SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 9

Survival of the Idiots / Dumped

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 05, 2001 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • In" Survival of the Idiots," Sandy was in the tree when she noticed SpongeBob and Patrick. Then she was next to them. How did she get there so fast?

    • In the episode "Survival Of The Idiots", SpongeBob and Patrick take off their water bowls, and the snow keeps them from drying, but when they go in Sandy's tree, where she is sleeping, it is not snowing in there, so wouldn't SpongeBob and Patrick get dried out? They clearly would have dried out, since they were in the tree for a good period of time.

    • In "Survival of the Idiots," Patrick and SpongeBob resurface from diving into the snow, and both have long white noses pointed downwards. After Patrick points out Sandy's snoring, SpongeBob's nose is now pointed upward instead of downward.

    • In "Dumped," if Gary only wanted the cookie in Patrick's pocket, he should have had it when SpongeBob and Patrick were laughing all night and Gary was crawling all over Patrick's pants for hours.

    • In "Dumped," when SpongeBob and Gary are playing hide and go seek at the beginning, when SpongeBob hides on the top of his house and Gary finds him, when SpongeBob talks, Gary's eyes change from red to normal color over and over again.

    • The episode "Survival of the Idiots" has audio commentary on the "SpongeBob SquarePants Complete 2nd Season DVD."

    • In 'Dumped', Patrick brushes his underarm with the toothbrush. When he turns around to talk to SpongeBob, it's gone.

    • Since when do squirrels hibernate?

    • In Survival of the Idiots, right before Big Sandy jumps on SpongeBob and Patrick SpongeBob's shoes disappear.

    • When ripping off Sandy's fur, Spongebob ask Patrick for a roll of tape. But earlier in the episode, when he takes the bark off Sandy's tree, he tapes it back on with tape.

    • SpongeBob and Patrick don't know what snow is in this episode, but in "Christmas Who?" it snows in Bikini Bottom and later in Snowball Effect it also snows.

    • In SOTI, when Sponge and Pat went in the Treedome and saw the snow, their water helmets should have froze!

    • When SpongeBob took off his water helmet, shouldn't he have absorbed the water? And that goes for all the other episodes that he didn't absorb the water.

    • How come Sandy awoke when Spongebob ripped the bark off her tree, but she didn't wake when Spongebob and Patrick ripped her fur off?

    • When Patrick says "Who are you calling Pinhead?" he has a black bandana on. In the next scene when he says "I wanna be Dirty Dan!" not only does he not have the bandana but he has a cowboy hat that appeared out of nowhere.

    • In "Survival Of The Idiots" Patrick pushed the "Drain" button (after he saw the video) that wasn't there earlier.

    • Do you remember in Snowball Effect Patrick couldn't make a snowball, this episode aired before that and he knows how to make one.Patrick is stupid maybe he forgot.

    • When it's snowing in the treedome Sandy hibernates. But in "Bubble Buddy" when it snowed in her treedome she went south for the winter.

    • Throughout the episode you can see Gary has no feet on his bottom side. But in "Your Shoe's Untied" Gary did have feet.

    • In Dumped, Gary wanted that cookie in Patrick's pocket. Well there about a million oppurtunities to get it, why didn't he get then?

    • SpongeBob said he wouldn't mention Gary's name in his household. But before he told Lary the joke, he said "Gary used to love this one."

    • In Dumped, what happened to Spongebob's new snail Lary?

    • In "Survival of the Idiots," after SpongeBob and Patrick took off their helmets, they dug through the snow and came out with snow noses. It can't be possible on Patrick because Patrick doesn't have a nose.

    • In "Survival of the Idiots," Sandy's picnic table is destroyed. Yet, when it becomes spring, Sandy is sitting at it.

    • In "Survival of the Idiots" when it starts to snow, they don't need there water helmets, but when they go inside Sandy's tree they don't need them either, how can they go in a place where there is no water?

    • When Spongebob said when he was so cold he had a small pile of snow on his head.But when he when to get bark from Sandy's tree the pile is gone.When he came back it was on him again.

    • When it is snowing in Sandy's dome, they don't need water. But when it is spring and everything is dry inside her dome, Patrick and SpongeBob are fine. In all other episodes though, when they don't have helmets in Sandy's dome, they get sick and stuff.

  • Quotes

    • (TV turns on to show Sandy talking about her hibernation)
      Patrick: Look, she's on the Eating Channel.

    • Patrick: I'm sorry, SpongeBob, but Gary's with me now, you had your chance and you failed, you have to stop living in the past. Face it, SpongeBob, you're only hurting yourself, it's what Gary wants and what Gary wants is me, right, Gary? He only liked me for my shorts!

    • SpongeBob: I don't get it! How does Sandy survive these intense conditions every year?

    • SpongeBob: Sandy! Stand back! I'm warning you!
      (Sandy screams really loud)
      SpongeBob: Okay! I've warned you! (throws a piece of wood and Patrick pops up beside Sandy)
      Patrick: Did you win? (gets hit and rolls down beside SpongeBob) Hi, SpongeBob.
      (Sandy jumps in the hole and attacks them)
      SpongeBob & Patrick: AHHHHHHH!

    • (To keep warm, SpongeBob & Patrick decide to steal all of Sandy's fur while she's asleep; SpongeBob plucks a single hair off of Sandy; Sandy roars)
      SpongeBob: That should be enough, right?
      Patrick: Sponge, I'm a big man! A big, BIG man!

    • Sandy: I've had enough of your dastardly deeds, Dirty Dan!

    • SpongeBob: She must be dreaming about Texas outlaws. (Giggles)

    • Sandy: I'm gonna skin you and make a pair o' size six...boots...(Sleeps again)

    • Sandy: I'll get you, Pinhead Larry or my name ain't sheriff...Sandy... (starts snoring)

    • SpongeBob: Gary the snail! Answer me when I'm talking to you!

    • Patrick: I want to be Dirty Dan!
      Spongebob: And what makes you think you can be Dirty Dan?
      Patrick: I'm dirty.

    • Patrick: I'm so cold that I'm shivering!
      Spongebob: I'm so cold, that I can use my nose drippings as a pair of chopsticks.
      Patrick: I'm so cold that...I'm shivering!

    • Patrick: Hold on there Dadmom Angrypants.
      Spongebob: What's that supposed to mean?
      Patrick: I don't know! But I do know who Gary wants to go with. Now I suggest you put him down and let him choose.
      Spongebob: Fine. But I would like to remind him who fed him and housed him and sat at his bedside when he was sick and massaged his eye-stalks when his eyes were sore! Okay Gary, go ahead show him!

    • Patrick: (looks like a conehead) Who are you calling pinhead?

    • SpongeBob: What is this stuff?
      Patrick: It's a vast swirling wonderland of sparkly white pleasure. Let it fill your senses with cascading fluffy pillows of excitement and comfort as you never felt before.
      SpongeBob: Wow, Patrick, that was beautiful.
      Patrick: What, I was just reading this candy wrapper see?
      (SpongeBob reads the candy wrapper, then gasps after reading it)
      SpongeBob: Ahh! Patrick, put your helmet back on! You know there's no water in Sandy's house!

      Patrick: It's okay, Spongebob, this stuff is water. Look!
      SpongeBob: I guess you're right! It's okay here!
      Patrick: Take it off! No one's looking.

    • SpongeBob: Let's not disturb Sandy anymore.
      Patrick: That's not disturbing, this is disturbing. (making a face out of the skin from his back) Hello, SpongeBob, my name is Patback.
      SpongeBob: Ha! That is really disturbing!
      (both laugh)

    • SpongeBob: Pat, are you crazy?!
      Patrick: No. I'm warm.

    • Spongebob: Too bad we don't have any ear plugs to put on her.
      Patrick: Yeah. All's I got is this belly button lint. (lint turns to earmuffs)

    • Patrick: (after seeing a jumbo-sized Sandy in bed asleep) It looks like an over-inflated Sandy doll.
      SpongeBob: I think this thing is Sandy.
      Patrick: I guess hibernation means the exact OPPOSITE of beauty sleep.

    • SpongeBob: Gary! Please come back Gary! I'm a wreck without you! I know, If you come back there will be a "no rules" rule! You can do whatever you want when you want! If you feel like ripping up the sofa you rip it up! And the litterbox, forget about it! The world's your litterbox! And you don't have to wait around for me to feed you anymore! 24 hour fridge access. You don't even have to use (gargled voice) a boowwwlll! And I know how much you like my prized ripwood carving of Squidward, well think of it as your own personal scratching post! (carves a heart) What do you think Gary? Won't it be fun Gary?
      Patrick: How pathetic.
      (heart breaks)
      SpongeBob: Gary?

    • (SpongeBob rips bark off tree)
      Sandy: You're gonna be wearing an iron lung when I'm through with you, Pinhead Larry!

    • SpongeBob: I'm Dirty Dan! (hits Patrick with a shovel made of snow)
      Patrick: I'm Dirty Dan! (hits SpongeBob with a club made of snow)


    • SpongeBob: What's that sound? It's coming from Sandy's tree!
      Patrick: That is one tired tree!

    • Sandy: (in some sort of sleepwalk) Which one of you is the real Dirty Dan?
      Patrick: Uhh, I am.
      (Sandy hits Patrick)

    • Patrick: Hey, cowboys couldn't afford cannons!
      SpongeBob: They couldn't afford station wagons either.
      Patrick: Awww!

    • SpongeBob: Oh, Gary, why did you have to go?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dumped: Plot
      This episode is possibly a loose parody of the Disney film, The Three Lives of Thomasina.

    • Title: Survival of the Idiots.
      A spoof of the phrase "Survival of the Fittest."

    • Spongebob: Welcome home... Larry!
      Spongebob's replacement snail, Larry, resembles Moe of the Three Stooges, and is most likely named after Larry of the Three Stooges.