SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 6 Episode 11

SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 17, 2009 on Nickelodeon

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  • Get your surfing boards, we're reviewing Spongebob vs The Big One!

    This special is about Spongebob, Patrick, and the others getting stranded on an island. And it's pretty bland indeed. So, did this episode swim, got bittern, or eaten by a shark? It got eaten by a shark, meaning it's a horrible dreaded ScumBob episode! Of course it's bad, people! It's a Season 4+ episode! Like any other new episode, there are no good jokes, horrible animation, and the plot was dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb! Please do not watch this, or any episode above Season 3!
  • ugghh, another overrated, new spongebob special

    weak jokes, weak plot, celebrity cameo, yup its a modern spongebob special. This episode is boring, theres no humor, and nothing happens throughout the special.
  • Perfect special

    I thought that this was perfect special and one of my favorite specials. I didn't have any problems with this special so I must give it a 10. Although, I wish that all five of the characters were stranded on a remote island instead of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward being stranded in the remote island, Mr. Krabs being stranded in the middle of the ocean, and Sandy being stranded on the other remote island. Other than that, this was a perfect special. I also loved that Johnny Depp guest starred as JKL (a.k.a. Jack Kahuna Laguna). It was good to see the Flying Dutchman again his appearance between him and Mr. Krabs was hilarious. I also loved the song "Tree Line for the Bee Line"... that song was played in the scene where SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward were looking for JKL. I also thought SpongeBob and Patrick listening to everyone JKL (a.k.a. Jack Kahuna Laguna) was hilarious such when they had to look at the fire all night long. I wish there was more of the big wave but it was an entertaining scene. It was also funny that JKL jumped in the big wave to save Mr. Krabs' cash register and then towards the end of the special... he does. Overall, a perfect special. 10/10
  • Abysmal


    SpongeBob and his friends are suddenly swept away out of Bikini Bottom after a big wave hits. Now to get back home, with the help of Jack Kahuna Laguna, SpongeBob and his friends must ride The Big One.

    this episode was very abysmal so this one will receive a 1 out of 10

  • Spongebob SquarePants Vs. The Big One: It's a very hot day at the Krusty Krab so Mr Krabs takes everyone to the beach. After a massive wave SB, Mr K, Squidward, Sandy and Patrick get washed in different direction and the only way to get back is to surf.

    Spongebob Squarepants Vs. The Big One: Why all the low scores this special is in my opinion the best special since Where's gary (Better than Dunces and Dragons, Friend or Foe, Atlantis Squarepantis, Pest of the west and WhoBob WhatPants) The idea of this episode is so new and fresh and all the characters are hilarious. I loved the song when they were on the surf boards and Johnny Depp's Character is great. The Flying Dutchman makes (His only Season 6) apperance which is great. But by far the best part is when Dutchy sank to the bottom of the sea and met Davie Jones (From the Monkeys) Spongebob Squarepants Vs. The Big One: 9.0
  • Pretty cool special!

    I thought this SpongeBob special was awesome! It was a great finale to season 6! SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward get trapped on a deserted island with a guy named JKL, and to go back to Bikini Bottom, they have to surf a wave known as the Big One. I thought it was pretty epic, and I never expected JKL to come back after he sacrificed himself. I also thought it was kind of weird when the flying dutchman met that actual guy under goo lagoon. I really loved this awesome special and would like to see more specials like this.
  • This is a bad special which is now Dadanyahan.

    SpongeBob and his friends are suddenly swept away out of Bikini Bottom after a big wave hits. Now to get back home, with the help of Jack Kahuna Laguna, SpongeBob and his friends must ride The Big One.

    This episode should have been an 11 minute episode instead of a special.

    I liked some parts, but the majority of this episode was boring. JKL was so cruel in this episode. If JKL just teached them right away, there will be no problems for this episode!

    And lastly, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and the Flying Dutchman shouldn't have appeared in this episode because they ruined it.
  • Terrible

    This is, without a doubt, the worst special of Spongebob, and one of my least favorites of the series. In it, Spongebob and the gang get sucked out by a storm, and are all spread out throughout the ocean, Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward are on a deserted island in the ocean, Sandy is on a different island and discovers a way to save Spongebob and Patrick, and Mr. Krabs is stuck in the middle of the ocean. The whole storyline was bland, there were no laughs, and Johnny Depp as J.K. L. was the only good thing about the whole episode. 2/10 F-
  • Alright,I think the episode was okay.

    Spongebob and all of his friends are stuck in the middle of a island and get help by a dude played by Johnny Depp.

    This episode should had been a movie for some matter.That's what kind of angers me.And another part that was kind of bad was Sandy's helicopter.That part is harsh and the question I'm asking is this:Where the heck would Sandy find that ELECTRICITY?!It's kind of like that it will never happen in reality.

    Now for some of the best parts is when they show that part with the dudes teaching Spongebob and Patrick to surf.That part was kind of funny.But good for me.

    I kind of like this episode.It's kind of good.Grade C.
  • Another boring Spongebob special.

    I watched Spongebob vs. The Big One when it premiered and I did not find it so good. In my mind, the story was bland and was not told well. I did not like it when the wave (a.k.a. The Big One) was a wave that eats surfboards? Who had the idea of making a wave that eats surfboards? That is just...weird:(. Why could not the episode just be normal masterful surfing a huge wave instead of a monster wave. The story to me was bland and not told well. The whole concept of the story is completely messed up. Some of the events did not make sense, like Johnny Depp's character pretending to be dead. I did not understand that too well, and maybe the writers should not have included that into the show. Johnny Depp's character returning alive somewhat spoiled the whole story because wasn't he supposed to be dead? I don't know. Overall, boring special, bland story and confusing plot, cliche antics, and just not a good episode.
  • What?


    I want to like it...but I just don't have it in me!
    I don't see why it they had to have Jonny Depp in there?,He didn't bring anything of great interest and the over all plotting was just plain weird.
    Like why did Sandy have to come with them?
    IT just took up space that could've been used more productively and while I'm at it...why was Mr. Kradds story line even there?
    That would have given them 6-8 minutes more time to do thing like!

    1.Give the SB,Squidy Pat more time on the river.
    2.Set up some good jokes - and that's something it really needed!

    That would at least have made it a little more watchable and not so boring-up your game writers and don't waste screen time on these useless subplots, please!
  • Rubbish. Absolute rubbish. Yes, almost worse then Atlantis Squarepantis

    Isn't it ironic the episode is fine until Twitch and JKL appear?

    Probably. Now this Spongebob episode was one that struck me weird. They got Davy jones and Johnny Depp to play. Oh boy! I can't wait to bomb some more butt kiss 'bob episodes!

    Lets admit it, Spongebob is dead. Nothing can revive it now, probably. Not even appearances from David Bowie or Johnny Depp. I wasn't expecting this at all to be good. But whatever.

    So we see Spongebob selling some patties on another greedy Mr. Krabs scheme when they all get hit by a wave and get stranded. The episode is fine until this point. Now we see Twitch trying to guide them back to Bikini Bottom. They tell him to go to JKL. Now, first LRH now JKL? What the hell is with these guest character abbreviations?

    After a shameful horrible stick in of "Beeline for the treeline," we finally see a... something come out of a hut. No, the house isn't growing a .... It's JKL giant surfboard, because as we know giant surfboards symbolize incredible surfers. He teaches them to surf back on the Big one and gets eaten. What a horrible character. But no! He's alive even though he said someone had to get sacrificed. Epic fail.
  • Time-filling

    I thought this was a big time-filler. I've only seen it like once and cannot remember anything. So it was definitely bland. Not very funny. It didn't have an interesting plot. Johnny Depp, to me, was one of those guest stars that shows get just to try to get in better viewers then usual. So, I think this is one of the worser episodes of the show. It was just a lame excuse for a plot and there was basically little to no humor. As well as it being bland, this is one of several episodes that makes me want classic Spongebob to come back
  • I already saw this episode on DVD.

    I personally am surprised at how this episode turned out. For once, I can say that nothing was rushed or way too childish. SpongeBob and Patrick were funny in this episode, especially in the scene where they're trying to learn how to surf (along with the narration). The surfer characters were great, and Jack Kahuna Laguna was the best. Johnny Depp did a good job at voicing him! Mr. Krabs and the Flying Dutchman gave a great performance as well and were not out-of-character (I loved the Davy Jones' Locker scene).
    Sandy paid a fair contribution to this episode as well with her small roles. They needed to include her in this episode, and I'm glad they did.
    The overall theme was basically being stranded and learning how to surf. Any show that takes place under the sea needs to have some kind of surf conflict, even if it is just a stinky mud puddle.
    Oh yeah, I forgot about Squidward! He was in-sync in this episode as well, especially with his attitude towards JKL.
    Mr. Krabs' cash register Cashy should've been sacrificed, though. Why was Mr. Krabs obsessing over a cash register whose money drawer fell into the ocean, anyway?
    Oh well, this was still a very fine example of how they should make each SpongeBob special: dedicated with a special theme.
  • And I was looking forward to this???!?!?!

    This episode should be re-titled: "Spongebob Messy Pants." It was a complete mess from start to finish. There was no rhyme or reason to it. The only decent part was at the beginning when Mr. Krabs decides to take his crew out on a wave to sell krabby patties and of course, Patrick, ends up steering them into trouble. But after that, the episode steers into deeper trouble. Nothing flowed, as the title might indicate. The big one came and went and the viewers are left saying, "Huh? What just happened?" Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward go off in one direction on an island inhabited by hippie fish that have annoying characteristics, twitching and muttering. Sandy ends up by herself on another island and does a "Gilligan's Island" routine where she single-handedly sets up a new life for herself including a 5 star hotel. Mr. Krabs is left drifting at sea clinging to the love of his life, his cash register. One wonders throughout the whole mess, when is the Big One coming? It finally comes at the end when JKL, Johnny Depp's character comes along just in time to teach the threesome how to surf to get back to Bikini Bottom. They do so and are met by a cheering crowd (who, by the way, had no idea they were even missing)..and then Spongebob is tossed a guitar so he can sing along with the band of hippie-fish that found their way to Bikini Bottom. One is left wondering, "What just happened here?" The only satisfying thing about the episode was the popcorn I ate while choking through a horrible 30 minutes.
  • This has been bugging me a while, but I gotta do it. This is called a CRITICAL REVIEW. I will be analyzing it without any objectives at all. This episode had potential, but it was never met among other things that I will discuss in this review.

    Spongebob vs. The Big One. My God how annoying it became. I'll admit I'm not real huge on SB. I've found some quite good, but this episode changed my opinion completly. First off this episode felt quite rushed. The episode moved from Bob, Pat, and Squid to Sandy, to Krabs so fast it was hard to keep up. It was like they wrote it and recorded it all on speed. Second was the plot holes. Since it moved so fast, a lot of the plot was left out. Like......well there was to many to name. It was like some let Micheal Bay write the script. All it was missing was massive explosions. There were plenty of things they could've done to this episode. First get rid of the subplots involving Sandy and Mr. Krabs. They weren't really necessary to the episode at all. Second make it a hour long episode. This would've provided ample time to fix the plot holes and focus more and Bob, Pat, and Squid's training to get off the Island. That's really it. Now about my score.... Now the episode alone deserves a solid 5 by itself, but I can't give it that. This solely is because of Nick's marketing campaign for it. The ads were ok. It was the fact they had a solid weekend devoted to it and all they did was cram it down our throats. I swear every other episode was this episode. It was ridiculous.

    So, in the end, Spongebob vs. The Big One, it all of its lackluster glory, deserves a 1. Nothing else.
  • Wonderful episode

    This was one of the gratest episodesbut i dont know if it makes my top ten.It was alot of funny moments like squidward saying who are you to sandy!And Sandy opening up a five star restaurant!!!Anyway the big one was pretty brave sacrificing himself for spongebob and his friends.He did look a little weird and his voice!Anyway this special was awsome exspecially the patrick fat joke!While being a smidge underrated it 9is still a great episode in my eyes.

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  • Great, but is missing something...

    I thought this was a both great and both a little bad in both ways. I was very angry for one that this was only a 30 minute speacil. I mean, they advertised this like crazy. This could have been at least a hour. They should have added more detail in. But oh well, I think it's ok. The plot was very interesting. It was cool they put in some new characters like Twitch. Althought, I didn't find him too funny. Johnny Depp played a good job with his voice part. Mr. Krabs kind of creeped me out in this episode thought. So pretty good episode, but could have been longer. B+
  • Not one of my favorites at all, but average, not that great. 8(

    Personally, I thought this speacial was pretty stupid. I cannot believe that it was only a 30 minute specia;, it could have been 1 hour a least! The writers could have done a lot better with this episode. The plot was kinda cheesy to me, and Sandy randomly appearing in the beginning was kinda out of the blue, but whatever. The only funny part was when Mr. Krabs said, "Either buy a patty, or get off me wave!" And another funny part was when Squidward was like to Sandy, "Who are you?" He was pretending not to know her. lol. But it was weird how Dutchman couldn't reckognise Mr. Krabs, and he's seen him like a hundred times.
  • Why do people hate this special? It's really great.

    OK so It all start when Mr.K realizes there no customers in KK. So if they can't come to the krusty krab, the Krusty Krab will come to they. So they all crash into Sandy to make a long story short. And Squidward Bob and Pat are stranded on an island. They come across these surfers and they explain you need to surf back so A man named Jack kahona Lagoona or JKL. teachs them to surf with just a simple message "just keep brething" Now for New spongebob that's pretty cool. Mr. K encouter the Flying Dutchmen and thretens to send him to Davy Jone's locker but somehow Dutchy gets shoved in there. Now here's the most funny thing I have seen since season 4 Davy Jones from the Monkees is there laughing at the dutchmen while playing Day Dream believer. I was ROLFLOL-ing when I saw this. So JKL explains when the plantets alingn a giant wave called the big one shows up and it takes a sacrifice. (another cool part) So While they're surfing they having trouble dealing with The big one. sO JKL shows up and sacrifices himself. That was Bold. Awesomest thing I saw in spongebo seasons 4-7 ofcouse. But the biggest disappoitmeant shows up. He's alive. I really wish he wouldn't of came back but hey Kiddies watching it. Ugh! So I can't believe everyone hate it. Didn't ja see the Davy Jones part. O Well We all have opinions.
  • I tuned in expecting to see something great and amazing but in reality, it was a big letdown.

    There was a lot of hype about this particular episode. From fast food toys to streams or endless commercials advertising it, you could see the name "The Big One", everywhere. I tuned in because I wondered how "great" it was going to be. To be completely honest, the countless ads were getting on my nerve and it didn't even look too great. But I was a loyal Spongebob fan and watched it anyway.

    I was utterly disappointed.

    I guess you could describe this episode as being out of character because that's exactly how it was. Spongebob and the crew didn't act like their usual selves. They acted like bubbly cartoon characters. Where was the old, kind Spongebob that was in season one through five. It's like he's been taken over by a robot or something because the things Sponebob did in this episode were completely out of character.

    The plot was crazy and all the facts were messed up. How does Sandy get electricity on an island anyway? And if the island was abandoned, how did she manage to open a five star resort? It didn't make any sense and I tried not to think any more of it but it still bugged me.

    Overall, don't watch The Big One unless you want to tear your hair out. Whatever happened to the good Spongebob episodes anyway?
  • A Letdown...

    Okay, erm, let's see. Here are some things that im quite happy with:
    -Pirate guy (Johnny Depp) appears in this show which is unusual but cool at the same time.
    -I could easily see the plot in this episode
    -There were some comedy that made me laugh
    The once that i was really disappointed with:
    -Really Boring
    -there's not much point in this whole episode
    -I thought they were going to make a new spongebob song in the end ):
    -I found in the ending a little too rush plus i wish that the surf guru died. That's the meaning of sacrifice.
    Yea, so if you hate spongebob or somewhat going to, recommended not to watch this episode. Sorry spongebob.
  • Amazing special, one of the best ones ever! It doesn't deserve those low ratings.

    Oh yes! All hail what can mark the big comeback of heaven's little wonder that is SpongeBob SquarePants! First of all: great, original plot. I really liked how they remembered Sandy existed and tried to give her a spot of the episode, that was good, she is always great in my opinion. Also liked most of Mr. Krabs's parts, specially when he realized he was on Dutchman's Triangle, and that eerie music played while the background turns into pink jelly, I always lol at that part! Twitch and the other surfer dudes were great minor characters on the episode. But the best debut character was none other than Jack Kahuna Laguna. Johnny Depp did a fantastic job voicing him *applauds* Loved Davy Jones's appearance, I really wasn't expecting that "for a daydream believer and a homecoming queen" xD Liked the song "Down the River" too, there's something soothing about it "I make a beeline for the tree line" nice. Overall, one of the best post-movie episodes and special, great humor, all the characters were great. I just love it!
  • Not the best Spongebob Episode ever created..

    Well, I was looking through the reviews and I found some people made really good points. Such as how they're stranded on an island when they're already underwater XP And why did Sandy build all those building if she's just gonna leave them? Waste of wood, waste of wood..Oh, one more question..how the heck do you fly a Helicopter underwater?? Why a Helicopter? Why not a Submarine? Anyways, the people on the island scared me O.o They reminded me of hobos..(Though I refer to them as Islandbos...xP) JKL also scared me with his hair...and how can his surfboard be that long?..Well? Answer please? Twitchy also scared me when his neck twitched all the way or half way back..

    My favorite parts was Mr. Krab's, Cashy, and the Flying Dutchman. The funny part was when Mr. Krab's spilled the Dutchman's milk and Mr. Krab's said "No need to cry about it" xD Anyways, I expected the big one to eat someone, beat up someone, etc. Also< I expected it to be a little...bigger. It was basically just a big wave, and it no purpose since it only appeared for about..like..idk. 1 minute maybe?
  • I'm embarrassed to call this a Sponge Bob episode!

    I wasn't a fan of this episode at all. I thought it was pointless and unrealistic. How can they be stranded in a FREAKEN island if they are already underwater?! This would be ok if this was an episode of Rocko's Modern Life or Foster's Home For imaginary friends since they are on land, but this cant happen under water. Is JKL supposed to be a guy or a sea creature? The only part that was funny was the Davy Jones part, the rest can just put me to sleep. When Mr. Krabs was in the middle of the Dutchman's Triangle he could just say, "Hey if I'm under water how can there be..." then the water will just dissolve and he can go back to bikini bottom. This episode was scaring my mind.

    Grade: D
  • This is a great episode!

    I thought that this was a great speacial! Why do so many people hate it? Listen guys, before you disagree with my review, give the episode a chance. Just give it a chance, it is actually good. This speacial was alot better than WhoBob WhatPants, and not rushed. Anyways, I liked that we saw the flying dutchman again. The Big One was so cool too! I would say that this is the best speacial yet! Well, that is my opinion. It was also great because it involved surfing and Spongebob learned how to surf. Overall, i thought it was a great episode.
  • Best special since "Have You Seen this Snail?"

    Wow! This episode turned out great! I really didn't expect it to be this good, but for once my expectations were wrong. This episode is really underrated. Sure, the jokes in it weren't too funny, but that's not really a big deal. I mean, compare the jokes in SBVSTBO to the ones in Atlantis SquarePantis. You'll notice a big difference, not only in the jokes, but also in the whole overall episode.

    SpongeBob V.S. The Big One was well-written, in the sense that it's a post-Seasons 1-3 episode. It wasn't one of those specials that you just watch once and never watch again. It was the kind of special that you enjoy and want to share with your friends and family who haven't seen it.

    What was really awesome about this episode was that there were no overly gross jokes in it. Now, that's how SpongeBob should be.

    But, although I'm expressing how much I enjoy this episode, there are still some things about it that I didn't really care for:

    One scene with JKL got kind of boring, but not boring enough for the rating to drop significantly. JKL, in most other cases, wasn't really that boring at all, thus my rating is still high.

    The episode had a slight decrease in quality towards the end, but it quickly went back up to where it was before. Okay, that's enough of the stuff I don't like.

    Altogether, this is really a great episode and it should be rated better. It could even be a sign that the show is going to improve, so it's best to think positive of it.

    Oh, one more thing I almost forgot to menition:

    The episode plot interested me so much when it was revealed that I just had to watch the audio recording of it that I found (thanks to a link that a thread on this site had). I really enjoyed the additional parts they showed that were exclusive to the dialouge recording.

    Final episode grade: B+
  • A big disappointment, but not a big surprise.

    Well another Spongebob Squarepants special that completely bombed. While it was definitely a step up from WhoBob WhatPants, it was still not at all worth my time. What does it tell you when the producers of Spongebob have to go out and get big stars like Johnny Depp to do voice overs just to pull in more viewers? Sounds like desperation to me. And it doesn't make since to me how these 30 minute specials keep turing out to be so terrible. Because in the mean time, the newest regular 15 minute episodes of Spongebob keep me laughing my butt off. Anyways...This episode started off just like any other episode, but quickly took a turn for the worst. It was boring, and once JKL (or whatever his name was) came into the scene it really just made no sense. The whole episode seemed pointless, and it just didn't flow well at all. The only thing that even made me crack a smile was when Spongbob and Patrick were under water and Spongbob pulled out a picture of Squidward. It's always the random stuff that makes this show funny for me. But other than that one instance, I was just bored. Nothing seemed to happen, and would someone please tell me what was with those new characters??? They didn't add anything to the show besides annoyance.
    Well I am done being critical now because I really and truly do love Spongebob, and I hate to talk bad about him :) He will always be my favorite, despite a few dreadful episodes.
  • What the heck is wrong with this episode? Good special since Atlantis Squarepantis.

    I wish people would stop complaining about these specials! Nothing wrong with this one! Also, if you disagree with me because I said I liked Atlantis Squarepantis, yer a n00b. Why say that? I'm mostly talking about the Big One.

    SB VS. TBO: Pretty good special. Also a good job with some key characters. Since my SCITS review sounded offensive, this review is more to what SB fans think. Okay, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward meet the greatest surfer ever named JKL, what they learned is to keep breathing, and stare at the fire. One problem was that only one will not return alive.

    Favorite Parts: JKL(hard to remember his name) risked his life from the big one to save Spongebob and co., along with Mr. Krabs' cash register and lived.

    Least Favorite Parts: Mr. Krabs is revealed to risk his life for his money! Mr. Krabs, I know being cheap is your thing, but at least risk a dollar!

    If you think the previous three were good, yer awesome!

    C+( Give me a B writers!)
  • Cashy!

    Spongebob Squarepants is one of the rare shows on television that literally is fun for the whole family. Something all ages can enjoy, but I have to question whether or not its target audience (kids under 13) would understand all the references to surfing and the overall plot, which was a parody of 60's and 70's surfing tales.

    The special was a let-down, offering nothing in the "quote" department, and very few laughs in general. Mr. Krabs was so badly written in this episode it was almost inconceivable, and Johnny Depp's hyped guest appearance was nothing short of awkward and forgettable.

    Still, even the worst Spongebob has an appeal like perhaps no other cartoon ever has. That is why people will keep watching, and that is why more specials will come.