyways here is another example of a Season 6 stinker.

    Shuffleboarding: Don't be fooled by the title. This episode contains no shuffleboarding at all. This is another MM & BB episode and I guess they stoped making episodes with MM & BB's name on it. Well, this episode is about SpongeBob and Patrick who are ordered to act like MM & BB and recive their Shuffleboarding trophy. But, they go to far as arresting everyone for very stupid things like "too loud". Nothing special, and SpongeBob and Patrick's MM and BB costume changed.


    Slide Whistle Stooges: Again a lifeless episode. It's just about SpongeBob Patrick and Squidward being side-whisling crazy, specially Squidward who acted like he was in Breath of Fresh Squidward. Well, at least the side-whisling wasn't annoying.


    I got nothing to say aside from these episode were boring and I wanted better.


    Why do I do these reviews on SpongeBob episodes, it's what I ended up doing since 2006. I'm getting a bit tired of this and after the next three reviews on the new episodes, I may review MST3K episodes. I always wanted to do that.
  • These episodes were actually... entertaining.

    For once, I wasn't so disappointed with the outcome of a new episode. I would label these episodes as okay. "Shuffleboarding" kind of went too over-the-top in some scenes, but it had its good parts. I thought that scene with the non-evil Man Ray talking to his OLD high school sweetheart was funny, along with SpongeBob and Patrick arresting them both. "Slide Whistle Stooges" could probably get annoying after a few views, but it was also okay. My favorite scene was at the end where SpongeBob and Patrick were slide whistling in the hospital. That part I actually found funnier than usual. Anyway, I would call this what a conventional episode of SpongeBob should be like.
  • Two surprisingly good episodes!

    Now that's what I call a surprise. I didn't think these episodes would be awesome, but I was sure wrong about that. Shuffleboarding

    Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are stuck in the hospital with bad injuries, thanks to SpongeBob and Patrick, so they ask the two to dress up as them and attend a shuffleboarding tournament that they were supposed to. But they have to return the costumes right after the tournament.

    The tournament which we don't see, is over. SpongeBob and Patrick decide to fight crime for a little while, and end up wrecking havok all over Bikini Bottom. There's a hilarious scene with Man Ray that it worth laughing at.

    Sure, the episode title is misleading, since there's no shuffleboarding that we see in it, but what else would you call it? This episode is underated all because of the title of it.

    Episode grade: B+

    Slide Whistle Stooges

    Dang! I knew I'd seen a winner when I watched this online in German. This episode is funny all the way through. It doesn't have the normal amount of dialouge, but that's perfectly fine because this episode is just great anyway, even in a language you don't understand.

    The ending was a little weird, but the rest of the episode was superb. It's a shame it's paired with The Splinter, because this episode belongs in the Hall of Fame for Season 6.

    Episode Grade: A

    Altogther, you've got yourself an outstanding pairing of SpongeBob episodes here. Definitely worth watching.

    Overall Episode Grade: A-
  • Two more amazing episodes!

    Shuffleboarding: Shuffleboarding is a great episode. Spongebob and Patrick cover for mermaid man and barnacle boy while they are in the hosbitel, Some of the reasons they threw people in jain were crazy! Like "Your shoes untied". This episode is amazing how funny it is! I only watched it a few times and i already think it's awsome!

    Slide Whistle Stooges: Spongebob and Patrick annoy squidward with their slide whistles untill squidward relises it's Music. Squidward was one of my favourite characters in this episode. This is just another great spongebob episode! Spongebob and Patrick didn't have a large roll in this episode but still, Their parts started out pretty funny!

    Overall, I would give both episodes an A+. They are both spongebob hits!
    P.S This is not the real pair
    Shuffleboarding/Professer Squidward
    The Splinter/Slide Whistle Stooges
  • Nicely Done episodes.

    Now first, for Shuffleboarding, I really liked this episode. It was great to see ManRay again. I thought it was funny that everybody believed Sponge+Pat were MM+BB when they were obviously in costumes. I thought it was funny why they put people in jail: Too old!, Your shoes untied!, Your chewing too loud! That made me laugh. As for Slide Whistle Stooges, I liked it, but not quite as much. It was funny though. Like when that guy thought someone was double timing with his girlfriend. And then Squidward did a whistle noise. HA! But I didn't really get the ending, whistling while a doctor was sewing up a patient, Okay, then. Well, anyway, two pretty good episodes
  • WTH!

    OK, I dunno how it happened, but it did!

    I have finally found a Spongebob episode that I can loath!
    Though Shuffleboarding was OK, I am mainly talking about Slide Whistle Stooges, I mean really? I don't know what the writers were thinking, but I just hated all of it!
    I watched it once and never again.
    It just was a un-funny and really annoying attempt at making an episode all about Slide whistles.
    Maybe they were trying to recapture some of the comedy of Squidvile, I not sure, but it just didn't work for me!

    Was alright, if subpar.
    And the ending was really open ended and didn't rap up anything the episode put out there.
  • Good.

    Shuffleboarding- Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy got hurt from Spongebob and Patrick,and are sent to the hospital. Then MM & BB found out they had a shuffleboarding game but they were in alot of pain, they couldn't go. So they sent Spongebob and Patrick to go with silly costumes! In this episode we also learned that Manray went to a prom with some lady named Mable.Other than that, great episode. 10/10

    Slide Whistle Stooges - Spongebob and Patrick get slide whisles and bug Squidward with them. Squidward finally enjoys the instrument himself and play jokes on the other residents of Bikini Bottom.In the end he drives off of a cliff and gets sent to the hospital. It made me a little mad when everyone was cheering that Squidward got hurt.Overall this was great too. 10/10
  • once again, another crappy episode

    Let me start off with shuffleboarding

    WTF is this episode? It's not even the slightest of funny! First off, it should be called "ManSponge and PatBoy" instead of Shuffleboarding, because there is no shuffleboarding! They mention it for two seconds! And how do they already win the trophies if we don't see them, why were they walking to the place anyways? Plus, they hurt poor Barnicle Boy and Mermaid Man. The crimes they said the people made were stupid and not funny. Overall, not even humorous to a unborn organism in a mom's stomache.

    Slide Whistle Stooges

    Overall, a mixed episode. It had some laughs, such as when Spongebob told Patrick if he was thinking what he was thinking, The girl apparently cheating on her muscular wife, and Squidward being a baby. But it also had its bad parts. Why won't Spongebob and Patrick leave Squidward alone? He even tells them, but somehow, they still go after him. Pointless, I tell you! Also, the ending was really stupid. After hearing the slide whistles, the patients get better. Makes no sense, since they wanted to destroy the instrument at the begginning. Oh well, not one of the worst episodes.
  • Two satisfying episodes!

    I liked it. It was funny. Very satisfactory. It was funny when man ray`s head shrank. That was funny! Spongebob and patrick were putting everybody in jail for the dumbest reasons. They were really supposed to only go to the shuffleboarding, and after shuffleboarding, they were supposed to return those costumes to mermaid man and barnacle boy. But, instead they start fighting crime. The reason mermaid man and barnacle boy could not go to the shuffleboarding was because they were in the hospital after they got injuries. I really liked this episode. I thought it was funny when they were bouncing up and down on barnacle boy. I thought this episode was really good. Why do some people hate this episode? Final grade: A-

    Slide whistle stooges:
    I love this one. I thought the ending was kind of freaky because squidward got a slide whistle stuck in his throat. That was the only part of the episode I did not like. It was squidward advantage ( Why do the creators keep constantly doing that?). Aside from that, I love this episode and I thought it was really funny! Squidward is terrorizing the town with the slide whistle. It all started when spongebob and patrick were annoying squidward constantly with these thing called slide whistles. Squidward tried it himself, and after spongebob and patrick said he has musical talent with that slide whistle, he becomes obsessed with the slide whistle, and he is annoying the town constantly with it. This episode was funny. Especially when spongebob and patrick wrapped around each other, and split into many different pieces. I love this episode so much. It made my day. I really suggest you watch this episode. Final grade: A+

    Total: A
  • Good

    Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are at the hospital and can't attend a shuffleboarding tournament, so SpongeBob and Patrick fill in for them. While they're at it, they decide to actually take their full place and start fighting crime.

    It was ok, i wouldv'e liked to see actual shuffleboarding thought. B- 8.0

    Slide Whistle Stooges:
    SpongeBob and Patrick get new slide whistles and keep playing them, much to the annoyance of Squidward. He is getting so annoyed of it until he buys one and begins to like the toy himself.

    Great, I really liked this episode, and I laughed a lot in it too.
    A 9.7

    Overall, 9.0 A-
  • well....

    shuffleboarding: this episode was kinda boring it had its funny moments but mostly plain and boring. spongebob and patrick are annoying mm and bb at the resting home but they accidently knovk mm and bb and themselves int he mermalayer and squash their heros. they are at the hospital but mm and bb cant go to their shuffleboarding contest so sponge and pat dress up as them and win the trophie but they dont return the suits. i though it would turn good here but it doesnt. they start arresting people for no reason what so ever. but some reasons were a little funny like for not liking krabby patties, lol. then they battle manray and an old lady called mable at the washing place. it was funny when patrick jumped on the old lady. then at the end they give the suits back and everone who got arrested chased mm and bb. FINAL GRADE: C-

    slide whistle stooges: this is a good episode, i thought. squidward wakes up and when he starts moving he can here slide whistles, which spongebob anf patrick are playing. so then squidward finds out it is them and he gets so annoyed he tries to run away from them. then as he thinks he lost them they are standing in front of him so he grabs the whistle and start playing it to annoy sponge and pat but they like it. they tell him hes good which makes him feel good. he starts playing it everywhere annoying the town so they start an angry mob, trying to get him. then he makes a truck driver dive out of his truck so squidward is controlling but as he is laughing so much he accidentally drives off the cliff. he goes into hospital realising the whistle saves his life. FINAL GRADE: B+
  • These are ok.

    Shuffleboarding: I kind of disliked this episode when I first saw it, but after a couple reruns I’m growing more fond to it. I dragged a little, and the whole Man Ray scene was getting tiring, but after all it turned out ok. I liked that once again, and for the second time in season 6, we heard the “MY LEG!” gag which, I know for sure, is welcomed by every fan! Anyway, SpongeBob and Patrick looked funny on their costumes, although I would have liked to see them oh the Mermaid Ma & Barnacle Boy costumes they usually wear. One wrong thing about the episode? It’s tittle, they don’t even show them Shuffleboarding! In my opinion, it should have been named Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VII, I miss those. Overall rating: 8/10

    Slide Whistle Stooges: Before watching it I thought that the plot was pretty dumb, but even if it’s dumb it turned out to be a hilarious episode, for some reason, even if it may get annoying at some parts, but Squidward was great on it, like when he pretended to be a baby!, I like this one: 8.7/10
  • Spongebob and Patrick cause mischief when role-playing as their favorite heroes, and spy on Squidward's abnormal life with their slide whistles.

    Shuffleboarding: Darn it! I wanted to see the shuffleboarding! The writers blocked and rushed it at the same time. To stay on topic, Spongebob and Patrick fit in as MM and BB. The reasons why Spongebob and Patrick arrested innocent people were fuunny, especially to spite Patrick unknowningly accusing two kids. This episode gets a straight C, like the others. There were other good moments, it would be better if it was um...longer.

    Episode Grade: Look above

    Slide Whistle Stooges: Spongebob and Patrick recieve a couple of slide whistles and spy on Squidward. Squidward is growed of annoyance. Then, Squidward becomes addicted to one and cause mayhem and prank all over Bkini Bottom. At the end, we see why slide whistles are a good thing, which includes saving your life. One problem I find in this episode is that Spongebob and Patrick can't swim, but they did!


    Final- C+

    Those writers got over their nerves after the SPF5 week and start writing better episodes.