SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 5 Episode 4

Spy Buddies / Boat Smarts / Good Ol' Whatshisname

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Jul 23, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Spy Buddies:
Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob and Patrick to spy on Plankton.

Boat Smarts:
SpongeBob and Squidward star in an instructional boating video with Squidward as the good driver and SpongeBob as the bad driver.

Good Ol' Whatshisname:
Mr. Krabs pits SpongeBob against Squidward in a work contest, promising the winner a fabulous prize. The challenge is to find out all of the customers' names. When they cover almost all of them, Squidward tries desperately to find out the name of a grumpy man.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Writers, your mission is to create a good episode

    " Looks like you guys forgot your boat smarts!"-SpongeBob SquarePants

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Boat Smarts

    Well, might as well take out the worst one first. This four minute short starts out with Mrs. Puff introducing herself in the style of a training video. Which brings me to a controversy on this episode: is this a ripoff of Krusty Krab Training Video? No. Moving on. We meet our good driver, Squidward, and our bad driver, SpongeBob. We start by pumping air into the tires of our boats. Squidward fills up his tire with just enough air, but SpongeBob pumps too much air, and the inflated wheel makes his boat tip over. It crushes Squidward's boat, and all the air shoots into his face. Oh gosh, this is gonna be a Squidward torture episode, isn't it? So, we now go to buckling up. Squidward buckles up and drives to a red light. Meanwhile, SpongeBob is rampaging through town. Then, he crashes into the back of Squidward's boat and sends him flying. With his seat on into... a thing. The hell is that? It's a steamroller with spikes, I guess, there's no reason for it to be there. Plus, I'm pretty sure that it doesn't, you know, EXIST. So yeah, the writers created something specifically torture Squidward. That is just great. Oh yeah, and Squidward gets his seatbelt unbuckled. HA. We cut to the part of the video about adjusting your mirrors. Squidward adjusts his mirrors before driving. SpongeBob doesn't. Squidward tells him to adjust his mirrors, he adjusts it, the sun shines into Squidward's eyes, so he puts on sunglasses. What happens next? You guessed it, Squidward gets tortured! You see, in a Squidward torture episode, it always comes down to causing Squidward misery because, well, he's Squidward. He drives into a brick wall, and for some odd reason, it shows footage of a crash test dummy with Squidward's head. I have no idea what the hell that was, but it's not good if that's the best part of the episode. Finally, we get taught how to focus on the road. Focus. Focus. Focus. Sorry, thinking of a better episode. Squidward focuses on the road, and SpongeBob doesn't. Instead, he's insistent on hitting people like Carmegeddon! Stuff happens, crash, boom, blah blah blah, and Squidward and Mrs. Puff end up on a pile of boats. And then the STINGER. See that quote? That is said by someone with no regards to the rules of the road to people who care about proper safety. So, a driver that follows proper safety procedures is punished, while a driver that hits other boats is unharmed. SPONGEBOB LOGIC.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"What's it to ya?"- What Zit Tooya


    Good Ol' Whatshisname

    This seven minute short starts with SpongeBob and Squidward entering Mr. Krabs' office. After some babble that kids won't get, Mr. Krabs announces that whoever can name all of the Krustomers will get a tropical getaway. Squidward reads the brochure and thinks he's gonna win, but one of the Krustomers yells at him when he tries to find out her name. Meanwhile, SpongeBob easily names several Krustomers immediately. We get pointless filler, and SpongeBob reveals he has a book of all the Krustomers' names. Using the book, Squidward names almost all the Krustomers, so Mr. Krabs decides to settle it by giving the challenge of naming a mystery guy at one of the tables. Surprisingly, both of them don't know who he is. But SpongeBob doesn't care. No seriously, when Squidward runs to find out that guy's name, he doesn't even care. Squiward tries to get the guy's name, but he responds with "What's it to ya?". Oh yeah, I should mention this episode has a really stupid twist at the end. Like, it is one of the worst plot twists I've seen in any cartoon ever.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED

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  • one of my favorites

    I think Spy Buddies is really funny. I really like the twist ending a lot. I think its the funniest Spongebob episodes of all time and its one of my favorites.
  • Funny!

    Spy Buddies: hilarious, specially the part where SpongeBob and Patrick spy Plankton and the crazy final scene.

    Boat Smarts: I loved The Krusty Krab Training Video and even more this one. Squidward's crash dummy was just great.

    Good Ol' Whathisname: a good short.
  • Good Ol' Whathisname was the only episode without a perfect score

    Spy Buddies: An excellent episode with a perfect storyline. There were no problems (the ending was funny though but confusing) at all. This episode has some funny parts like SpongeBob in the 007 parody when he became a spy, SpongeBob and Patrick using the sleep ray on Sandy, Plankton getting burned, Patricl's pants (funniest part when it destroyed the Chum Bucket), Plankton using a song which made the customers leave, and the last part of the episode. Overall, this is the second best episode of the pair. 10/10

    Boat Smarts: This was another perfect episode of SB. It was a little better than Spy Buddies. Most of the stuffs that SpongeBob does were hilarious. Squidward gets abused a lot here in this episode but it made me laugh a lot. Most of the storyline were great and funny to watch. Since there's nothing else to talk about I'll just conclude my review. 10/10

    Good Ol Whathisname: This is the only episode that didn't get a perfect score for me. It wasn't the best in my opinion. My problems were how Squidward acted near the end before he went to jail. Funny parts were SpongeBob knowing all the names, then Squidward comes to know them as well, Squidward trying to get What Tis Too Ya's name, and the last part where Patrick is on jail. 9/10moreless
  • Definitely not one of the better episodes

    "Spy Buddies" was the most tolerable of the three, but there was still a major plot hole: even if Mr. Krabs and Plankton were trying to assume each other's lives to see who had it harder, Plankton is known for not playing by the rules. He could have stolen the Krabby Patty formula at any time, and nobody really would have caught on. Kind of a wasted plot, really. All the potty jokes with Patrick's laser shorts were uncalled for, too.

    "Boat Smarts" is not a good episode if you actually like Squidward and Mrs. Puff. It also shows just how much of an idiot SpongeBob has degenerated into. In the episode "Boating School," it is implied that SpongeBob repeatedly fails his driving tests because of nervousness, which is realistic. By the time of "Boat Smarts," SpongeBob no longer seems nervous, but is just a flat-out bad driver. The fact that Squidward and Mrs. Puff got the brunt of the abuse and SpongeBob got off scot-free in this episode can also leave a bad taste in people's mouths.

    "Good Ol' Whatshisname" was definitely the worst, however. First of all, why did that guy feel the need to scream in Squidward's face when all Squidward wanted to know was his name? The ending was horrible, too. Squidward won the contest Mr. Krabs set up, but instead of a vacation, he gets...a pamphlet advertising a vacation. AND Squidward ends up in jail.

    So, overall, a bad episode in general, but immediately becomes VERY bad if you like Squidward.moreless

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