SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 4

Squid's Visit

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Jun 04, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

SpongeBob makes an exact replica of Squidward's house so he will visit.

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  • Creepy

    Of course, an awful Season 7 episode. This is in my top 5 of "Worst Episodes of SpongeBob". It is creepy how he completely copied Squidwards house, PLUS how he stole the vacuum cleaner. Squidward should of just called the police. I hate new SpongeBob episodes.

  • Disturbing and downright creepy

    A while ago I did a list of Top 10 Worse Spongebob Episodes, but considering I never seen this episode until this point, I didn't put it on the list. This episode though is making me want to go back to my list and revise it so this one can be added.

    It starts off with Spongebob asking Squidward to come over to visit his house, but, in a very pleasant way, Squidward says no. This causes Spongebob to start crying(Like he does in every episode now it seems) and beg for Squidward to come over. Spongebob clings to him throughout his trip home on the bus to a restaurant he eats at. Think that's creepy? Oh, that's only the beginning. So when Squidward tells Spongebob off that he will never come to his house, Patrick tells Spongebob that the only way to get him to come over is if he borrows something and he'll have to come see him. Squidward is in his house and making some food, but he hears a noise and goes over to his closet and finds a note from Spongebob saying thanks for "borrowing" his vacuum cleaner and laughs. Squidward calls Spongebob and demands the vacuum he stole, but Spongebob says he didn't steal it, he borrowed it. I guess no one ever told Spongebob breaking and entering and robbery is considered a crime. To make things even worse, Spongebob breathes heavily into the phone for a couple of seconds. Trust me though, this isn't the worse part of how creepy Spongebob is. So Squid finally goes to Spongebob's house and sees that it had been entirely decorated to be like Squidward's house. Spongebob literally gets every detail down to the wire from a pillow Squidward got from his mom to a small hole he made when he moved in. If this is supposed to be funny, the writers are seriously wrong about this. Spongebob knows every nook and cranny in Squidward's house, meaning he's broken into Squidward's house enough times to get the layout of it completely. This isn't funny, this is the time Squidward should go call the police and have Spongebob taken away to an asylum for help. So Squidward finally gets his vacuum back and leaves, but sees his house burned down because of the food he left in the oven. Spongebob offers Squidward to stay in his house, which causes the latter to snap and then we see more creepy imagery. So our episode ends with Squidward fainting and resting on his vacuum cleaner.

    I just want to know one thing about this episode. Do the writers really think it's funny to see Spongebob be turned into a psychotic being who knows everything about his neighbor's house? This isn't funny, this is scary, disturbing, and creepy. Nothing about this episode was funny from the way Spongebob acted like a crybaby to his stalker like actions in the rest of the episode. You know, it's times like this that made me glad I stopped tuning into Spongebob, because if this isn't ultimate proof the show is continuing to sink, then I don't know what is.

    FINAL SCORE: 1/10moreless
  • Three words: CREEPY and DISTURBING!

    Okay this episode was so bad I don't even know why I'm reviewing it in the first place! I liked the fact that Spongebob wants to have Squidward over, but if Squidward doesn't want to visit DON'T MAKE HIM! In my opinion this is the worst Season 7 episode I have ever seen! It was so creepy and disturbing! I love Spongebob, but this episode was even worse than The Clash of Triton! It was disturbing how Spongebob stole Squidward's Vacum cleaner and instead of Squidward calling the police he just goes in and guess what? Everything inside Spongebob's house is the same as Squidward's house! That's just creepy and this stupid episode is totally not for children. I don't know what you're thinking when you actually think this was a good episode! The ending was even more disturbing! I mean the ending was the worst part about this episode! Especially when Squidward was eating with the Vacum Cleaner and fainted after Spongebob let Squidward stay at his house! I felt bad for Squidward his house burned down! Season 7 was doing so well why did we have to have an episode like this? Overall Grade: (1.5/10) Fmoreless
  • Darn you spongebob


  • Creepy and not for kids.

    I mean, who ever thinks this is good should get his or her head fix. This one of the most creepiest shit I have ever seen. The story of Squid's Visit begins with Spongebob trying to get Squidward to visit him, and he askes him like he's wanting to go out on a date with him. No matter how many times Spongebob begs, Squidward refuses to visit him and rather thank taking no for an answer, Spongebob takes note for a underhanded tatic from his friend, Patick Star.

    This is where things really start to get creepy.

    While Squidward's back is turned, Spongebob steals his vaccum cleaner in order to lead him into the pinnapple. But, instead of going to the police, which would of have been a better idea.......he goes and visits the pinnapple to get his vaccum cleaner. It turns out that Spongebob renovated his entire house took look just like Squidward's.

    I'm not sure what the humor is in this episode, they just keep emphasizing just how messed up it is. I mean, while Squidward is trying to look for his vaccum cleaner, he gets freaked out over how Spongebob copied everything from the house of his. Okay, this is beyond creepy.

    Spongebob has broken into Squidward's house enough times to memorize every little detail.

    He went through all that trouble just to get Squidward into his house? What the hell is he thinking?

    Eventually, Squidward manages to finds his vaccum cleaner, unfortunatly the minute he steps outside.

    Then comes a very creepy scene of Squidward going crazy.

    Atleast Squidward sleeps soundly in his replica and Spongebob sleepin in Squidward's burned down house.

    Anyway, thanks Nickelodeon for making this episode, because you fucking gave everyone nightmares!

    Final Score: 1.0

    Grade: F-moreless

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