SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 5 Episode 20

Banned in Bikini Bottom / Stanley S. SquarePants

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 23, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Battle of Bikini Bottom lowered my score

    Battle of Bikini Bottom: This episode was just bad... very bad! Patrick is the reason why. He made this episode disgusting! Anyways lets get to the plot: It starts off with Spongebob and Patrick at the mall wearing t-shirts saying whatever the arrow is pointing to is the shirt owner's best friend. They accidently freak out after pointing it at other citizens. Then get kicked out. Okay that was a little annoying but I guess okay. Then they get into another fight and have a war clean vs stinky. Spongebob tries to make Patrick clean and Patrick tries to make Spongebob dirty. I did laugh when Patrick wrote on a brick wall ... How do you spell not my friend?" That was pretty funny. I hated when Patrick rubbed Spongebob into his arm pits and Spongebob had armpit grease all over him. Seriously writers? Your trying to make this funny? What idiot thought this was a good idea? *Looks up who made this episode* okay most of the newer writers worked on this episode. I agree with Spongebob its way better to be clean than dirty. I also hated when Patrick picked his nose and was chasing Spongebob with his booger. Then he uses Krabby Patties as shoes which was more gross! Then, Spongebob shoots bubbles at Patrick through his holes while Patrick throws a dumpster at Spongebob. And when the battle ends, Patrick is squeaky clean while Spongebob is dirty. Then both become friends and walk home. Well that sucked... Even if your a Spongebob fan or if there are some funny moments it still sucks! 3/10 D-

    Banned in Bikini Bottom: This was actually a pretty descent episode in my opinion. In this episode it starts off with Spongebob singing that "I love Krabby Patties" song which was enjoyable. Then he sings it again after Squidward walks away. Once it irritates a woman named Miss Grissle Puss who is just a huge jerk. And I hated how she shut down the Krusty Krab and said Krabby Patties are disgusting without giving them a chance. Then Spongebob opens the Krusty Krab at his pinapple, Plankton finds out the Krusty Krab is closed and the joke about the "Closed Krab" Plankton made was funny. Then he also finds out the Krusty Krab has moved to Spongebob's house. Then sneaks in and it was funny when Patrick said "What's the password" then Plankton sneaks in. Then Plankton calls the Police/Swat Team and everyone runs away, and Miss Grissle Puss comes and while that Police officer guy is eating a Krabby Patty, Grissle Puss slips and accidently eats a Krabby Patty. Then suddenly she likes it and both her and Spongebob sing the "I love Krabby Patties" song again. And that song was still awesome no matter how many times it was played. Overall a descent episode of Spongebob. 7/10

    Overall Grade: (5/10) C-