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SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 3 Episode 20

SpongeBob Meets the Strangler / Pranks a Lot

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Oct 11, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

SpongeBob Meets the Strangler:
SpongeBob goes on his early litter patrol when he catches The Strangler. After he calls the police, The Strangler (disguised with a fake mustache) decides to be SpongeBob's bodyguard. After three parties at SpongeBob's house, The Strangler tries to strangle SpongeBob, but never gets the chance to be alone.

Pranks A Lot:
SpongeBob and Patrick buy a prank called Invisible Spray. After taunting each other with the spray, they run out and decide to haunt Bikini Bottom while being invisible, preferably being ghosts. But with their last victim Mr. Krab, he washes them out with water and exposes them nude (they took their clothes off because the spray stains clothes) to the whole Krusty Krab, embarrassing them.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Not the best but still good

    I think both episodes had their moments like in SMTS where people kept coming in spongebobs house for a party and in PAL when people thought spongebob and patrick were ghosts. Both episodes however had their flaws like in SMTS when spongebobs cleats got stuck in the stranglers eyeballs for 6hours that was gross and in PAL when spongebob and Patrick were nude in front of everyone I thought that was a bit mean spiritedmoreless
  • The last episodes of the Old SpongeBob

    Both episodes were very good. By the third season, creator: Stephen Hillenburg wants the show to be ended, after the movie, but Nickelodeon refuses and chose to renew the series for another season. This allegedly cause Stephen to quit as creator, but opts to take over as executive producer. Paul Tibbitt then took over as creator of "SpongeBob SquarePants". All and all, both episodes were good for a season finale.

    10 out of 10. Grade: A+moreless
  • "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler" was superb, but "Pranks a Lot was perfect!

    "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler" was a superb episode. I found it funny that SpongeBob was so oblivious that the 'body guard' was really the strangler and how SpongeBob was following him around. The only part I did not like was how SpongeBob's cleats got stuck in the strangler's eyes. That was just disturbing. Other than that this episode is pretty good and I give it a 9.5/10.

    "Pranks a Lot" was a funny episode because SpongeBob and Patrick were naked, but that is not all. I liked the idea of the duo pretending to be ghosts and scaring everyone. It was so funny. I also laughed when Mrs. Puff deflated and when SpongeBob and Patrick threatened to burn Mr. Krabs's dollar. My nitpick would have to be SpongeBob and Patrick's punishment at the end. It is not like they scared someone to suicide like Mr. Krabs did to Plankton in "One Coarse Other than that I give this episode a 10/10.moreless
  • these episodes are classics

    spongebob meets the strangler was funny. 9/10

    and pranks a lot was great too 8/10
  • Spongebob meets the Pranks a Lot, lol

    Spongebob Meets the Strangler


    Pranks A Lot

Mary Jo Catlett

Mary Jo Catlett

Spongebob's Mom

Guest Star

Clancy Brown (I)

Clancy Brown (I)

Eyeball #2/Fish #4

Recurring Role

Bill Fagerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke

Fish #1/Fish #2

Recurring Role

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Various Voices/Cop #1/Drycleaner/Shop Keeper/Fish #3/Smell Fish/Time Fish/Surfer/Toast Fish

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (42)

    • In "Pranks a Lot", when Sandy escapes to Texas. She leaves a gaping hole in her treedome, but no water comes in. Later, the hole is gone.

    • At ten minutes in when you see Larry and Pearl leaving SpongeBob's house after the party, Larry is larger than Pearl.

    • In "Pranks a lot", SpongeBob and Patrick go into the bathroom in the Krusty Krab. The restaurant is empty. When they come out of the restroom, the restaurant is full.

    • In "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler," when SpongeBob puts in his time-card, it states his on-time percentage is 100%, but in "Hooky" Mr. Krabs states that SpongeBob was two minutes late after riding one of the hooks and getting hooked.

    • Shouldn't the guy giving SpongeBob his pants notice the Strangler's with him? The Strangler was wearing a disguise which in fact was a mustache.

    • This episode took place on SpongeBob's birthday (7/14 to be exact).

    • At the end of "Pranks A Lot," someone whistles at SpongeBob and Patrick. That whistle can be heard on the SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom game when you collect SpongeBob's underwear.

    • Why is SpongeBob's birthday always when it's convenient? Like in "Waiting", his birthday just so happened to be that day. In this one, his birthday was on whatever day it was in the episode and if this is the case, why didn't anyone say "Happy Birthday" while before the party?

    • Why couldn't SpongeBob recognize the strangler from his looks?

    • Even though Spongebob only has 1 dollar, after he makes hi purchase, he hands over a whole handful of money!

    • The Shopkeeper was selling a fake dollar. Isn't it illegal to sell fake money?

    • In "Spongebob Meets the Strangler," why did the Strangler need to use a parachute to get out of the airplane if they were underwater and he could just have swam down?

    • In "Pranks-A-Lot", when the invisible SpongeBob and Patrick scare Sandy, they are using a sheet to appear as "ghosts". However, the form of the sheet reveals that they don't have their helmet bowls on. How could they survived in the treedome without the helmet bowls? They sounded fine, not dehydrated.

    • When Mr. Krabs threw the bucket of water at SpongeBob and Patrick and are naked, they cover themselves up. If you noticed, Patrick uses the dollar to cover himself up. But when Mr. Krabs comes and lifts SpongeBob and Patrick in the air, (water; however you want to put it) and says "So you two are the Bikini Bottom Ghosts?", the dollar vanished.

    • At the end of "Pranks A Lot," Mr. Krabs throws a bucket of water at invisible SpongeBob and Patrick and the invisible spray washes off. But if you remember when SpongeBob and Patrick were scaring random people, they were surfing, but there is no way that they can surf without getting wet. So then the paint should have washed off.

    • "Pranks A Lot" and "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler" were the last SpongeBob episodes set to be produced before the movie came out.

    • In "Pranks-A-Lot," near the ending, Sandy is whistling with her fingers. How can she do that if she is wearing her helmet and suit?

    • In "SpongeBob Meets The Strangler," we see that the strangler's number is 555-1220.

    • Before it was changed, "Pranks-a-Lot" was actually going to be named "Naked Pants."

    • Whenever the clerk says that it will be one dollar, SpongeBob hands him three dollar bills and gets no change.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Frank claimed that the invisible spray stains clothes. But when SpongeBob and Patrick are visible again, you see SpongeBob with his shoes and socks on.

    • In "Spongebob Meets Ths Strangler" one of Spongebob's things was going in to the mall and getting perfume. Why does he go into the Perfume Department if he said he, "Always hated going in there" in "Shanghaied?"
      (Or however you spell it.) The only way to leave the Dutchman's ship was through the perfume department and it was a big challenge for him.

    • In "SpongeBob Meets The Strangler", how did the strangler get his hands apart to draw SpongeBob's face on the back of the seat if they were cuffed?

    • In Pranks A Lot, if Sandy used an escape pod to Texas, but in the ending, she is back in the Krusty Krab.

    • In "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler," everyone runs into SpongeBob's house for his birthday party. As they do, you can see Pearl run in, and she is entirely gray, when she is supposed to be half gray, and half white.

    • When Mr. Krabs says "We pulled a lot of pranks tonight," the window above him shows it's daytime.

    • Also they painted a mustache on Squidward and when he runs out of his house it's gone.

    • When Spongebob and the Strangler are in Spongebob's house, the wallpaper for the party is green with flowers, but when the party ends and everyone is leaving, the wallpaper has blue poles on it and when the second party starts, it changes back to the green one with flowers.

    • In Pranks-A-Lot, Mr.Krabs has metal around the Krusty Krab but in a later scene, it's not there.

    • Throughout "Spongebob Meets The Strangler", the Strangler's hands are fins, but when he's laughing, his fins become fingers.

    • In "Pranks A Lot", Spongebob says he have only $1 but after buying the spray you can see a couple of more dolars.

    • In Spongebob Meets the strangler,in the scene when spongebob comes out of the Krusty Krab, the KK sign isn´t next to the building.

    • When the strangler is trying to reach the window, that mat is missing, and only appears when spongebob goes for the key.

    • How did Strangler buy the mustache in the first place? Wouldn't the manager or someone else who works at the "Phoney Baloney Mustache Emporium" call the cops on him?

    • At one point, the Strangler's mustache had a 5 cent sign, which is never seen any other time.

    • How did Squidward, Sandy, and Poppy get inside of the Krusty Krab (along with all of the other fish) if the door was glued shut, and the windows were replaced with strong rubber?

    • In "Pranks A Lot", when Sandy thought SpongeBob and Patrick were ghosts, she uses an escape pod to Texas, which breaks the cieling of her treedome, but when SpongeBob and Patrick leave, her treedome cieling looked unharmed. If she had that escape pod this entire time, why didn't she use it in "Texas"?

    • When Strangler disguised himself with the fake mustache, he dropped a receipt from the "Phony Baloney Mustache Emporium", but later on, he admits he bought it at a party store.

    • When Spongebob says How did you guys know it was my birthday? That indicates it was a surprise party. Yet there are invitations with his faceon them! (Response: That was the whole point.)

    • In 'Pranks a Lot' Sandy's escape pod smashes through the roof of her treedome as though it's made of glass, but in 'Tea at the Treedome' she says the dome is made of plastic.

    • In "Pranks a Lot," when SpongeBob and Patrick are in Squidward's house they get a paint brush with BLACK paint on it, but Squidward was painting a self-portrait with no black on it.

    • In "Pranks A Lot", when Sandy is in her tree dome, you see bubbles rise as she makes quick motions, as if she was in water. But, we know it is air in her tree dome.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • SpongeBob: What can we get for one dollar?
      Frank: One dollar will get you this fake gag dollar. You fool your friends into thinking you have a real dollar.
      SpongeBob: Hmm...what else do you got?
      Frank: A whoopie cushion?
      Spongebob: Nah.
      Frank: Fake vomit.
      SpongeBob: No.
      Frank: Real vomit?
      SpongeBob: Ew!

    • Strangler: Open the door so I can strangle you- I mean choke you- I mean crush you by...uhh...
      SpongeBob: Protect me?
      Strangler: Uhh...thanks.
      SpongeBob: No problem, Strangler- I mean bodyguard!

    • Machine: On time percentage: 100%
      SpongeBob: Yes!
      Squidward: (walks in) Another day, another migrane. Heh heh. Mi-
      Machine: On time percentage: 12%
      Squidward: -grane. Heh.

    • Sandy: Take off the sheets. (She takes them off SpongeBob and Patrick but can't see them) It IS ghosts! AAAH!! (She takes the escape pod to Texas)

    • Patrick: I think I found your pants.

    • SpongeBob: Where is all this litter coming from?!

    • SpongeBob: How did you guys know it was my birthday?!
      Patrick: We just do what the invitations say. Let's boogie some more!

    • SpongeBob: Let's see, paper towels. This one says, "Best Paper Towel Around." This one says, "Best Paper Towel in Town." In town. Around. In town. Around. Oh, what do you think bodyguard?
      The Strangler: What ever gets us to your house quicker!
      SpongeBob: I'll take both!

    • Strangler: Can we just go to your house?!

    • SpongeBob: (while invisible) Excuse me, sir, do you have the time?
      Fish: Uh, sure, it's 10 to 3.
      SpongeBob: Thank you.
      Fish: Don't mention it.
      Patrick: Mention what?
      Fish: (turns around) Uh... who said that?
      Patrick: Me.
      Fish: AHHHH!!! GHOSTS!!!! (eyes pop out of his eye sockets and the eyes hop to his boat and drive away)
      Patrick: Hey, I'm no ghost. The nerve of that guy and his driving eyeballs!

    • People: They're floating in mid-air, how do they do that?

    • SpongeBob: It's official, we're the greatest pranksters ever. The whole town thinks we're ghosts!
      Patrick: Yeah.

    • SpongeBob: Any good reason you took your pants off, Patrick?
      Patrick: Well, that stuff stains clothes.
      SpongeBob: That it does, Patrick! That it does! Here, hold this. (hands the invisible spray to Patrick) There! Now give me the can.
      Patrick: Well, if spraying the park bench was my idea, I think I should be the one who sprays it!
      SpongeBob: Patrick! Spraying the park bench was my idea!

    • SpongeBob: (after everyboby is looking at SpongeBob & Patrick naked) Patrick, we should have bought the whoppie cusion!

    • Frank: Good to see you, SpongeBob. How's my number 1 customer doing?
      SpongeBob: Hmm! Great, Frank! This is my friend Patrick. He wants to become a prankster, too.
      Frank: Well, pleasure to meet you, Patrick.
      Patrick: Ohhhhhhhhh!
      Frank: Hahaha! That's your first lesson, son, the grandaddy of all pranks, the joy buzzer.
      Patrick: I don't get it.
      Frank: You don't have to get it. The prank is for the enjoyment of the prankster.
      SpongeBob: You see, Patrick, Frank here is the master. I learned all about pranks from him. Okay, Frank, lets see what you got.
      Frank: Well, this came in just this morning. (to Patrick) Have some gum.
      (Patrick chews the gum and then explodes)
      Frank: Ha! Exploding chewing gum! Only $9.95!
      Patrick: (just a bone instead of head) I don't get it!

    • Fish: GHOST!!!
      Another Fish: GHOST!!!
      Another Fish: GHOST!!!
      Another Fish: (holding a slice of toast) Toast.
      Another Fish: (on a toilet) GHOST!!!

    • Spongebob: Thanks a lot Patrick, you used up the whole can.

    • Strangler: Ohhh, forget the key! let's climb in through this window (reaches for window) I can't reach it. Do you think you can hop up on my shoulders?
      Spongebob: Sure. With these spiky cleats, anythings possible.
      Strangler: Cleats?!(Screaming) Ahhhhhh! Get your feet out of my eye sockets!
      SpongeBob: I'm trying, but my cleats are stuck in your cornea.

    • Patrick: Oh boy seanut brittle...Oh not again!

    • Tour Guide: And on your right if you look, you will see two naked guys fighting over a can of paint!

    • Dry Cleaner: Here you go, Mr. Squarepants. (hands SpongeBob his trademark pants in a clear plastic bag)
      SpongeBob: Hmm...
      Dry Cleaner: Is something wrong?
      SpongeBob: I'm not sure these are my pants...
      Strangler: Grr!

    • Police Officer: Good work, Spongebob! You put the Strangler behind bars.
      Strangler: At least I'm safe from that yellow idiot.
      Patrick: Hey Mack, what are you in for?

    • SpongeBob: So, Patrick's the Strangler. Gee, you think you know a guy....
      Strangler: He's not the Strangler!!
      SpongeBob: He's not?
      Strangler: (rips off the fake mustache) III AAAMM!!!!
      SpongeBob: Hey, how'd you do that without shaving cream?
      Strangler: It's a fake, you idiot!! I bought it at the party store!
      (Everyone returns)
      Squidward: Did someone say party?!
      Strangler: AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!

    • (The Strangler is ready to throw Patrick out the window)
      SpongeBob: Wait, bodyguard! We can trust Patrick; he's my best friend!
      Strangler: Well, uh, I can't take any chances! For all we know, he could be the Strangler.
      Patrick: I'm the Strangler? Oh, I should've known! I gotta turn myself in! (Patrick jumps out of the Stragler's hands and runs through the wall.)

    • (after turning invisible)
      Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob, you have the time?
      SpongeBob: Uhh, sure. It's half past, invisible!
      Patrick: Gee, it's getting late.

    • (Squidward's painting and his paintbrush gets snatched from his hand)
      Squidward: What the?
      (A mustache is painted on his face, and SpongeBob and Patrick make creepy noises) (Runs out of his house) GHOSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mrs. Puff: Double dark deep sea light diet cake, you will soon be mine!
      (SpongeBob and Patrick eat her cake and belch in her face)
      Mrs. Puff: GHHOOOST!!!

    • SpongeBob: Well Patrick, here it is. The Palace of Pranks. The greatest novelty store in Bikini Bottom. All the greatest pranksters shop here. This is where I got my gag Seanut Brittle Can.
      Partick: Oh Boy! Seanut Brittle. Give me!
      Spongebob: Patrick wait, it's a booby trap. Remember!
      Patrick: Nice try Squarepants, but it's not going to work this time. I'm going to have some of your delicious Seanut Brittle. (opens the can to see that it was a booby trap)

    • Strangler: Well, first off, the strangler could be anyone, wearing a disguise. He can be that old man, or that baby!
      SpongeBob: Or that pebble, or that stick, or that receipt from the Phony-Baloney Mustache Emporium!
      Strangler: (grabbing the receipt) Uh, thats mine.

    • SpongeBob: No guts, no Glory!
      Narrator: Several Bad Puns Later...

    • Frank: Well, there is something I've been saving for a real "top-of-the-line" prankster. Invisible spray!
      Spongebob: Wow, Patrick. Invisible spray!
      Patrick: But I can see it.

  • NOTES (32)