SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 5 Episode 19

Stanley S. SquarePants / To Save a Squirrel

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Nov 23, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • SSS was hilarious; TSAS was not that much

    Stanley S SquarePants: This was such a hilarious episode of SB. It was one of the best episodes for this season and it ended on an awesome note. I had NO problems at all here so this is the best episode from the night of premieres from almost exactly 5 years ago. Funny/favorite parts were Stanley destroying most of the stuffs that he touches, Squidward thinking Stanley is another SpongeBob (funniest Squid cameo ever), Patrick doing absolutely nothing, Stanley taking pictures with that customer (he exploded), and the last part. SCORE 10/10

    To Save a Squirrel: This was a boring episode and it wasn't the best. Lot of people hated the title. Eat or to Be Eaten could have been a great title. Most of the parts here are just lame/boring. As for the humorous parts I only thought the beginning, the flashback, SpongeBob and Patrick waiting (until their beards appeared), and at least two more parts were the funniest. The rest...meh. SCORE 6/10
  • Both okay episodes


    Stanley S Squarepants: kind of an annoying episode espically with the way his cousin acted in the episode but i still thought it was average i liked the ending where he blew up the chum bucket Take that Plankton

    Final Grade 7/10 C-

    To Save a Squirrel: kind of weird but somewhat funny like the part where spongebob and patrick were cooking each other but some of the episode was pretty boring and kind of draged on. still though an okay one this episode gets the same grade as Stanley S Squarepants

  • Perfect


    Stanley S. SquarePants:
    SpongeBob's klutzy cousin, Stanley, comes for a visit.

    To Save a Squirrel:
    SpongeBob and Patrick stow away on one of Sandy's trips and become lost in the wild.Stanley S. SquarePants:
    SpongeBob's klutzy cousin, Stanley, comes for a visit.

    To Save a Squirrel:
    SpongeBob and Patrick stow away on one of Sandy's trips and become lost in the wild.

    10 out of 10

  • "To Save a Squirrel" is the reason why my score is low

    Stanley S. SquarePants: I thought that this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" and it's one of the best episodes of Season 6. Uncle Sherm's letter in the beginning of the episode was hilarious. Stanley destroying SpongeBob's television, bathroom, and refrigerator was very funny. It was very funny when SpongeBob and Stanley went to Patrick's rock and Patrick tells Stanley "Clear your mind and do absolutely nothing". Squidward thinking there were two SpongeBobs was absolutely the highlight of this episode... that scene was hilarious. Stanley taking photos of the customers and one of them was the wedding photos was very funny. Stanley getting a job at the Chum Bucket and destroying it at the end of the episode was very funny as well. Overall, one of the best SpongeBob episodes of Season 6. 10/10

    To Save a Squirrel: This episode really wasn't great and it was just poor for the most part. It definitely isn't as good as "Stanley S. SquarePants". I didn't really laugh at anything in this episode. I only laughed at the beginning of the episode when SpongeBob and Patrick were running away from the cricket. The ending was kind of funny as well but it didn't make up for how poor the episode was. The cutaway with Squidward trying to needle through the SpongeBob and Patrick dolls was also funny and probably the funniest of this episode. The rest of this episode was just poor and boring and it was just mean of Sandy to say that SpongeBob and Patrick wouldn't survive one day in the wilderness. I've seen worse SpongeBob episodes than this but this episode was just pretty poor and not that good in my opinion. Overall, a poor episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 4/10
  • Stanley is one of the last, Save was good too

    Stanley S. Squarepants- This episode is just perfect. From the letter from Spongebob's uncle, to Stanley's attempts to get a job, to the part where Stanley joins the Chum Bucket this is definitly one of the last if not the last truly perfect episodes. 10/10 A+

    To Save a Squirrel- I think this episode is very underrated. I mean it isn't perfect like Stanley, but I thought there were alot of funny moments like Spongebob and Patrick trying to eat each other, and they did it in a way not gross like many new episodes. 8/10, B-

    Overall, I feel that Stanley S. Squarepants is one of the last perfects eps, and I also feel To Save a Squirrel is really underrated, both episodes worth checking out. 9/10 A-
  • Bad episode,but Stanley was good.

    Stanley S Squarepants was a pretty good episode about Spongebob's jinx comes.Loved it when He destoryed the tv and any other stuff.It was one of the not pretty good episodes.But I loved it when Squidward thought that there was a second Spongebob.That part was so funny.The next episode To Save A Squirrel was horrible.Spongebob and Patrick are stuck in a cave with a filthy hobo who's really Sandy.Sandy was mean when she said that Spongebob and Patrick couldn't even last in the wilderness and it's all Patrick's fault that they are stuck in the cave.He opened the back door and burned their food and tent.This episode was so bad.
  • Everything he touches may just blow up.

    Stanley S. Squarepants: Very good. This used to be my favorite Season 5 episode before I got Season 5 volume 1. I just love how Stanley kept making a mess with everything he touches. My favorite part was when he took pictures with his first customer and added all sorts of themes. It was overall good and funny. Final Grade: A! (90%)

    To Save a Squirrel: I loved it. I love it when Patrick burned the food supply, put the tent over it and also caused it to be burned, then Spongebob got rid of the water to put the fire out. I loved it when Patrick took so long to come up with a plan and the two grew beards, then went in the cave. It was funny when Patrick thought the old fish was in great shape with muscular arms, rock-hard abs, and other stuff. He's so dumb but funny. Final Grade: A! (92%)
  • decent two episodes.

    I thought that Stanley S. Squarepants was actually really good. I liked the fact that they introduced another member of Spongebob's family. I kind of felt bad for Stanley since he kept messing everything up. He couldn't even do nothing right! I thought the end where he destroyed the chum bucket was funny. As for to Save a Squirrel, I didn't like it as much. It was kind of creepy at times. and why the heck were SpongeBob's eyes just black instead of black pupils and then blue? Well anyway I thought these episodes were decent and a great end to season 5.
  • Signifies the last

    This episode, at least Stanley Squarepants, signifies the end of the last perfect episode, which makes me sad. I have always loved Stanley Squarepants, but I have noticed more and more episodes have stunk recently after this. Including the very next "To Save A Squirrel."

    So, Stanley signifies the end of the last perfect episode, it is so good I gave the entire episode a perfect score even though To Save A Squirrel was mediocrity town. A lot of people will disagree with this, but I really feel this is the last episode that is good. Other episodes are good but this one was near perfection.
  • Stanley S. SquarePants was good but To save a squirrel is bad.

    To save a squirrel,you ruined it.

    Stanley S. Squarepants was great because there is some funny parts. Example,Squidward moved to another place.I like the Chum Bucket got destroyed. It was really funny.But how could Harold blown up by himself? Too bad that Sandy only had a short appearance. But still awesome.

    Score: B+

    However,To save a squirrel was really bad. It should be renamed because there is no squirrel to save! It's was really horrible. Patrick thought for a year,is it funny? No! All of the part were so terrible that I must knocked my head. The ending was also terrible.

    Score: E-

    Final score: C (I wished that Banned in bikini bottom paired with Stanley S. SquarePants.)
  • One was great, the other one was just okay.

    Stanley S Squarepants is a funny season 5 episodes that is one of my favorites. I liked the letter from Spongebob's Uncle Sherm and the "nothing good on tv" joke. My favorite part, however, was Patrick's part. That was hilarious, especially when he says,"Empty your mind of all thoughts, until you're doing absolutely nothing." It was also interesting to see the characters' relatives. While this may have been sort of a ripoff of Big Pink Loser, it was still a good and funny episode!:) Now on to To Save a Squirrel. Why is it called that in this first place? Sandy doesn't get saved. Hmmm... anyway, this episode wasn't bad, but not the best season 5 has to offer. The one thing I thought was really funny about it was how Sponge and Pat had all that food (the bread, the ketchup, the spongecake, the carrots, etc.) and they still went insane. :) It was kind of creepy how they tried to eat each other, though. Overall good episodes, nonetheless. Marebear2009, out!
  • The character that should have been left unknown.

    I only watch the one about Spongebob's cousin just to let you all know. I thought that the character of his cousin was an interesting character to know existed but silly to devote even one of the half episodes to him. I thought if we wanted to meet him it would be good to add in another storyline to meet him but not a whole episode being dragged on about how he can't do nothing. I did find it cool how Patrick was acting like the King of doing nothing and how good he actually was at it. In all an okay episode about this silly character
  • Seems to be good...

    Stanley S. Squarepants: It's way better! It was very good between Spongebob and his cousin Stanley, but when it was proved that Spongebob was lying that Stanley is not good at nothing but blowing things up, it gets better which was the ending. It was funny that Stanley blew up the Chum Bucket!
    But again, Patrick was a little out of character

    Episode Grade: 79.3(C+)

    To Save a Squirrel: Pretty okay. Just nothing to save but that this episode was kinda lame because this episode was just wierd! It got me fooled just once. Also, this episode didn't make sense, because this episode didn't had a plot! This episode also made alot of mistakes, which should mean that this episode shouldn't be made! Period.

    Episode Grade: 70.5(C-)

    Final Grade: C
  • Strictly horrible. This is just another excuse for a "good" Spongebob Squarepants episode. You would be better off watching some other channel.

    This episode aired with three others that we supposed to be the best ones yet. As you can tell, Spongebob is going way down in the ratings. This episode was not the worst episode that has ever aired but it is plainly not the best. All I could do after this episode aired was to turn off the TV set and sit on my bed in a shock. The episodes seemed played on and had stupid plots. A new character was introduced but it was another cousin of Spongebob. This bothered me because every single episode of this season seemed to have Spongebob with his extended family. The point is, you are clearly wasting your time if you do decide to watch this.

    The first part was called Stanley S. SquarePants. According to this episode, Spongebob had another cousin named Stanley. Well Stanley can not do anything right. He cannot even do nothing right. Sound familiar, huh? The plot was outdated. We have already seen episodes like this one before! "But let's try to make it new, shall we? Let's throw in all these 'obstacles' that Stanley has to do and mess up!". Ok, not only do they reuse Patrick's plot but they put in all these scenarios that poor Stanley has to do. If you like watching people mess up over and over than watch this episode and waste fifteen minutes of your life.

    The next part was called To Save a Squirrel. Sandy goes on a trip to who knows where and Patrick and Spongebob came with her but get lost. They wind up in a cave with a crazy old man that tells them to eat each other. Once again, sound familiar? Not only do Spongebob and Patrick go camping but they get lost. This was just another copy-cat episode like Stanley's was. Anyway, this crazy old man turns out to be Sandy and Spongebob and Patrick run after her to "eat" her in the end. Wow. Now where have we seen this exact plot before...?

    We see a new character.

    The episodes have the same plots as old ones.
    Spongebob's extended family has gotten old.
    Sandy almost is not smart in this episode.
    The episode gets boring after a while.

    So as you can see, this episode stunk. Maybe if you are new to Spongebob and have not seen any of the episodes you might enjoy this. But if you have seen all the episodes and you know the plots than you will really grow to hate it. Every episode they put out is bringing the ratings down. Spongebob will be much better if they just end it, trust me on that.
  • OH NO! It's happening again!

    I can't belive it! The how good of an episode thing was doing fine, it went back to that same thing! It gets good at the beginning but gets horrible at the end!

    Stanley S. SquarePants: That episode was okay, but I didn't really like it how SpongeBob got blammed for the stuff Stanley did, or Stanley's strage habbits, but what I liked was... NOTHING! Geez! Also Mr. Krabs had nephues?!

    To Save a Squirrel: I wounder why it was called "To Save a Squirrel" when there were no squirrel to save! They shoulda called it "Surrival of the Un-prepared" because SpongeBob and Patrick were lost in the woods and had to surrive. That episode itself was BORING! All that episode was about was SpongeBob and Patrick trying to eat eachother in a cave! It was redicolus, seemed like BOBB, and it was not funny! Patrick shouldn't haved burrend the food... or SpongeBob and Patrick shouldn't had gone to surrvival camp... or whatever that was... or SpongeBob and Patrick shoulda listen to Sandy... or the writtes shouldn't have been eating paste!

    Okay Nick, one more episode like that and its the un-fair treatment!

  • I guess it was OK.

    Stanley S. SquarePants- I liked this episode. It was pretty funny seeing SpongeBob's cousin. They looked almost identical, except Stanley was taller with black hair. I loved how Squidward freaked out over seeing SpongeBob's relative. L.O.L. I also loved how we saw Sandy's, Squidward's and Mr. Krabs' relatives. Anyway, this is a good episode. Watch it! Grade: B+. To Save a Squirrel- What was this? Ok, first of all, what's up with the title. I thought this episode was gonna be all about Patrick and SpongeBob saving Sandy. But no! Instead, they get lost in the wild and try to eat each other. *shudders*. It wasn't funny and the ending made no sense and was totally predicatable. You could tell Sandy was the old guy. *sigh*. This episode really disapointed me. Grade F-. Final Grade: C.
  • It's pretty clear at this point that the writers are running out of ideas.

    Okay...this episode, especially Stanley S. Squarepants, was so ridiculously unoriginal...they JUST did an episode about Spongebob's cousin a few episodes ago in "Blackjack", and now they do another episode about Spongebob's *other* cousin?! It'd be okay if the episode was actually funny but it really wasn't. Aside from the "nothing good on TV" line it was filled with awfully predictable jokes. The entire plotline just wasn't good either...Stanley breaks everything he touches and Spongebob takes the blame...that's it? Come on...what happened to episodes like "F.U.N.", "Band Geeks", "The Idiot Box", "Survival of the Idiots", "I Had an Accident", "Doodlebob", "Argh!", "Scary Pants", "Bubble Buddy"...ect...
  • I can't beileve it! Spongebob has a cousin named stanley.

    I love this episode. I didn't even know that sponegbob had a cousin stanley. Why would sandy, on the other side is disquising herself as a old man to test their survival skills. This is one of my favorite episodes. I don't get it. HOw could stanley do that. It was liek his superpower. At least satnley got a job at the chum bucket at the end of the first part. This episode is the most brillant episode that has been aired with more than 2 episodes on a day. Keep on going and soon there will be epsidoes so awsome they have you saying "More SQuarepants relatives!".
  • Seems to be ok.

    SpongeBob finally has a realative on the show. Stanley was halarious! He burned the Chum Bucket right down to the ground!

    Stanley S. SquarePants: WoW! This was a great episode! It was funny that SpongBob had a cousin that was a total loser and burned everything he touched. No wonder his uncle sent him to SpongeBob's place. But since when does Mr. Krabs KISS SpongeBob. That's gross!

    To Save a Squirrel: What a crazy episode. I didn't find the begining to be very good. The part were they were trying to eat each other. That is when it got good. I hated the ending too.

    Stanley S. SquarePants Score: A-
    To Save a Squirrel Score: C-
    Final Score: B-
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