SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 5

Squidward's School for Grown-Ups / Oral Report

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 04, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • hilarious

    This was a hilarious episode of Spongebob. The ending was really funny, when Spongebob started singing. Priceless!
  • This episode was great

    Okay, actually I was in Hong Kong when this episode aired in the Philippines but when I saw the video, I was impressed! SpongeBob's song "Dear Friend, Don't Say It's All Over" is a song I want to perform in school.

    8.5 B
  • I am seriously disappointed.

    Just when Spongebob was on the rebound along comes this episode to screw up everything. It begins with a weird scene of Patrick and Spongebob yelling at boatmobiles. Thankfully it doesn't last long and then we see Patrick have a beard. Squidward takes this chance to make Patrick more mature, and leaves Spongebob behind. We then see a art museum scene that has no purpose than to bore us all. Eventually Spongebob then dresses up like a singer, and sings a song about friendship. The beard though turns out to be nothing more than a sea urchin. So our episode ends with the friends together again. Everything about this episode is just so stupid, and is so stupid. I didn't even like the idea of the story. Patrick growing a beard and trying to be mature was just a stupid plot device. Patrick is supposed to be a silly fun loving starfish not a snobbish jerk. Patrick was just so bad in this episode. he was selfish, arrogant, and a complete jerk. The boatmobile thing was a waste of time as well, and not funny at all. I also hated how it was just a sea urchin on Patrick's face. It was just so lazy. I will say that the opera scene and the men's club were the only highlights of this episode. Aside from those things I was seriously angered by this episode. The characters were jerks, the plot was ridiculous, and it's such a waste of time. Shame on you writers! You just made season 8 look so good, shape up on this season ASAP!


    This episode Just plain sucks it is the worst episode of season 8. and it is also one of my new least favorite episodes of spongebob. As many people have stated the start of the episode is just annoying. Why did the writers think it would be funny to have spongebob and patrick screaming at cars that is just painful to hear. This episode was also very sad and it also has a similar concept to you dont know sponge which is a better episode the ending was also unoriginal. Even though season 8 has been the best season of spongebob since 3 this episode is terribleFinal Grade 0.8/10 F------------

  • Another terrible episode of Spongebob


    Like I said,Spongebob is bad already,and this is another episode to prove me right. At the beginning of this episode,it starts off with Spongebob and Patrick yelling at boats passing by,and that scene was just a waste of time,and is just annoying. Squidward comes and saves the episode stopping the whole scene. Spongebob keeps on going "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh" to answer Squidward's question. Seriously,these writers are really running out of ideas already? Patrick then grows a beard. Squidward tries to turn Patrick into a man by going to a men's club,Spongebob still acts childish. He then takes him to a art museum,which was just boring. But then,a funny part comes. Spongebob ruins a painting,so he hides it under the wall,and makes a drawing on the wall. That was the only funny part. But Patrick is acting like a jerk now. Spongebob tries to get him back by singing an opera,but even that was boring too. But the beard was just a sea urchin. Overall,this was a terrible episode. Aside from 1 laugh,this was terrible. And this proves my reason why Spongebob sucks these days.

  • This episode was funny


    I liked this episode. I liked it but i didnt give it a 10 because it was not one of the best spongebob episodes. But alot of people liked this episode as do i. This was funny but at some pionts it was like please kill me now!! But i still liked this episode.

  • The worst price of effort for Season 8 so far.


    Squidward's School for Grown-Ups didn't do so well. It starts with Spongebob and Patrick yelling at boats, which I find a bit annoying. Later, Patrick suddenly grows a beard, causing Patrickand Squidward to hang out with each other. Spongebob tries to get Patrick back on his side in certain places, but it doesn't work. Patrick and Squidward then go to an opera house where Spongebob started singing.Later, Patrick's beard was revealed to be a sea urchin. I don't know what to say. After that,Spongebob and Patrick make up. This was the episode, it was not funny, it was pretty boring, and it could have ended much better. There wasn't much to say about this episode either, it just wasn't entertaining.

    GRADE: 5.8/10 D+

  • awful.


    When Patrick suddenly grows a beard, Patrick decides to become more adult with Squidward showing him how. But when Patrick becomes too mature to do anything fun, SpongeBob worries about losing his best friend.

    When Patrick suddenly grows a beard, Patrick decides to become more adult with Squidward showing him how. But when Patrick becomes too mature to do anything fun, SpongeBob worries about losing his best friend.

    1 out of 10

  • Even from a Spongebob fan this is idiotic.


    So this starts with Spongebob screaming at boats passing by, (Is that what kids do nowadays?) that went on for 3 minutes. That was silly, irritating, and annoying.

    So when Patrick passes out, he suddenly grows a beard. (What?) So with this, Squidward decides to make Patrick act like a gentleman. Now, some of the scenes Patrick and Squidward's maturity in contrast to Spongebob's childish antics was cute, but I didn't really laugh a whole lot. About once or twice.

    Once was how the gang was at an art mueseum, and Spongebob gets paint on one of the paintings, so he hides it with a stick figure drawing, which was really funny. And there's also when Squidward and Patrick go to the opera house, and Spongebob dresses as a female viking and sings to Patrick about being friends, which was random and funny, but even that got old.

    So, in the end, the beard was just a sea urchin sleeping on Patrick's mouth. That was it.

    Overall, really boring, and i'm giving this a 3, just because i'm a very generous person.

  • Worst of season eight (as of right now)

    Even though season 8 has been superb so far, this episode absolutely sucks. The beginning was really stupid. Spongebob and Patrick yelling at cars made no sense at all. Also, Spongebob repeating asking Squidward is really annoying. Patrick growing a beard was a mecodicore idea. Plus, he leaves Spongebob once again. How many times had they stop being friends? Other than those bad stuffs, The only Reason i gave this episode a 2.5 is because there were a few funny parts. The funny parts were Spongebob throwing to make a new drawing when he messes it up, Patrick thinking that he walked a lot while Squidward pointed it out that he only walked four steps and the ending. Overall, this episode was terrible just like the Splinter. 2.5/10
  • this episode was pretty good. not super funny, but funny

    So this episodes plot is, patrick grows a beard and starts hanging out with squidward and acts mature(woah O__o) and spongebob, well he stays his goofy self) and everything they do spongebob messes up and patrick is a complete different person! so spongebob tries to win him back by dressing him self up as an opera singer and sings a friend song, bringing patrick to tears and squidward to..food getting thrown at him. the geard turns out to be a sea urchin. It leaves and patrick and spongebob are friends again and the crowd cheers .
    this episode was pretty good, not terrible, and not great. again i think the new episodes are not that bad cause 1-im a TRUE spongebob fan and i love his show for what is is and im giving it a chance and
    2-cause its hard to make very goos shows and spongebob cntinues to warm our hearts with laughs and crazy episodes
    so i give this episode a rate- B
  • This is a terrible episode.

    In my opinion, this is when Spongebob went completely downhill. This is one of the worst spongebob episodes I have ever seen. The show has just lost its humor and enjoyment. All I do is laugh at this episode because of how bad it is. It just feels so cheap. The writers are just running out of ideas I guess. To start off the episode, Spongebob and Patrick yell at random boatmobiles that pass by. The begginging part is ridiculous, annoying, and just stupid. It seems like the writers just wanted to fill in time of the episode so they could finish it faster. After Squidward gets mad at this and Patrick suddenly grows a beard. With Patrick's new beard, Squidward thinks he should act more like an adult. The part that annoys me in this scene is when Spongebob is trying to get Squidward's attention by repeadatly yelling, "Oh.Oh.Ohhh.Ohh.Ohhh..." The writers probably did that to fill in some time too. This shows another issue with the show these days. Spongebob used to have humor, but now most of the show's humor comes from the characters acting like complete idiots. After this scene, Squidward tries to teach Patrick how to be more adult-like, but Spongebob still acts childish. There is this one scene where they are all in some art museum and Spongebob falls off a statue and lands in a painting and ruins it. Then Spongebob says, "I'm okay guys, really I'm ok!" Then Spongebob notices that he ruined the picture so he tries to fix it but he messes it up even more. So he somehow slides the picture under the wall and gets out a sheet of paper and draws a new picture. Spongebob then says "All fixed guys." I laugh at that scene every time because its so stupid and cheap. After this, Squidward and Partrick go to a theater and find Spongebob on stage. Spongebob sings a song that lasts about a minute.The writers probably did this to fill in time too. Then Patrick finds out that his beard is really a sea urchin. At the end, Spongebob and his friends have a food fight(What a dumb ending!). Overall this episode is a terrible and cheap episode, and it recycles alot of elements from the previous episodes such as the concept of wanting to act more like adults from "Grandma's Kisses", and Squidward being friends with Patrick and Spongebob feeling left out from "Naughty Nautical Neighbors".
  • Worst "SpongeBob SquarePants" episode that I have ever seen in a very long time

    Okay, if you read my blog on this episode then you all know that I wasn't looking forward to the new SpongeBob episode for the first time in my life. I was really hoping to like this episode and I really tried my best because I love SpongeBob to death but I am disappointed to say that this is the worst "SpongeBob SquarePants" episode that I have ever seen in a long time. I'm sorry but I thought the story was just plain stupid and awful to watch. Patrick growing a beard and then all of a sudden becomes best friends with Squidward was just way too stupid and ridiculous in my opinion. Squidward teaching Patrick how to be a grown up the whole time in this episode was just completely boring for me. Also, SpongeBob and Patrick yelling at those cars in the beginning of the episode made absolutely no sense and it was just stupid to me. The other stupid thing in this episode was the SpongeBob singing an opera song to win Patrick back as his best friend. What the heck writers... seriously?. The other thing that completely ruined this episode was that the beard that Patrick grew was actually just a sea urchin sleeping on his face the whole time. Come on writers... where is the creativity in this episode? The only thing in this episode that was funny enough for me to give a 1.5 was the Men's Club scene... I couldn't help but laugh at that part for some reason. I love SpongeBob to death but I haven't seen such a stupid and ridiculous episode in a very long time. Overall, I hope that I never have to see an awful episode ever again and I am disappointed (as a die-hard SpongeBob fan) to say that this was the worst "SpongeBob SquarePants" episode that I have ever seen in a very long time. 1.5/10
  • Shame on you, writers! Why would you do this?

    Well, just when I thought the future for this show was looking so bright, the writers went and came up with this. Seriously, there was no originality in this plot at all. Something getting in the way of Spongebob's and Patrick's friendship has been done several times before in this show, and on top of that, there were some scenes that were ridiculously dumb, like the "boat screaming" thing at the beginning. The whole scene at the art museum was really boring to me and not funny at all. Also, the writers must have come up with the ending in, like, five seconds, the beard actually being a sea urchin. Granted, there were a few parts I sort of liked, such as the scene at the men's club, Spongebob trying to shave Pat's beard off,and the opera scene, although even that got sort of boring. Overall, I really cannot believe the writers would come up with something like this after a string of such excellent episodes, and this may possibly be one of my new least favorites. At least there are a few worse episodes. Final grade: D-. Marebear2009, out!
  • Decent....

    While this is the first spongebob in quite a while, it's the worst. Let's have a little look-see:

    + First episode in quite a while
    + Decent Jokes
    + Opera Song

    - Lame Title
    - Storyline made no sense
    - Weird Beggining
    - The Storyline was like "You Dont Know Sponge" But with Squidward
    - Sea Urchin hibernating on Patrick's face instead of it being a real beard.
    - Patrick acted like a total jerk and looked creepy when he had the 'beard'.

    Final Score:

    6.5/10 D

    A Terribly made episode of Spongebob. Why did they even bother with the idea of Patrick becoming more mature. -_-

    See You Next Time! _
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