SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 26

SpongeBob's Last Stand

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Apr 22, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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All chaos breaks loose in Bikini Bottom when SpongeBob and Patrick hear that a new highway will be running through Jellyfish fields. Outraged, they decide to protest... SpongeBob-style!

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  • I actually liked this episode.

    Aired today.
  • Occupy Jellyfish Field is a Bust

    This was another over hyped special that did not live up to its expectations. I am also begining to start to question Nicks political agenda. I thought that the Endless Summer episode was a joke, but this is crazy. This was unfunny and had another unbearable song. Why can't we bring back the funny songs like Camp Fire Song Song, or a cool one like the one from Band Geeks? The plot was alright, more solid than many others,but the execution was poor. I was ashamed this show is now teaching children to protest advancements in society. Don't get me wrong, I love the Jellyfish, but come on people. Must we really create an occupy Jelly Fish Feild episode?moreless
  • Episode is Pointless

    Well, there's one word I can use to sum up this whole episode: Abomination. The episode was pointless. In Jellyfish Hunter, it says that the population of the fields is 4 million. That means the fields must be HUGE, and a highway would only go through a very small section, so the jellyfish could just move to another part of the fields. And when they were paving the highway, why did the storyboarders make the whole city turn into a polluted wasteland? Plus, SpongeBob calls Sandy by an INCORRECT NAME!moreless
  • laughed until it hurt

    I laughed until it hurt. It was a fantastic episode. A rare ten, from a person who thinks it must be flawless.
  • Perfect

    Spongebob and Patrick arrive at the entrance of Jellyfish Fields waiting to go into jellyfish. They slowly watch the Ranger go to open the Fields, and then they take pride in showing him their Jellyfishing licenses, to which he is not amused. SpongeBob then takes a moment to realize how lucky he is, and Patrick are to be among the jellyfish, and they take the time to Pay Tribute, and sing the Jellyfishing Song. Patrick then notices a large sign, and points it out to SpongeBob, they then see that it is going to be a Super Highway, in the place of Jellyfish fields, so SpongeBob and Patrick go into town trying to stop the destruction of Jellyfish Fields. No one listens so SpongeBob. Mr. Krabs volunteers to help, until he found out what it was, he explains that he will get more customers if the highway is built, but when SpongeBob discoveres that Plankton is the founder of this highway, and that his plan was to build over the Krusty Krab, running them out of business, and ending the high way at the Chum Bucket, for all the customers Mr. Krabs once had, Mr. Krabs changes his mind again. Mr. Krabs storms over to the Chum Bucket, where he orders Plankton to stop this highway, but he then tells the two that he has already had everyone in town agree, including Mr. Krabs, who humuorsly agreed only because he likes saying, "Aye!". Mr. Krabs remembers this in pity. SpongeBob and Patrick then pass out flyers trying to get Bikini Bottom to save Jellyfish Fields, they find out that people were on the highway's side, when they pelted them with their own flyers. Nat then tells SpongeBob and Patrick that the highway is what everyone wants, and crushes the instrument that SpongeBob was premoting the fields with. the cops then come and control the riot, arresting them because SpongeBob didn't have a licence on his sitar, and throw them out in the middle, or edge of nowhere, as Patrick corrects SpongeBob. During this time Patrick remembers what his Great-uncle Cletus said before he was arrested in a Freedom March, and urges them to continue to support Jellyfish Fields. After they were abandoned, they thought a parade would get people to go down with the Highway, but as soon as they were brainstorming(literally), a parade for the highway went by, followed by Plankton, with a Paver, to build the highway. Spongebob tried to stop him, only to be crushed by the Paver. Jellyfish Fields was then crushed as well, causing all of the jellyfish to retreat. The sence then cuts to a severly polluted and trashed Bikini Bottom, the Shelly Superhighway forming a concrete arch over the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs were then in the Krusty Krab, out of business, when Mr. Krabs says that he will give the formula to Plankton, since they do no longer need it, causing SpongeBob to faint. Plankton was gloating, having his back massaged by his wife, but then as Mr. Krabs was handing the formula over, the jellyfish invaded the Chum Bucket(along with the rest of Bikini Bottom), stinging Plankton. SpongeBob then successfuly persuaded the town to destroy the highway, but Plankton tells them it's not possible, as he made the highway indestructible. However, with the entire town helping, SpongeBob and his friends succesfully unpave the highway, which saves the Krusty Krab, returns Jellyfish Fields, and restores peace to Bikini Bottom. The episode ends with the entire city (with SpongeBob leading) singing The Jellyfishing Song in Jellyfish Fields while dancing with the Jellyfish, with the bored Park Ranger blandly finishing the last verse, and making Jellyfish Fields open.

    10 out of 10moreless
Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Cop / Scotsman / Reporter / Man / Mayor / Jellyfish

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Bill Fagerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke

Fish #107 / Fax Machine

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Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Citizen / Fish #45

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Mr. Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence

Larry the Lobster

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