SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 1 Episode 18

Texas / Walking Small

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 22, 2000 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Look Closely: When the eel threw the ice cream at SpongeBob, it landed at his nose, and he got ice cream on his nose, but when the scene turns to Plankton, he doesn't have ice cream on his nose.

    • Why did the eel and the fish take the ice creams without paying for them first?

    • How did Sandy thought to go back to Texas if the only knowed way of getting out of the sea is through the island which is in the other side?

    • How can Sandy hear Patrick if the bus was very fast and Sandy was long away?

    • Look Closely: In "Walking Small," for about 3 seconds while Plankton is talking to SpongeBob about being more assertive and SpongeBob is licking the ice cream off his hand, it looks just like he's giving us the finger.

    • When Sandy was laughing, her tail can't be seen.

    • When SpongeBob said that the party had square-dancing, Flats the Flounder was holding a cube.

    • In "Texas", we see the whole cast.

    • When Sandy gets Patrick with her lasso, he is pulled back with the lasso and he explodes. There cannot be explosions/fire underwater.

    • These episodes are on the SpongeBob SquarePants: Game Boy Advance Video Volume 3, along with the episodes, "Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy II / Hooky."

    • When Sandy's helmet is filled with water due to all the crying she did, she "flushed" the water out of her helmet, where could the water go if there aren't any holes in her suit?

    • In "Walking Small", there is a green umbrella behind Spongebob when he is using his metal detector, but after they look away 2 times, it is purple with white spots.

    • In "Walking Small" as in "Ripped Pants", SpongeBob is wearing his
      bathing suit and shirt sleeves and
      he is also is wearing shoes and socks
      at the beach.

    • SpongeBob and Patrick don't know much about Texas, so how do they know there is square dancing and 10-gallon hats there? Sandy did not sing about those.

    • At the very end where everyone gathers around Sandy, Squidward's lips move, but he doesn't say anything.

    • In Walking Small when the fish sits on Spongebob we hear bones crushing but he shouldn't have bones.

    • Why Does Sandy take the Bus to Texas when she has a pod in her home which is seen in "Pranks A Lot"?

    • Caption error: When SpongeBob asked Sandy if she would like one last KRABBY PATTY at the Krusty Krab. They said it was a CODDY BATTY.

    • During the scene when Spongebob is shaking the blanket, a fish screams out "My leg!" Why?

    • When everyone is at Sandy's party, you see Flats the Flounder. But he first came to town in "The Bully" which was in season 2!

    • If Plankton couldn't be heard through a megaphone, how could the eel hear him talking in his regular voice?

    • There are faces drawn on Spongebob and Patrick's hands that disappear.

    • When Sandy goes to the Krusty Krab, the flower on her helmet is much smaller than when she's leaving with her luggage.

    • In "Walking Small," SpongeBob has sleeves on at the beach. Why would he?

    • When Sandy is singing a wide shot shows the notes coming TOWARD her. Shouldn't they be going away from her since she's the one singing?

    • In "Walking Small" the fish take Spongebob's ice cream cones without ever paying for them.

    • When Sandy gets Patrick with her lasso, and there is an explosion in the background that is actually in a different place where Patrick landed [in the background] earlier.

    • When Sandy starts singing in a wide shot you see the notes going AWAY from her.

  • Quotes

    • SpongeBob: She [Sandy] really misses Texas.
      Patrick: Well, let's get some Texas and put in down here!
      SpongeBob: Patrick, we can't just-- that's it! Patrick, you're "genius" is showing!
      Patrick: (covers crotch area) Where?!

    • (SpongeBob arrives at the ice cream stand)
      SpongeBob: (to the ice cream fish) I'll have one...
      Orange Fish: (interrupts and talks to the ice cream fish) Two please. (the ice cream fish gives two ice cream cones) Thanks. (leaves)
      SpongeBob: One please.
      (the fish gives the ice cream cone to SpongeBob)
      Male Eel: (arrives and looks at SpongeBob) Excuse me. (takes his ice cream cone and leaves)
      SpongeBob: One please.
      Ice Cream Fish: Sorry, kid. We're all out.
      SpongeBob: Oh, barnacles!

    • Sandy: Spongebob! You've been messin' with the bull! Now here comes the horns!

    • SpongeBob: (laughing) We're on the run now!
      Patrick: (laughing) Can we say that plants from Texas are dumb? (laughing) Can we say that shoes from Texas are dumb?
      SpongeBob: I think that's enough.

    • SpongeBob & Patrick: Krusty Krab! Krusty Krab! Sandy's surprise is at the Krusty Krab!

    • SpongeBob: Look, I'm Texas! Duh! Howdy y'all! Duh! Howdy y'all!
      Patrick: I'm Texas, too! Get a dog little longies! Get a dog!
      Sandy: I'm warnin' you!
      SpongeBob: The stars and stripes are dull and dim, whenever they have to be in dumb 'ol Texas! (Patrick does armpit farts)
      (Sandy gets very angry)

    • SpongeBob: That guy was crying!
      Plankton: Those were tears of joy! He's happy that you were assertive!

    • Plankton: The answer is becoming increasingly obvious. I can deny it no longer. (zooms out) I am small.

    • Plankton: You see how great it is to be maniacal?!?!?!
      SpongeBob: I thought it was called assertive?
      Plankton: Whatever.

    • Spongebob: Hey, go check in that ditch.
      Fish: Wow!, buried treasure, Thanks!
      Spongebob: Did ya see that Plankton? That guy found some buried treasure.

    • Sandy: Home isn't about ten gallon hats or any of that stuff, home is where your surrounded by critters who care about you.

    • Texas Lyrics:
      Sandy: Wish I was back in Texas.
      The ocean's no place for a squirrel.
      Wish I was in Texas,
      Prettiest place in the world, oh, no.
      I guess a'deep in my heart,
      I'll always be a Texas girl.
      I wanna go ho-o-o-o-o-ome, ho-ome.
      I wanna wake up in Texas.
      I miss those wide open skies.
      I miss my 20 acres,
      Barbeques and pecan pies, oh, why?
      When I'm so far from you, Texas,
      All I can do is cry.
      I wanna go ho-o-o-o-ome,
      (Low voice) I wanna go ho-ome.

    • Plankton: Tell that guy to take a hike.
      SpongeBob: (To fish) Do you want to take a hike with me?
      Fish: Sure.

    • Plankton: Tell that guy that's your ice cream cone!
      Spongebob: Hey! That's my ice cream cone!
      Plankton: Yes! Now let him have it!
      Spongebob: You can have it.
      Fish: Thanks!
      Plankton: Nooooo!

    • SpongeBob: We've got square dancing, giant Barby-Q's, homemade Peas in a Can Pie, and Ten-Gallon Hats!
      Sandy: (starts laughing and her helmet fills up with water)

    • Patrick: You think she knows the Muffin Man song?

    • SpongeBob: Texas? What's a Texas?

    • Plankton: (while Fish sits on SpongeBob) Tell him off, SpongeBob! Be assertive!
      SpongeBob: (pokes finger in
      Fish's pocket)
      Beep beep.
      Plankton: (slaps his forehead) Not insertive!

    • Patrick: (covered with Sandy's musical notes) Get 'em off me! Get 'em off me!

    • Plankton's Doll: Mama.

    • Plankton: Butterfly kisses! CAN'T take it! It's too cute!

    • Plankton: Nice guys finish last!

    • SpongeBob: Plankton! All my asserting is driving everybody away.
      Plankton: Exactly.
      SpongeBob: You didn't tell me everyone would leave!
      Plankton: (sarcastically) Oops!

    • Plankton: I have two ice creams and I only want one!

    • SpongeBob: You used me... for land development! That wasn't nice!

    • SpongeBob: Did you see that? I was a regular alfamale!

    • Patrick: Can we say people from Texas are dumb?
      Sandy: No! You can't say anything dumb about Texas!

    • SpongeBob: (shapeshifts into the shape of Texas) Patrick, what am I?
      Patrick: Stupid?
      SpongeBob: No, I'm Texas.
      Patrick: What's the difference?

    • (after Sandy decides to stay in Bikini Bottom)
      Patrick: Yeah, who needs dumb ol' Texas!
      Sandy: What did you say?
      Patrick: Should I start running now?

    • Patrick: What's so great about dumb ol' Texas?
      Sandy: What did you say?
      Patrick: Texas is dumb?
      Sandy: Don't you dare take the name of Texas in vain!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Walking Small

      This could be similar to the movie Walking Tall.

    • When Plankton was speaking inside SpongeBob's mouth, it's an allusion to the movie called Shining.

    • SpongeBob: The stars at night are dull and dim...
      A parody of the song "Deep in the Heart of Texas" which lyrics actually go like this: The stars at night are big and bright...

    • Sandy: I wanna go home...
      At the end of the Texas Song, Sandy has a deep voice that sounds a bit like western singer Johnny Cash's voice.

    • Patrick: Get a dog, little longy! Get a dog!
      The reference was to "Get along, little doggy! Get along!"