SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 15

Squidtastic Voyage/That's No Lady

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 06, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Patrick's a dumbass

    The sole problem about this episode is Patrick if he was just cut out completely and they had Sandy go with SpongeBob this episode would have been a solid 50 % better, and it would feel much less like a rip off to Sandy's could have been a unique and fun episode if the pink bastard wasn`t there to screw thing up, it`s astonishing how much his mere presence ruins this episode,so sadly this is just another episode that had so much potential go to waste, just like Pest of the West, Planet of the Jellyfish, Toy Store of Doom, and many more

    I found this one pretty bad in terms of PAP if only because it seemed to go out of its way to insert the three main points of Patrick (Have Patrick cause a problem, have him make a problem worse, and have him ruin a happy ending at the last minute) into what could have otherwise been a passable episode. I also didn't like the token "have Squidward act like a jerk so we can justify torturing him" moment at the end. Much like his behavior at the end of "Good Neighbors", it felt like a major contrivance

    On another note, it'd be interesting to consider just what made Patrick a decent character during the first three seasons. Based on your early season atrocities, there was only really one episode his actions truly ruined (I'm With Stupid). Even somewhere he had shades of Patrick were actually pretty good ("Dumped", "Wet Painters", and "Rock-a-Bye Bivalve" come to mind). Idiot Humor seems like something that's really hard to do well, so it's a shame that a series that used to really get it has fallen so far

    this number is NOT high enough at least by my standards, Spongebob hurts Squidward through stupidity and annoyance, makes it worse, Squidward is made to suffer, and Patrick mostly just acts like a freaking asshole, destroys the controls and then gas tanks for no freaking reason, and then presses the grow button at the end, and then the episode just stops with Squidward expanded to the size of a submarine. I hate this episode so freaking much it's not funny anymore
  • Damn Patrick

    This episode would be great if it wasn't for Patrick being a complete idiot, and the ending. Patrick does nothing good in this episode, all he did was mess things up in completely idiotic ways, and he gets no comeuppance for it. There is some mild Squidward torture, and the ending is complete garbage. The ending, which is of course caused by Patrick, has the submarine grow inside Squidward. The animation is somewhat creative, and it has some good humor. Overall, I think this is just meh.
  • Squidward accidentally swallows the reed

    While Squidward is playing the clarinet he accidentally swallows the reed and Spongebob and Patrick take a microscopic submarine to try to retrieve the reed from inside Squidward. This episode was excellent and I don't have a problem with it. Although Squidward after Patrick hitting grow was kinda weird looking but it is still funny. Funny moments were SpongeBob and Patrick dancing at the beginning, then SpongeBob went to Squidward's house and made him swallows his clarinet's reed, the submarine shrinking, "What have you been eating?" "Morons," and like three more parts. 10/10
  • Perfect episode

    I thought this was a perfect episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". I thought SpongeBob and Patrick dancing at the beginning of the episode was very funny. It was also funny that SpongeBob's dancing made the read of Squidward's clarinet made it stuck inside Squidward's throat. It was hilarious when the mom was covering her son's ear when you can hear disturbing sounds from Squidward's house. SpongeBob and Patrick going inside the submarine was hilarious. It was hilarious when Patrick saw the shrink button and he said "Shrink... well, I do have alot of issues". It was also funny that Patrick sounded smart at first and then he said "What plan?". It was hilarious when Patrick thought that Sandy was giant when he and SpongeBob actually shrunk inside the submarine. It was very funny when Sandy told SpongeBob that the submarine was like driving a boat mobile which he has never successfully done. It was hilarious when Squidward couldn't control his eyeballs. It was hilarious when Squidward kicked Sandy and then Squidward said "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not in control of my actions". It was hilarious when Sandy said "Woo... what have you been eating?" and then Squidward responded "morons". It was also hilarious when Patrick stupidly pressed the big button and Squidward's stomach is big because the submarine is still in there along with SpongeBob and Patrick at the end of the episode. Overall, a perfect episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10
  • Superb


    While Squidward is playing the clarinet he accidentally swallows the reed and Spongebob and Patrick take a microscopic submarine to try to retrieve the reed from inside Squidward. Meh, it was an okay episode, not so great, but it was watchable, the ending was kind of weird, but this episode will receive a 9 out of 10

  • superb


    what i liked- the ending of the episode, Squidward kicking Sandy on purpose after being told he has no control over what he does, patrick's line afterreading the word "shrink" on the submarine (Well i do have some problems), spongebob hitting the clarinet with that thing for 2 hours, amongst other things.

    pretty good episode. i do not think it is a perfect episode, but it definitely is a decent episode from the show, one that i think most, if notall, fans would like/love. B+/A- or so is my final grade for this episode.

  • To Be Announced

    I think that Obssesion and wishing you well will be a big hit because their summary sounds good to watch. Obssesion: Spongebob breaks his spatula after he flips a patty. In wishing you well, a wishing well is located near the Krusty Krab and spongebob starts using his money hoping he and people's wishes would come true. What
  • This episode was pretty good.

    This episode was pretty good. I loved the beginning when spongebob and Patrick were dancing. gary was soo fed up with the dancing that he closed the door on his shell. Spongebob was awesome when he was dancing the moonwalk. Spongebob and Patrick were really good dancers. I felt bad for squidward when he swallowed his clarinet reed< because spongebob bumped into him> squidward went to see Sandy because apparently she's a scientist. sandy build a shrinking sumbarine but Spongebob and Patrick went into it instead. They shrunk down to microscopic size and went inside Squidward's body to extract the reed. But they messed up because Patrick hit the Grow button which grew the submarine in Squidward's stomauch. p.S. Patrick actually acts smart in this episode
  • Well Done!

    Okay, so this episode is pretty good. It is entertaining and funny. Especially while SpongeBob and Patrick are in Squidward's body. Patrick has some funny moments in this episode that just really bring out his stupidity. "Sandy's stuck in that box? Let's get her out!" Or something similar to that when Sandy was talking through the speaker was pretty funny. A lot of this episode is hilarious in it's own little way. I like the way it all plays out and at the end Patrick's stupidity leads SpongeBob and patrick to be stuck in Squidward. Oh, poor guy. Oh well, great episode though.
  • Good episode! Shows Sandy's smartness in science!

    Squidtastic Voyage: Pretty good episode, one of my favorites. I loved the beginning with the loud music and the whirlpool moves, then Spongebob spinning out of control into Squidward's house which caused him to swallow his clarinet. I also loved it when Spongebob and Patrick got stuck in the stomach acid and Patrick went crazy destroying things inside the submarine. You know how Patrick is, he's always the star of funny things in the show. Overall I think this episode was really funny and I really enjoyed watching it. I say this episode is worth watching. Final Grade: B (86%)
  • It wasn't bad, but...

    This wasn't a bad excuse for a season 4 episode, but it had a great amount of bodily humor, which I don't believe makes for a fantastic episode. Of course, the writers could've made it worse and more disgusting. This episode had some funny parts in it like Sandy saying to Spongebob "This submarine is approximately 17 times harder to drive that a boat mobile, which you've never successfully done" and the dancing at the beginning. I also liked how Squidward couldn't control his eyeballs and the other ways he went crazy. Overall, this was a good episode for a season 4 episode, but far from the best I've seen. Marebear2009, out!
  • The shining star of Season 4!

    This episode was remarkably enjoyable because it was all-around science fiction, one of my favorite genres. Like Krabby Kronicle, the idea of retrieving a lodged clarinet reed by a mini sub was a big-time attention catcher. Anatomy is the best! We get to see what Squidward's 'innerspace' looks like. How cool is that? Ok, maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic, but sheesh, it's a cartoon. No big whoop. Yeah, I know Squidward almost died, but Spongebob is never known to take things "nice and easy". Why do you think he always fails his driving test? The ep was funny, too. I chortled when Spongebob and Patrick played in the submarine, Patrick said, "Don't be silly. Isn't it more likely that the entire world grew?", forgot his shockingly brilliant plan and the part where Squidward "accidentally" kicked Sandy, which I found a little abject, too. On the down side, what kept this from being a 10 was the ending. Poor Squiddy had to go to work with a full-sized submarine in his belly containing Spongebob and Patrick. Sometimes, I wonder how the two goofballs were able to get out. But, overall, a marvelous eppy that I have to give credit for originality, storyline and a dash of comedy.
  • A little too sci-fi, but very funny.

    Squidward swallows that pointy thing at the end of his clarinet (teehee) so SpongeBob suggests Sandy to remove it, when him and Patrick get shrunk and stuck inside Squidward they have to retrieve the reed. Pros: The beginning: Seeing SpongeBob doing a moonwalk was just awesome. Sandy and Squidward interaction, something we don't really see too often. Star Trek: Fantastic Voyage reference with the plot and title: nice, SB doesn't use cultural references too often, but this one was cool. Lots of funny jokes like "What have you being eating?--Morons" or Squidward kicking Sandy's butt because he "Is not in control of his actions" lol!

    Cons: Overuse of Patrick's stupidity: sometimes it stops being funny. Plot goes beyond sci-fi, which is not always a bad thing, but this was almost too much. The ending: what gives? O_o As you can see, there are more pros than cons, from me to this episode, and I honestly do like this episode, specially considering the season it's on. Final Grade: B+
  • A great episode.

    OK, I would have to say this is one of my favorites of season 4. In this episode, Squidward sallows his reed so Sandy must operate on him to get it out. Unfortunately, SpongeBob and Patrick sneak away on the submarine so they must give the operation to Squidward. The episode didn't get funny until Patrick came in. Then, it cracked me up. When Patrick shrank the submarine and they thought the light was pretty or something, that was funny. Second, I also liked it when Patrick thought SpongeBob was tiny and when Patrick started to destroy the submarine. Grade: A.
  • This was an ok episode. It had it's up and downs, but mostly funny all the way.

    This episode started off with Spongebob and Patrick dancing in their house. I don't think any other episode started out this way so that was good. Anyway, Squidward swallowed his reed and it's up to Spongebob and Patrick to go get it! This was an exalent plot, it was funn and it had alot of funny things in it. I did have problems with the ending though. I think it should have been a little better. But overall it was an ok episode.

    I'd recomend this episode to Spongebob fans or people that are new to Spongebob. It wasn't that good but it still had it's moments and it showed most of the main characters without giving them one word to say.
  • well not my favorite storyline but it was very funny

    After bummer vacation the episodes really got better, except best day ever. I really love patrick, he's so darn funny in this episode. espiacally when he admit that he have issues( when he see the shrink button) Well, if it wasn't for patrick nothing would have happen so yay patrick. why do i say that, because no patrick, spongebob won't dance. even if spongebob did dance, spongebob won't go in the submarine. no patrick no going in the submarine, no patrick no pressing the shrink button and admiting he have issues. No patrick spongebob won't dance to destroy the thing stuck in squiddy throats. no patrick, the submarine won't end up stuck in squidwards body. no patrick no humor. Patrick acting smart is just so cool and funny.
  • Squidward accidentally swallows his clarinet reed. Now SpongeBob and Patrick must travel through Squidward's body to retrieve it. Brace yourselves, this will be SpongeBob and Patrick's biggest small adventure yet.

    This episode was diffenetly a good one. It is on my list of favorite episodes including "Home Sweet Pineapple", "Rock Bottom", "The Sponge Who Could Fly", "The Camping Episode", "Wishing You Well", and more. This was a very funny episode. Squidward really didn't like having his least two favorite guys in the world inside him. Patrick really did some crazy things that took the cake (but not as stupid as what he did in "Have You Seen This Snail?" where I think Patrick was at his dumbest). He got himself and SpongeBob shrunk, he broke the autopilot, though he did come up with a clever idea to get out of the stomach, but funniest of all, he reenlarged the sub--while it was still inside Squidward! I wonder how SpongeBob and Patrick got out of there (just like how Squidward got out from under SpongeBob's house when it fell on him in "Home Sweet Pineapple").
  • This was already done on Jimmy Neutron but was still funny.

    Spongebob and Patrick are dancing their butts off, Sponge doing the moonwalk is classic. Squidward sucks on the clarinet so bad and I was glad that the reed got stuck in his throat. Sandy has a shrinking machine and she's supposed to go into Squidward to get it. Sponge and Pat mess everything up and go themselves. This was kind of similar to the episode, Sandy's Rocket, too. They have to be two of the biggest idiots in Bikini Bottom, but we love them. I think that Patrick really is a genius but just has a short attention span. At the end Squidward is shaped a lot like Ms. Puff, and they use the bathroom inside him,ugh. Now thats comedy.
  • A very special episode

    this episode is one of my favorites.

    the bad part is that it baraly is showed on tv, so I only saw it like 5 times _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • The most awsome episode ever!

    Squidtasic Voyage is an amazing episode! I already love the show so whenthe episode is really great it's gonna be good! If you havn't seen it, you should. It's all about SpongeBob and Patrick going into Squidwards body to get out the reed he swallowed. It was soposed to be Sandy going into Squidward but she put SpongeBob in charge of guarding the submarine she was going to use to go inside him. Patrick got SpongeBob to open up the door so they could go in. But patrick pushes the shrink button and the are sent to microscopic size and are placed in Squidwards body...
  • I thought this was a pretty good episode.

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. I liked this episode. I really liked it because I , myself play the clarinet. I really thought it was funny because Sqiudward found it very revolting to have Patrick in his body burping. It was really funny when Spongebob could not get the reed/mouth piece out of his throat. It could have had a little more action in it, but it was a pretty funny episode.
  • It's good

    Squidtastic Voyage: Squidward swallows his clarinet, he was able to take out the clarinet out but there was a part that was stuck. So they go to Sandy for help and Spongebob and Patrick go inside Squidward's body with Sandy's instructions. The ending is a bit funny and also Squidward's crazy moves.
  • Squidtastiv Voyage, a very funny episode!

    I liked this episode a lot. I l-l-l-l-like it! It was funny. It was adventorous or however you spell the word. Patrick was a comedy star to me in this episode. Like when he thought Sandy grew. And he thought Sandy was inside the speaker. Gary was in this episode for 2 seconds. That's not fair[:(] Otherwise, the episode was great. SpongeBob and Patrick love dancing?! I never knew that. I loved their dance moves, they were tight. This episode was great. very close to perfect. More episodes funnier than this would be lovely. I can't wait to see Bummer Vacation after the premire I saw of this episode. It should be exciting.
  • Interesting idea.

    Squidward gets a girlfriend? Sounds weird. Then again, Squidward is always the unlucky one. He never wins (except in Band Geeks). SpongeBob and maybe Patrick will probably ruin it or something like that. I don't even think it's a real episode. But if it is... then good luck Squidward (you'll need it).