SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 3

Single Cell Anniversary

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Jun 03, 2009 on Nickelodeon

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  • Now THIS is the best Season 7 episode

    Finally! SpongeBob actually tries to help someone again! My favorite part was probably when SpongeBob announces to the town that it was a "Love Emergency". There were actually many funny parts. I even liked the song at the end.
  • Now THIS is what I am talking about! The writers need to do more episodes like this.

    Just the other night I caught this episode on, and at first I thought it was going to suck, but I was proven very wrong. The plot is Plankton is trying to impress Karen for their anniversary after forgetting their anniversary, and Spongebob comes along to help him out. Spongebob has to help Plankton in wooing Karen again to win her love. I loved how Spongebob wasn't a complete moron like in the recent seasons, and did everything he could to help Plankton. I also loved the song done by Plankton toward the end. I thought it was sweet and beautiful, and even though it was a little cheesy it was still great. I also was laughing in this episode. There was actual humor in this episode, and while it wasn't laugh out loud funny it can give you a good laugh. Especially the mariachi band scene. The ending was great as well, and it made me laugh. This is what I have been waiting for in a Spongebob episode since season 3. A great plot, characters not being annoying or stupid, and actual humor. The writers need to really do more episodes like this. It also gives me some hope that Spongebob can have more episodes like this and redeem the show. Even though I don't really watch this show anymore, this is one of the very few episodes of the recent seasons of Spongebob I will watch.
  • perfect


    SpongeBob helps Plankton find the perfect anniversary gift for Karen so she can get him the Krabby Patty secret formula as a present.

    SpongeBob helps Plankton find the perfect anniversary gift for Karen so she can get him the Krabby Patty secret formula as a present.

    Agood episdoe, the love emergency, the song, etc.

    10/1 0

  • OHHHH, My Karen, OHHHHH, my Karen.

    It had some thing that I would have changed, but mostly it panned out nicely.

    One of two things bothered me, A) "The smell of failure", was that really a necessary?, and was is really a joke that needed 1-2 minutes of screen time?
    And the other is the Louve?,Loave, loove, Love? joke.
    It doesn't really get any laughs and just wastes 30 seconds that could have been more productive.

    OK, the cons are outta the way, now for the Pros!
    I liked the one on one talk between Spongebob and Plankton.
    "Love Emergency!"
    A great joke that hails back to about, say, season 4.

    The song was another high light and I loved the mother-in-law gag at the end!
  • Superb

    In this episode, Plankton and Karen's anniversry is today, and as a present Karen got Plankton the Krabby Patty secret formula. However, Plankton hasn't gotten Karen anything so she refuses to give Plankton his gift until he gets her a present from the heart. Spongebob soon learns of Plankton's deliemma and agrees to help Plankton, by helping him write here a song. Will Plankton's song succeed and will he finally get the formula? This was a great episode, probablly the best of season 7 yet. I didn't care for the ending (although I did like Spongebob's line "Yay, your wife blew up") which is why the score isn't higher. Overall, a very good episode worth watching. 9/10 A-
  • Plankton has to find Karen an anniversary present from his heart

    I thought that this was a perfect episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". I thought Karen washing Plankton in the beginning of the episode was hilarious. It was very funny when SpongeBob told Plankton that he was in a "Love Emergency". Plankton telling SpongeBob everything about Karen was pretty funny. It was very funny when SpongeBob was helping Plankton practicing singing as part of Karen's anniversary present and it was funny that Plankton sang so loud that he broke Sandy's air helmet. It was good to see Sandy's cameo appearance in this episode by the way. It was hilarious when SpongeBob said "The music comes from the inside" and then Plankton says "Why are so obsessed with my internal organs?". I loved the song that Plankton sang for Karen as part of her anniversary present which was called "Oh My Karen". It was very funny when Karen was crying so much that she was breaking down. Oh my gosh!!! It was so gosh darn hilarious when SpongeBob said "Yes, I'm saved, you're wife exploded". Karen turning into the Emergency Mother-in-Law program at the end of the episode was very funny. Overall, a perfect episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants".
  • happy anniversary1

    this episode is in my top 20 favorite Spongebob episodes. It was awesome! I liked it when karen took Plankton's skin off and started cleaning him. It was also cool how Karen got the Krappy Patty secret formula. She went to The krusty krab, got a Krabby Patty, then put it in her CD drive then the ingredients calcuulated on her screen and she printed it out. But before Karen gave the formula to plankton, Plankton had to give her a present first. Then Plankton runs into Spongebob and finds out about the anniversary. So spongebob helped Plankton find a present from his heart. Spongebob decides Plankton should sing to Karen. When Plankton went to the Chum Bucket he sang " Oh my Karen, oh my Karen, oh my computer wife Karen". After Plankton sang his marachi song, Karen was going to give the formula to him. Spongebob thought " I am so fired". But Karen cried tears of joy which caused her to explode. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooom
  • great!

    plankton and spongebob write a song for plankton to sing to karen on their anniversary. karen loves it, and now it is time for plankton's present; the krabby patty formula. Now Spongebob has to act quickly so that Plankton does not get the formula. Will Spongebob be able to save the day?

    Decent episode, i don't know if i would say s7's best, but it is pretty decent with a good story and some good jokes. My overall grade would be a high "B", it needed a better ending In My Opinion, but what we got was pretty decent, i thought.
  • BEST... EPISODE... EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Single Cell Anniversary is the 3rd episode of the Deep Sea Danger Zone week, and probably the best so far. When Plankton forgets to get an anniversary present for his computer wife, Karen, he automatically enlists in the help of SpongeBob, who helps him through the art of song to woo Karen. The best part of this episode was definetly the "Emergency Mother In-Law Program!" This episode proved to many SpongeBob fans that the show is definetly getting better, and most of the scores for the episodes Seasons 6-7 are not accurate. Hopefully, SpongeBob will CONTINUE to go uphill until, well, forever!
  • Wowza! I thought this episode will be another bland Plankton episde like the one where he tries to replace Karen :C but it was better, it just me or is Sponge Bob getting it's touch back?

    My god this episode was freaken sweet! I lol'd at the part where Plankton said, "and the way she processes her data, ooh mama!" that was a hidden joke for adults, unlike most episodes after the movie :D.I though this episode was hilarious! I thought this one will be really bad but it turned out to be the best starring those two. I saw it having the same humor as in Season 3. I liked the "Oh my Karen" song. I looooved when Sponge Bob said, yay! your wife exploded! This episode was clever and entertaining, I'm impressed with season 7, what's going on? And guess what? we got an old writer back in season seven, Paul Tibbit. He hasn't written an episode since Pranks alot or something. Yet another good post-movie episode next to Krusty Krushers. Grade: A+
  • Best episode of season 7, just pure genius.

    This episode could've been made in seasons 1-3, I mean, it was THAT good. SpongeBob didn't act as he usually does, he acts like he actually knows things. My favorite part was at the end when SpongeBob said, "Yay, Your wife exploded!" and then acted as if that didn't come out right. That was hilarious! I also liked when spongebob said, "It is a LOVE EMERGENCY!" Like he knows anything about love. But, overall, this episode is just plain perfection. I never expected to see an episode this good as long as spongebob continued. There needs to be more episodes like this.
  • I felt like I was watching a season 3 episode.

    I gotta say, I was really impressed by this episode. First of all, I've never been a fan of Plankton/Karen episodes and when I heard of what this episode was about, I wasn't really looking forward to it. Man, did the writers make something out of these two. SpongeBob played an important role in this episode and, for once, he wasn't an idiot nor did he mess things up. I liked the song Plankton came up with for Karen: it was cute, but it didn't get too cheesy. I was glad to see their relationship really starting to patch up (since it seems in all the other episodes that all they do is argue). Plus, the ending was just killer! You can't beat the classic mother-in-law jokes.

    Overall, this episode had some really good memorable jokes and is an excellent example of the show's classic humor.
  • This could've been made years ago!

    Single Cell Anniversary: A very close B, I really liked it but needs very little improvement. Plankton vows to give the perfect gift for Karen for their wedding anniversary and Karen has the perfect gift: the formula! Plankton enlists Spongebob's help to give Karen the best gift. It was funny that Plankton thinks Spongebob was talking about his kidney that his gift is from what's inside. Thanks to Spongebob, Plankton sings a song for Karen from what's inside his ki...heart. Karen loves it very much that she cries tears of joy before the secret formula was downloaded. After Karen reboots, she gets linked to someone else: The Mother In-Law Program. This quote was funny too: "Your wife exploded!" Excellent plot indeed.

  • Single Cell Anniversary: Karen has got the perfect gift for Plankton and her anniversary the Krabby patty recipe but in order to get it he must earn it.

    Single Cell Anniversary: This is GREAT!!! this episode is hilarious with a great song and plot. When I heard about this episode I thought the plot sounded interested and I was right. Best of the week by far and probally the best Season 7 episode (So far). Like many other people have said about this episode it could have been made years ago. At last we have a song and what a great song it is. I never knew Spongebob was a lady's man. I can see why Tom Kenny has it on is top 10 list.

    Single Cell Anniversary: 9.0
  • Oh my computer wife, Karen, put down those punch cards and listen to my ode!

    I absolutely loved this episode, enough to probably place it on my top fives of the post-movie era. I'm starting to like the Plankton/Karen relationship. At first I thought they were cute together, even though they hated each other, but according to this episode they do love each other, and that's really nice. The theme of love is not touched very often on this show, so I like having a steady couple. The jokes were hilarious, and so were the characters. SpongeBob and Plankton made a great duo on this episode, considering the contrast on personalities. Some people were saying that this episode wasn't going to work because Plankton doesn't really care about Karen, but seeing that he wanted to give her a present just so she could give him the secret formula made sense. I like the song a lot, it turned into an "ear worm" because I couldn't get it out of my head! xP Overall, this was a fantastic installment, and a hope-bringer that my favorite show may return to be as good as it once was.
  • This episiode rocked the boat! Plankton FTW!!! =]

    This eppy was one of the best eppies ina long time. Well, with Plankton and Karen anyway. I loved how Plankton sang that really sweet song to Karen! I thought that it was funny when Sponge and Pat randomly showed up with the guitar and drum. That ROCKED!! I also liked when Karen started crying and shorted out. The Plankton's like, "No!" And Spongebob goes, "Yes! Your wife exploded!! Um...happy anniversary!" That part was hilarious. The only part I didn't get was when Spongebob was like to Plankton, "Come on. Tell your Uncle Spongebob what's wrong." Spongebob is waaaay younger. lol.
  • Holy Krabby Patties! Awesome episode!!!!!

    Wow! I couldn't be more surprised! There was...like...nothing bad about this episode. Not only did it lack a single gross joke, but it also had that Season 3 feel in it. You don't find that feeling in many new episodes these days.

    The creativity this episode had was unbelivable. I couldn't believe I was actually watching it when I first saw it.

    Anyone who has yet to see this episode should see it right now because it's the best Season 7 episode yet! It's in my top 50, and that's very unusual, because most of my top 50 are from Seasons 1-3. Please, see this episode! It's really great. You will not be disappointed. I guarentee it.

    Final Episode Grade: A+
  • This was probably the best of the week!

    I will have to admit, this seemed boring at first. But when Plankton was singing the song Oh my Karen, this episode got better. The Song was funny. Give this episode a chance, it is a good episode. In my opinion, this was the best of the week of new episodes. Anyways, i thought Plankton would really get the Formula, but he didn't. Oh well, he almost does, but he doesn't. I couldn't stop laughing at the ending with The replacement for Karen. I noticed Patrick was playing the drums ( Or whatever they were) and he didn't even speak in this episode. I think that is the first time i have seen that happen.

    Overall Grade: A
  • This one actually would have been better without SpongeBob in it.

    For a newer episode, Single Cell Anniversary was handled quite well. Unfortunately, there were a lot of mood-killers in the episode.

    For once, we had the chance to explore the relationship between Plankton and Karen. Their usual bickering was entertaining, but there really needed to be an episode where Plankton didn't treat Karen like dirt. This one is it, and it does it well half of the time.

    A part I liked was when Plankton had to go get a gift in return for the formula. It provided a good way to motivate Plankton, and, finally, something that made sense. I'm getting tired of all the nonsensical plot elements in SpongeBob these days, and Single Cell Anniversary actually contained something realistic-well, compared to the plots of other recent episodes.

    Karen is also portrayed as quite emotionally sensitive, and not just a cold, feeling-less machine. The lack of exposure of her in the show allows her to absorb character development slowly, without getting any radical changes. Her "bickering wife" aspect also seems to have dwindled, although she does get a bit grumpy sometimes.

    Quite possibly my favorite scene was when Karen was loading up the formula after the song, mainly because of her very expressive voice. It really sets the mood in this scene, and the overall aspect of her own tears shorting her out was extremely heartwarming. Unfortunately, the "angry mother-in-law" scene ruined what could be a perfectly good moment. If Karen actually booted up normally, either it could go the emotional way and have a scene where Plankton became extremely happy at Karen being alive, or it could go the funny way and revert to the "you are not my wife, you are my assisstant" relationship and have Plankton lamenting at the loss of the Krabby Patty formula data.

    The inclusion of SpongeBob in this episode was basically just an excuse to have him simply there. Squidward is the music guru of the cast, yet he wasn't the one to teach Plankon how to sing. SpongeBob, however, did, which is actually backed by having him gain a very good singing voice in a previous episode, which both retcons that he can't sing and is an excuse to beat Squidward at his own game once again. SpongeBob also has had a track record of failing at friendships with Plankton (the earliest case being all the way back in F.U.N.), so why did he trust him? Somehow, I'm not seeing any likelyhood in this.

    The song is also quite odd, either Karen is a very large fan of samba, or it doesn't make any sense. It's not exactly romantic, and it seems quite out of place in a romantic episode. It would be better as a slower song, with less attempts to be funny, because mainly the song came off as a dud.

    All in all, this could have been a great and romantic episode, but unfortunatly it was ruined by the assumption that their audience cannot understand emotional plots, and was left as some strange hybrid of romance and humor. Not exactly a romantic comedy, though, because they were like oil and water: they didn't mix, therefore making the episode quite odd. In my humble opinion, they should have either left the episode alone or not made it.
  • OMG one of the best episodes yet!

    Plankton comes home all smelly and Karen starts to clean him and be nice to him. Plankton doesn't understand what she is so happy about, then she tells him it's their anniversary, and she wanted to give a present to Plankton, the krabby patty formula! Since Plankton forgot, Karen won't give it to him until he finds her a great gift. He stumbles along Spongebob and Spongebob offers to help him. He tells him the perfect gift is your heart, and he teaches Plankton to sing a song for Karen! Plankton sings it and Karen gets really happy so she tries to download the formula on her screen, Spongebob finds out and tries to plug the cord which was the coffee machine plug. Karen was so happy about the song that she cried over the computer and the computer exploded. The best parts of all is when Karen was making those funny faces on her screen when Plankton was singing, Spongebob said ' Oh great you wife exploded'! and when Karen's screen went to mother-in-law mode! Awesome episode!
  • Oh good! Your wife exploded!

    That's the best line of the show and there were some good one's in this epidsode. I liked most everything about it. I was a tiny bit confused, however, in regards to the crabby patty formula. Didn't Karen already have it downloaded and sealed in a bottle? Why did she have to download it again?? Oh well...it's cartoon logic. It doesn't have to make sense. I loved the mariachi band and Plankton's song to his wife really did seem to be from his kidney, I mean heart. I would say this is the best so far this week and I look forward to Thursday!
  • So far, best of the week!

    In case y'all don't know, I am a huge Plankton fan! Really, I am. So maybe that had something to do with me loving this episode, but I have other reaasons. I just think it was a very funny episode. The start of the episode was extrememly dull. The only part that I liked during the bathing scene was when Plankton was naked and when he screamed like a girl. That was just an LOL moment! But once SpongeBob showed up, that's when things got really good! There was one very funny scene with SpongeBob talking to Squidward which went something like; SpongeBob: Squidward, did you hear that? It sounded like a cry of misery! Squidward: It was probably me. SpongeBob: No, not bitterness, misery." Or something like that, I can't remember the exact words. Also, it was funny seeing SpongeBob teach him out to sing and the song that Plankton sang was weird, but funny. And it was sweet to see someone actually doing something nice for Plankton. But my favorite quote was at the end when Karen began to short cirquit and SpongeBob was like, "Hey your wife exploded! Oh and happy anniversary, Plankton!" That was hilarious! So, so far, this has been the best of the week, but we'll have to see how tomorrow's and Friday's episode so goes. Final Grade: A+! Teen_Tomboy, out!
  • This was not a very good episode at first, but Spongebob made it a lot better.

    When I saw the beginning of this episode, I thought I wasn't going to like it at first. It was kind of dull, and it was weird seeing Plankton being bathed and disgusting to see how he looked before that. However, there were several things in this episode that made up for that. One thing was Spongebob teaching Plankton how to sing and to say love. The mariachi band scene where Spongebob and Patrick suddenly appeared was so funny! I also loved how Karen shorted herself out (since when do computers have tears?) and then Spongebob said to Plankton "Hooray! Your wife exploded!" The ending was great when Karen's mom made an appearance at the very end. That was such a big surprise!:) This episode, to me, is the best one of the week so far, and I hope tomorrow's and Friday's are even better! Marebear2009, out!