SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 6 Episode 4

Suction Cup Symphony

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Mar 06, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Strange episode...

    This episode is a bit weird and doesn't really seem to have a point. Patrick and SpongeBob just act out of character in my opinion (SpongeBob thought Squidward was using the bathroom? SpongeBob putting on the rubber glove was also pushing the limit). There was no clever humor and it didn't have any laughs to speak of.
  • Squidward compose a symphony

    This episode was great but to me it isn't as superb as the Not Normal and Gone episode pair. At least it is praised very well here. I liked the story to the episode and it was great to see Squidward getting successful towards the end (he already did in House Fancy and Band Geeks) since he thought his music was terrible. My only con was the usual antics of SpongeBob and Patrick distracting Squidward (this is why I focus when no one's along) but it was surt of funny in some parts. Although it was funnier that Squidward actually compose the symphony based on what he heard earlier. The ending as said before was great. IMO, this episode was great but could have handled a little bit better for SpongeBob and Patrick. 8.5/10
  • Great episode BUT not my favorite episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants"

    I thought that this was a great episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It may not be my favorite episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" but it was overall great in my opinion. I thought Squidward wanting to compose music for the Bikini Bottom Symphony Orchestra was very funny. It was very funny when Squidward dropped SpongeBob and Patrick out of his window and then Patrick broke his butt. The doctor scene in this episode was a little too gross for my taste but some of it was funny. It was funny when Squidward has rainbow on his head when he came up with a new idea to compose his music. I thought Squidward conducting his music at the Bikini Bottom Symphony Orchestra and he finds out that whatever he heard from SpongeBob and Patrick that he wrote on his music. The gag when SpongeBob was squishing the rubber duck was funny. It was funny when SpongeBob was tickling Patrick was funny. Patrick blowing the air like balloon around the concert and falls on Squidward was funny. The very ending was also funny when Squidward has a swelled head which was because of Patrick for inflating it. Overall, not my favorite episode and it kind of dragged in some parts BUT it was overall great and I believe everyone would enjoy this episode. 8.5/10
  • Fair


    One day while Squidward is practicing his clarinet, he notices a billboard that is looking for a symphony composer. He immediately starts composing, but he keeps being interrupted by SpongeBob trying to heal Patrick.

    Overall a fair episode of spongebob that will get a

    6.5 out of 10

  • This episode was very bad!

    I dont like this episode at all. It should never have existed! You may not hate it, but I do. Squidward is having a typical day of practicing his clarinet, when he spots a billboard. It said something about a bikini bottom symphony orchestra. Squidward tries to write down his "masterpiece", but spongebob and patrick are making a racket when they are playing doctor because patrick broke his bottom. After hours of spongebob and patrick constantly annoying squidward, he finally finishes his song. At the concert, spongebob and patrick are still playing doctor. They ruin the concert for squidward, but the crowd loved it. At the end, squidwards head explodes. This episode is worse than whale of a birthday! At the end, when squidward`s head explodes, that was total squidward advantage. The writers have got to stop doing that! Message to writers: Dont ever make an episode like this ever again, and dont ever cause squidward advantage ever again. This episode should have never existed. Dont ever make an episode like this ever again! For the final time, dont ever cause squidward advantage ever again! When this episode comes on next, I am going to turn off the tv. Advice: Dont watch this episode. What a long review.
  • Great episode where Squidward actually wins.

    I love this episode. It's proably one of Season 6's greatest episodes.
    I love at the beginning where Squidward plays him clarinet loudly and Spongebob thinks hes constipated. Some other funny parts are when Patrick breaks his butt, and his bones stick out. also when Spongebob gives Patrick a... well you'll see. It just turns out to be a rubber ducky. Besides Spongebob and Patrick, Squidward was also very funny. I loved his rainbow that popped out of his head when he head an idea. I also like how Squidward's face was just like it in Squid's Day off.
    The ending is clever when Squidward writes down everything he heard, including Patrick's noises. Ha!!!!!
  • A great episode! In the Bad Cartoon Era, this wouldn't be so bad for a Spongebob Squarepants fan.

    OK, this episode is great! It is all about Squidward trying to write a symphony. And Spongebob tries to fix Patrick's broken butt because he dosen't have Health Insurance. Squidward goes to the Bikini Bottom Symphony Orcestra, he starts to conduct it, and then since he was distracted during his writing, Spongebob and Patrick show up. After it was done, all that was cheering was the crickets. Then, for some reason, the crowd started cheering. Anyway, the scores are... Graphics: 8.0/10 (magnificent): Great! Nothing really gross or anything, it was just plain great. Humor: 7.8/10 (adequate): All the stuff Spongebob and Patrick were good. Also, the funny noises they do are funny too. Yet again, the beggining was magnificent too. Sound n' Voice Casting: 8.4/10 (magnificent): The speech of the people in this episode were great! Also, the noises Patrick makes are goofy and funny, too (as mentioned in my humor section). The music was nice, too. Dialougue and Language: 8/10 (magnificent): There is nothing to mention here that is very great, though. Plot: 9/10 (sublime): It was actually awesome this time. Rarely, in the Bad Cartoon Era there will be a awesome plot that doesn't get reapeated that much. Grossness Factor: 1/10 (extremely low) -0.1 off the original grade. Bottom Line: This is a rare good episode in this bad cartoon era. It really deserves a 8.3 out of ten from me. Well, looks like my work is done here, stay tuned in for my next review, TV.com members!
  • Boy, I am going to get a lot of thumbs down for this, but this is one of my favorites actually! ^_^

    This was one of the best episodes to air in a long time, and am very surprised it's an episode from the beginning of season 6. I laughed my head off in the beginning of this episode when Squidward was playing his clarinet, SpongeBob thought it was him farting really loudly, XD. There was also a lot of adult humor in this one, like when Spongebob was giving Patrick a physical, and SpongeBob was behind him with a rubber glove and.....well you'll see the scene if you don't know what i am talkin bout. I also liked how they made a clear reference to "Squid's Day Off" in one Squidward scene. I highly recommend this episode to any Spongey fans.

    Grade: A+
  • Awesome episode

    In this episode, Squidward is practicing his clarinet, when he notices a billboard asking for new original symphonies for the Bikini Bottom Symphony. He immediately begins composing, however Spongebob and Patrick continually annoy Squidward, to the point where he gets very angry. He is finally able to block them out and concentrate on writing the song. The night of the performance comes, but there's a problem: He wrote in Spongebob and Patrick in the composition as instruments. Will the performance suffer or will squidward fail? Overall, a really good episode, and I like how Squidward doesn't completly fail for once. 9.5/10 A
  • Best of the week!

    This episode is my favorite of the marathon. It had some really good jokes, and it's also really underated. I loved the dialogue in this one, and the scenes with Squidward writing the music while Spongebob and Patrick played "docter" outside. My favorite parts were when the construction worker tells Spongebob "I know what I've done", and the ending where Squidward finally wins at something again. The only part that I really didn't like was where Spongebob calls Squidward's music "gastral distress" at the beginning, that was rude and out of character. But still, this was a wonderful episode.

    Overall, this was episode was worth watching, and the best of the week.
  • Pretty good episode.

    Okay, so squidward has to write music for a symphony and ends up writing every thing he hears down on his paper. So SpongeBob and Patrick end up messing up his big chance to become a star. Or so he thinks. Squidward's song actually becomes loved by thousands of people who watched it. Squidward gets some fame for a change. Maybe he's so angry all the time because something bad is happening to him. In this episode, he wins and he is happy. Spongebob and Patrick actually helped him accomplish something for a change. But it's never like that again.
  • This is the only post-movie episode that lives up to the standards set in Seasons 1-3.

    This could actually be my favorite episode. I always stick up for the guy you're not supposed to stick up for in comedies- I always want Lucky to get away from the kids and I'm looking forward to the day the Rabbit gets his hands on some Trix Yogurt. And I'm very happy that Squidward won. So many recent episodes are cruel to Squidward (with House Fancy being an exception), that this episode reminds me of Band Geeks (another favorite). The best part is that the gags in this episode revert to the subtle innuendos that have always made Nickolodeon superior to the Disney Channel. If this episode comes on, WATCH IT.
  • Good episode, but could have been better.

    This is not really a bad episode, it had a good plot and Squidward is always funny to me, but it did have a handful of flaws, unfortunately. These flaws being SpongeBob and Patrick acting so annoying and childish. The whole doctor thing got old ever since the episode "Subs" and Patrick tried to play doctor on SpongeBob on "The Splinter" and it was horrible then, why do it again? SpongeBob's facial expression throughout the episode disturbed me a little. It did have a good, actually great part, and it was Squidward's song. Really nice to hear… until SpongeBob and Patrick appeared and ruined it all, but with the time I've started to be OK with those scenes, I actually laugh when SpongeBob puts on a rubber glove and grabs something and we here Patrick going "wooooo!" you think SpongeBob is grabbing "something else" until you see he's squeaking a rubber ducky! Funny innuendo there. The best part of the episode is watching Squidward win! He deserves it, and that is what brings my score up. But still, final grade: C+
  • My 50th review!

    Sure, this episode might have had a couple flaws, but it's still one of the better ones of season 6. The doctor scene was hilarious, IMO the best part, but it was a little much and could have been a little shorter. I also liked how Patrick said "Hey, I broke my butt" and the expression on Squidward's face when he finished writing his symphony that he presumably had worked all night on. That face reminded me of how I must have looked when I finished my research paper back in February. Bottom line, don't trust anyone who says this episode is terrible. It's not!!!!!!!!! Sure it's got a bit of gross out humor and the doctoring was a little much but all in all this is a fantastic episode. Marebear2009, out!
  • Maybe it's just my soft spot for Squidward talking, but this episode just makes me feel good to watch.

    The only way you could go wrong with a nice, feel-good episode like this is if it were forced and insincere, which it isn't. Every minute of it is genuine, and although it may not be the funniest of the post-movie era (that would be Krusty Towers), I personally find it to be the most enjoyable.
    This episode is a real treat for Squidward fans. A good chunk of the episode's humor comes from just watching his hilarious facial expressions, whether it be annoyed, angry, freaked out, weirded out, on the brink of insanity, or that rare smile he gets when he's fantasizing about fame and fortune. Plus, he has a lot of great one-liners, like the way he says "That would be nice" while he's a melted puddle on the floor, and of course, "Become famous, revenge later." And the part where he literally "puts on his game face"? That was ingenious. Now THAT is real SpongeBob humor right there.
    Aside from Squidward's moments, SpongeBob and Patrick's antics were actually quite amusing. While the part where Patrick's…er….butt-bones are sticking out of his buttcheeks had me a little grossed out at first, I have to admit, when he pushes them back in and they show up in the back of his mouth, THAT was funny. SpongeBob's doctor treatments were quite funny as well. A good example would be when he had Patrick hitting his knee with a hammer and clocking his (very slow) reaction time. And of course, I know what we're ALL thinking when SpongeBob snaps on that glove and aims his gloved hand for Patrick's butt, so when it is later revealed that he was only squeezing a rubber duck, I'm sure that had plenty of people rolling on the floor.
    Then, we get to hear Squidward's song, and it rocks! Orchestrally, that is. Who says Squidward's not a great musician? And who knew a miserable old grouch like him could come up with such an upbeat song. Kudos to whoever wrote the tune in real life.
    And finally, here comes the #1 reason why this is such an enjoyable episode. Squidward gets a happy ending! I admit it; I love Squidward. I'm massively biased in that respect towards any episode that treats him well, and proud of it. First off, it really tugs at your heartstrings when you see poor Squidward walking offstage dejected as per usual, but at that point, you KNOW the audience is going to burst into applause unexpectedly, and you happily await it. And sure enough, they do. It really warms a hardcore Squidward fan's heart to hear that fish say, "Yeah, but the real genius is the composer!" *cue chanting of Squidward's name* Way to go, Squiddy!
    And as for the "exploding head" at the end: they didn't show it, so I choose to interpret that it was just an implied gag rather than something that actually happened. By that point, you're just too happy about Squidward's achievement to give a flying barnacle about something like that. Overall, this is a great episode in that it's pleasing to watch, has plenty of funny moments, and isn't at all cheesy. While usually I rue the existence of Seasons 4-7, I must admit, I am very thankful that this episode exists.
  • This episode was awesome! Why the heck does everyone hate this episode? It contained good comedy and for once Squidward won!

    This seemed to have a dumb plot, but I loved it when I saw it. Even though the butt thing is kinda of rip off from I Had An Accident, it was funny. I mostly loved the part where Patrick was like, "Hey. I broke my butt." LOL! That was hilarious! But the funniest part of the episode by far was the health insurance crack Patrick made. "I can't see a doctor. My job doesn't provide me with health insurance." "What kind of job is that?" "Exactly!" That was hilarious; I was literally laughing for hours with that joke. I also liked the game face Squidward put on and that rainbow that came out of his head. Another thing that I enjoyed was the part where SpongeBob and Pat where balls and Patrick was like, "I'm funny." In addition, the song Squidward sang was catchy and the routine Sponge and Pat did were hilarious. One of my favorite parts of the episode was that Squidward won at last! SpongeBob and Patrick finally helped him win not cause him to loose! This episode totally gets an A+!.
  • I actually kindoff liked it.

    Summary: 109. Season 6, Ep 4: Suction Cup Symphony7.410 ReviewsOne day while Squidward is practicing his clarinet, he notices a billboard that is looking for a symphony composer. He immediately starts composing, but he keeps being interrupted by SpongeBob trying to heal Patrick. I actually thought this was a pretty good episode because even though Spongebob and Patrick mested up his music, the crowd still liked it and gave Squidward credit for composing the music that he made when Spongebob and Ptrick were desturbing him by playing "Docter". So inconclusion, I actually thought this wasa pretty good episode.

    Overall, B
  • A good episode.

    I found this episode quite enjoyable. It wasn't exactly a series classic, but it's something to watch for a laugh.

    There were a few funny moments, like the doctor scene and Patrick's refrence to health care (which proves the new writers aren't total imbesiles)

    But also, the episode ends up good for Squidward! Let's see the only other times that that's every happened was...Band Geeks and House Fancy. While this episode is the worse of the 3, any time it happens is nice.

    So anyway, this is an above average Season 6 episode. Check it out for a few laughs...both stupid and witty,
  • I know I'm going to get a lot of disagreeing, but this is my fave episode.

    I loved every minute of them episode. It also made me laugh! If I could recommend any episode, this would be the one. From the beginning, when Squidward sees the sign and begins working, to when Spongebob is the doctor for Patrick (lol!), to when he performs and gets applause. Squidward actually got what he wanted in this episode. I think it is a series classic and a fine example of what the show is about. Sure, none of the reviews got up to 9, but this is how I feel. I hope you enjoy this episode just like I did.
  • not good!

    this episode was boring. nuthing really happend, it was just squidward seeing a billboard about a symphony ocestra and he writes a song or sumthing and spongebob and patrick are anoying him so he drops them out of the window. the only little bit that was a bit funny was the bones going through patricks mouth but that was it. then spongebob pretends to be a doctor and tries to heal him and it distracts squidward so he writes down whatever spongebob and patrick do so in the performance spongngebob and patrick just do what they did before and that was it. the ending was stupid to, it ends up with patrick blowing air into squidwards head with that thing. season 6 so far has been great except for this 1 episode so i hope the next new episodes coming arnt like this. this has definetly got to be the worst of the week.

    so i give it a 4/10 not good!!
  • I kinda liked this episode.

    The episode starts with Squidward seeing a billboard for a compostion competition in which the writer gets to compose their composition for the famous Bikini Bottom Symphony Orchestra (although there are some percussion and woodwind instruments). Squidward signs up and is writing his piece, when then he sees another billboard saying it's due tomorrow. So, after encountering SpongeBob and Patrick, he throws them out of the window, causing Patrick to severely hurt his bottom. So now, Squidward has to write the song as SpongeBob impersonates a doctor. Okay, I have to admit I laughed when a rainbow came out of Squidward's head, I also laughed when Squidward was mutingly laughing to the squeak of the rubber duck. I also did giggle a bit during Squidward's composition, make that giggle a lot! I was glad to see Squidward become famous at the end, but I didn't like how Squdiward's head blew up (thanks a lot, smartypants Patrick). Although the actual doctoring was boring, I say this is a decent episode.

  • Three Letters; LOL!

    This episode was hilarious. It was totally pointless, but insanly funny! I loved it when Patrick broke his butt. "I broke my Butt." LOL. I also liked it when Patrick and Spong-eBob were footballs and when Squidward's head became a rainbow. Personally, I feel this episode was the best of season 5. Squidward, for the first time since "Band Geeks", finally got something good for him. The song that Squidward made was hillarious and also quite cathchy. I also LOL when SpongeBob was Patrick's doctor and was trying to fix his butt. This episode, to me, was hillarious and I think it's a great episode.
  • Squidward composes a song, and SpongeBob and Patrick play doctor.

    This episode has too much gross out, potty humor. SpongeBob thinking Squidward has bad gas when he's playing clarinet? SpongeBob and Patrick playing doctor when Patrick breaks his butt? This has to be one of the worst episodes yet. I appreciated the fact that Squidward finally got a chance to compose a piece of music for an actual concert, but the way that it was carried out could have been a lot better.
    The SpongeBob and Patrick playing doctor in the concert was just wrong. Why couldn't the writers give Squidward his moment without involving SpongeBob and Patrick too much? Squidward is as good as a character as the other two, and he needs his own time to shine.
    Not a good episode at all. -- 2/10
  • A busted can!

    Okay, this is one was better of what I've seen that week, I don't get why people hate this one. We see one of Squidward's dreams and comes amazing with Spongebob's help, and more of a Patrick debut. This is about Squidward writing a conduction for the symphony, and what he heard was written, Squidward conducts the symphony and Spongebob and Patrick did their cues. Squidward has done the composing, and rather did he get what he deserved, he won. Nothing else to say? Not Normal, Gone, and Krabby Road may not happen, but this has been to the hype. Except for my review's summary.

    Episode Grade: C+

    Next is a takeover!(Which was the best of what I've seen of the Gimmie 5)
  • Have the writers run out of ideas?!

    Well, when I first saw this episode I had to admit that this episode was not as bad as last night's and the night before last night's episode, but when I saw it the second time it was as bad as last night's and the night before last night's episode. It isn't that good at all. All the episode was about was Squidward trying to write a song while SpongeBob and Patrick bug him. It had a little moments but overal, un-watchable as Krabby Road. SpongeBob and Patrick's stupidty got repetetive after a while, and it felt like a rushed episode. The episode wasted my time. Somtime in the midle of the episode I was like "Is it over yet?". There's not much I can say about this episode except it didn't make my day. I think this episode now has sufrued the same rate as Breath of Fresh Squidward, Not Normal, and Gone.

  • A sad excuse for an episode. Did SpongeBob get writers strike too?

    Pros: It has its moments.

    Cons: The writers did a poor job of extending the episode.

    Ok, so Nick is doing this thing with 5 episodes of SpongeBob in a week, and only about 1 or 2 of them were funny. This episode is easily the worst SpongeBob episode yet. When it starts it's not so bad, but the ending is horrible.

    There wasn't much episode here. Around the ending, the writers tryed to extend the episode by showing Squidward's whole song, which wasn't funny. He wrote down everything he heard, so the whole scene was just SpongeBob and Patrick being idiots.

    Usually it's funny when SpongeBob and Patrick act like idiots, but now it's just ridiculous. Almost nothing about this episode was funny, and watching it was a waste of my time. I feel sorry for myself now. SPONGEBOB FANS ONLY!