SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 3 Episode 3

The Bully / Just One Bite

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 05, 2001 on Nickelodeon

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  • Both were pretty good

    *The Bully: it was funny. The only part I like better was that old man being accused of beating up people.

    *Just One Bite: it was good too, until I found out about that scene that just got deleted years ago, due to how violent it was and other personal circumstances.

    Both these episodes turned out and I kinda understand why they turned it around.
  • Hey, this is Season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just One Bite (who else noticed that episode's initials are


    The Bully


    Overall is 6/10
  • Just One Bite was funnier than The Bully

    The Bully: This episode is funny, but not as good as its partner. This episode is about Spongebob meeting a bully in boating school. He becomes frightened of the bully, but it only gets worse when he asks for help. This was pretty funny, but however, I haven't seen this one in a long time. I remember it being funny, but I think that everyone was very dumb to think that a bully will be friendly or tell the truth. Overall, it is good but not as good as its partner. 7.5/10

    Just One Bite: Very good, one of the few Spongebob episodes that are legendary. This is about Squidward never trying a Krabby Patty before. It was funny when Squidward said how bad the burger was while the hearts from Spongebob's eyes exploded. The catch is that Squidward loves the Krabby Patty, but after what he said Spongebob would never let him have one. What an episode. My only complaint is the deleted scene, it wasn't needed, but at least Nick took it out. Overall 9.5/10
  • Just one bite...excellent but the bully...not so much

    Just one Bite: Excellent episode of the pair. I laughed at Squidward never had a krabby patty, SpongeBob trying Squidward to taste it, Squidward after tasting the Krabby Patty, close up of Squidward's face (although it's very creepy), Squidward dreaming about his life with the Krabby Patty, the deleted scene (not seen on TV at all, it's where Squidward got exploded by the bucket), SpongeBob's face when he realize Squidward like Krabby Patty, then he eat everything, he blow up, and the ending. Overall, an excellent episode. 10/10

    Bully: I didn't like this one that much. My huge flaw was Flats the Flounder (a new kid in school) kept saying he was going to kick SpongeBob's butt. It was getting annoying and repetitive. There were some funny parts like the beginning, SpongeBob hiding in the bathroom, Patrick's appearance, and at least 2-4 more. The ending was horrible as well because Mrs. Puff was even gonna to kick SpongeBob's butt. Overall, an okay episode. 6/10
  • Good eps

    The bully was superb and just one bite was exellent
  • Perfect


    The Bully:
    At boating school, a new student shows up, but he says he's gonna kick SpongeBob's butt! This makes life miserable for poor SpongeBob, who is trying to figure out how to protect himself.

    Just One Bite:
    SpongeBob repeatedly asks Squidward if he would like to try a Krabby Patty. He refuses until he figures out he likes them. Then he tries to steal some from the Krusty Krab when SpongeBob isn't there.

    10 out of 10

  • superb

    What I liked (The Bully)- Patrick calling the boating school and Spongebob finding out him and Flats are friends, Flats' dad being afraid of his own son, Spongebob realizing that Flats punching him will not harm him.

    What I liked (Just one Bite)- I have no soul!, Spongebob's face when he finds out Squidward was lying and does like Krabby Patties, the ending of the episode.

    Both good episodes and had some good humor. B+ or so as my final grade because compared to other episodes these two aren't that great
  • "The Bully" lowered my score

    Just One Bite: I thought that this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" and it was much better than "The Bully". The only thing that I didn't like was that Squidward wouldn't even admit that he likes krabby patties. It was funny how SpongeBob tried to make Squidward try a krabby patty in the beginning of the episode. It was hilarious when Squidward said "I suppose that you want me to go square dancing with Patrick" and then Patrick makes his brief cameo appearance and said "Mmmm" (sad). It was hilarious when SpongeBob had heaven as his background and Squidward had hell as his background after Squidward said "Oh please, I have no soul". Squidward rushing to the Krusty Krab to eat all of the krabby patties that he wants was very funny. SpongeBob's face was hilarious when he said "You like krabby patties, don't you Squidward?". The ending was funny as well. Overall, an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9.5/10 The Bully: Ugh, what can I say? this episode was not good at all and nowhere near as good as "Just One Bite". It's okay if you users thought that this episode was good but I just found this episode to be horrible and most of the scenes just got me furious. I hated how that new bully Flatts kept threatening SpongeBob throughout this episode... I wanted to smack him for that. I also hated Mrs. Puff in this episode such as when Flatts drew a picture of him beating up SpongeBob on the chalkboard and Mrs. Puff doesn't get the message about Flatts and likes the picture on the chalkboard. The only part that made me laugh so hard that I just had to give it a 1.5 was the running gag with everyone thinking that the old man was the bully and he was gonna beat him up. I also hated how Flatss' own dad is scared of him. I also just hated the ending. Not even the scene with Flatts trying to beat up SpongeBob and SpongeBob is too absorbent for him to punch was funny to me. The ending just got me furious as well. Overall, I hated this episode with a passion and it's an episode that I never want to watch again. 1.5/10
  • Constantly saying "Butt" and fire references....VERY Beavis & Butt-head-esque

    I really didn't like either episode. Bully was a bit odd and Flats said "I'm gonna kick your butt" WAY too many times throughout it. Damn Biff...

    Just One Bite was slighty better. The one thing I'm happy about was that they edited out the fire bits. They were extremely unnecessary. (besides, they live underwater lol)

    What's concidential about both episodes was that it was sort of like an episode of Beavis & Butt-head, where they're constantly saying "butt" and Beavis is trying his best to say "FIRE" on TV, but couldn't get past the censors. There are some people that may actually like this episode, but trust me. I've seen better episodes than this.
  • Two great, awesome episodes.

    What great episodes. In The Bully, Spongebob encounters a new student in his boating school Flats Flounder, and he wants to kick his butt. Spongebob panics and becomes scared and doesn't know what to do about it. So he goes to people for help including Mrs. Puff, Patrick, and Flat's father. It only makes things worse for him, and the way things work out when he tries to get help is just so hilarious because every time, something unfortunately coincidental seemed to happen that Flats got away with it. The writers did a great job of making what happens with the three situations funny. But poor Spongebob. Spongebob goes to see Flats at the hospital when he flips over a banana peel in a truck and he brings him flowers, but he runs away and screams because he is still going to kick his butt. The people of Bikini Bottom think it is an old man every time, and they go form a mob at him and want to beat him or something. LOL. It's hilarious the way that things work out on Spongebob. Later when Flats beats Spongebob, he feels no pain because he is a sponge and a hole goes right through him and comes back. It was so freaking hilarious because he continued to do what he would normally do every day while Flats beat him, and then he got tired and passed out when they got back to Boating School. In Just One Bite, Spongebob tries to get Squidward to eat a Krabby Patty, but he keeps refusing after he says he hates Krabby Patties. But we learn later that he loves them, and only said that because he hates Spongebob. The face Spongebob made when he grew suspicious of Squidward's behavior and found out that he liked Krabby Patties. HILARIOUS! I laughed like there was no tomorrow! His face. OMG HIS FACE! Then Squidward eats all the patties in the vault. God, what a cow. The way he ate them was hilarious, and again I laughed like there was no tomorrow. Then his thighs enlarge and he blows up and goes to the hospital. Only his head is left. That is just so funny that I can't even explain it and it's hard to describe. Two great episodes, and I feel that they were one of the two that went with eachother best. If one were to be put with a different one, it just wouldn't work. I know it sounds weird. But it's true. They were the perfect match. GO OLD SPONGEBOB!!!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob . there is a new student at the boating school and he does not like much people and he is really big and strong. so and spongebob dont get along and he wants to kick spongebob butt and so spongebob tries to do everything he can by asking help from miss puff and asking help from his own friend patrick who knows the guy . and even tries to hide and so it happens but thing is the punches do nothing and the student fall over and the teacher comes in and says spongebob kicked his butt and he his introuble. also in the second part of the ep squid has never tried a krabby patty and spongebob gets him to try one he pretends not to like it and he really does starts to even eat from the trash for one and then later at night sneeks in to the krusty krab vault of them and starts to eat too many and he gets really fat. this was good one and it was funny
  • SpongeBob SquarePants

    The Bully:
    At boating school, a new student shows up, but he says he's gonna kick SpongeBob's butt! This makes life miserable for poor SpongeBob, who is trying to figure out how to protect himself. This episode is just boring.

    Grade: 4/10 F

    Just One Bite:
    SpongeBob repeatedly asks Squidward if he would like to try a Krabby Patty. He refuses until he figures out he likes them. Then he tries to steal some from the Krusty Krab when SpongeBob isn't there. This is the best episode ever! I always like it when I see Squidward in the ambulance.

    Grade: 10/10 Great Big A++++++++++++++++
  • I LOVE this episode!

    I watched this episode in the very beginning, when it first aired. It sucks that they had to take out the scene where Squidward gets set on fire when he sneaks into the Krusty Krab for a Krabby Patty. I think they took it out because they didnt want kids who watch this show to attempt setting people on fire. It kind of saddens me because that was the best, and funniest, part of the episode. I'm not saying the episode was boring after they cut that part. The episode is still funny. This is one of my favorites. "The Bully" was hilarious! Spongebob has to live in fear because the new student, Flats the Flounder, is threatning Spongebob. There are many funny parts, like how his own best friend, Patrick Star, completely ignores Spongebob and even tells Spongebob that he had to go because Flats was just visting. The last part was hilarious, since Mrs. Puff threatened Spongebob because she believed that Spongebob beat Flats up. And she was the one who tried to help him!!!

    Final Score: 10/10. :]
  • will spongebob be able to survive boating school

    in the bully a new student named flatts says he;s going to kick spongebob;s butt i loved that another thing i loved on this episode was when flatts tripped on a bananna peel and feel down that was so funny. i give this episode a 9 in just one bite spongebob wants squidward to take one bite of a krabby patty so when squidward says he hated a krabby patty he loves it another part i liked in this episode was when spongebob said at squidward it;s good for your soul that was funny. but the best part of this episode was when squidward went in a room full of krabby patties then he ate em all and he blew up that was freaking hilliraious so i give this one a 9.7 kingnicky1 out
  • Great episodes, but I think they're a tad overrated, just because I don't consider them one of the series' best.

    The Bully: A funny episode. Mrs. Puff has her usual funny moments, and there were some other funny moments like the part with Flats' dad. The only thing that brought the score down is that I kind of found the episode got a little repetitive with the whole "I'm gonna kick your butt" parts. Still, solid episode.

    Score: B- 8.3/10

    Just One Bite: A great, great episode. Like I said before, this episode is overrated in my opinion, but only because everyone considers it one of the best. But despite this, I really do like this episode. It truly does have some great moments, my favorite being when SpongeBob says Krabby Patties are good for your soul, and Squidward replies by saying "I have no soul", with the background turning into a pit of flames. Direct references to h*** in children shows FTW! The deleted scene was funny, although unlike Procrastination I do not think having it deleted ruins the episode. A true classic, though I would be lying if I didn't say I think it gets a little bit too much praise.

    Score: B+ 8.8/10
  • Personal favorite! One of the funniest episodes of the whole series

    The Bully/Just One Bite is one of my favorite episodes of the whole show. In The Bully, a new student, Flatts Flounder shows up in Mrs. Puff's class and tells Spongebob he's going to kick his butt. Naturally Sponge panics and tries to avoid getting beat up. The end was funny after Flatts fainted after punching SB for a day (he absorbed his blows because he's a sponge) Sponge raised his fist while saying "Flatts was the real victim here, a victim of a society that's riding down a violent road to nowhere--a road I call 'Violence Road.' Of course Mrs. Puff comes in and sees Flatts lying on the ground and Sponge's fist raised. Just One Bite--very funny throughout the whole episode. Squidward tells Sponge he has never had a Krabby Patty, and does everything possible to get Squidward to taste one. When Squidward finally does taste one, he tells SpongeBob it was the worst thing he ever had and anyone who eats them belongs in an early and well deserved grave! When Sponge leaves dejectedly, Squidward digs up the patty and shoves it down saying it's the most wonderful food he's ever eaten. He then does everything to get his tentacles on a patty--but also trying to hide the fact that he loves them from SpongeBob. He has absolutley no luck. At 3 AM, Squidward sneaks over to the Krusty Krab and opens the Patty Vault to thousands of patties. Just as he's about to eat one, Sponge shows up (he goes there at 3 AM all the time to count the sesame seeds!) and confronts Squidward and learns the truth. Squidward eats so many patties he eventually explodes. Anything about these two episodes will make you laugh--for me it's Sponge's "Violence Road" speech and the look on his face, and almost every little thing about "Just One Bite." Even the two words "Patty Vault" make me laugh! Also the "you like Krabby Patties, don't you Squidward . . ." face. I really wish SpongeBob could go back to the way it was in 2001-2002 because in my opinion thats when the show was at it's peak. 9/10.

    u would be the stupidest person in the universe if you said that these 2 episodes weren't the best in the whole show. spongebob squarepants may of lost its spark but this episode shows how good the producer were (tear).THE BULLY was better than one bite because it is! i love the part(and always will)when everyone going to beat up an old man cause he's going to kick spongbob's butt and the old man said"i like the young people"HA HA HA,you will never find good comedy in any other like this. this was retarded genius! i wish episode were good like these before but you can't always wish!:(
  • Both terrific episodes of a great season, especially Just One Bite!

    The Bully was a pretty good episode, but not as good as its partner. I liked how everyone in the class wore masks so Flats wouldn't recognize them and the joke with Spongebob acting natural in the toilet. I also thought it was funny how even Flats's dad was afraid of him, and I liked the running gag of the citizens of Bikini Bottom thinking the old man was going to kick Spongebob's butt! I thought it could've ended better, but the episode as a whole was fantastic. Just One Bite was even better! The thing I loved about this episode was Squidward's facial expressions throughout like after he says "Does this look unsure to you?" and when he's running back to the Krusty Krab after he licks the ground. Spongebob's facial expression was also funny when he figured out that Squidward really liked krabby patties. Bottom line, both of these are fantastic episodes of a fantastic season of Spongebob! Marebear2009, out!
  • More fantastic episodes of season 2! And of course Just One Bite is better with the deleted scenes.

    The Bully was a great and funny episode! One day while SpongeBob is busy organizing his pencils at Boating School, Mrs. Puff introduces Flats the Flounder, a new student! Normally this wouldn't be a problem, and SpongeBob would appreciate this new student, but there is a problem, Flats wants to kick SpongeBob's butt! SpongeBob is now super worried about this and is afraid of dying, Patrick can't help him, and lol at Pizza Castle! Mrs. Puff made things worse by using SpongeBob's name, and not even Flats's dad could help him! So he runs away, while seeting the town ablaze with rage and fury that someone wants to kick his butt, only they get the wrong guy! That whole part was funny though! Even after a huge accident, Flats still wants to kick his butt even when SpongeBob brings him flowers! So it looks like nothing will stop him or change his mind, so SpongeBob gets ready for the butt kicking at his house. But in the end, no need to fear! SpongeBob's absorbency is here! He absorbs every blow from Flats without feeling any pain! And he finally gets tired and faints at Boating School one day! Just One Bite was a super delicious and funny episode! Squidward finally gets to taste the wonderous taste of the krabby patty! The only people who don't like krabby patties, have never eaten one! After numerous various attempts of SpongeBob trying to get Squidward to try a krabby patty, he finally takes a little nibble outside. He acts like he actually hates it though, but when SpongeBob goes back inside, he digs it back up because he actually also really loves krabby patties! Krabby patties are the best tasting food in the world! Now Squidward tries to figure out how he can get more krabby patties! Unfortunately, he can't seem to get another one the whole rest of the day at work, so at night at his house, he dreams he married a krabby patty and even had kids he loves them so much! Squidward now tries to sneak over at the Krusty Krab at night, but man, SpongeBob is just too good, SpongeBob goes over there at 3 in the morning to count the sesame seeds! After SpongeBob finally realizes Squidward really does love Krabby Patties, Squidward goes berserk and tries to eat all of them in the Patty Vault! There is one problem sadly though if you eat too many, they all go to your thighs and then you blow up! Lol! Just One Bite will always be another one of my favorites! It is a terrific episode that is better with the Gas scene included where Squidward gets burnt!
  • More great episodes from Season 2!

    The Bully:
    There's a new kid bully in Boating School, and he wants to kick SpongeBob's butt! He tries to tell Mrs. Puff, but she does nothing about it! He tries to run-but he's no match for the bully, whose name is Flats. But Flats can't punch SpongeBob because it just goes right through SpongeBob! But Mrs. Puff gets the wrong idea when Flats is so tired that he drops to the ground, and sees SpongeBob stand next to him. She's going to kick SpongeBob's butt! Funny episode.


    Just One Bite:
    When SpongeBob finds out Squidward has never tried a Krabby Patty, he nags him to try it, and Squidward becomes addicted. But he doesn't want SpongeBob to know. Of course, SpongeBob finds out at the end, when he sees Squidward in the "Patty Vault". The endings a bit strange, for two reasons:
    I) What Patty Vault?! That's never been there.
    II) Why would SpongeBob count the seasame's on the buns?

    Anyway, great episode.

  • Just one bite...

    The bully was fabulous, but Just one bite was better. Spongebob gets chased down by a bully and, so he finally beats him up till, he's relises he's Spongy. And, can't beat Spongebob up. Now, Ms. Puff thinks Spongebob beat him up so, she beats him up.

    Now, here's the a peace of heaven review for just one bite . . . Squidward annouces he does'nt like Krabby Pattys so, he trys one and, says he hates it! But, he acually likes it! So, he trys to sneak one but, ends up getting caught and, expolded. So, he never has another Krabby Patty again.
  • The Bully and Just One Bite are 2 more classic episodes from the good ol' days!

    The Bully:
    There's a new student in boating school called Flats, a green flounder. He threatens SpongeBob and says he's going to kick his butt, and SpongeBob is terrified and runs away screaming "That guy wants to kick my butt!" But the Bikini Bottomites think he's talking about an old man sitting on a bench, and blame him for it. SpongeBob tells Mrs. Puff, and she says she won't accept it, but then Flats tells her he did no such thing, and SpongeBob is fine. But at the end, when Flats punches him, he doesn't feel it, which frustrates Flats. Soon, he punches him so much that he drops to the floor. Mrs. Puff comes into the class, sees him lying on the floor, and notices that SpongeBob had his fist clenched. Thinking SB punched Flats to the ground, she says "I'm going to kick your butt!" Oh, what a classic, what a classic!

    Grade: A

    Just One Bite:
    SpongeBob finds out that Squidward has never tried a Krabby Patty, and desparately tries to get him to. Eventually, Squidward tries one and lies, saying he hates it. But after that, he becomes obsessed with the Krabby Patties and sneaks into the KK at night. He goes into the never-seen-again Patty Vault, and eats so many he explodes. As painful as it is watching him blow up, it was another hillarious episode!

    Grade: A

    These seasons were just the best! If only the writers now had the brains to think up ideas like this.

    Final Grade: A
  • The Bully was hilarious, Just One Bite was okay.

    The Bully: A very hilarious episode that I can't stop laughing at. A bully named Flatts the Flounder comes into SpongeBob's boating school, and he says he wants to kick his butt! Now, SpongeBob must find help before it's too late. Somehow, I'm suprised that Patrick went to a community college when he doesn't know anything! The only part I didn't like is that Flatts ends up punching SpongeBob instead of kicking his butt, although I did laugh when Mrs. Puff said that she was going to kick SpongeBob's butt after it look liked he knocked out Flatts. A very decent episode I must say.
    GRADE: A-

    Just One Bite: It was okay and funny, but I felt that there was some Squidward sabotation, especially in the deleted scene. It was not nearly as good as The Bully, but it still was okay. So in conclusion, I'll say it was an average episode.
    GRADE: C+

  • It's....Good for your Soul!

    Just One Bite Cracked me up. Like, when SpongeBob imitated Squidward, that was a little funny. When Patrick wanted to go square dancing with Squidward, that was funny too. But, I loved the part when SpongeBob was dressed up as an Angel. The way he spoked was hillarious. Then, when Squidward said he had no soul, and when the evil laughter came in the background, that was funny also. All the ways SpongeBob tried to get Squidward to eat the Krabby Patty was just a funny. I laughed when Squidward got his face burn, or when he thought he was married to the patty. And then, when he blew up, that was funny too. Grade: A+.

    The Bully was just as funny. Like, when the all put on the happy masks and when Flats said he was going to kick SpongeBob's butt. I also loved it when Patrick called the school and thought it was Pizza Castle. And, when SpongeBob was running and he said he's going to kick my butt. And then, they turned around and it's an old man. That was totally funny. I'm glad SpongeBob would've saved his life, even though Flatts was going to kill him. I also loved it when SpongeBob wanted to be an accountant or something. I'm glad Flatts didn't kill SpongeBob, although Mrs. Puff might have..... Grade: A.
  • Squidward reveals his love for Krabby Patties.

    I am just going to talk about the first half, Just One Bite.

    This is really a special episode because you see Squid show uncontrollable love for Krabby Patties, and he just can't help it anymore so much that he breaks into the Krusty Krab at night to go eat some from the Vault. Definitely a special and memorable episode. In the end though, he eats so much that he explodes, which is probably the reason why he hates them in all the following episodes.

    What I really don;t get though is the part when he breaks in, the alarm system, why they cut that out in all the later airings of the episode. Was it because it was too violent? If that was the case they could've gave this show a Y7 rating. Maybe they thought that some kid would try it at home. It's not like a want them to show that part again, but it's just kind of weird to me how they would cut that part.

    Other than that, great episode! The Bully was good too. That's all I will say about that!
  • Why do people hate this episode

    I Love this episode

    Just One Bite was really good. It is one of my favorites. SpongeBob makes Squidward eat a Krabby Patty after he found out that Squidward hasn't never eaten a Krabby Patty. He ends up liking it but doesn't tell SpongeBob that. Squidward ends up sneaking into the Krusty Krab at 3:00 AM. He ends up going into the the Patty Vault. The Patty Vault has not been seen in any other episode. SpongeBob catches Squidward and finds out that he likes Krabby Patties. Squidward eats to much Krabby Patties and he explodes. Just One Bite was a good episode. The Bully was good. A new kid goes to SpongeBob's boating class and the kid wants to kick his butt. The ending was funny. Ms Puff was going to kick Spongebob's butt.
  • eh it was kind of good

    The Bully is definitely an eyesore to me because I really thought I would die of boredom. It really lacks humor and action and all of the things that a nicktoon needs to be good. This episode really is pretty bad in every way possible. I hope that they make less episodes like this in the future. Now the episode Just One Bite is much better than The Bully because it is funnier than The Bully. I really would like it if they made more episodes with similar ideas to this because anything involving the Krusty Krab seems to be a good episode.
  • I don't get why people think it's bad.

    This episode is good. Just One Bite is the better one of the two episodes.

    The Bully was good. A new kid goes to SpongeBob's boating class and the kid wants to kick his butt. The ending was funny. I don't have anything more to say about The Bully.

    Just One Bite was really good. It is one of my favorites. SpongeBob makes Squidward eat a Krabby Patty after he found out that Squidward hasn't never eaten a Krabby Patty. He ends up liking it but doesn't tell SpongeBob that. Squidward ends up sneaking into the Krusty Krab at 3:00 AM. He ends up going into the the Patty Vault. The Patty Vault has not been seen in any other episode. SpongeBob catches Squidward and finds out that he likes Krabby Patties. Squidward eats to much Krabby Patties and he explodes. Just One Bite was a good episode.

    When Just One Bite first came out the scene where Squidward sneaks in was different there where there was buckets on the door as a security system. The buckets had oil and it catches on fire because of a match. Nick ended up editing the episode so know it just skips this part. So if you didn't watch it the first time they showed it you are out of luck.

    Overall this is a good episode. You prabobly won't like The Bully that much but you will like Just One Bite. This episode is out on the season 2 DVD and another one but I don't remember the name of it.
  • Spongebob Battles a Bully and Squid Loves Krabby Patties

    A New Stundent at School His Name is Flats and he wants To Beat the Crud of Spongebob So Spongebob Tries To Run away Run Spongebob Run Just One Bite is Just Not Perfect When Squidward eats One Krabby Patty He Loves It and He eats So Many He Blows Up.
  • Nope, this one gets a thumb's down.

    In The Bully, it was just pretty boring. I mean, a new student comes into Boating School, his name is Flats. He threatens to kick people's butts, Spongebob is one of the victims, Flats attacks, it doesn't work, Flats faints and Mrs Puff accuses Spongebob of kicking his butt so she threatens to kick his butt. That's all, boring.

    In Just One Bite, more boringness comes into action. Spongebob wants Squidward to eat a Krabby Patty, Squidward declines. Squidward tries it, he loves it, but hides it. He wakes up at 3:00 AM to go to the Krusty Krab Krabby Patty vault to have fun with the patties, Spongebob appears, Squidward is found out, and *BOOM*.