SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 6

Sweet and Sour Squid / The Googly Artiste

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jul 20, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • This episode was decent, but SpongeBob wasn't there the whole time

    This episode was decent, but SpongeBob wasn't there the whole time. So, it bored me a bit. There were many funny moments though:

    - Squidward sulking outside the KK

    - Plankton getting annoyed by Squidward's clarinet

    - Squidward's clarinet ran over

    7.6 C+
  • Who would of thought that this pairing would be so good? Not me. But I was wrong. I loved it!

    In here, Plankton tries to befriend Squidward so he can steal the formula. This is a clever take on the Plankton formula, using a fresh plot, and very funny jokes.

    The song in the middle isn't bad either, it is actually quite decent.

    The funniest parts are when Spongebob was saying all of those things that happened to Patrick, Plankton's Musical Number, and Plankton finding out his endeavors were futile. Also when he was arrested for playing Squidward's Clarinet.

    This was A surprisingly good episode of Spongebob, and a new favorite of mine.

    My Grade: A+
  • perfect


    Plankton tries to become friends with Squidward in order to obtain the Krabby Patty secret formula. But Squidward refuses to converse with him until SpongeBob lets Plankton in on Squidward's love of music. Soon, after listening to Squidward's clarinet playing (with a set of earplugs), Plankton and Squidward become friends and share their music all over Bikini Bottom.

    10 out of 10

  • squid and plank got their own episode. and it was great


    SpongeBob begins singing while cooking the patties. An annoyed Squidward tells him about real music and plays his clarinet, causing the customers to run out of the Krusty Krab. After being told to stop by Mr. Krabs, Squidward goes outside and throws a tantrum, complaining that no one appreciates music. Plankton, watching from the Chum Bucket, believes that Squidward may be the key to the formula.

    Later, Plankton tries talking to Squidward, only to fail. Then, he makes several attempts to trick Squidward, among these were pretending to be a girl scout and pretending to be one of Squidward's species, all resulting in Plankton getting the door literally slammed in his face. SpongeBob tells Plankton that he might gain Squidward's friendship if he compliments him on his music. Plankton later meets with Squidward and persuades him to play his clarinet. At first, Plankton is tormented by the awful clarinet music, but then wears earplugs to block the noise and pretends to like the music. Squidward marches across Bikini Bottom playing his clarinet, and Plankton follows along, while everyone else is tormented by the noise.

    This friendship, however, wouldn't last as Plankton tells Squidward about the secret formula. Squidward tells Plankton that, despite 20 years of working, he has never witnessed the making of a krabby patty. Squidward tells Plankton that his music is getting better and plays his clarinet, making windows and mirrors across BikiniBottom shatter. Squidward then says that he is going to quit his job and become a full-time musician. Plankton gets so angry, that his earplugs come off, and he is once again tortured by the noise. Plankton steals the clarinet, causing Squidward and SpongeBob to chase after him. Plankton is shortly confronted by the police about a "bad music" crime, and is arrested from being the only one to hold the clarinet. As he is driven away, the police car runs over Squidward's clarinet. After SpongeBob retrieves the broken clarinet, Squidward once again "hates people".

    Now i only saw this episode a week ago, but it was VERY funny. still included the classic humor spongebob gives us. loved the door slaming scene and towards the end was great. squidward was funny and plankton evil as always XD

    this episode was still great

  • Very Interesting!


    So it's an average day at the Krusty Krab. Spongebob's whistling, the customers are eating, and Squidward annoys the customers with his clarinet playing. So with this, he rants outside to no one which was so hilarious. Noticing this, Plankton decides to convince Squidward to tell him the secret recipe. After failed attempts, including costumes of girl scouts and repairmen, Spongebob tells him Squidward's weakness is people liking his music. So with this, Plankton puts on earplugs and continues to ask him to play again much to the citizens' dismay. Seeing the destruction and annoyance in Bikini Bottom was really funny, and it was cool, how when some glass broke, there were cameos of Mrs. Puff, Larry, and Sandy. And there was even a parody of Pinball Wizard by The Who. So after they became close, Plankton asks what he knows about the Krabby Patty recipe, but he didn't know it which was hilarious. And the ending chase scene was classic. Overall, hilarious and fun episode, with interaction between Squidward and Plankton, which I haven't seen before. 10 out of 10.

  • Squidward and Plankton are the main characters in this episode. It is all about the two of them while the rest of the characters are just supporting characters in this episode. :D LOL


    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" and it was better than "Drive Thru" in my opinion. When we read the plot to this episode, we all know that this episode would be about Squidward and Plankton. It was interesting to see a Squidward and Plankton episode because of the fact that the two of them rarely interact with each other. It was funny when Plankton tries to do anything to be Squidward's friend so he can ask him what the krabby patty secret formula is. It was funny that the only way that Plankton could be Squidward's friend was that he talks to Squidward about music. Squidward playing his clarinet horribly and Plankton pretending to like this music was also funny. Also, that musical number in this episode was a parody of "Pinball Wizard" which is by the band "The Who" which I found to be very interesting and awesome. Yes, since this is a Squidward and Plankton episode... SpongeBob is the supporting character in this episode which means he is pretty much in the beginning of the episode, a little bit of the middle, and then appears at the end of the episode. Patrick wasn't in this episode. Mr. Krabs appears in the beginning and the end of the episode. Sandy makes a cameo appearance towards the end of the episode. Larry the Lobster and Mrs. Puff make cameo appearances as well which I found interesting. The ending with Plankton getting arrested and the policeman running over Squidward's clarinet because they thought the clarinet belonged to Plankton was absolutely hilarious. Overall, this was an enjoyable Squidward and Plankton episode and it was better than yesterday's new episode "Drive Thru". 10/10

  • Another great one...excellent plot along with some classic humor!


    I thought this was an excellent episode. Humor wise, it wasn't the greatest episode ever, but the story line was great and was executed very well. It was interesting to see an episode with a Plankton/ Squidward interaction, which was a very original idea for a story. There were also some very funny moments like Plankton pretending to like Squidward's clarinet playing, the policeman sarcastically saying "Watch your head" to Plankton, and the police car running over Squidward's clarinet near the end. The musical number in this episode was also pretty good. So, overall, for my final grade, I'll give this episode an A+, and this is definitely one of the best episodes of the season so far! Marebear2009, out!

  • Best of this week.


    This was the best episode of the week. It was the first Squidward and Plankton episode, since SpoingeBob has a minor role in this episode.Plankton tries to get Squidward as his friend in order to get the secret Krabby Patty formula. He tries to impress Squidward by liking his music. It was funny that SpongeBob does some notes at the beginning thatit bothers Squidward. Also, there were another hilarious scene. It was so funny that Squidward kept hitting the door on Plankton escipally when he in disgue. SpongeBob telling Squidward that he saw him hitting the door on Plankton was funny as well. The song was great as well. It's weird that Plankton knows how to carry a clarinet since it is a bit bigger than him. Also, the police should have arrested Squidward instead of Plankton. Squidward was playing the clarinet, but I'm not taking out points for that anyway. That cameo of Mrs. Puff, Sandy, and Larry was unexpected though. The funniest quote was Squidward's last line: "Once again, I hate people." This was the best Squidward (as well as Plankton) episodein a while. 10/10

  • perfect

    What I liked: Plankton selling 'gil scout cookies', Plankton being arrested at the end of the episode, the cop car driving over Squid's clarinet, everyone freaking out because of how badly Squid played, amongst other things.

    Pretty good. Small nit-pick that shouldn't bother me: when that one fish asked that girl fish if she could hear the music, and she freaks out saying "How could I not?!" Um… yea, you guys don't have ears. I mean, I'm not one to nit-pick a lot, especially a cartoon like Spongebob, because of how unrealistic they are (Cartoons in general), but this seemed weird, and after I noticed this, that none of the fish really do have ears, that's all I could focus on for the rest of the episode. But yea, it's a great episode. A+, no doubt
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