SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 9 Episode 11

SpongeBob, You're Fired

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 11, 2013 on Nickelodeon

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  • And I thought Sandy was likeable, Silly me

    Watching this "Special" (And I used that term loosing) was like watching your childhood go down a black hole. First we see pointless Krabby Patty making scenc and then Mr Krabs being his normal self in these new episodes fired SpongeBob for a nickel (5c where I lived) and then SpongeBob cries for a minute. And then we see scenc that rip-off older episodes and crying with some bad jokes, Patrick hears the news and is happy for SpongeBob because it's great to be unemployed (Great Lesson! NOT), The Next day Patrick start teaching SpongeBob how to be unemployed they get breakfast by annoying Squidward and then they go for a nap and bad jokes follow, after that pointless scenc they go for free lunch with Sandy. Sandy is doing a "test" on people (BTW the test is to see how much food freeloader would eat wow just WOW!!) and then more bad jokes, Sandy said than SpongeBob should get a new job. And then goes to difference restaurant with bad jokes and rip-off older episodes. After than SpongeBob comes home and feeds Gary but there is no snail food so SpongeBob makes some and it's good then gets kidnap by one of restaurants, the restaurant owner said that his customers like the food and then that happens 3 more times. And then SpongeBob just save by a burger superhero and get kidnap back to the Krusty Krab and then Mr Krabs and Squidward begs SpongeBob to the come back and he does and everything happy once again and Mr Krabs puts a pay toilet. This episode killed Sandy likeness. JUST DIE SPONGEBOB!
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