SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 11

SpongeBob, You're Fired

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 11, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • I haven't seen much Spongebob since 2004, but OH MY GAWWD WHAT THE HELL HAVE THEY DONE TO SPONGEBOB

    You know an episode is horrible when the fucking news does a report on its badness. Oh yeah, this episode is one of the only episodes of SpongeBob besides maybe "One Coarse Meal" that has actually captured adult media attention on its badness. Their claim is that it promoted "the fun of unemployment"; and while that is a massive problem, it isn't the main problem with the episode. Let me put it bluntly: I consider this the absolute worst ratings trap the show has ever done in its history; worse than "Atlantis SquarePantis", worse than "WhoBob WhatPants?", and even worse than "Truth or Square.

    The very first sign that this episode is just a despicable rating trap is the very premise of the episode itself: SpongeBob getting fired. He's actually been fired twice to my knowledge prior to this "special", "Karate Choppers" and "Squid on Strike", and both times he got his job back because this is a show that is heavily reliant on 'Status Quo is God' and will NEVER EVER allow for any real development or change in the shows dynamic. This, in essence, makes the special very predictable to its core, unless you've been living in a cave for the last 15 years and never even heard of SpongeBob until this episode. By the way, I think this is supposed to be the 15th anniversary special, as it aired around that time anyway and was the last episode to air in 2013, the 15th year since SpongeBob's debut.

    It rips off no less than 14 episodes! It haphazardly mashed them together into this boring uninteresting mess! This episode also destroyed what little character Mr. Krabs had left and utterly derailed Sandy. Why the fuck would you fire your best employee over a goddamn nickel!? Just take it out of his paycheck like you always do! And doesn't he basically work for free anyway? Also, I think a pay toilet costs way more than a nickel to install and would take more than one nickel to pay off. And you Sandy, I thought you were one of the good guys. Why would you be tricking people into eating toxic waste? That's something Plankton should be doing! Yeah, the only thing missing from this episode to make it the ultimate rating trap is to have Plankton hijack plot for some reason. SpongeBob's face there is worse than the entirety of "Face Freeze!", but not worse than his face in "WhoBob WhatPants?

    By the by, why the fuck does Squidward even care that SpongeBob got fired anyway? Shouldn't he be happy about this, like how he was assholishly gloating about it when he witnessed it happened? I would call how he saves SpongeBob a rip-off of the ending to "Pizza Delivery", but it's already done enough anyway, so who even cares. This episode doesn't even fail in an original way; it's boringly bad! While it doesn't do anything as heinous as "One Coarse Meal", its lack of quality is one of the worst things I've ever seen from this show so far; it's top 5 bad. Don't get me wrong, I still think "One Coarse Meal" is far worse, but this, Jesus Christ; I now realize that Nickelodeon doesn't truly care about SpongeBob anymore. I just hope Stephen Hillenburg's return can at least try to reshape the little yellow guy.
  • Cool show.

  • umm about fired spongebob for the money

    that's stupid for some reason why would he fired him for some money i known he's cheap and all but fired a frycook for saving money?? besides the fact is you can't fired someone who was good at anything for some money but i actually enjoyed the episode abit it's kinda great and it's not boring
  • Eeeehhhhh....

    It's too boring to hate;

    but too boring to dislike.
  • It's decent to me

    I actually kinda enjoyed this episode very much. Despite it having a few flaws.

    Parts I liked:

    - Patrick's second head thingy

    - SpongeBob saying "I'm Ready!" like he should have since Season 3.

    - Squidward saving SpongeBob and bringing him back to the Krusty Krab.

    Parts I hated:

    - Boring filler at beginning

    - "I'll save a whole nickel if I cut your salary!"

    - SpongeBob crying for about 45 seconds. Felt like All That Glitters or A Day Without Tears.

    - SpongeBob was a bit boring without his job.

    - Patrick's Acts of Funemployment were kind of annoying.

    - A running gag of SpongeBob getting fired from different restaurants.

    - The episode was kinda predictable.

    So all in all, this episode was pretty decent for Season 9, but still a bad episode. Also, did they change Old Man Jenkins' voice? It sounds a little different in Season 9.

    UPDATE 10/31/14:

    @Aaran24 Okay, you know what? I can understand that you hate this episode and I respect your opinion, but calling anyone who likes this episode "suffering from brain cancer" or "has a lower IQ than Patrick Star"? No, just no. You should be ashamed of yourself from saying that. You are literally cyber-bullying someone for having an opinion over an episode that you hate. SHAME. ON. YOU. At first I could agree with the points that you've made in your review, but now, after seeing this comment, I have to downvote in anger.
  • Best SpongeBob episode and special! :)

    When I saw the promo to this special I was so excited. I literally jumped up and down.

    "SpongeBob You're Fired" is about Mr. Krabs firing SpongeBob to save a nickle. When SpongeBob got fired, he cried a lot, but that did not bother me. SpongeBob had a reason to cry. I felt really bad for poor SpongeBob. He did not deserve to be fired. It pulled my heart to see SpongeBob all depressed and woobified. I really wanted to hug him.

    While the special was tearjerking, it was funny when SpongeBob was stuttering the word "fired" and Patrick said, "I can't come up with anymore words that start with the letter

    Another thing that I like about this special was that Squidward actually acted nice to SpongeBob in the end. It was so shocking because in the pre-movie era Squidward was a jerk with a heart of gold, but then was flanderized and became meaner to SpongeBob. For example, Squidward was happy that SpongeBob was gone in "WhoBob WhatPants" and humilated him with no remorse in "Little Yellow Book". However, in this special, Squidward was UNflanderized and his soft spot for SpongeBob returned. This made me so happy.

    My nit pic would have to be Mr. Krabs being too cheap, but that is just him.

    Overall this is a special I recommend to SpongeBob fans.

    Edit: Aaran24, just because someone keeps thumbs downing the negative reviews does not make them a troll. They are just disagreeing with them. I think I have thumbs downed some of those reviews myself. So, are you trying to say that anyone who disagrees with these negative reviews is a troll? If so, then I feel greatly offended.

    Edit: Aaran24, I respect your opinion that you don't like this special, but I cannot get myself to hate it. You do not have to agree with my review. In fact, I think that it is good how you are expressing your own opinion. That's what a good reviewer does. Please, respect my opinion, though. I don't want this to turn into a debate.
  • I hate this episode more than Boating Buddies, Yours, Mine and Mine, and even Atlantis Squarepantis.

    I absolutely HATE this episode. Even if it's not sadistically cruel like A Pal for Gary, it doesn't make fun of suicide like One Coarse Meal, or spoils the climax but not it's genre like Atlantis Squarepantis. At least those episodes followed a goddamn plot. The concept for this episode is Spongebob getting fired. He was fired once in Squid on Strike and once in Karate Choppers. He even quit in episodes like Patty Hype and Nature Pants, so the fuck? Already it's concept is baseless. But it's worse. It rips off episodes from both the good and bad older and newer episodes of Spongebob. From the one whole minute of crying out of A Day without Tears to not being able to cook anything but Krabby Patties from Le Big Switch and even the ending of that episode to an extent, to even the fucking Title Card since an episode called "Mrs. Puff, you're fired" exists! But the worst thing is that Spongebob through the whole ordeal learns nothing. Even though he can make a wonderful business making snail food which throws a continuity error since he SOMEHOW can't cook the food at the restaurants, he still choose to wait hand and foot for Mr. Krabs and gets rehired because Mr. Krabs is a shitty business man and understands that he can't accept losing his best fry cook for a fucking nickel. Oh yeah. Mr. Krabs fired Spongebob for a fucking nickel. That rips off Can you Spare a Dime? because he fired Squidward, a much worse employee over a dime with sentimental value. This episode is what happens when you reach the bottom of the barrel and then you dump shit inside it just to dig into it again. The plot is based completely off of contrivance and that's just the tip of the iceberg. It shamelessly rips off other episodes; even the bad ones, sometimes acts in the episode make no sense due to something previously mentioned or committed, every joke in this special is less enjoyable than a root canal at a dentist, and it even tries to imply that it's good to be unemployed, ft. Patrick. Episodes like the Splinter, Stuck in the Wringer, Atlantis Squarepantis, One Coarse Meal and A Pal for Gary were signs that Spongebob needed to end. But THIS sack of whoreshit for an episode is a sign that Nickelodeon needs to fucking die. And hopefully Viacom goes with them as well.

    UPDATE: 8/4/2014

    I'm genuinely convinced that there's a troll going and spreading bullshit thumbs down on all negative reviews on this episode. Whoever is, needs to fuck off. This is a terrible episode, and my 4th most hated overall. NOTHING will change that, and if you have a problem with that, you shouldn't even bother.

    Also, One Coarse Meal is my 3rd most hated episode from Spongebob, A Pal for Gary is 2nd, and Pet Sitter Pat is 1st. It's literally a shitty rip off of A Pal for Gary.

    EDIT: 10/31/14

    @Murvine_Taylor There is such a thing as a wrong opinion. And you definitely have it. An episode like this shouldn't exist. You claim that it may not be a troll thumbing down negative reviews, but what if they are right? Seriously, did you not read my review? This episode is nothing but a rip off in every sense of the word. It's a rehash showing that the show has run so short on ideas, it's feasting on it's own excretion just to stay alive. I legitimately think you are too stupid to know the difference between a piece of shit and chocolate. Well try using your damn nose and find which will taste good and not. Because... I legitimately feel that anyone who likes this episode is either suffering from brain cancer or has an IQ of -14812.
  • One of the best I have ever seen!

    That's all I can say.
  • Aaran24,I feel you man

    Let's begin with a few episodes who were used in this shithole 1: No weenies allowed Weenie Hut may be the adult version of Weenie Hut JR and Super Weenie Hut JR. 2: Krusty Dogs: Not much,really. 3: Pizza Delivery Yet not much. 4: The episodes where spongebob also got fired. cough cough Karate chop[pers cough cough squid on strike (See,this is why the krusty krab sucks. There's no union and Mr. Krabs has the right to fire people for going on strike) and episodes where SPONGEBOB QUITS. Nature Pants no point really about nature and Patty Hype. And the story is just plain bad. Really nothing good,just bad. Also,Aaran 24,you're right. There is a troll going on.
  • One of the worst SpongeBob episodes I have ever seen in my life.

    This episode of SpongeBob SquarePants wasn't really that great and I'll explain why.


    It starts off with the Krusty Krab where Mr Krabs has another one of his typical money issues. To save money, he decides to fire SpongeBob, the Krusty Krab's only competent employee. He did this all for a nickel, which is pretty shocking since Mr Krabs pays his employees less than minimum wage.

    First of all, the plot makes no sense because Mr Krabs has deliberately fired the one employee that actually tries hard in his job. If he was so desperate to save his business, he could've fired Squidward instead since he didn't care about his job from the beginning.

    After SpongeBob gets fired, Patrick tries to show him the fun of unemployment and Sandy tries motivating him into getting a new job.

    SpongeBob tries to get employed in some other fast food franchises but it doesn't go to plan because he is unable to cook the food that is sold in those stores and he is only able to cook a Krabby Patty.

    Because he has no job, SpongeBob basically sits at home feeling upset and the managers of each fast food franchise fight to take him back. Even Squidward fights for him, although he usually hates SpongeBob. At the end of the episode, he goes back to the Krusty Krab to continue work.

    The reason this episode is bad is because Mr Krabs has resorted to ridiculously cheap ways to save money and the fact that he chose to fire the one employee who actually keeps the business open shows that he is the worst character in this episode.
  • filler

    cause this is FILLER filler of the time an hour in a half is just too long for uncreative minds heh heh
  • Writers, YOU'RE FIRED!

    Really writers? Do you have any originality anymore? I know a veteran like Doug Lawrence have returned but I guess they are running out of ideas. We've already seen Spongebob fired before, and we know it's not going to work well. So why do it again? More over, why would Mr. Krabs want to fire the employee that keeps the Krusty Krab is alive in the first place for a nickel? Also, here's something strange, isn't paying your employees a salary that would save you a only a nickel illegal? But let's see this episode's biggest flaw, the writing. After Spongebob gets fired Patrick tries to imply that being unemployed is a good thing, and shows him the fun of it. That's a good message for the kids aint it? After Sandy convinces him to find a new job Spongebob says I'm ready for the first time in years. Unfortunately this is the only good part about the episode. He then goes looking for a new job as a cook and he works at 4 different restaurants only to get fired from all of them because he keeps making krabby patties like dishes. We saw this in Le Big Switch and that never worked. But when he gets home he makes Gary new food and Gary claims that it's really good, and I sat there thinking,oh so he's going to start his own line of snail food. But no, apparently he gets kidnapped by most of the restaurant owners to become their new cook. You could have just called him you know. Then Squidward disguised as a giant burger hero rescues him and takes him back to the Krusty krab only to find out the Mr. Krabs sucks as a cook. Didn't we find out he was the chef of the SS Diarrhea, and that he couldn't even cook a can of peas? So Spongebob gets hired again and Mr Krabs installed a pay bathroom to get that nickel. Wouldn't that cost him a few hundred dollars to install in the first place? That's my problem with this episode, the writing is contradictory and there's no originality. Mysteriously, this was not created by the terrible duo of Zeus Cervas and Casey Alexander, I know Lawrence has helped create crap like One course meal, and Atlantis Squarepantis along with the terrible duo, but I have no idea how these other guys got hired in the first place. So writers, find a new job.

    I really hate this episode so much. I wish I could give it a 0 but this episode won't let me so I will use the 1 rating.

    0 out of 10.
  • Could've just been a 10 minute episode

    First of all, I am just going to say that this episode was just "Bummer Vacation" "Model Sponge" "Le Big Switch" and many other episodes all just merged into 1. A 100% rip off, even the title. We get very boring filler for the first couple of minutes of the episode of Spongebob making a Krabby Patty, which we have seen about 900 times before, and then once Spongebob finishes, Mr Krabs tells Spongebob that he is fired. He said that he could save 1 whole nickel if he cuts Spongebob's salary. Wow, 1 nickel, that's definitely worth firing your best employee over isn't it, Mr Krabs. Spongebob asks if he can work for free, but Mr Krabs tells him that it is apparently illegal, yet on several occasions, it is said that Mr Krabs doesn't pay his employees at all. He even said that himself in "Restraining Spongebob" . We then get one very boring minute or 2 of Songebob just crying (That's all were going to get for majority of this episode by the way) until Squidward forces him out of the Krusty Krab. Squidward then asks a very good question of who will now cook the patties, but Mr Krabs says that he was "Golden Spatula Fry Cook" in the navy, so he will take over. Oh no. We already know where this is going, considering the fact that he couldn't even cook peas in "Squilliam Returns" . We then see Spongebob returning home, about to cry again, when an unusually sympathetic Gary asks him to feed him. Spongebob then breaks and begins to cry, which then brings Patrick to the story. Just because Spongebob was crying, Patrick had to be crying. That's a bit of "All That Glitters" for you right there. Spongebob admits that he is fired after wasting about 30 seconds saying "F-f-f-f-f-f-f" . Patrick then tells him that it is "The best gig he knows" and that it is great. Ah, good to know that our favourite sponge is still bringing good messages to the children. Patrick then goes to Spongebob's house so he can teach him the wonders of "Funemployment". They get breakfast by harassing Squidward, and for some reason, Squidward is idiotic enough to chuck food at the both of them. Then, they stick themselves onto Patrick's rock. Why? Who knows, but this does waste yet another minute of the episode. Then, they do absolutely nothing. all that happens in this minute is Spongebob pulling part of his head off, dipping it into his mug and eating it. They then go to Sandy's house, who appears to be doing some psychological experiment. Sandy then notices Spongebob and asks him what he is doing there with these "Freeloaders" . Even know one of those freeloaders are Patrick, Sandy. Sandy then motivates Spongebob into getting a new job. A bit of "Model Sponge" there. We then get to the highlight and probably the only decent part of the episode, with Spongebob shouting "I'm ready!" which he hasn't done since season 3. The first job Spongebob attempts to get is a weenie hut. Now, this is where "Le Big Switch" comes in to the episode. Spongebob is unable to make Weiner dogs, Pizza, Tacos and Noodles. Instead, he makes Weiner Patties, Pizza Patties Taco Patties and Noodle Patties! But can he make snail-po for Gary? Yes he can! And I thought that in "Missing Identity" Spongebob said that it was the worst thing he ever tasted. Gary and Patrick are both there eating it. But it then turns out that this was a complete waste of time when Spongebob is all of a sudden kid-napped by People dressed as hot-dogs. Who will ever know how the hell they knew where Spongebob lived. So this 1 minute turned out to be a waste of yet another minute of this "Special". Spongebob is taken back to Weenie hut, where "Mr Weiner" Tells Spongebob that his customers love his "little sliders" and that he had been promoted. Spongebob was chained to a pipe, and stuck there forever, the end! Just kidding, "Pizza Pete" Comes into the scene and frees Spongebob telling him that he can now work there. You know where this is going, right? It ends up with the 4 managers fighting over Spongebob. And where are Gary and Patrick at this time? Surely they must've noticed something happen to Spongebob as he hadn't come back in. We then see a giant Krabby Patty, who beats up every manager. "The Killer Patty" Takes Spongebob back to the Krusty Krab where it is revealed that "The Killer Patty" was Squidward? I saw that coming. I don't know why he had to dress up as a Patty to fight them, but that was rather kind of Squidward considering the amount of Torture Squidward has had throughout the show. We then see Mr Krabs who had failed to cook Krabby Patties, and Angry customers leaving saying that the Krusty Krab had gone downhill. Spongebob is then begged to come back to the Krusty Krab, and that's how it ends. Spongebob cleans up the Krusty Krub, and then, since our Favourite Krab can't even lose just one nickel, he installs a Pay Toilet. So this Special was a complete waste of time, and Mr Krabs fired his best employee for 1 nickel, who probably could've just made up the money himself. It has too many fillers, and the plot goes nowhere, and overall, could've just been a single - length episode.

  • Here's the link to my review.


    No, seriously, this episode is BAD!
  • Why does this episode have two different profiles?

    I rated and reviewed this episode the day it aired, but on a different profile. Why two different profiles for the same episode? The other profile had a rating of 6.2, while this one had 5.6 before I voted (it went up to 5.7).
  • Well!

    Recently, this episode was released in Latin America. It was fun but I think there were better episodes in season 9.

    It was funny when Squidward was angry because Patrick stepped their petunias.

    Comparing SpongeBob fed all Bikini Bottom and later fed Gary was good.

    I think the episode could be a little shorter.

    I hope my English is good..

  • A plot of a plot stolen by many other episodes

    Now, where do i begin?

    Mr. Krabs fire Spongebob by just because of a nickel. Really?

    It gets worse from here.

    Not just the crying imatated from "All that Glitters"...

    But who takes care of the patties? Is it that french chef from Le Big Switch?

    No, it's Mr. Krabs, since he was the one that made patties "during the navy".

    Then Spongebob is at his pineapple, feeling poor and underused with Patrick to make it all worse along with Sandy and Squidward to tear it to pieces.

    All in a sudden, Spongebob turns back to his normal self in Seasons 1-3. Does that make a drastic change to make Season 9 better?

    You thought wrong.

    After he fails at several jobs in the same vein as "Le Big Switch", (I told you this episode was a rip-off!)

    He turns back into the person we all know and hate.

    This doesn't even deserve a one....
  • Awesome

    Epic episode!!!!!!!!
  • And I thought Sandy was likeable, Silly me

    Watching this "Special" (And I used that term loosing) was like watching your childhood go down a black hole. First we see pointless Krabby Patty making scenc and then Mr Krabs being his normal self in these new episodes fired SpongeBob for a nickel (5c where I lived) and then SpongeBob cries for a minute. And then we see scenc that rip-off older episodes and crying with some bad jokes, Patrick hears the news and is happy for SpongeBob because it's great to be unemployed (Great Lesson! NOT), The Next day Patrick start teaching SpongeBob how to be unemployed they get breakfast by annoying Squidward and then they go for a nap and bad jokes follow, after that pointless scenc they go for free lunch with Sandy. Sandy is doing a "test" on people (BTW the test is to see how much food freeloader would eat wow just WOW!!) and then more bad jokes, Sandy said than SpongeBob should get a new job. And then goes to difference restaurant with bad jokes and rip-off older episodes. After than SpongeBob comes home and feeds Gary but there is no snail food so SpongeBob makes some and it's good then gets kidnap by one of restaurants, the restaurant owner said that his customers like the food and then that happens 3 more times. And then SpongeBob just save by a burger superhero and get kidnap back to the Krusty Krab and then Mr Krabs and Squidward begs SpongeBob to the come back and he does and everything happy once again and Mr Krabs puts a pay toilet. This episode killed Sandy likeness. JUST DIE SPONGEBOB!
  • This episode is better than i thought, but still bad

    Of course, Mr Krabs fires him just to save money. BUT ONLY A NICKEL! But when SpongeBob gets his job back, it wasn't predictable and it was a decent ending. The episode was not that bad and watchable.

    Why are all of the episodes revolving around the Krusty Krab?
  • One of my most hated episodes

    Absolutely sucked. Predictable, not funny, boring, overused plot. Too many episodes featuring the Krusty Krab.
  • Finally, a special that was better than the dull commercials.

    Nickelodeon has become a lousy station when it comes to advertising Spongebob. They make the biggest deals over new Spongebob specials, that end up being big let downs, but this one isn't. This episode was surprisingly good, it starts out with a dull plot, but gets a lot better throughout. I'd say the episode doesn't start getting good until a little into the episode when Spongebob comes home depressed. Before that, we had to endure Spongebob getting fired over a nickel, and crying. Like I said, it wasn't the best intro, but I'm shocked the rest of the episode redeemed itself. It was funny to see how much of a wreck Spongebob becomes in only a day after being unemployed. Towards the end of the episode, you won't believe how Spongebob gets his job back, I don't want to spoil it, but it was a pleasant surprise that I doubt anyone saw coming. My final thoughts, this episode was a lot more fun than the lousy job Nick did at advertising it, it starts off a little slow, but really picks up when Patrick first shows up.
  • you're fired!

    by golly what a great special! all the reviews i see is either, great!,or terrible. rarely i see an in the episode was really good and fun to watch