SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 15

The Curse of the Hex / The Main Drain

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 11, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • good.


    Squidward turns away a customer because the Krusty Krab was closing, but SpongeBob feels sorry and sneaks her food. SpongeBob is thwarted by the Krusty Krab, so the customer curses the restaurant.

    Squidward turns away a customer because the Krusty Krab was closing, but SpongeBob feels sorry and sneaks her food. SpongeBob is thwarted by the Krusty Krab, so the customer curses the restaurant.

    Squidward turns away a customer because the Krusty Krab was closing, but SpongeBob feels sorry and sneaks her food. SpongeBob is thwarted by the Krusty Krab, so the customer curses the restaurant.

    7 out of 10

  • Not the same Spongebob I've come to know and love.

    Out of all the episodes that aired in Legends of Bikini Bottom, this one was the absolute worst and one of the only episodes of Spongebob I've seen that I really hated. The story line was absolutely pathetic, and there was not one joke that made me laugh. The only jokes that were even a little funny were the umbrella gag near the beginning and the krabby patties in Sponge's pants. Madame Hagfish looked repulsive and was also very annoying to me. The ending was really stupid, too. I mean, all Spongebob had to do to get the golden doubloon was punch the eel?? It was also really lame that the curse Madame put on the Krusty Krab turned out to be just a closed sign. Overall, as you all know, I love Spongebob to death, but I really can't believe someone green lighted this episode. I would definitely not recommend it to anybody. Final grade: F. Marebear2009, out!
  • Could have been done a little better, but it was still a great episode overall.

    I was kind of disappointed in this episode of Spongebob episode, but even then I still found this episode to be great and a good addition to season 8. In this episode the Krusty Krab crew is closing shop for the night, but an elderly lady wants to order something from there. Squidward tells the lady, Madame Hagfish, to go away as well as Mr. Krabs since she has no money. Spongebob feels sorry for the lady, and tells her to go to the back, and he'll bring her food. Mr. Krabs catches him, and Madame Hagfish decides to curse the restaurant for its selfishness. At first no one believes the curse is real, but when customers don't come to the Krusty Krab it has Mr. Krabs worrying. Spongebob, and Mr. Krabs try to figure out what the curse is, and remove it, but to no avail. Eventually the 2 head over to Madame Hagfish's house to apologize. Madame Hagfush tells Spongebob and Mr. Krabs the only way to remove the curse is by getting a coin guarded by an eel. After a battle that is won by Spongebob punching the eel once they get the coin, and go back to Madame Hagfish's house. It turns out that the coin is used for Madame Hagfish's laundry and she removes the curse. The curse turns out to be a close sign only, and everything is back to normal again. This episode was a but weaker than the first two, but it still was a great episode overall. I found the jokes to be really good like the umbrella gag and Spongebob stuffing the Krabby Patties into his pants. The plot was good, and was entertaining enough. Some have said that Madame Hagfish's character design was disgusting, but she is called Madame Hagfish, so I cna let it slide. I didn't like though how the curse was only a close sign. I think if the curse was the Krusty Krab was invisible, and the people never knew about the restaurant then that would be great, but a close sign was pretty weak to me. I also didn't like the fact that it took one punch for an eel to give up I think it was kind of anticlimactic. Overall it did have some faults, but this is another great episode for season 8, and I hope more good episodes can come from season 8.
  • very good episode

    One stormy night while Squidward, Spongebob and Mr.Krabs are about to leave the Krusty Krub, an old hagfish appears at the door of the Krusty Krab. Squidward is afraid of her and tells her that the Krusty Krab is closed, but she ignores him and orders. Mr.krabs tells her to leave and spongebob tells her something and she leaves, later he gives a free patty to the old fish and gets caught by mr.krabs. he takes the patty back and the fish curses the KK. the next day it seems there is a curse! so mr.krabs and spongebob do watever to reverse the curse. in the end the fish just put a closed sign on the front of the KK.

    funny funnny episode!
  • I honestly don't know why this episode got bad reviews BUT everyone has their own opinions. "The Curse of the Hex" was a great episode in my opinion.

    I thought that this episode was a great episode. I liked the fact Kristen Wiig voiced as Madame Hagfish. Okay, sure it maybe kind of disgusting especially with Madame Hagfish but if you just looked past that, this was actually a great episode. The umbrella gag in the beginning was funny and when SpongeBob had a big butt when it was actually krabby patties he was hiding from Mr. Krabs to give to Madame Hsgfish. The only things I didn't like about this episode was that SpongeBob had to punch the eel to get the coin, I was hoping there would be more action in that part and I didn't like that this whole time, the curse was just a closed sign and ending wasn't good. I have admit that was lame. Overall, this was a great episode in my opinion. 8/10
  • Last Legend.

    So one day, an old hag arrives to the KK arfter they close asking for food. They won't serve her cause she has no money. SB, ffeeling bad for the lady, tells her to go to the back of the restaurant and he'll give her food, but Krabs catches him, so the hag curses the restaurant. At first they don't buy it, but noone arrives to the restaurant.

    sO SB & Krabs go visit the hag, apologizr and ask her to lift the curse, but she says it'll be lifted if they get some doubloon guarded by a snake. they defeat the snake and the hag uses the coin to wash her laundery and lifts the curse which was closed sign.

    Ovberall_: Good pieosde but the weaker of the legends. 8/10.
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