SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 4

Skill Crane / Good Neighbors

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM May 20, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • I loved "Skill Crane" but SpongeBob and Patrick were kinda getting on my nerves in "Good Neighbors"

    Skill Crane: This happens to be one of my favorite Season 4 SpongeBob episodes. I thought Mr. Krabs getting a skill crane for the Krusty Krab was an excellent idea. I just wish we saw the skill crane for the rest of the SpongeBob episodes. I thought it was funny that SpongeBob keeps winning stuffed animals from the skill crane and it makes Squidward frustrated. It was also funny that Squidward is trying to win a stuffed animal but he keeps losing. SpongeBob teaching Squidward how to win the skill was also funny. It was also hilarious that Squidward was gloating that he won and that little kid didn't and it was funny that the little kid kicked Squidward's leg because Squidward got him angry for gloating about the skill crane. It was also funny when Squidward was driving that construction thing and destroyed the Krusty Krab. It was also funny that SpongeBob tried to pick up Squidward but he said "I guess I could only pick up toys". Overall, a perfect episode. 10/10

    Good Neighbors: This episode was great but I must say that SpongeBob and Patrick were kinda irritating me in this episode. It was funny that SpongeBob and Patrick made that good neighbor lodge. It was also hilarious when the paint was on Squidward's face and these two Bikini Bottom citizens thought that Squidward has the chicken pox and took him to the hospital. I also didn't like Squidward in this episode too much because I know SpongeBob and Patrick didn't leave Squidward alone on his Sunday day off which was why they irritated me but they were being such good neighbors by making a cake that says "sorry for bugging you so much" but all Squidward said was "intruder alert" and then Squidward tells the machine "What's a matter with you?" and then the machine responds "threat detected" and then Squidward's house walks everywhere in Bikini Bottom. It was also funny that the military tried to stop Squidward's house. I just didn't like that Squidward including SpongeBob and Patrick had to do community service. Overall, a great episode but could of been better. 8/10