SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 5

Squidward's School for Grown-Ups / Oral Report

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Jun 04, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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When Patrick suddenly grows a beard, Patrick decides to become more adult with Squidward showing him how. But when Patrick becomes too mature to do anything fun, SpongeBob worries about losing his best friend.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • hilarious

    This was a hilarious episode of Spongebob. The ending was really funny, when Spongebob started singing. Priceless!
  • This episode was great

    Okay, actually I was in Hong Kong when this episode aired in the Philippines but when I saw the video, I was impressed! SpongeBob's song "Dear Friend, Don't Say It's All Over" is a song I want to perform in school.

    8.5 B
  • I am seriously disappointed.

    Just when Spongebob was on the rebound along comes this episode to screw up everything. It begins with a weird scene of Patrick and Spongebob yelling at boatmobiles. Thankfully it doesn't last long and then we see Patrick have a beard. Squidward takes this chance to make Patrick more mature, and leaves Spongebob behind. We then see a art museum scene that has no purpose than to bore us all. Eventually Spongebob then dresses up like a singer, and sings a song about friendship. The beard though turns out to be nothing more than a sea urchin. So our episode ends with the friends together again. Everything about this episode is just so stupid, and is so stupid. I didn't even like the idea of the story. Patrick growing a beard and trying to be mature was just a stupid plot device. Patrick is supposed to be a silly fun loving starfish not a snobbish jerk. Patrick was just so bad in this episode. he was selfish, arrogant, and a complete jerk. The boatmobile thing was a waste of time as well, and not funny at all. I also hated how it was just a sea urchin on Patrick's face. It was just so lazy. I will say that the opera scene and the men's club were the only highlights of this episode. Aside from those things I was seriously angered by this episode. The characters were jerks, the plot was ridiculous, and it's such a waste of time. Shame on you writers! You just made season 8 look so good, shape up on this season ASAP!moreless

    This episode Just plain sucks it is the worst episode of season 8. and it is also one of my new least favorite episodes of spongebob. As many people have stated the start of the episode is just annoying. Why did the writers think it would be funny to have spongebob and patrick screaming at cars that is just painful to hear. This episode was also very sad and it also has a similar concept to you dont know sponge which is a better episode the ending was also unoriginal. Even though season 8 has been the best season of spongebob since 3 this episode is terribleFinal Grade 0.8/10 F------------moreless
  • Another terrible episode of Spongebob

    Like I said,Spongebob is bad already,and this is another episode to prove me right. At the beginning of this episode,it starts off with Spongebob and Patrick yelling at boats passing by,and that scene was just a waste of time,and is just annoying. Squidward comes and saves the episode stopping the whole scene. Spongebob keeps on going "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh" to answer Squidward's question. Seriously,these writers are really running out of ideas already? Patrick then grows a beard. Squidward tries to turn Patrick into a man by going to a men's club,Spongebob still acts childish. He then takes him to a art museum,which was just boring. But then,a funny part comes. Spongebob ruins a painting,so he hides it under the wall,and makes a drawing on the wall. That was the only funny part. But Patrick is acting like a jerk now. Spongebob tries to get him back by singing an opera,but even that was boring too. But the beard was just a sea urchin. Overall,this was a terrible episode. Aside from 1 laugh,this was terrible. And this proves my reason why Spongebob sucks these days.moreless

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