SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 6 Episode 17

The Krabby Kronicle

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Aug 08, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Two words: Ponyville Confidential(edited)

    " Wait a minute, aren't these stories a little less than truthful? " - Eugene Krabs


    This episode is absolutely horrendous. It has a classic plot of a character being forced to write lies for a newspaper, but I don't know how they could have screwed it up this badly. Actually, I do know: the moral. It is just terrible. On a side note, Ponyville Confidential of MLP: FIM did this kind of plot much better. You should watch that, and maybe when you compare them, you'll find out how much better this could have been. So, let's dig in, shall we?

    Our story starts on a regular day at the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs reveals to SpongeBob that he put an ad in the Bikini Bottom Examiner to attract more new customers. Then he takes out a magnifying glass to see the ad. Um, okay. Krabs goes outside to see that nobody is buying the Examiner, but they are buying a tabloid called the Bottomfeeder. He reads a story and finds out the stories aren't always true, which may or may not be important to the plot. Then he learns that a newspaper makes 25 cents per word. Really? Hmm... The next day, SpongeBob is assigned the role of head reporter for the Krusty Krab's newspaper, the Krabby Kronicle, which he will balance with his duties as a fry cook. Great jod Krabs, you're now overworking your employee. Anyway, SpongeBob goes out to find a scoop, but can't seem to find one, despite all the interesting stuff in the background. He meets Patrick at a bus stop. Oh great, what stupid thing is he going to do this time? Apparently, he's watching the pole to see the next time it moves. Not that stupid for him. Anyways, SpongeBob reports this uninteresting event to Mr. Krabs, but he's smart enough to see that the story is boring. What's the best option? Get a better story? Ha! No, of course not! We're talking about Krabs here! He tells SpongeBob to lie and rewrites the story into Patrick marrying a pole. So, SpongeBob looks for another story and sees Mrs. Puff in her boat waiting at the sign with a police officer behind her. He snaps a photo and Krabs edits the story down to Mrs. Puff in a car chase with a police officer, which actually could be true if you consider how many times Mrs. Puff has gotten arrested through no fault of her own. The story becomes popular, but at the cost of Mrs. Puff losing all of her students. Then the same thing happens with Larry, Plankton, and Sandy. During this scene, it is shown that Krabs is forcing SpongeBob to the brink of exhaustion. What happened to you Krabs? He is so greedy in this episode, he's blackmailing his only frycook and ruining peoples' lives by spreading vicious rumors. SpongeBob, I know for some inexplicable reason, you want to keep your job, but this is starting to get ridiculous, don't you think? So, Krabs tells SpongeBob to get the juiciest story ever, and SpongeBob gets an idea. SpongeBob writes a story about the wicked things Krabs has done to keep the Krabby Kronicle alive. The customers get enraged when they learn about this and take back all of their money from Krabs. Now you may think this is a great scene, but think about it. Krabs is only realizing that he did something wrong AFTER everyone has taken his money, which makes his roformation seem extremely forced. So yeah, even this scene can't save the episode. What you do is have SpongeBob confront him and make him feel guilty, thus learning the lesson naturally. Krabs then learns his lesson about rumors and apologizes to SpongeBob and the people he hurt. Actually, no. That was what should have happened, but it didn't. Instead, Mr. Krabs learns that he can print money on the newspaper printer. So, basically, Krabs spreads vicious rumors that hurt innocent people, doesn't see anything wrong with it, and comes out on top. Yep.




    This episode is terrible. It flanderizes Krabs to an unbearable level, and the moral. Oh man, the moral. I don't even think they were trying to have one here because if they did, it was completely botched. I would give this at least two stars if the episode was funny, but jokes are made very rarely and they usually don't work. Plus, Krabs doesn't even learn his lesson by the end, thus ruining the entire episode. If Krabs had realized what he was doing was wrong if SpongeBob had just told him off, they wouldn't even need to have that scene where the customers take their money back. Actually, the moral would be better that way since Krabs learned the moral naturally.


    Rating: 1/5

    Ranking: Crap

    Writers: Casey Alexander, Derek Iversen, Zeus Cervas

    Next Review: Safe Deposit Krabs (how you do a cheap Mr. Krabs episode correctly)

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  • Mr. Krabs is a jerk

    Mr. Krabs makes SpongeBob lie in the new Krusty Krab newspaper. He is ruining many peoples lives so he can get money. SpongeBob, actually being a good person puts this in the news after he realizes that Mr. Krabs is a ***. At this point you might think that this episode is going to be saved, Mr. Krabs gets his comeuppance, and it even has a few good jokes. NOPE! The writers decided to make Mr. Krabs print his own money. And apparently this is perfectly ok, he doesn't go to jail for printing his own FAKE money!
  • Not sure if I should love it for punishing Spongebob, or hate it because Mr. Krabs is causing the pain.

    Needless to say, this episode is just bad. And I'd go into depth, but I honestly don't give a flying fuck.
  • Not bad, but still had bad points

    The general plot: Mr. Krabs realizes that the newspaper business could make him big money. He starts a newspaper called the Krabby Kronicle, with SpongeBob as the reporter. The newspaper doesn't sell well until Mr. Krabs starts making up lies to put in it, ruining the reputations of many townspeople and threatening SpongeBob when he voices his distaste at the whole thing. In the end, SpongeBob manages to get some comeuppance when he reveals what Mr. Krabs has been doing in the newspaper, causing the enraged townspeople to take their money back.

    However, there are still some flaws in this episode. First of all, the whole "newspaper full of lies" plot has been done before. "Ed Edd n Eddy" did it, "All Grown Up" did it (with a video camera, but still); heck, even "Arthur" did it. It's one of those plots that every TV series has at least one episode about. It's been done.

    There was also the ending of this episode. Mr. Krabs does lose all the money he earned in the episode...and then he uses the newspaper printing press to print his own money, and he gets away with it. Because counterfeiting is a great message to give to kids!

    So...yeah. While Mr. Krabs did get a punishment at first, it was wrong of him to get away with counterfeiting. That, and the overused plot takes off from my final score.
  • i think this is going to be a famous eppy

    this was an exciting eppy because spongebob must write interesting storys but it causes him to make his friends suffer. but i admit mr krabs was selfisf to spongebob but i wasnt gonna let tht little part ruin my review. and then it was funny when he was looking for an interesting headline, there was a bank robbery a guy smashing up a car and a monster going raw raw raw raw raw!!!!!!!!!!! then spongebob ses no new here!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!! tht made me laugh my head off, anyway in the end mr krabs got what he deserved which i wanted to see, and it was a classic episode. life in a day, house fancy, boating buddies and now the krabby kronicle are now classics.

    FINAL GRADE: A+++++++++++++++++++++++++
  • Mr. Krabs is the reason why my score for this episode is low

    This episode would have been excellent if it weren't for Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs really made me mad in this episode and I just really hated him in this episode. I just hated how he is forcing SpongeBob to come up with these lies to make the newspaper good. I hated when Mr. Krabs told SpongeBob that SpongeBob can say good-bye to his spatula if SpongeBob doesn't continue to make lies for the newspaper. Seriously, I hated Mr. Krabs and we worked poor SpongeBob like he was some slave. While I was furious with Mr. Krabs in this episode, there were some scenes that did make me laugh. Patrick marrying the pole thing on the newspaper was funny. Larry the Lobster getting kicked of gym because the newspaper said that he was getting beat up by pipsqueak. The joke about Plankton using children to make chum was hilarious. The very end was funny as well with Patrick and the pole. I was happy when SpongeBob made the newspaper about the truth of Mr. Krabs overworking him and all that. The ending didn't even help at all when Mr. Krabs used the printing press to print all of the money... he should have gotten caught there because it is illegal. Overall, I would've loved this episode if it weren't the greedy and horrible Mr. Krabs. 7/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.
  • Perfect


    After a customer loss, Mr. Krabs decides to have SpongeBob headline for the Krabby Kronicle newspaper. Unfortunately, how hard SpongeBob could try, Mr. Krabs would infrom him to get more of a juicy story, but it causes havoc to SpongeBob's friends.

    10 out of 10

  • Would have been perfect if Mr. Krabs wasn't a jerk in this episode.


    After a customer loss, Mr. Krabs decides to have SpongeBob headline for the Krabby Kronicle newspaper. Unfortunately, how hard SpongeBob could try, Mr. Krabs would infrom him to get more of a juicy story, but it causes havoc to SpongeBob's friends. I think this episode was interesting but Mr. Krabs kinda ruined the perfect score for me. Once again, he such a jerk just like in Plankton's Regular. However, I did liked that SpongeBob wrote some of lies such as Patrick marrying a pole. The part with Sandy was hilarious. SpongeBob taking a picture of Mrs. Puff was funny. The ending was very weird to me but it was hilarious as well. Overall, it was aexcellentepisode but Mr. Krabs was such a jerk in this episode. It would have been perfect without that. 9/10

  • Great

    Mr. Krabs hopes that the Krusty Krab will have more customers, as he has put in a nearly microscopic ad in the newspaper. Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob if there are any new customers. When SpongeBob says 'No', he goes outside of the Krusty Krab and notices Bikini Bottomites reading newspapers. Mr. Krabs then decides to make his own newspaper called The Krabby Kronicle. SpongeBob writes about an article of Patrick watching a pole but a customer says that it is boring. He soon gets angry at SpongeBob for writing a boring story and explains that his stories need to be more juicy. Mr. Krabs changes the story to Patrick marrying a pole. Then SpongeBob writes a story about Mrs. Puff being in a high speed car chase using a photograph of a police motorcycle stopping behind her at a traffic light; this ruins her business meaning she has to go back to watching daytime TV (much to her horror).
    SpongeBob writes a mean story about Larry when a random person walks up to him in order to punch him in the gut. SpongeBob makes it seem he was beaten up and he is kicked out of the Gym. SpongeBob is worried that his stories might be ruining people that he cares about, (which they are,) but Mr. Krabs says that if he stops writing, he is fired, so SpongeBob keeps writing lies, even though he doesn't want to.

    SpongeBob then makes a story about Sandy being dumb ("Sandy Cheeks Or Sandy Chump?"), so the Neptunian Science Committee confiscates all of her science awards. Then the health inspector shuts down the Chum Bucket because an issue of the Krabby Kronicle states that Plankton uses fish as a main ingredient ("Plankton's Chum Made of Your Chums").

    At this point, SpongeBob finds out that his stories have ruined his friends, but Mr. Krabs not only continues to threaten to fire SpongeBob, he is also overworking Spongebob. SpongeBob gets a plan and writes a story that reveals all prior stories are bogus and that Mr. Krabs has been making all the money while paying an overworked SpongeBob pennies, and also makes SpongeBob write lies. Mr. Krabs has to stop making newspapers because the public does not like him. They formed an angry mob, beat Mr. Krabs up, and stole back the profits made out of said newspaper. But when he puts a dollar in the printing press he decides to make counterfeit money. At the end, Patrick asks for two Krabby Patties, one for him and one for his wife, the pole.
  • What happend?!

    I thought after Boating Buddies, Season 6 was gonna improve. Boy, was I wrong! This episode was dredful. Here, Mr. Krabs decides to open a newspaper stand and orders SpongeBob to find some stories for the newspapers. Well, he did, but Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob that he needs to make up stories to make people read the paper. SpongeBob goes around and finds stories about his friends and makes them hit stories but they ruin his friends' lifes. The episode did had its moments like the news hedlines, but the parts where Mr. Krabs push SpongeBob to hard was depressing, and the thing where the news stories ruins SpongeBob's friends lifes was a rip-off of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. When the Chum Bucket got closed down I said "Well, there goes the furture again". I'm not sure if the episode was based on the book Stop the Presses, but if it was, I'd say it was a pretty lame adaption. Season 6 is gonna be a bumpy season.

  • Dudes,it was just the right episode for other people.

    Okay,this episode a lot reminded me of that Ed,Edd and Eddy episode Truth Or Ed.I mean,come on.The newspapaper rumors are just like what happened in that episode.But this one is a different kind of Ed,Edd and Eddy episode.I can't decide which is the best headline of the story,but I will have to go with where Sandy's headline was that she was dumb.Well,the worst part of it is when everybody got there money back.That can't happen in a restraunt or anything like that.And even worst than that,those fish took all of Sandy's trophies.That's messed up.I love this episode,It's better than Boating Buddies.
  • This episode was fairly good in my opinion. Much better than dumb Boating Buddies.

    This episode was fairly good. The only thing that ruined it was how Mr. Krabs was being a jerk, but I still loved this episode and it did have some funny parts. Like when Mr. Krabs drew Patrick marrying the pole on the newspaper and in the end Patrick actually showed up with the pole as if he actually did marry it! LOL! Plus, Mr. Krabs got what he deserved since the customers took their money back from him. It's just a shame this episode is paired with dumb Boating Buddies. That's a terrible episode, in fact the worst in the season in my opinion. Final Grade: C+ (77%)
  • This was great, well, mostly.

    I thought this was a good idea and it was done well and everything. But I just think that maybe at the end that Mr. Krabs Counterfeiting money shouldn't have been part of the episode. This could give kids bad ideas. I also didn't think it was nice for Mr. Krabs to make up mean stories about people just to make money. I mean, I know that's like all that is important in life to him, but still, it's just not right. Poor SpongeBob was being used for money. That seems to be happening a lot. Mr. Krabs, that isn't very nice!
  • Good

    Mr. Krabs wants a paper for the Krusty Krab, and Spongebob is the head writer. So he starts printing interesting lies to get people to read, and of course, Krabs makes loads of money. But Spongebob starts feeling bad about what he has printed in the paper and so he prints an edition telling readers that Mr. Krabs forcefully overworks him. In the end everything is back to normal.

    Not one of my favorites but it was decent enough. Not one of the funniest ones or one of the all-time greats, but it is pretty decent. Probably one of the best of the season, which unfortunately isn't saying much
  • This was a good episode. But I did not like Mr. Krabs in this one.

    Mr. Krabs makes a newspaper to make money. He hires Spongebob as the reporter. He at first writes pointless, boring stories. Because of the low sales, Krabs makes Spongebob write untrue stories that ruin peoples lives just so he can make more money.

    I did not like Mr. Krabs in this episode. He was a selfish, greedy, jerk. There were some parts when I laughed when Patrick married a pole and Spongebob ignoring all the huge stories and wrote stupid ones.
    I also didnt like the ending, Mr. Krabs printed money and he didnt get caught.

    This episode gets a B. Im out!
  • Mr. Krabs actually made me mad in this episode.

    This episode wasn't bad at all, but in my opinion, it's a little overrated. It had some funny jokes like Spongebob trying to find a story for his newspaper and ignoring everything that was going on around him like the fire and the bank robbery and, of course, the very end, but, as much as I hate to say it, I really despised Mr. Krabs in this episode. He was being way too greedy. I mean, he made Spongebob write all kinds of lies just to make money, and he printed counterfeit money at the very end and never got caught!:O Don't get me wrong, this was a good episode all in all, but man, I hated Mr. Krabs. Marebear2009, out!
  • It was great...but one thing ruined it.

    This episode was pretty awesome, if ya ask me. No it isn't the best episode I've seen, I will admit that. But it's more decent than a lot of the episodes post movie. Sure, Mr. Krabs was cheap and greedy in this episode, as he always is. But despite that, this one was pretty a funny episode, especially in that scene with Patrick and the pole (spoiler; it became his wife at the end, which made LOL!) But it was also funny when SpongeBob said nothing was going on and then behind him a bunch of crazy stuff was happening. One of the things that I also liked was when SpongeBob kinda got revenge on Mr. Krabs. His boss really did deserve it. As I said before, there was one thing in this episode that I didn't like and that was the ending. OK, it's one thing to have Mr. Krabs copy money and get caught. But for him to copy money and NOT get caught is just wrong. It's a very bad example for children to follow. So anyway, with the exception of that copying thing and perhaps Mr. Krabs' greediness, everything else in this episode was prettty cool. Final grade: Eh, I'll give it a B+! Teen_Tomboy out!
  • Mr.Krabs makes a new newspaper.

    Mr.Krabs finds out that no one reads his newspaper, so he sends Spongebob out to find great stories that people will read. Spongebob first finds a dumb story about Patrick watching a pole!, and Mr.Krabs tells him to find better stories than that. He goes out and makes fake stories about Mrs. Puff, Sandy, Larry, Plankton, and others, and the paper becomes a hit! Then Spongebob gets sick of writing bad stories of others and makes a story of Mr.Krabs forcing him to make bad stories. Eveyone reads it and feels bad for Spongebob and takes all of Mr.Krabs money. This was one of my favorites episodes. 10/10
  • sciencegirl09 A Really Good Episode

    I don't why, but I just somehow really like this episode. I was going to give this episode a 9.8, but the score bar wouldn't let me. I always watch this episode right after watching Boating Buddies because the idea of starting a newspaper just seems to grab my attention. I thought that the "Krabby Kronicle" was a good, original name for a newspaper, and the stories Spongebob came up with with pretty funny, though I felt sorry for those who got affected by the stories, and Mr. Krabs didn't learn his lesson at the end because all he cared about was money, and yet he still got what he wanted. Huh? Well, I still think this episode is a classic that is not boring, and proves that Spongebob truly is a hard worker.
  • I am remaking this review because my other one got deleted.

    This was an awesome episode. How can you not like it? It is an interesting episode. Sure mr.krabs might have been greedy and rude in this episode, but that doesnt mean the entire episode is bad. This episode was interesting, awesome, and one of the best episodes ever. Let me tell you my favorite parts. I liked the part where the headline was "man watches pole." That made me laugh. It was also funny when all bikini bottomites were mad at mr.krabs, and they took all their money back. I also liked the part where the pipsqueek punched larry in the gut, and he was banned from the gym. This episode was good, and I would recommend this episode to anybody.
  • Mr. Krabs starts circulating a newspaper called "The Krabby Kronicle"

    After discovering how much money the newspaper business leaves in Bikini Bottom Mr. Krabs decides to make one on his own, so he puts SpongeBob as the reporter. He convinces SpongeBob that a story must be "re-touched" in order to attract readers. So he makes SpongeBob lie about people's live and then do alterations to the pictures he took. He made up stories about Patrick, then Mrs. Puff, Larry, Sandy and Plankton, and finally one about Mr. Krabs that brings the episode to a conclusion, since SpongeBob was being over-worked by Krabs and the Bikini Bottomites were outraged to find this out. They take their money back. But Mr. Krabs later discovers that he can photocopy money (which is illegal in real life) The episode ends with Patrick asking for some patties for him and his "pole wive", the story Mr. Krabs made about him.

    This was a great episode, one of the best of season 6 in my opinion.
  • spongebob becomes a member of the press

    Everyone in Bikini bottom is fascinated by a new newspaper and this gives mr.krabbs the idea to start his own so he tells spongebob to get hard hitting stories. his stories lead to trouble for many including who was rumored to have married to a poll. mr.puff is framed in high speed chase which causes everyone to leave her class. larry is now the target of bullies thamks to a story about him. sandy is believed to be a nitwit. plankton loses the chumbucket due to the helat inspector closing it down when its rumored he uses bikini bottom residents to make his chum. eventually spongebob becomes angry and uses a story to frame mr.krabbs. lol what a funny episode.
  • Well.....

    Umm...this was an alright episode. I had mixed feelings. Generally the episode was well written, but Mr. Krabs was really cheap in this episode. He tells Spongebob to write bad stories about everyone in town which ends up in Sandy losing her trophies, Larry being picked on by kids, Mrs. Puff losing her teaching privliges, and Plankton losing the Chum Bucket. Plus, he leaves Spongebob overnight to write a story while he is barely paid. It's after this that made me happy, when Spongebob posts the story and Mr. Krabs posts the story.

    However, after this gave a BAD example. Mr. Krabs copied the dollar, which generally is illegal, and he wasn't even caught! That made me sick. The ending came just too soon and it set a bad example, just like part of Plankton's Regular did.

    So, the episode itself was good, but the concepts of Mr. Krabs are bad. So, the writing was great, but the concepts, bottom of the barrel.

    Final Score: C+
  • Mr. Krabs has SpongeBob write his newspaper with false stories.

    This episode was great. Another really good season 6 episode. There was some really funny parts, and some really creative parts. Patrick marrying the pole was the funniest thing ever, especially at the end. The made up stories were funny too. I like how this episode included a lot of characters in Bikini Bottom, not just focused on one or two. I noticed they do that a lot in season 6. This episode (and this season) remind me a lot of season 3. There are certain things that are reminiscent of the old SpongeBob.

    Overall: 8.9 - Another enjoyable episode of SpongeBob Squarepants.
  • Spongebob headlines!

    The Krabby Kronicle: Wow, Mr. Krabs was very spoiled and cruel in this episode. Spongebob starts a newspaper of the Krabby Kronicle, Mr. Krabs wants to give him a good story, Spongebob starts a newspaper about lies about his friends, first, it was Mrs. Puff, worser, Larry gets kicked out of the gym, even more worse, Plankton's chum causes out of business of the Chum Bucket, Possitevely even worse that was horrible as usually alot worse, Sandy's science trophies are taken away, and her genius gets questioned, show the love Sandy! Spongebob tells the truth, and does one thing he hasn't done before: takes a stand to Mr. Krabs and he writes the most shocking story yet, he writes that Mr. Krabs is responsible of the entire Krabby Kronicle and over working Spongebob, so Mr. Krabs loses his money. But it was bad influence when Mr. Krabs was copying money. And Mr. Krabs..? I hope you're not forgetting someone! Which is Pearl. Spongebob should also write about the writers.

    Episode Grade: C+
  • Mr. Krabs learns that sleazy-story writing just doesn't pay! :!:

    While "Boating Buddies" as a segment was disappointing, this segment got "Spongebob Squarepants" moving in a positive direction again! It's no secret Mr. Krabs feels down whenever customer sales are down, but today, Mr. Krabs feels even more down because he paid a nickel for an ad in a newspaper, and there have been no additional sales! Until he learns about newspapers that stretch the truth sell more papers then factual newspapers. Then Mr. Krabs gets a brillant idea: Why settle for newspaper ads when he can publish his Own newspapers? Mr. Krabs wastes no time, he acquires a huge printing press, then puts Spongebob to work in order to acquire interesting stories. Only, Spongebob's story about Patrick is Less then interesting. Mr. Krabs tells Spongebob that what he needs to do in order to sell newspapers is to use his imagination and 'Embellish' the truth a bit. It starts out small. First Spongebob writes that Patrick marries a pole, Larry the Lobster gets beaten up by a weakling, and Mrs. Puff got caught in a high speed chase. It isn't long though before Mr. Krabs begins to completely re-edit Spongebob's stories and pictures in order to make them more interesting (and make more money,) amd ruins other creature's lives as a result. While Spongebob's only slightly guilty that Plankton's Chum Bucket gets closed down because of the Krabby Kronicle tabloids, Spongebob really regrets it when other scientists question Sandy's intelligence! But with Spongebob Mr. Krabs mercy, threatening to take Spongebob's spatula away if he doesn't cooperate, what can the reporter do? Fortunately, Spongebob knows the answer's right in front of him. The next story Spongebob writes, reveals the truth to everyone! Spongebob writes the story on how Spongebob never wrote any of the headlines that made others lives miserable, it was all Mr. Krab's doing, and Mr. Krabs over-worked Spongebob to! Outraged, all the Krabby Kronicle customers march right in to get all the money they spent on Mr. Krabs' dirty story! This is a lesson that Mr. Krabs won't forget anytime soon! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • Better than last night's episode, but still bad.

    In this episode, Mr. Krabs gets a small advertisement in a newspaper. But discovers it is 100% turned down to Bottomfeeder, the biggest newspaper in Bikini Bottom. Mr. Krabs then begins a newspaper business and gets SpongeBob to be a reporter. I didn't really like this part, SpongeBob simply avoids the huge stories in Bikini Bottom and just does pointless ones. Mr. Krabs is upset at SpongeBob and remixes the stories, which become huge but ruins the careers of Mrs. Puff, Larry, Plankton, and Sandy. SpongeBob is upset at Mr. Krabs and decides to do a story on him, which leaves all of Bikini Bottom upset. At the end, Mr. Krabs uses the copy machine and puts his only dollar in to become rich again, which is a terrible example to kids. There were only very few parts I laughed at, and the only major one was at the end when Patrick came in asking for Krabby Patties with his married pole. Terrible episode.

  • An alright episode when Mr. Krabs creates a newspaper to rake in more dough. But some concepts frustrated me.

    Like I said in the review, this was an alright episode. I had mixed feelings. Generally the episode was well written, but Mr. Krabs was really cheap in this episode. He tells Spongebob to write bad stories about everyone in town which ends up in Sandy losing her trophies, Larry being picked on by kids, Mrs. Puff losing her teaching privliges, and Plankton losing the Chum Bucket. Plus, he leaves Spongebob overnight to write a story while he is barely paid. It's after this that made me happy, when Spongebob posts the story and Mr. Krabs posts the story.

    However, after this gave a BAD example. Mr. Krabs copied the dollar, which generally is illegal, and he wasn't even caught! That made me sick. The ending came just too soon and it set a bad example, just like part of Plankton's Regular did.

    So, the episode itself was good, but the concepts of Mr. Krabs are bad. So, it was alright.