SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 5 Episode 20

Banned in Bikini Bottom / Stanley S. SquarePants

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 23, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Ha! So this is what they give us after the pitiful excuse for the TV movie? Alright, if episodes are going to be this pointless than cancel this show right now!

    So this episode was supposed to air with a few other new ones to be some of the "best" episodes yet. I spent maybe two hours watching each of these episodes and none of them caught my interest. This one, instead of being one of the best episodes, made me feel like a fool for even watching this series.

    Battle of the Bikini Bottom was about Spongebob and Patrick fighting. Ok, we have seen Spongebob and Patrick fight before but the reason for this fight: Because Spongebob does not want to get dirty and Partick does not want to get clean. Alright, I can live with that. To my surprise halfway through this episode I felt like putting my hand over my mouth and spitting up. Maybe it was when they showed when Patrick did things without washing his hands or maybe it was when Patrick was "digging for gold" in his nose. In other words, it was gross! If anyone ever recommends this episode to you, say no to watching it. Trust me on this: You will be disgusted in maybe the first five minutes of this episode. I really doubt that this part was aimed to smaller kids or teens...

    Ok, let's go over the other part of this episode: Banned in the Bikini Bottom. It starts off with Spongebob singing a song. I can understand that. Maybe after the other episode they decided to make one that was aimed toward younger kids. Well as soon as I saw the disgusting old ladies, the excitement of a great episode went away. So the main old lady is married to a hot young Police Chief. What the heck was that about? Well anyway, she banns Krabby Patties for the Bikini Bottom so Spongebob and Mr. Krabs with Patrick and Squidward move the Krusty Krab to Spongebob's house. Than Plankton comes out of random! Alright Nick, if you want to put Plankton in at least put him in a place where he'll make sense. So Plankton calls the Police Chief and they shut down the "Underground Krusty Krab". Than the main old woman falls and eats a Krabby Patty on accident. Ha! This was the lamest excuse for an ending! The old woman sings the "I love Krabby Patty" song with Spongebob and they reopen the Krusty Krab.

    As you can tell, I did not like a single moment of these episodes. They were aimed to be episodes to little kids! Wait, they weren't aimed towered little kids! Spongebob is going down the drain really fast. Bring in a new writer, bring in a new creator, do something that will save Spongebob!
  • Ok.

    There are some episodes like this that aren't good. I thought the Banned in Bikini Bottom was ok, but The Battle of Bikini Bottom was cheap.

    The Battle of Bikini Bottom: I didn't like this episode. What a dumb idea to make them fight over filth and clean. That was not a good idea. More like a battle with nothing, because this episode definently looses the battle.

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: I thought this episode was ok. The song was dumb. I don't get why every episode now has a song in it. That is a problem. Another cheap episode were SpongeBob sings his love for a patty. Anyway. Miss Grisslepuss was an interesting character.

    The Battle of Bikini Bottom Score: D+
    Banned in Bikini Bottom Score: C
    Final Score: C-
  • This episode is very boring and nasty.

    It wasn't a very appropriate episode. It was just straight up grosss and nasty. Also, how was the krusty krab open that day if spongebob wasn't there to cook the food? Yet everyone there had food. This really doesn't make any sense. To me this whole episode didn't make any sense. The 2nd episode really didn't make any sense because there is no sense why krabby patties would ever be illegal. I think that lady was trippin'! Something else I was thinking was that it didn't make any sense why Patrick all of a sudden liked being dirty. Any other time he would be clean!
  • Pieguyrulz,screw you!

    Pieguyrulz is a pretty good youtuber when it comes to cartoons. But when he reviewed I'm with stupid and battle of bikini bottom,then I knew we had a guy that was crazy. He passed the Battle as a good episode,and I was pissed. I hated the idea of Patrick and Spongebob getting into a fight between clean and dirty. This episode really sucks,and it's dissapointing since Banned in bikini bottom was pretty good. So,this episode is a 1.
  • Review of Banned From Bikini Bottom: Cliche, overdone, andd even insulting. Absolute bust.

    I enjoy Spongebob, I really do, but Banned from Bikini Bottom absolutely sucked.

    This plot of the no fun lady's been done before. Also, the writers are runing what used to be a joy by overdoing the songs, YET AGAIN.

    My biggest problem though, was the unhidden remark against conservatives. Wow. That just totaly got me upset. This isn't a show for adults. It's for kids, and now we're putting politics into it? Thanks for insulting all your conservative viewers with that crap whoever wrote that episode.

    This episode should have never been done. Period. If this is what the show has become, it's finally completed it's jump over the shark. As if it hadn't already been heading there as it was.
  • eh, it wasnt that great of a episode.

    i thought that battle of bikini bottom was kinda a stupid episode. it just was a wierd idea and it just seemed wierd to watch. thw whole time you were like " what the?" and it was jut wierd. battle of bikini bottom was ok, it had a good moral, but i thought that it was wierd that the whole battle reanactment thing was pointless. i think that they should have thought of a different way to present the base of the story. i also think that spongebob has been losing its sheen since about the third season, but this episode showed something that we havent seen in spongebob for two seasons, some somewhat humor. so i say, its a okay episode.
  • These are not good episodes.

    The Battle of Bikini Bottom:This episode wasn't that good. Spongebob finds out that Patrick is filthy and Patrick is angry that Spongebob is bothered by him being dirty. The two end up having a fight of getting each other clean and dirty, and in the end, they discover that being dirty or clean isn't something to fight about.

    This episode didn't have a good plot, or any real humour. It had some entertaining moments at the beginning, but the rest of the episode is just a series of cheap and gross gags. The plot is just Spongebob and Patrick trying to get each other dirty and clean, and the whole episode was just disgusting and pointless.

    Banned in Bikini Bottom:I thought this episode was worse. An old woman named Miss Grittle Puss bans Krabby Patties after hearing Spongebob's song about them being "fun and delicious". Mr.Krabs starts selling them at Spongebob's house, but Plankton finds out, and reports Mr.Krabs and Spongebob to Miss Grittle Puss and the authorities. However, at Spongebob's house, Miss Grittle Puss accidently tries a Krabby Patty, and loves them, so she lifts the ban.

    This episode also had a bad plot and a lack of humour. Nothing impressed me, and I hated the "Mr./Mrs.Grumpy doesn't want others to have fun" plot. The ending was also terribly lame and cliche. Mrs. Grittle Puss trips and tries a Krabby Patty and then eats Plankton, who is hiding in another Krabby Patty she tries. This episode was overdone and childish.

    Overall, these are disappointing episodes. Banned in Bikini Bottom was boring and childish, and The Battle of Bikini Bottom was disgusting.
  • Blahhhhhhh

    This episode was pretty stupid.

    Battle of Bikini Bottom: This episode was okay, except it was gross and disgusting. Spongebob over the years has gotten weirder and grosser. I liked the first 3 seasons, they weren't gross at all and really funny.

    Overall grade: C

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: Worst.episode.ever! It was soooo stupid! It made little to no sense whatsoever. I mean a 90 year old hag married to a 40 year old police officer. I mean Miss Gristle puss is old enough to be his mother! Also, the last time a I checked you can't make anything illegial for being "Too fun". The only part I liked was with Patrick and the secret password. Overall grade: D-

    Episode grade: D+

    Don't waste your time watching it!
  • A very bad episode pairing, trust me.

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: Too irritating, and boring! Miss. Prissopus was a big jerk because she banned krabby patties in Bikini Bottom because they're too much fun and and good, what the heck is with her?! She was very annoying. Banning krabby patties was very very bad idea! Also, this episode had too much Plankton. At the end, Miss Prissopus learns a lesson, but her performance was too lame. Why would she ban krabby patties because of that and Spongebob's musical tribute on the krabby patties?! Didn't like that episode.

    Episode Grade: 68.8(D+)

    The Battle of Bikini Bottom: Some wierd plot for an episode. Patrick and Spongebob were out of character because of their compliment on both filth and cleanliness. That's just dumb, but it gets more proved further at the end. I mean, I don't care about how to protect yourself about cleanliness. The episode didn't make sense until then. I just didn't like this episode much. Only thing that made me laugh was Patrick beating up a soldier that took place in a restroom.(Fighting about clean and filth)This episode was okay as you know.

    Episode Grade: 74.3(C-)

    Final Grade: D
  • Battle of Bikini Bottom was abysmal, while Banned in Bikini Bottom was decent

    Battle of Bikini Bottom: this episode was truly abysmal. I mean the plot was bad, and then it was gross gag after gross gag. I literally had to go to the bathroom to go gag after this episode ended. Steer clear at all costs(it's worse than the splinter!)1/10 F------------------------------------------

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: I kinda liked this one. I didn't like the plot of "unfun people get fun thing banned" that was unoriginal to me. However, I did like a majority of the jokes as they felt like Spongebob and the maifia mixed. 7/10, C-

    Overall, Don't watch Battle of Bikini Bottom unless you wanna go throw up, although you might want to check out Banned in Bikini Bottom. 6/10 D-
  • Oh, so close but yet so far.

    This episode has some things to prove it to be a classic episode... and it doesn't.

    Battle of Bikini Bottom: When I saw this episode I was like "Battle? What battle?!" All that episode was about was SpongeBob and Patrick fighting over clean and filth. Who cares about clean and filth! That episode got grosser and grosser (like Ren and Stimpy). What's worse is that it was a rip-off of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi! Please writers, stop making SpongeBob episode that are rip-offs of HHPAY. That's one of my favorite shows, I can't have another show ripping it off! This episode REALLY REALLY didn't had to be made!

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: That was a better episode then the last one! It didn't try to kill SpongeBob's character and it somthing that hast to be done. This episode is also pretty darn funny! There's three lessons to learn from this. 1. Don't ban it till you try it.
    2. Don't put a secrate somthing sign. It's not a secrate!
    3. Don't get stuck in a Krabby Patty.
    It should be played more often!

    This episode parring would have been a classic one, if it hadn't been for that so-called rip-off battle episode.

  • The Battle of Bikini Bottom was bleah, but am I the only person who likes Banned in Bikini Bottom?

    I don't really like the first episode in this pairing even though it has a few good moments like when Patrick says "You...are...how do you spell 'not my friend'?" and "No! Not a pedicure!" The one part I really disliked was when Sponge's face got rubbed in Patrick's armpit and Sponge had grease all over his face. Ewwwwwwwww! The rest of the episode was nothing really spectacular, just Sponge and Pat doing a series of gross things and such. Banned in Bikini Bottom is spectacular! I can't believe no one else likes this one. I thought Patrick had a hilarious part, and it was also hilarious when Sponge and Ms. Gristlepuss were singing together. My favorite line in the whole episode was when Squid said "Did you just call me Squidwart?" Hahahahahahahaha! Well, I guess that's it for now. More reviews later. Marebear2009, out!
  • The Battle of Bikini Bottom was pretty good and Banned in Bikini Bottom was awesome!

    The Battle of Bikini Bottom: It was kind of disgusting on how Patrick was a dirty boy. There were some funny parts like when Patrick made Spongebob smell his breath and when he made him smell his armpits and Spongebob said "You're a stinky, stinky, sea star!" LOL! Overall it was pretty fun to watch. Good episode. Final Grade: B (85%)

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: This was awesome! I loved Spongebob's I love Krabby Patties song! It also had a funny moment when Patrick asked Plankton for the password and Plankton said "What are you talking about you gargantuan buffoon!?" Nice episode. Final Grade: A- (91%)
  • battle was disgusting banned was perfect


    The Battle of Bikini Bottom:
    SpongeBob and Patrick have a fight, because SpongeBob is clean, and Patrick is dirty.

    Banned in Bikini Bottom:
    SpongeBob's musical tribute irritates Miss Grissle Puss, causing Krabby Patties to be banned from Bikini Bottom.

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    (warning: possible spoilers!)

    Banned in Bikini Bottom:
    Miss Grissle Puss rides on a bus to visit the Krusty Krab. She asks for food, and Spongebob runs out of the kitchen dancing and singing. Miss Grissle Puss gets irritated, and bans krabby patties from Bikini Bottom. Mr. Krabs threatens her, and Miss Grissle Puss` husband closes the Krusty Krab down. SpongeBob then offers his house to be the secret Krusty Krab. Soon SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs start making krabby patties secretly. Plankton finds out about the secret Krusty Krab, and checks it out. He calls the police, and the police comes and arrests Mr. Krabs. He is about to go to jail, until Miss Grissle Puss accidentally eats a krabby patty, and changes her mind. Krusty Krab gets reopened

    4 out of 10

  • This episode is extremly pointless; nobody should even watch this sick episode.

    I regret the 5th season, a lot. It's not funny, and terrible. Nothing is good, so cancel the show, or put the humor in the 1-3 episodes back!! Season 4 was okay, but not great.

    Both these episodes have the Bikini Bottom name, but it's stupid.

    Battle of Bikini Bottom: 4/10

    Disgusting. Spongebob and Patrick are absolutly stupid in this episode. A war goes on between the two. Patrick's hygene was a rip-off of the Ren and Stimpy episode Rens Toothache.

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: 4.5/10

    Ms. Grissle Puss is my least favorite character. She's married to a younger and sexy policeman, and it's disgusting. However, Patrick in the password was pretty good. Spongebob's dance is pointless.

    Don't watch this episode. This episode is extremly pointless; nobody should even watch this sick episode.
  • The 1930's + Krabby Patties?

    Battle for Bikni Bottom:
    zzzzzzz...Spongebod and Patrick try to get eachother dirty/Clean.........

    Banned In Bikni Bottom:
    Some old haig comes to the Krusty Krab and after seeing Spongebob....Being Spongebob, she has her husband(Who is 40+ years younger then her.)The Police Chief ban the,Making,selling and posession Krabby Patties.
    What is a Crab to do?
    Turn Spongebob's Pineapple into a speakeasy.
    Most of the epsoide is fuzzy to me but the end was wierd.
    So the cops find out about the speakeasy and raid the joint,destroying the Patties and cuffing Spongebob and Mr.Krabs.
    Then the Old prude catches her husband eating the conterband and in a series of events on wich I forget.The old prude swallows a krabby patty and loves it.(How boring.)
    P.S Notice that Mr.Krabs is getting arrested more often lately?
  • I disliked "The Battle of Bikini Bottom" so much and "Banned in Bikini Bottom" was okay but it's WAY better than its first pairing

    The Battle of Bikini Bottom: I thought that this was a terrible episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". If you people thought "The Splinter" was disgusting then think again... this episode was WAY gross than "The Splinter" in my opinion. Here is the difference in my opinion though... I thought that "The Splinter" was actually good even though it was gross in some parts in my opinion. This episode was terrible and just plain gross non-stop. The only thing I laughed at was when Patrick was telling the story of the Battle of Bikini Bottom of clean vs. dirty. I just thought it was plain disgusting that Patrick never washes his hands. It was so gross when Patrick rubbed his armpit on SpongeBob's face (okay, really writers? that is unnecessary and the little kids are probably traumatized just watching this). Patrick never brushing his teeth was gross and when he also gave SpongeBob his horrible morning breathe. There were a few more disgusting moments but I don't even want to think about it. I did kind of laugh and chuckled at the end of the episode when that one guy said "And knitting fluffy sweaters". Overall, this was just a terrible and disgusting episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants"... if you want to compare this to "The Splinter" then go ahead. 2/10

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: This episode was okay but it's WAY better than "The Battle of Bikini Bottom". I didn't quite like that Miss GrisslePuss character though because she bans krabby patties just for being them being fun and delicious to eat. I thought SpongeBob was pretty annoying in the beginning of the episode singing that song and I thought it was too childish for me. It was funny when Squidward asked Mr. Krabs "Did you just call me Squidwart?". It was funny when Patrick asked "What's the password" and then Plankton said "What are you talking about you gargantuan buffoon" and then Patrick says "That's it". I think those were the only parts I laughed at. I thought was kind of great that Miss GrisslePuff ate the krabby patty but I got annoyed again except it was her and SpongeBob singing about krabby patties this time. Oh yeah, I remember, there was one more thing I laughed at and it was the ending when Plankton was inside the krabby patty and then Miss GrisslePuss ate him. My score is just low because most of the parts just really dragged and it got boring. Overall, this was an okay episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 6.5/10
  • Battle of Bikini Bottom, strange.

    I wonder why does everyone hate this pair. I surely agree that Banned Bikini Bottom was a terrible storyline for a good idea. I wanted to see that episode badly, but it brought me down. The krabby patties were banned through a musical number? The ending was just not right. It could`ve at least been more serious. Episode Grade - 50%
    The Battle of Bikini Bottom wasn`t that bad. Although it was gross, the idea was pretty clever. It was really funny, and the exaggeration was well thought out. I wish though that this episode would be paired, with another, better episode.
    Episode Grade - 90%

    Overall - 70%
  • Great Episode

    This was one of the best episodes of Spongebob Squarepants I have ever seen. My 3 favorite parts are when Mrs. Grissle Puss is introduced, When Plankton finds out about the secret Krusty Krab and Patrick says thank you come again part when, Mrs.GPuss accidently eats a Krabby Patty and she likes it and then she eats another one and Plankton was hiding in the one she ate. They should have Mrs. Grissle Puss in more episodes she was hilarious! I wonder how they came up with Mrs. Grissle Pusse's character. I like when Mr. Krabs says " Who are you with your raised eybrown and conservitive clothes". Then after they close the Krusty Krab Squidward says Mr. Krabs you threatened her with a French Fry and you called her a prune! What a great episode!
  • While Battle of Bikini Bottom was gross, it was a very funny episode. Banned in Bikini Bottom was silly, but was too rushed.

    Battle of Bikini Bottom was hillarious. Sure, fighting over clealiness and dirtiness is pathetic, but it was so funny. The battles they had were funny. Like, when SpongeBob was painting Patrick's toe nails. I laughed a lot. The only part I hated was when Patrick was rubbing SpongeBob under his arm pit and SpongeBob came out covered in grease. But the line SpongeBob said was funny. Loved the wedgie scene as well. Ha! But my favorite part was when Patrick was picking his nose and he ran into the Krusty Krab. The quote that SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward said were funny. However, if you hate gross the humor, then you must, I repeate, you MUST stay away from this episode. Banned and Bikini Bottom was great too. Although, I expected a litte more from this episode. I mean, the women who banned them in the first place I hated her. She was so annoying. But, the humor was good.
  • Note: This review is only for The Battle of Bikini Bottom, the other episode was good, but The Battle of Bikini Bottom was the worst episode ever.

    As we know, the post movie Spongebob has it's share of bad episodes (I'm a fan of both the pre-movie and post-movie episodes, but the old ones were better) and this is no exception. This episode centers around Spongebob and Patrick having a fight about Clean vs Dirty, because Spongebob is clean and Patrick is dirty. This episode was so disturbing, and it was almost nothing but gross out gags. What in the world were they on when they were writing this episode?! I don't know, but whatever it is, stay away from it. Patrick always washed his hands, so why not in this episode? The moral in this episode was awful. The moral was that it doesn't matter if you're dirty or clean. Um, YES IT DOES! If you go outside without bathing, looking dirty and smelling horrible, people are going to be utterly disgusted and no one would want to be near you! That is an even worser moral in the episode of iCarly called "iMeet Fred" stating that it's not okay to have a different opinion than others. There were only a couple remotely funny moments in this episode (if you take out the gross humor) but that isn't saying anything at all, because this is the worst Spongebob episode of all time. It makes The Splinter look like Chocolate with Nuts. I'm surprised Nickelodeon is still rerunning this episode today. It should be banned worlwide due to all the massive grossout humor and quite possibly the worst moral ever in a TV Series (at least for a show intended for kids). Banned in Bikini Bottom was much better than this atrocious episode. If you have yet to see this episode, consider yourself lucky, believe me, you're not missing out on anything. Rating: Negative infinity.
  • Banned in Bikini Bottom was good. So why the low score?

    Because The Battle of Bikini Bottom is the WORST SpongeBob episode EVER! Worse than To Love a Patty, worse than Little Yellow Book, worse than Karate Island (which thankfully didn't have grossout humor), worse than The Gift of Gum, worse than worse than House Fancy, worse than Pet or Pests, and yes, worse than The Splinter. It's also worse than the Sanjay and Craig episode Brett Venom MD. I'd rather watch House Fancy, The Splinter, The Gift of Gum, AND Brett Venom MD than watch The Battle of Bikini Bottom again.


    Banned in Bikini Bottom: 8.75/10

    The Battle of Bikini Bottom: -99/100!

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2 (originally posted last year on July 18): Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.

    UPDATE ON JULY 7: I couldn't agree more Oldnickolodeon34! I even made similar statements at IMDb when I posted my list Worst new Nick shows since 2008 there (I posted the same list here). I talked about this awful episode including the moral being more screwed up than iMeetFred. It's like we're brothers! We have the same opinion on this episode and on Teletubbies, and Breadwinners, and Sanjay and Craig, and The Thundermans, and Sam & Cat, and possibly other shows! And that's TWICE they've aired this episode on a Sunday this year (it previously aired on May 4). So sad. They really should ban The Battle of Bikini Bottom, and The Splinter, and other awful episodes. But especially this and The Splinter. You're right, even the The Splinter was better, and I give it a -62.
  • I don't care what the heck y'all say or how many of you disagree with me, but I loved Battle of Bikini Bottom! However, I didn't like Banned in Bikini Bottom.

    Battle of Bikini Bottom isn't just one of the most underratted episodes, but it's THE most underrated episode in SpongeBob history. Besides me, there's, like, only one person on this whole sight who likes this episode. I don't know why, frankly. Although it did contain some gross parts, it's in my top twenty all time favorite episodes of SpongeBob. There was only one part that I really gagged at and that was when Patrick was rubbing SpongeBob under his arm pit and then SpongeBob was covered in that grease. But besides that, I didn't find any other parts gross, just funny. Especially the digging for gold joke that was put in there. A lot of people hate this one because it has a childish plot. Why? It IS a kid's show, for God's sake! Oh and I thought the beginning was funny as well along with the ending. I thought Patrick looked hilarious when he was shiny clean. OK so my final grade for this episode, I don't care how many disagree with me, is an A. Now for the second one, Banned in Bikini Bottom, I didn't like it. The reason is because of Ms. Grizzle Puss or whatever her name was. She was a freak and I really hated her. Especially the ending when she was dancing to the I Love Krabby Patty song. That looked so gay I also didn't like it because I expected more from a plot with such great potential. The only part that I found funny was this quote: "Patrick: What's the pass word? Plankton: What're you talking about you bafoon?! Patrick: That's it! (opens door) That's the password! Plankton: Curse you! (ladder falls)" I was on the floor laughing for hours with that quote. But other than that, I hated this eisode. My final grade is a D+.
  • The battle of Bikini bottom, not so good. Banned in bikini bottom, a little bit better...

    The battle of bikini bottom I didn't really like it. I mean, battling against clean or dirty, what the heck? It wasn't terrible though. Also, I don't think Patrick really is that dirty. I've always known him to be kind of cleanish. And as for Banned in Bikini Bottom, it was actually an alright episode. But I don't think Ms. Grisslepuss should have banned krabby patties before she tasted them. Also, why was there a sign on spongebob's house, SECRET KRUSTY KRAB? That's just dumb. Well, anyway, I think these two episodes are pretty good, but could have been better.
  • Two Terrible Episodes For the Price of One

    Battle of Bikini Bottom: Ugh, just ugh. This episode is painful to watch. I hate how they make it seem as if Patrick has bad hygiene, when in reality, you have seen him wash his hands before. In "Something Smells", in fact. So, yeah. This episode is stupid. I mean, just look at the plot. I hate this episode.

    2 out of 10

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: Now for the real stinker. This episode just recently became one of my least favorite episodes of the show, and for good reason. I don't know why Aaron Springer has taken such a nosedive when it comes to episodes, but his episodes went from being some of the best episodes in the respective seasons, to being the worst. This one, an old hag wants to ban krabby patties for being too fun. Stupid plot already. The song stinks, too. The newer episodes just don't seem to know when it is appropriate to include a song, as seen in episodes such as this one and "Selling Out". Then they have Spongebob make patties at his house. This is when the episode gets really stupid. The hag figures out Mr. Krabs' plan, storms in, and arrests the "criminals" on sight. Of course, her much better looking husband arrests them. I kind of feel bad for him, as he seems to be completely oblivious to how this old hag is completely using him. Anyhow, he's eating a krabby patty. Old hag gets angry, trips, eats a patty. Unbans krabby patties because she likes the taste, and sings a stupid song about it. I also hate the poke at the Conservative party, considering not only am I a conservative, but this really isn't the show to do this sort of thing. If Aaron Springer and Steven Banks really hated conservatives that much and wanted to poke fun of them, they should have written on South Park or Family Guy, because this isn't the show to do it.

    0 out of 10
  • Battle of Bikini Bottom was bad, but Banned in Bikini Bottom was terrible.

    Battle of Bikini Bottom: The reason I don't particularily like this episode isn't because it's "disgusting", but it commits the ultimate cartoon sin of not being all that funny. That's practically all I have to say. I will, however, say it is slightly underrated.

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: Now this episode is a true stinker. Okay, so some old hag comes in and bans Krabby Patties for being "too much fun". Wait, it gets better. Mr. Krabs decides to turn SpongeBob's house into an undercover Krusty Krab, but is soon busted by a cop, who just so happens to be the old hag's husband. How so very convenient. Oh, and get this: just as this fish is about to pass judgement on SpongeBob, she slips and somehow a Krabby Patty manages to get in her mouth. Then, of course, she rejoices and sings the same stupid song SpongeBob was singing at the beginning. Completely stupid and somewhat creepy. Never watching this episode again.
  • The writers are really making SpongeBob turn into a disgusting and infamous show like The Grim Adventures and Chowder.

    The Battle of Bikini Bottom: Simply a disgusting episode with a terrible plot. The only part I laughed at was when SpongeBob said to Mr. Krabs that Patrick was digging for gold, and then Mr. Krabs came in due to his addict of money and came out a couple of seconds later saying to Squidward that Patrick was not digging the gold he needed. Terrible episode.
    GRADE: D-

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: Better than the disgusting battle, but still terrible. Gretel sure was a jerk. The only parts I laughed at was when Patrick accepted Plankton's rude comment as the password, the police running over Patrick when he asked the password and he said "No, that's not it", and when SpongeBob rushed to work after Mr. Krabs threatened that he'd have weekends off. Another terrible episode.
    GRADE: D+


    Writers, stop trying to gross everyone out with your disgusting ideas and replace with something cleaner.
  • A bad episode and a decent episode

    The Battle of Bikini Bottom: You guess it this episode was pretty bad. Not because it was a competition episode but the way Patrick acted here. He was very cold throughout much of the episode. All of the attacks he did were very gross especially the armpit and the unclean teeth. Ugh and that patty he used as a shoe to peeve SpongeBob off wasn't nesscary. it was annoying and childish. I considered it one of the worst episodes for the fifth season and therefore it is never worth watching again. Only parts that is worth laughing are the beginning, Patrick telling the story of clean and dirty, and Mr. Krabs' cameo. The rest is just awful. If you're a TRUE SpongeBob don't waste your time watching this. Even from almost 5 years ago I still freakin' hate it. SCORE 3/10

    Banned in Bikin Bottom: Another lame plot episode but it worth watching unlike The Battle of Bikini Bottom. I only said lame because it was pathetic that Krabby Patty got banned for being too fun. The song that SpongeBob was okay but Steven Banks (as well as Aaron Springer) needs to realize that he doesn't has to make SpongeBob somewhat annoying (when he said "aaaah" for 10 seconds). Favorite parts are some of the song, Squidward teeling the old ladies a joke, Patrick's appearance, and Miss Grussy (?) liking the Krabby Patty. OVERALL SCORE 7/10
  • Ugh i hate Battle of Bikini Bottom.


    Battle of Bikini Bottom: by far the worst season 5 episode it was way too disgusting and painful to even watch. i did not laugh at all. this is the worst spongebob ever next to (Reff Blowers)

    Final Grade 0.6/10 F-------------

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: this episode is the only reason i didnt rate this a 1/10 this was a great episode it was funny it had a good plot and i loved the ending where the person planning to take down the krusty krab ate plankton!

    Final Grade 8.8/10 A

    Battle of Bikini Bottom is going to go on my revised top 10 worst spongebob episodes hands down and banned wont be even close.

  • Battle of Bikini Bottom lowered my score

    Battle of Bikini Bottom: This episode was just bad... very bad! Patrick is the reason why. He made this episode disgusting! Anyways lets get to the plot: It starts off with Spongebob and Patrick at the mall wearing t-shirts saying whatever the arrow is pointing to is the shirt owner's best friend. They accidently freak out after pointing it at other citizens. Then get kicked out. Okay that was a little annoying but I guess okay. Then they get into another fight and have a war clean vs stinky. Spongebob tries to make Patrick clean and Patrick tries to make Spongebob dirty. I did laugh when Patrick wrote on a brick wall ... How do you spell not my friend?" That was pretty funny. I hated when Patrick rubbed Spongebob into his arm pits and Spongebob had armpit grease all over him. Seriously writers? Your trying to make this funny? What idiot thought this was a good idea? *Looks up who made this episode* okay most of the newer writers worked on this episode. I agree with Spongebob its way better to be clean than dirty. I also hated when Patrick picked his nose and was chasing Spongebob with his booger. Then he uses Krabby Patties as shoes which was more gross! Then, Spongebob shoots bubbles at Patrick through his holes while Patrick throws a dumpster at Spongebob. And when the battle ends, Patrick is squeaky clean while Spongebob is dirty. Then both become friends and walk home. Well that sucked... Even if your a Spongebob fan or if there are some funny moments it still sucks! 3/10 D-

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: This was actually a pretty descent episode in my opinion. In this episode it starts off with Spongebob singing that "I love Krabby Patties" song which was enjoyable. Then he sings it again after Squidward walks away. Once it irritates a woman named Miss Grissle Puss who is just a huge jerk. And I hated how she shut down the Krusty Krab and said Krabby Patties are disgusting without giving them a chance. Then Spongebob opens the Krusty Krab at his pinapple, Plankton finds out the Krusty Krab is closed and the joke about the "Closed Krab" Plankton made was funny. Then he also finds out the Krusty Krab has moved to Spongebob's house. Then sneaks in and it was funny when Patrick said "What's the password" then Plankton sneaks in. Then Plankton calls the Police/Swat Team and everyone runs away, and Miss Grissle Puss comes and while that Police officer guy is eating a Krabby Patty, Grissle Puss slips and accidently eats a Krabby Patty. Then suddenly she likes it and both her and Spongebob sing the "I love Krabby Patties" song again. And that song was still awesome no matter how many times it was played. Overall a descent episode of Spongebob. 7/10

    Overall Grade: (5/10) C-
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