SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 4

Skill Crane / Good Neighbors

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM May 20, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Skill Crane:Really Good Good Neighbors:The one that started the onslaught of Squidward torture episodes

    Skill Crane was a good episode and it's probably one of the best of the post-movie would give it a 9 or an A-. However, Good Neighbors was really bad!It was one of the earliest Squidward torture episodes and it's one of the most infuriating ones of that genre of SB. I would give this one a 2 or a D overall score is 5.5/10.
  • My review is for Good Neighbors

    Okay, as much as I love to see SpongeBob and Patrick annoy the crap out of the only person who seriously loathes them, they crossed the line on this episode. There were some funny scenes on this episode, but I still dislike this episode. Not one of my favorites. "Opposite Day" and "That Sinking Feeling" were good, but this one, not really the best. I love the part where Squidward's house came to life as well as SpongeBob and Patrick bowing to Squidward, but the episode still hasn't amuse me.
  • Skill Crane good, Good Neighbors BAD

    Skill Crane was awesome! but good neighbors is horrible!
  • Skill crane: Good episode Good Neighbors: The Start of Squidward torture porns

    This only get an 6 because skill crane was a pretty good episode. We all know that pain of not being able to get the toy out of the claw machine, and the episode is hilarious. However, Good Neighbors just set up what is known today as the infamous Squidward torture Porns. All he was doing was trying to enjoy his Sunday, he didn't want to be bothered, he just wanted to be left alone. Is that so much to ask for Spongebob? He wasn't doing anything to you and Patrick. Is there anything wrong with wanting to enjoy your Sunday? While there are some good episodes where Squidward is tortured such as Opposite Day and Club Spongebob, he was tortured because he was being an arrogant jerk. Here, he's not even doing anything to them, he just wants to relax and enjoy his day off. Do the writers think that Squidward should be tortured even when he's trying to relax? Overall Skill crane gets a 10 but Good Neighbors gets a 2.
  • Skill crane is super funny,but good neighbors sucks

    Skill crane was a

    10/10 A+

    BUT GOOD Neighbors is another scummy episode it is a

    0.00000000000000000000000001/10 which means an F------
  • I hated Good Neighbors

    Skill Crane was a way better episode than Good Neighbors. It was annoying seeing Squidward getting tortured when he is just trying to enjoy his sunday.

    Skill Crane 10/10

    Good Neighbors 2/10

    Overall 5.5/10
  • Squidward try to win a crane; Squidward want to have a nice Sunday but SpongeBob and Patrick annoy him

    Skill Crane: WAY better (at this point) than any season 4 episodes (expect Krusty Towers/Mrs. Puff You;re Fired, and a few other perfect S4 episodes) especially its partner. I laughed at Mr. Krabs hiding in SpongeBob, Squidward kept losing while SpongeBob kept winning, Squidward kept hearing the buzzing from the crane, Squidward winning the crane, then he shows it most of them, and the last part. Overall score (Wished I had made this episode's review longer) 10/10

    Good Neighbors: This episode was never good to me so I agreed with those people. It was a okay episode altogether. SpongeBob and Patrick were getting annoying (for the first time after the movie and this trend continues later seasons) and Squidward was too harsh in the middle when he yelled at them ("Does it include..." "YES IT DOES!!!!!" Then he popped out breaking the door in the middle yelling at them and put off their hats) This is where the post movie haters (BLAH BLAH BLAH Don';t care if this episode made the show worse...) think that Squidward starts to get more meaner, This episode is noticeable and I kinda agree. Squidward is less nice to them in later seasons compared to a few times was nice in season 1-3. Anyway, the funny parts in this episode were newspaper monster, SpongeBob and Patrick thinking Squidward is president, poka dot (Squidward got covered by it), and Squidward's house on a rampage. Overall score 6/10 (one of the weakest season 4 episodes)
  • Another episode pair with a good one, and a bad one.

    Even though I loved Skill Crane, Good Neighbors covers anything that Skill Crane did good. In my freaking opinion, Good Neighbors is the worst episode in the season. GN destroyed everything that I liked about Spongebob into tiny pieces. I've really expected better from this season that's supposed to e better than Season 3. GN just failed miserably. First, Patrick thinks Spongebob is a paper monster (sigh), then, Spognebob makes an Illuminati reference (what the hell is that doing in a kids show.) But it gets worse.

    For the next parts, Squidward gets tortured, TO THE MAX! He wastes all his Sundays of his life thanks to Spongebob and Patrick by doing community service (with them). Just, terrible.

    Unlike Skill Crane, Squidward didn't deserve all this misery. I mean, come on! What the hell Nick?
  • I loved "Skill Crane" but SpongeBob and Patrick were kinda getting on my nerves in "Good Neighbors"

    Skill Crane: This happens to be one of my favorite Season 4 SpongeBob episodes. I thought Mr. Krabs getting a skill crane for the Krusty Krab was an excellent idea. I just wish we saw the skill crane for the rest of the SpongeBob episodes. I thought it was funny that SpongeBob keeps winning stuffed animals from the skill crane and it makes Squidward frustrated. It was also funny that Squidward is trying to win a stuffed animal but he keeps losing. SpongeBob teaching Squidward how to win the skill was also funny. It was also hilarious that Squidward was gloating that he won and that little kid didn't and it was funny that the little kid kicked Squidward's leg because Squidward got him angry for gloating about the skill crane. It was also funny when Squidward was driving that construction thing and destroyed the Krusty Krab. It was also funny that SpongeBob tried to pick up Squidward but he said "I guess I could only pick up toys". Overall, a perfect episode. 10/10

    Good Neighbors: This episode was great but I must say that SpongeBob and Patrick were kinda irritating me in this episode. It was funny that SpongeBob and Patrick made that good neighbor lodge. It was also hilarious when the paint was on Squidward's face and these two Bikini Bottom citizens thought that Squidward has the chicken pox and took him to the hospital. I also didn't like Squidward in this episode too much because I know SpongeBob and Patrick didn't leave Squidward alone on his Sunday day off which was why they irritated me but they were being such good neighbors by making a cake that says "sorry for bugging you so much" but all Squidward said was "intruder alert" and then Squidward tells the machine "What's a matter with you?" and then the machine responds "threat detected" and then Squidward's house walks everywhere in Bikini Bottom. It was also funny that the military tried to stop Squidward's house. I just didn't like that Squidward including SpongeBob and Patrick had to do community service. Overall, a great episode but could of been better. 8/10
  • Skill Crane was funny. Good Neighbors was too.

    In Skill Crane, Mr. Krabs buys a crane machine in order to make money. Soon, after SpongeBob wins a prize, Squidward becomes so obsessed with it. So, the funniest part in this episode was when Squidward took the quarter friom Mr. Krabs instead of putting it into the machine. It was also funny when Squidward put his eye on the remote. When I saw that, I was like, "Ouch!" That looked like it hurt a lot. Then, when that little boy kicked Squidward in the shin, I was cracking up. Then, later, when Squidward started to destroy everything, I rolled on the floor laughing. Grade: B+. Good Neighbors was about Squidward wanting to have a relaxing Sunday. The only problem is, SpongeBob and Patrick can't stop annoying him. The only really funny part was when Squid's machine went wrong and started to destroy the city. And when he thought that Squidward was a threat, that was funny. Grade: B.
  • not as bad as people say

    skill crane i liked this episode espically when squidward used his imagination to get what he wanted from the crane i liked this episode i give it a 8.5
    good neighbor also a good episode i liked it when squidward;s house was walking towards the bikini bottom and destroying it that was so funny and classic i also liked it when the im sorry squidward cake i think that;s what it was called i cant remember because i havent watched this episode in a long time but anyway the im sorry squidward cake flyed out and broke the radio that was so funny so overall this episode wasnt as bad as people say i give it an 8.5 aswell kingnicky1 out
  • Bad


    Skill Crane:
    Mr. Krabs gets a new toy vender by the name of "Skill Crane." At first, Squidward doesn't like it, but when Mr. Krabs lets him and SpongeBob give it a try, Squidward becomes obsessed with it. Can he win anything from the Skill Crane before it ruins his life?

    Good Neighbors:
    It's Sunday and Squidward just wants to relax. But when SpongeBob and Patrick elect him as Good Neighbor President, they won't leave him alone. Squidward installs an alarm system in which he thinks will "get rid of the threat." But when it malfunctions after SpongeBob and Patrick's apology cake is dropped on it, it goes on a rampage. Can Sponge and Pat get the house back to normal while Squidward just enjoys the rest of his Sunday?

    3.5 out of 10

  • This is when Spongebob went bad.

    Skill crane
    Squid lost all his money. Nice job writers. You can't torture Squid that much! Squidm gets attached to this game called skill crane and, can't stop playing it and, lost more than over 3,000 quarters! So, this is a bad episode.
    Final Grade: D

    Good neighbors
    Now, this ones better. Even if they still tortured Squid. Spongebob starts a thing called the Good Neighbor lodge and make Squid their president. It's waisting Squidward's Sunday. And, it was pretty bad. But, Skill Crane was worst! I would'nt mind if Nick stoped showing this episode. Cause it's the worst of 4th Season. Okay. I was wrong. Wigstruck is.
    Final Grade: D+

    Final Grade: D, 4
  • Skill Crane was average, but Good Neighbors was lackluster.

    Skill Crane:This episode was okay. Mr.Krabs gets a skill crane for the Krusty Krab, and Squidward becomes obsessed with it after he keeps losing on it. Spongebob, who keeps winning on it, shows Squidward the secret to beating the game, and Squidward wins. Squidward starts to become arrogant, and tries out his skills on a construction crane, but he ends up destroying the construction workers hard work. The angry workers surround Squidward and the episode ends.

    This episode had some good humour and funny moments. I did not like the ending though.

    Good Neighbors:This episode was not very good. Squidward wants to relax on Sunday, but his day is constantly ruined by Spongebob and Patrick, who make him president of their "Good Neighbor Lodge". Their antics eventually lead Squidward to get a security system to keep them away, but Spongebob and Patrick manage to get in his house, and accidently drop their apology cake for Squidward on the machine, causing it to malfunction and bring Squidward's house to life. Squidward's house destroys the town, but is finally stopped after Spongebob turns it off. However, Squidward, Spongebob, and Patrick have to pay for the destruction the machine did to the town by doing community service for the rest of their lives.

    This was a rather disappointing episode. I used to like it because of the simple plot and the jokes, but I don't anymore. The episode is just a few cheap gags with Sponge and Pat ruining Squidward's day that are hardly laughable. It was too cruel to Squidward, and I hated the ending. I also didn't like how Spongebob and Patrick's only role was inadverdently hurting Squidward and making his situation worse, I thought it was irritating. A pointless and disappointing episode.

    Overall, Skill Crane is worth watching, but Good Neighbors is bad.
  • Skill Crane, very good, but Good Neighbors........

    Skill Crane: This episode was well made. It was funny to see Squidward fail at the claw machine so many times, including the ways he fails AND the ways he pays for it. This episode actually had Squidward trust Spongebob for once, though it didn't turn out so good at the end, this episode shows that Squidward doesn't always think negative about Spongebob. But what makes this episode from being very good is that Squidward is tortured, not being able to pick up anything. Not water, not a blanket, not even a TV remote. Does Nickelodeon torture Squidward for a hobby? Even the ending was brutal to Squidward. So, a good episode, but shouldn't make it so that Squidward is tortured.
    Score: 6/10

    Good Neighbors: Oh my god, this episode was made as a joke. It's just Squidward trying to relax on Sunday, but Spongebob and Patrick ruin it all by trying to be "Good Neighbors". Squidward was suppose relax, read the paper, get a massage, and do whatever he wanted. But NO!!!!!! Spongebob and Patrick took his paper, got him sent to the hospital when there was nothing wrong with him, and they even destroyed most of the town. Squidward was nagged and poorly treated, and why did Nickelodeon make it so that he could never enjoy a Sunday again!? If they want him tortured in every episode, why don't they just kill him!? The bottom line, don't make so that Spongebob and Patrick's stupidity ruins Squidward's day, and that they always have to win.
    Score: 1/10

    Average: 3/10
  • Skill Crane was fine,but Good Neighbors was just cruel.

    These episodes were way out of hand.Squidward was both jerks of these episodes.And that's why I hate him.The first episode was about Squidward trying to win an animal.Then,he did!But at the end,Squidward was way out of hand.That was so stupid of him to make fun of that little kid.He got two things he deserved in this episode:A kick in the leg and getting beaten up.The next episode was his worst.Good Neighbors was cruel.Squidward was his worst in this episode.And Spongebob wrote a note to him for his Sunday paper.And Squidward was mad!Well,I know Spongebob is a idiot,but he does all the nice things for Squidward.And then it got worse.Squidward stomped on their fezzezes.I just want to kill Squidward for that.Squidward desereves every bad thing that happened to him.DOWN WITH SQUDIWARD!!!!
  • Both episodes are just plain horrible.

    Skill crane:
    Retarded. Just plain retarded. Squidward gets addicted to a skill crane? Those things are not that fun. Everything about this episode is lame. I cant believe I ever laid my eyes on the t.v. when this episode came on. Just plain horrible. Come on spongebob! You can do better than that!
    Final Grade: F

    Good neighbors:
    Yuck! This episode is annoying! I cant believe this episode ever existed. This is a reason why I hate season 4. After I saw this episode I was like "Oh my god! My eyes. Just another painful to watch episode. Final grade: F Total Grade: F
  • Skill Crane was a pretty good episode! But Good Neighbors was an awful sight to see! and I think was the WORST SPONGEBOB EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alright Good Neighbors is a shameful Episode and a disgraceful move Nick has made, I mean seriously, I see no respect to Squidward/Roger Bumpass AT ALL!!! So I don't know what these jokers were thinking of airing this episode so the viewers will see this torture of a character I thought did not deserve to go through that! Schnadenfreude alert! Look it up in the Dictionary and you'll see that its a suffering of a particular character, why do these writers keep picking on Squidward!? Ugh! This is terrible! Squidward fans do not need to see this...its too horrible! That is my advice! I don't get why there is all these good reviews about this episode! It makes no sense at all! They probably only gave it a high rating because of Skill crane! ugh! I've seen a few bad episodes of SpongeBob here and there but this one is...JUST...HORRIBLE!!!!! AAARRGH!!! What is wrong with people?! That is all I have to say about this Report/Review!!! So it just goes to show you that some of these writers are nasty and mean!!! Well, I guess that is it-hoping that someone agree and understands with me here! (and sure we all have bad days, but I'm gonna prove some points with this: First of all why would there be an Ad about a Security Device that when it hits code red it destroys everything?! Why would something dangerous like that be commercialized in the first place?! And the other thing is when Squidward's face is blotchy red from the paint, the people think he is sick, well I for one would see the paintiness in the blotchiness and could tell that it was from a mess and NOT a sickness!!! The last thing I have to say about this is when a whole town is destroyed, WHY would you have to work on it for the rest of your life?! if you please the authorities and do a quick and good job you should be let free in the next couple years! Five Years Tops!!!)
    As for Skill Crane: All I have to say was that it was better because at least Squidward wins a prize in this one, and thought it was fun to watch Krabs getting the money and Prizes being won, and the Construction workers working on those wonderful masterpieces before it got destroyed. So that's my Review!!! The only reason I gave it a 4.5 and not lower was because of the pretty good episode of Skill Crane!
  • Worst episode in Spongebob history!

    I'm not talking about Skill Crane, that was fine, but Good Neighbors wasn't about Good Neighbors at all! I didn't like one thing about it. Spongebob and Patrick keep pestering Squidward throughout that entire episode, I don't like Squidward, but in this episode, I felt sorry for him. One thing that didn't make any sense at all was the Squidward's house coming alive and destroying the town part, it made no sense whatsoever. And at the end, because of Spongebob and Patrick, Squidward couldn't relax and enjoy his only day off from work due to his two "good" neighbors' stupidity. And not only did Spongebob and Patrick do that, but they also got him stuck with them for community service every single Sunday for the rest of his life. That doesn't make any sense at all, he should just have to do community service until the whole town is repaired! And Spongebob and Patrick just act like they did nothing wrong in their normal stupidity. This is the worst episode of Spongebob ever, I don't see how people like it! And most of all, you feel just like strangling those two dunces Spongebob and Patrick at the end! This episode gets a 0/10 no question. Not to mention, the only reason I'm not giving this episode a zero is because tv.com's dumb scale won't let me rate any lower.
  • Cruddy... Super Cruddy...

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's The Super Cruddiest Episode of Spongebob Squarepants ever! This episode was very disappointing to me, it let down millions of fans, and mostly, it sucked. I don't care what you're opinion is, but that's what im naming this episode, Crappy the Krabby Patty! It was like the creator of Spongebob has suffered from creating new episodes of Spongebob Squarepants. I hope the new episodes won't be as bad as this one!
  • What the HELL was that?

    At the ending of Skill Crane, well....what was that? It was just random nonsense. Randomness doesn't make for a funny show, just watch the Amanda Show, it's stupid as hell. Randomness is something that requires a light touch. If you use it too much, people expect it, and it's not really random anymore. You have to catch people off guard with it. Spongebob is dying, but it was a good run!
  • After seeing this, I\\\'m now frightened for Spongebob. It has been the only good show to appear on Nick, and now, it seems to be failing.

    This show, was not good. What was up with the end of Skill Crane? I can only grab toys? That was lame! Lots of people say this, and i agree, Spongebob has lost its humor, and now has totally retared humor. It just not funny. Good neighbors, was just, weird, and confusing. You really had no idea what was going on, and the house thing at the end was absoulutely ridiculous. "Hmm, is this the switch, i don't think so?" LAME. Nick, listen up. You go get the old Spongebob and tell him we want him back! And go slap the new spongebob while your at it!
  • Good Neighbor was painful to watch.

    Skill Crane was pretty funny, but Good Neighbor....... OMG!!! Good neighbor was actually painful to watch. I didn't really laugh and at the same time...... it was just too painful. I didn't see any point in watching good neighbor. Each time I'm done watching Skill Crane, I'm going to change the channel. I'm not trying to offend anyone, but Good neighbor is actually one of the worst episodes so far in Season 4. I hope all the other episodes are better than this show...... Oh, help....... I'm dying... ackk.......don't worry, I won't watch Good Neighbor again! Never ever ever again.
  • Worst Episode Ever

    I Hated This Episode Squidward Gets Bad Luck at the End Of Both Episodes Skill Crane Was Better But Good Neighbour Stinks you see Squidward tries to Have The Sunday Off But Spongebob and Patrick Ruined It His House Goes Bezerk and Destroys Binkini Bottom and Now He Must Do Community Service On Every Sunday
  • Good Neighbors scarred me for life. I'm dead serious. (Not about Skill Crane)

    Good Neighbors-
    This episode is an abomination to mankind. Sponge and Pat stalk Squid for an entire Sunday...I mean start a Good Neighbors club, and it drives Squid insane.
    I've never had a problem with Squid getting ticked, but damn it was too much! But it's not his fault, it's Sponge and Pat that ruined the episode. They seemed to either be doing it intentionally or they were just being complete retards, and even after Squid broke their hearts with that long tirade, they STILL CAME BACK. After all that, Squid got the terrible community service ending.

    Final Grade: F-------------------------------------------
  • Gamergeous!!!

    Skill Crane was malcomolor while Good Neighbors was totally bad. Skill Crane was slow in many parts and had a few good parts. Good Neighbors had an okay plot but was jancopoleracable. The episode had jokes that were vanplor. The plot was good at first but then just became annoying and turned into another ruin Squidward's life episode. The jokes were vanplor, nowhere did I laugh or even chuckle. Skill Crane was a Squidward annoy episode. That was a good and funny plot there but the jokes weren't too good.

    Overall, this episode is on once a week which is real annoying. Overall, both episodes were jancopoleracable, malcomolor episodes. We need spongebob to not be gamergeous and bring old episodes back!!!
  • The worst episode of SpongeBob ever if you're a dieheart Squidward fan.

    Skill Crane: A terrible episode that once again sabotages Squidward, nothing else to say.
    GRADE: F

    Good Neighbors: A repeat of Skill Crane, Squidward is sabotaged once again, and it is even worse.
    GRADE: F


    Well, what else can I say? I see that other Squidward fans disagree with me, mainly because they're not looking close enough. Oh, and to the writers. **** you! Stop sabotaging Squidward like this! Can't SpongeBob and Patrick just get it one time, wait, they already did in A Life in a Day. Well, again! Can't you sabotage SpongeBob and Patrick again! These episodes are going straight into the top ten worst episodes of SpongeBob book and nobody can change my mind!
  • No this is an awful turning point for SB! Aaah! Read if you like horror stories or enjoy seeing train wrecks! :(

    Ok, rundown:

    Mr. Krabs gets a skill crane that SpongeBob is good at. Squidward is not. So he puts all his cash like a gambling addiction and he doesn't win. So SpongeBob says "Be the crane". Squidward does and is happy. Then construction workers get mad. THE END


    Grade= C+

    Squidward wants peace and quiet. But SpongeBo and Patrick annoy him. Bad things continue to happen as they form the Good Neighbor Lodge. Then Squidward gets a security system that hates cake and goes nuts so then the house becomes alive for some dumb reason. The cops stop it, but Squidward must spend every Sunday with S and P for the rest of his life, proving that Squidward can't win post-season 3.

    Again, Pbbbhhhtbbtt!

    Grade= C-

    Congratulations! They fail the Zach-O-Meter!
  • Skill Crane was boring and Good Neighbors is horrible.

    Skill Crane: This episode was just boring. Spongebob doesn't need to show off with his toys just because he always wins in the skill crane. I just hate how Spongebob always wins and shows off his toys to Squidward. Final Grade: F---- (43%)

    Good Neighbors: This was absolutely bad. I hate the episodes where Spongebob and Patrick are complete jerks to Squidward. Squidward just wanted to relax on Sunday and Spongebob and Patrick ruined everything. Now Squidward won't be able to relax on any Sunday because of the destruction at the end. This is the second worst in the season (the worst being Funny Pants). Final Grade: F--------- (12%)
  • Skill Crane and Good Neighbors are both really bad episodes with too much Squidward abuse that went to far.

    Skill Crane:

    Mr. Krabs orders a vending machine called "Skill Crane" to put into the Krusty Krab so he can make more money. Spongebob is really good at using it and keeps winning a prize and Squidward is really bad at it and keeps losing. But Spongebob gives him a secret and says to "Be the Crane" and wins a prize.


    -Squidward was out of character in the last 10 minutes because he was being such a arrogant, bragging, a**hole, just because he won a stupid teddy bear.
    -Spongebob was pretty annoying because he kept showing off his prizes to Squidward.
    -Squidward was such a jerk to the little kid and was insulting him because he didnt win a prize.
    -They creators put to much abuse on Squidward because they made him give up everything to win and the ending was alot of Squidward abuse.

    Overall, it was a boring episode with barely no jokes and the creators went to far with the Squidward abuse.

    This Episode gets a D-.

    Good Neighbors:

    Squidward wants to have a nice Sunday, but Spongebob and Patrick consider themselves "Good Neighbors" so they make a society called the "Good Neighbor Lodge" and make Squidward president of the society. Spongebob and Patrick continue to ruin Squidwards Sunday through the whole entire episode.

    -Even though it was harsh and out of character for Squidward to have a breakdown at Spongebob and Patrick, they deserved it for ruining Squidward's day.

    -Spongebob and Patrick were so annoying in this episode and completley ruined it, they wouldnt leave poor Squidward along.
    -Way way way too much Squidward abuse.
    -Terrible diolauge and jokes.
    -The ending was terrible and made the Squidward Abuse much worse.

    Overall, this episode was annoying and out of character and probably one of the worst SB episodes on my list. The creators went too far with the Squidward Abuse too.

    This Episode gets a F. Im out!
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