SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 9

Survival of the Idiots / Dumped

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 05, 2001 on Nickelodeon

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  • Another great classic episode

    Aired today at 8:00am.
  • Survival of the Idiots: Funny but could've been better Dumped:Great but not my favorite episode

    Survival of the Idiots: I thought that this was a good episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It wasn't great but it was good in my opinion. SpongeBob and Patrick playing with snow against each other inside Sandy's treedome was very funny. Patrick being "Pinhead Larry" was very funny especially when Patrick said "Who are you calling pinhead?" and you see that face for a brief second. Sandy chasing after SpongeBob and Patrick was very funny as well. Patrick taking lent out of his belly button was too gross for me. Sandy drooling was absolutely nasty and the way Sandy looked such as she is fat, cranky, and dangerous. I also thought SpongeBob and Patrick ripping off Sandy's fur was pretty stupid and I didn't really enjoy the ending. Overall, a good episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" but it had too much gross humor for me and it wasn't the greatest. 7/10

    Dumped: This wasn't my favorite episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" but it is better than "Survival of the Idiots". The only thing that kept my score a little low was that Patrick was kind of being mean to SpongeBob such as "Just face it, Gary loves me more than he loves you" (something close to that) plus there were more things and I didn't like that. SpongeBob adopting a worm to get Gary jealous and to get him back home was funny. It was funny when Patrick was saying "Blah blah blah" when he was talking to Gary. The ending was funny that Gary only wanted the cookie from Patrick's shorts and it explains why he was glued to Patrick the whole time. Patrick yelling "I thought we had something special" at the end of the episode was funny as well. Overall, a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 8/10
  • This some is bull crap!!

    um! when I looked it up on netflix the episode was #9 of season 2! I DIRTY DAN!
  • Survival of the idiots

    Hilarious, my favorite episode!
  • Both superb episodes.

    Survival of the Idiots: This episode was superb and most of it were funny up until the last 4 minutes Parts I liked/laughed at SB and Patrick watching Sandy's channel (Patrick: "She's on the eating channel."), SpongeBob and Patrick doing stuffs that wake Sandy up, SB and Patrick playing with some cannon, "Who you calling Pinhead?", and that's probably it. The last 4 minutes didn't made me laugh. Overall a superb episode. 9/10

    Dumped: This episode was superb as well. I liked/laughed at Gary following SB (and Patrick), Patrick and Gary having a sleepover, "Gary the snail, answer to me when I'm talking to you" (always made me laugh whenever SpongeBob called him Gary the snail), SpongeBob getting a snail and a worm, and the last part. My only problem was Patrick. He was so mean (not annoying, but he was just cold) in this episode. Overall score 9/10.
  • SotI: Perfect Dumped: great.


    Survival of the Idiots:
    Despite Sandy's warning, SpongeBob and Patrick sneak into her treedome, during a terrible snowstorm and since the doorknob is frozen, SpongeBob and Patrick realize they have to wait until spring. Will SpongeBob and Patrick be able to survive the entire winter? Or will Sandy, and the cold weather, stop them first?

    Suddenly, Gary seems to be hanging out with Patrick more than SpongeBob. SpongeBob thinks it's because he loves Patrick more. But, what's the real reason that Gary is attached to Patrick all of a sudden?

    9.5 out of 10

  • superb

    What I liked (Survival of the Idiots)- Dirty Dan, Pinhead Larry, Spongebob and Patrick using Sandy's fur when it got cold, Sandy attacking them, amongst other things.

    What I liked (Dumped)- the emotional aspect of the episode was handled well, Gary only wanting Patrick's cookie in his shorts, Spongebob trying to get Gary back, the ending, amongst other things.

    Both good episodes. SOTI had some good gags, and Dumped was pretty sad at parts, like when Spongebob tried to get Gary to come home. B+ or so as my final grade
  • Survival of the Idiots WAS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! Dumped However was eehhh.....

    Survival of the Idiots was easily in the top five list of greatest season 2 episodes ever! I love this episode to pieces! And it also is another hilarious episode! I'M DIRTY DAN!!! Man, this episode is so funny, where to start, hmmm. Oh yes, it all starts when SpongeBob and Patrick go over to Sandy's house, but watch a video tape on her tv set showing them that she is now hibernating over the Winter. I guess this means that on land in Texas its winter there now. Anyway, Sandy tells them not to come in and disturb her sleep, but Patrick refuses and thinks "NO" means "YES." As they go in, they discover a winter wonderland! Yes that's right, Sandy's tree dome is now covered with snow and it is snowing in there now! Patrick tells SpongeBob that its a vast land of white pleasure, and is an experience like you've never felt before, or something like that.:P But Patrick was just reading that from a candy wrapper. Lol! Anyway, the best parts to this epsidoe were when SpongeBob and Patrick were both fooling around with Sandy making disturbing noises and then SpongeBob uses a megaphone saying: "See ya later Sheriff Sandy!" After those white head phones are on Sandy the girzzly bear of course.:P This is my favorite part: When SpongeBob and Sandy both hit each other with a snow shovel and snow nail bat saying: "I'M DIRTY DAN!" So Patrick ends up being Dirty Dan while SpongeBob is Pinhead Larry! I could go on all day about how awesome this episode is, but that would take all day! So I'll just say that this episode is one of my favorites and love the games SpongeBob and Patrick play in this episode! Dumped was an okay episode but I kinda felt bad for SpongeBob. It was so sad seeing him like that! But in the end we all discover that Gary just wanted a cookie in Patrick's pocket in his shorts.:P Gary will always love SpongeBob and it does at least make a happy ending! So in all, both were fantastic episodes!
  • Survival of the Idiots has a story about all the praise it gets, but Dumped was pretty good.

    Some people probably won't agree with me, but I personally think Survival of the Idiots is kind of overrated. It does have a couple funny parts in it like when Patrick turns into a pinhead and when it abruptly becomes spring. However, a lot of the humor is gross out humor like Sandy's constant drooling and her fur being ripped off. Even the old writers seemed to feel like they had to rely on that kind of humor too much. Dumped was a better episode, probably the saddest Spongebob episode ever (besides Have You Seen This Snail maybe). It did have a lot of funny parts in it like the ending and Patrick saying "blah blah blah" when he was talking to Gary, and the fact that it was sad made it a good story and a well written episode. Marebear2009, out!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob sandy gives them a warning to not go in her treedome becasue it will be winter and you will have to wait till the spring she is going to hibernate. and they dont care so they go in and they start to make noise and she gets mad and starts to go after them . this was funny. and in the second part patrick and spongebob are out side there houses and gary goes over to him all of sudden and he wont leave patricks side so spongebob thinks gary does not like him anymore and starts to look at old photos and cries thing is the whole time it was all for a cookie that was in garys pocket and he goes right back to spongebob . this was agood ep
  • Survival of the Idiots was awesome! Dumped? Not so much.

    Survival of the Idiots: One of Season 2's finest. It had a ton of funny parts. Patrick reading the candy rapper, Pat ripping Sandy's fur, and of course, "who you callin' pinhead?". A simply awesome episode. Forget about Pre-Hibernation Week or Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm, (in my opinion) THIS is the best Sandy episode. Simply simple, totally superb.

    Score: A- 9.4/10

    Dumped: Meeeh... This episode was generally boring. The only part I really liked was the Larry joke, everything else was only mediocre at best. I felt sorry for SpongeBob, seeing him lose Gary was very sad. The worm gag was also all right, but nothing that special. Most characters were quite unlikeable, especially Patrick, who I usually like, but not in this episode. After a great part one, this episode kinda ruined the pairing from being one of the more elite. Alright, but nothing special.

    Score: B- 8.0/10
  • Dumped left me in tears, and Survival of the Idiots is overrated!

    Survival of the Idiots:
    Honestly, this episode is good, but yet nothing really special. I feel it's a bit too overrated though. Wow, SpongeBob and Patrick wake up Sandy when she's hibernating because they keep making noise. What a hillarious episode! Not. Well anyway, it was good, but still I didn't think it was good enough to be called "a classic".


    Gary has left SpongeBob for Patrick after they had a sleepover! :o A very sad, but fantastic episode! After Gary leaves poor lonely SpongeBob, he decides to get other pets, but none are as good as Gary. But, it turns out that Gary only wanted Patrick's cookie in his pocket. Haha, serves Patrick right for being a nasty little......

  • This is one for the scrap book!

    I liked this one very much for it's originality. It was a perfect example of what could happen if you shave an animal while their sleeping.

    I sure did like how they had the boutique, the eyebrows, and even the hair in Patrick's pants, that was funny!

    Even more so, I also liked the episode "Dumped". I had a feeling that it had a spoof in it, and I was right. It spoofed: "The Three Lives of Thomasina". That was a funny episode.

    Overall, with all the adventures I've seen in these 2 episodes, I conclude my rating as...8.6!

    This 3 seasons never sises to make me laugh. And that brings us to the GRAND TOTAL!
  • Wow. An exelent episode! Those are rare!

    Survival of the idiots
    One of my favorite episodes! I'm glad C.H. Greenblatt made this episode exelent. Spongebob and Patrick get stuck with Sandy all winter. Soon, they get so cold, they have to shave Snady's fur off. But, they forget something, Sandy knows karate. I love this episode. I can not denie! O.K.
    Final Grade: A+

    Gary leaves Spongebob for Patrick now Spongebob is so sad. So, he gets Larry, a snail nothing like Gary. So, when Patrick and Gary come over to do laundry. Spongebob learns that Gary just wanted the cookie in Patrick's pocket. Final Grade: B+

    Final Grade: A, 10
  • Will SpongeBob and Patrick be able to survive the winter?

    In "Survival of the Idiots" SpongeBob and Patrick must survive in Sandy's treedome for the whole winter. First of all, I loved it when Sandy was trying to keep SpongeBob and Patrick out of her treedome. Then, when Patrick described the snow scene but it turned out to be a candy rapper, that cracked me up. When Sandy was dreaming, that was pretty funny too. I loved it when "shariff" Sandy was attacking SpongeBob and Patrick. Lots of funny, physical humor. But, my favorite part was when Patrick got dressed up like a tough guy and then all he said was, "Open Sesame!" and then he said that was all he could do, that was hillarious. I loved it when they cut off Sandy's hair. That was so funny. In Dumped, Gary prefers Patrick over SpongeBob. This episode almost made me cry, but it was so funny. I liked it when Patrick was listing all of the stuff they could play at the slumber party. It was so sad though, when Gary went over to Patrick instead of SpongeBob. When SpongeBob almost cried, I thought I was going to cry. Larry was funny too, and when SpongeBob was trying to get Gary back, that was funny too. And at the end, when Gary only liked Patrick for his cookie, that cracked me up. I'm glad Gary finally decided to go back to SpongeBob. That was really sweet.
  • Survival of the idiots was outrageously funny.

    Survival of the idiots was laugh out loud funny. The very beginning of the show where spongebob and patrick bouncing and running like morons was hilarious. There was a lot of action and comedy in this one making at a real classic and one of the best spongebob episodes to date. However, Dumped was only okay. There were a few heh-heh moments, but nothing really funny, and almost disappointing. However, its good enough for a time waster episode, and certainly nothing to avoid watching. Still, the first episode almost made up for it. Two thumbs up for this spongebob! Nice one!
  • one very good episode one very bad episode

    Okay the episode that did good is Survival of the Idiots because it just did good in comedy and action. Plus we see a not so pleasant side of Sandy. The name of this episode really does fit the events though and funny events they were. Now I don't know if the creaters made Dumped while sleeping or something but this episode was very terrible and boring to watch. I lowered the overall rating by three points just because of how bad this episode was. If this episode aired with Squirrel Jokes there would be a big fat 0 for my overall rating of a pair of episodes.
  • Best Episode

    This was one of the greatest episodes of Spongebob. Dumped was good, but Survival of the Idiots was perfect. They couldn't have done any better than this. I love the three snow episodes, Christmas Who?, Survival of the Idiots, and Snowball Effect. Of these three great episodes, the best one of them all was a tie between Survival of the Idiots, and Snowball Effect. But Christmas Who? was still great. Dumped was pretty good, but I do not think that it was of the top classic episodes of Spongebob Squarepants. That is my review of Survival of the Idiots and Dumped.
  • 28th Episode

    Survival of the Idiots: In this episode Spongebob and Patrick went to Sandy's treedome when they go inside it was snowing and Sandy was hibernating. So they made fun of her and now it turns into a complete disaster for them.

    Dumped: Gary always like Patrick so he decides to keep him and now Spongebob is jelous of him so he's using other pets to keep him company and he figured out that he just want's the cookie in Patrick's pocket and now Gary likes Spongebob again.
  • episode #28

    survival of the idiots: sb and pat get trapped in sandys tree dome, and see that it is snowing. they play around, and get sandy, who is in a trance from hibernating, angry.

    dumped: gary starts following patrick around instead of spongebob. this makes spongebob sad. soon, it is revealed that gary didnt want patrick, though.
  • Very entertaining

    In Survival of the Idiots, Spongebob and Patrick go over to Sandy's treedome, but she's hibernating because it's winter over there. So Spongebob and Patrick still come in, stupid as ever, and cause trouble in the treedome. Firs, they're cold. Then, they go into Sandy's treedome, and hear Sandy's dream about Texas outlaws. So Spongebob and Patrick play inside the treedome, but not in Sandy's room, arguing over who's Dirty Dan, and who's Pinhead Larry. First time, Sandy woke up, but with the help of Belly Button lint, Sandy slept with no sound, until they came off. When Winter was over, it became Spring, and there were Spongebob and Patrick covered with Sandy's fur. Sandy wakes up angrilly, and commercial break.

    In Dumped, it starts out with Spongebob and Gary playing a game of tag. When Patrick comes back, Gary gets all excited all of a sudden and follows Patrick wherever he goes. This makes Spongebob mad, then sad, so he keeps on begging Patrick to give Gary back to him. Patrick tells him that Gary made up his mind, and he's staying with him. But when Patrick came over to Spongebob's house to wash his pants in the laundry, it appears that Gary was just attracted to Patrick... Patrick's pants, there was a cookie in it! So then, Gary lived happily with Spongebob, which left Patrick, dumped.
  • Gary for Patrick? This makes no sense!

    Survival of the idiots-
    SpongeBob and Patrick go to sandy's, when it's winter. They need to keep warm, or they'll freeze, and may get beaten up by big sandy.

    Debut character- PatBack.

    Gary goes for Patrick, but in the end, all Gary wanted was a cookie in Pat's pocket.

    Debut- Lary, Jerry, Rex
  • This episode was very entertaining, and reveals to us what Sandy looks like during her little hibernation.

    "Survival of the Idiots" remains one of my favorite 11-minute episodes out of the whole second season. The story was Pat and Sponge is trapped in a snowing treedome, and has to withstand the wrath of Sandy and her sleepwalking. I think that this episode has got me laughing like no other episode has before. I was watching it with my brother Kevin, and he claims that it was the best, too. I don't think this is the BEST episode out there, but I certainly loved how Sandy beat the crap out of Sponge and Pat.

    "Dumped" is like a "jealousy"-type episode where Gary turns his back on Sponge and shows his affections to Pat instead. I think that "Dumped" takes a long time to execute a joke, and I personally think that it did not do much for the season.

    Even so, this is one of my favorite episodes out of season two.
  • Cute and funny!

    It's so funny how Spongebob and Patrick fight in Survival of the idiots over who can become dirty dan,then they sneak into sandy's yard.Also in Dumped,Gary starts liking patrick more than spongebob.Finally an episode with Gary!!! Gary's awesome,anyways the second episode is a real tearjerker while the first one's full of funny classic humor.
  • In the episode Dumped, Gary seems to like Patrick more than Spongebob. Come to find out, Gary just wanted he cookie in Patrick\'s pocket!

    In the episode Dumped, what does Spongebob say is Gary\\\\\\\'s favorite joke? e-mail me @ cmytoez22@cox.net and let me know. I have been racking my brain trying to figure it out. I really want o know what it is bad! Can you help me? If you can, just let me know.
    Thank you!