SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 7 Episode 22

The Masterpiece / Whelk Attack

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Oct 02, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Pretty descent episodes

    7.5 for each. These aired after Grandpappy the Pirate and Cephalopod Lodge, and before Yours, Mine and Mine and Kracked Krabs.
  • Both episodes are horrible

    The Masterpiece, don't even get me started on. It was terrible and stuff, and unfunny, Mr. Krabs episode and all. 0/10

    Whelk Attack: FUCKING DISGUSTING!!! All I can say. 0/10
  • the masterpiece was good. whelk attack was poor.

    The Masterpiece was a pretty funny episode. Whelk attack was, how you say, terrible.
  • good...

    I was really disappointed after watching "The Masterpiece". It looked like such a great episode, but I guess you just can't judge a book by it's cover. It started off okay (was kind of gross though), before less and less things started happening, and eventually got lead to a boring episode with nothing except for the characters talking. Whelk Attack was better though. It was a great action packed episode with good old humor to guide us along. It got a little less good upon having SpongeBob and Patrick enter Sandy's house, but the rest was great.
  • The masterpiece was wonderful!! Whelk Attack was ok


    The Masterpiece-Great episode! I love the chicken place. The only reason everybody goes there is because of the chicken statue.Then wanting to get more buisness he asks Squidward to make a statue of Mr.Krabs for kids to play on....but it turns out to be a piece of junk

    Whelk Attack-Bad idea...but the turned it into an OK epi sode with good diolague. So theese wierd things called whelks invade bikini bottom. They eat everyone and everything. And all this just because they were sick. Spongebob nurishes them untill they recover...

    Both combined you get a 7

  • No comments....


    The Masterpiece: A statue of Mr. Krabs is erected by Squidward.

    Whelk Attack: Bikini Bottom gets invaded by large sea whelks.The Masterpiece: A statue of Mr. Krabs is erected by Squidward.

    Whelk Attack: Bikini Bottom gets invaded by large sea whelks.The Masterpiece: A statue of Mr. Krabs is erected by Squidward.

    Whelk Attack: Bikini Bottom gets invaded by large sea whelks.The Masterpiece: A statue of Mr. Krabs is erected by Squidward.

    Whelk Attack: Bikini Bottom gets invaded by large sea whelks.The Masterpiece: A statue of Mr. Krabs is erected by Squidward.

    Whelk Attack: Bikini Bottom gets invaded by large sea whelks.The Masterpiece: A statue of Mr. Krabs is erected by Squidward.

    Whelk Attack: Bikini Bottom gets invaded by large sea whelks.The Masterpiece: A statue of Mr. Krabs is erected by Squidward.

    Whelk Attack: Bikini Bottom gets invaded by large sea whelks.

    0 out of 10

  • These two episodes were great.


    Masterpiece: This was a great episode. I made my score lower because Squidward was alittle harsh on the artwork and some parts should have been better. The parts that were funny are SpongeBob showing Mr. Krabs his spy stuffs, Squidward watching a soap opera, the montage at the middle when Squidward try tosculptsa statute of Mr. Krabs, the statute (it looks funny), and the very ending. Overall, I kinda enjoyed the storyline, but some parts were boring. 8.5/10

    Whelk Attack: This episode is a little underrated. I understand that the whelks splitting was disgusting, but I really enjoyed the plot for this episode. Of course, like the masterpiece, this episode was kinda boring in most parts. I laughed at the parts where Patrick says hi to the whelk, Gary's cameo, Patrick and SpongeBob hitting the door on Squidward, SpongeBob and Patrick sputtering about after seeing a gaint whelk, SpongeBob turning the whelks back to normal (even though it took like a minute and a half :/) and the very ending where Squidward got splited by a baby whelk. Overall, a great episode. 8/10

  • The Masterpiece was great, but Whelk Attack is very scary to little kids at first viewing.

    The Masterpiece was about Mr Krabs Envying a competitors' statue used for childrens' play. Krabs gets Squidward to make a statue of him, but sort of fails. If this part got a letter grade, it'd be a A. But Whelk Attack on the other hand, is SCARY at the first viewing. The episode is about vicious Sea Whelks going on a rampage through Bikini Bottom. The thing that makes it scary is that innocent fish get slaughtered. The whelks blow bubbles and trap civilians, where the whelks then EAT and CHEW on the innocent fish. If you're very young, and see this, the people getting eaten and killed (until the ending, of course) will be in your nightmares for weeks, especially when Spongebob and Patrick lend their corneas to Sandy, showing you the BLANK, DARK holes in their eyes. But if it got a letter grade, it'd be a B+.
  • I thought "The Masterpiece" was great but I thought "Whelk Attack" was absolutely perfect

    The Masterpiece: I thought that this episode was great but could have been a tad better. The story seemed okay but it got better as the episode went along. I thought SpongeBob showing Mr. Krabs his spy gadgets was hilarious. I also thought SpongeBob's disguise to get in the chicken fast-food restaurant was also funny. I also thought it was funny when SpongeBob said "it smells like someone running a marathon" and then the fish said "oh, so it's a crime to exercise now". It was also funny when Mr. Krabs had to pose naked for Squidward's sculpture and then SpongeBob posing for a little bit was funny also. I thought it was funny that the sculpture Squidward made was a sculpture of Mr. Krabs having spikey teeth. Mr. Krabs painted gold at the end was funny as well. Overall, the story could have been a tad more better but it was a great episode. 8.5/10

    Whelk Attack: I loved this episode. Maybe it didn't have too many funny moments but it was a thrilling and exciting episode with the whelks attacking Bikini Bottom and sucking everyone. I thought the only parts I found funny was when Spongebob screamed and jumped and said "oh, hi Gary" then Gary leaves and SpongeBob says "Gary can be a little creepy", when Patrick blew his tongue at that one whelk, and then when Patrick said to SpongeBob "spo spo spo spo spo spo spo spo" because the whelks were coming and then Spongebob said to Squidward "squi squi squi squi squi squi squi squi". SpongeBob referencing that he had the suds was cool and when SpongeBob had to absorb the mucus out of the whelks were epic (not as disgusting as it may sound) and then after that when it turned into baby whelks was really cute. It was kind of disturbing when Sandy asked SpongeBob and Patrick if she can borrow their corneas but I'm used to the gross scenes. Overall, it wasn't the funniest SpongeBob episode but it was the most thrilling and exciting episode of Spongebob and it's my favorite episode because of that. 10/10
  • Squidward builds a statue for the Krusty Krab and Spongebob saves the town from the fierce whelks.

    The Masterpiece: Slow day at the KK, so Krabs and SB watch the ads on the TV Squid was watching his soap opera. They see an ad for the "chicken shack" and Krabs tells SB to go there and find out what makes it more attractive that the KK. SB goes undercover, and find out the place is a crapshack, but has a giant statue kids can play in, so Krabs tells Squid to make one, and gets him an assistant: SB. So SB gets him a rock which was "not being used" (cutaway to show a museum with a wall tore off, LOL) and so Squid begins his sculpture, with Krabs posing naked. Krabs, getting tired tries many ways vto escpare, but he can't. In the end, Squid makes a surreal statue, which SB tries playing in, but gets hurt. Krabs wants a solution, quick, and Squid gives him one - he paints him with gold paint and makes Him the statue.

    Whelk Attack: SB and Pat are jellyfishing until a giant whelk runs through them. They return to BB to find out they'vbe been invaded by the whelks. PAt says he is not scared, and goes to make wacky faces to a whelk until it yells at him. So they run to the KK, where Krabs misunderstands them and tries to sell the whelks patties, but they eat him, and the whole KK. So SB and Pat runs toward the treedome, where Sandy says they are fuly protected due to the steel layer on her dome. but the whelks break it and eat them! In the stomach, Sandy asks SB and PAt for their corneas, and find out that the whelks are infected with sniffles, which makes them huge and mad. SB makes a callback to "Suds", and proceeds to suck the bacterias, as he is a sponge. After they are safe, Squid protest how the whelks got made just becuase they had sniffles, and a baby whelk spits on his face, ending the ep.

    Bottom line - Awesome episode, the firs one was hilarious and second was hilarious & thriller-y-esque. 9.5/10!
  • The Masterpiece was great, but I didn't like Whelk Attack that much.

    The Masterpiece: The plot for this episode wasn't that good, but it had many funny moments to make up for it. I loved the scenes where Spongebob showed Mr. Krabs his spy equipment and when Sponge was in disguise at the Chicken Shack. The "Headbands: No Service" joke cracked me up! I also thought the scene where Squidward built the statue of Mr. Krabs and Mr. Krabs's reaction to it were funny. My final grade for this episode is an A. Whelk Attack, the latter episode, wasn't very good, and it was probably the worst episode of this season so far. The plot was too weird for my tastes, and a lot of the humor was really disgusting to me. The ending also made no sense, how Spongebob was able to turn the whelks friendly just by soaking up their slime. However, there were a couple parts I thought were good, the beginning when Patrick blew that really long raspberry at that one whelk and Sponge referring to having had the suds. Overall, though, I did not like this episode very much. Final grade: D. Marebear2009, out!
  • Two words: AWE and SOME! :lol: Seriously though, this is one cool episode! :idea: Enough said! 8)

    Sometimes, I think I should be writing more reviews for "Spongebob Squarepants" because the show has been influential in the way I write some of my own episode ideas, and the fact that a lot of humor represented in various episodes of the cartoon is often mimicked, parodied, and have been given the homage treatment in some of my episode ideas. The reason why this episode is really good in my humble opinion, is there is no random Squidward abuse for no good reason and he's actually in a pretty good mood (by his standards, at least!) "Whelk Attack" is a pretty simple story of wild, giant, angry snails attacking Bikini Bottom and consuming everything in their path. More proof that there exists a "Spandy" (Spongebob and Sandy love) relationship is the fact that Spongebob showed real concern for her when the titanic Mama Whelk swallowed Sandy whole! :idea: Ironically, its only when Spongebob gets swallowed by the Whelk himself that he discovers the cause of their aggression! A parasitic bacteria has infested their bloodstream that makes them big and unruly! Spongebob uses his natural sponge ability to soak up the liquid bacteria, spit out the citizens and objects of Bikini Bottom unharmed, and make the Whelks small, normal, and calm again. Now Spongebob can say he's a REAL hero of Bikini Bottom in his own right! :D I was really partial to "The Masterpiece" though because Mr. Krabs was SO desperate to lure customers away from the Sea Chicken Shack, an unremarkable restaurant with a VERY remarkable giant Sea Chicken statue for kids to play on; Mr. Krabs is willing to commission Squidward to make a statue of Mr. Krabs himself, in order to beat the Sea Chicken Ranch at their own game. And Squidward sculpts Mr. Krabs...while the crab is NUDE!!!! :lol: It sure was funny to see Mr. Krabs (and sometimes Spongebob) standing completely still while in the buff while Squidward sculpted! Even though Mr. Krabs wasn't satisfied with Squidward's initial design, it was cool to see Squidward able to come up with a successful alternative! ;)
  • The Masterpiece was okay, but I really didn't like Whelk Attack. (Spoilers inside)

    Basically, this is what The Masterpiece was about. There was this commercial about a sea chicken restaurant, and seeing this as competition, Mr. Krabs had SpongeBob see what in that restaurant was drawing all of his customers away from the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob discovered that thiHos was a giant chicken statue that kids were playing on. So Mr. Krabs had Squidward create a giant statue of him to get his customers back to the Krusty Krab.

    However, Squidward's statue didn't turn out the way that Mr. Krabs wanted it to. Instead, it was a very stylized sculpture with many sharp areas. Mr. Krabs had SpongeBob try it out to make sure it was safe for the kids to play on. Since it wasn't, the episode ended where Mr. Krabs, painted gold, had to remain still for the kids who were playing on him.

    Overall, this was an okay episode, but it wasn't really all that funny.

    Rating: 6.0

    In Whelk Attack, SpongeBob and Patrick were jellyfishing in Jellyfish Fields when a giant whelk slithered over them, covering them in slime. SpongeBob and Patrick discovered that there were more than just that one, and these whelks began causing havok in Bikini Bottom. All of the Bikini Bottomites hid in the Krusty Krab from the whelks, but they just ate the building with them all inside. Eventually, they discovered that the whelks were acting up all because they had the sniffles. That was when SpongeBob made a rare reference to a past episode ("Suds"). Basically, the episode ended where this problem was solved.

    This episode was a lot different, in my opinion. I didn't really like that episode that much. Like the previous one, I didn't find much humor in it. In addition to that, I also found the scene where SpongeBob and Patrick removed their corneas to be gross and completely unnecessary, especially when they showed them with the corneas missing from their eyes. In my opinion, this is almost, if not enough, to rival the infamous toenail scene from House Fancy in terms of grossness.

    Rating: 5.0

    Final words:

    These certainly aren't the best episodes, if you ask me. Sure, they showed continuity in one of the episodes, but that doesn't make up for the fact that they stuck a really gross scene in the episode. If you're really squeamish with gross scenes in cartoons, you should avoid the second half of this episode..

    Final episode rating: 5.5

    Episode Grade: C-
  • The Masterpiece: A statue of Mr. Krabs is erected by Squidward. Whelk Attack: Bikini Bottom gets invaded by large sea whelks.

    The Masterpiece:
    It was pretty enjoyable, it's great to see Squidward sculpting again, the last time he did it was a LONG time ago in Season 2 ''Artist Unknown'', i liked the ending, Mr.Krabs doesnt have bad ending alot, but i didnt actually hate him in this one, i mean he wasnt really cheap or anything, my favorite parts was when Spongebob went Sea Chicken Shack, and when Squidward was sculpting.

    Grade: 8/10 B+

    Whelk Attack:
    Better than ''The Masterpiece, This became my second favorite season 8 episode, the plot was interesting & funny, the whelk babies reminded me of the worms from ''Pet Or Pests'' when they spit on Squiddy, also it's cool to see Spongebob mention he had the suds, it was a long time ago, my favorite part was how the whelk ate Mr.Krabs, he acted so funny, didnt know it was destroying the city.

    Grade: 9/10 A
  • The Masterpiece: Mr Krabs makes Squidward create a statue of him to attract customers. Whelk Attack: Giant whelks attack Bikini Bottom

    The Masterpiece

    This episode had an ok plot, ok jokes and an ok out come. Squidward was great but I just felt like the episode sort of dragged. It was by no means bad but it just sort of dragged. The first 3 minutes or so were hilarious with Spongebob going "Undercover" and I liked the ending.

    Score for The Masterpiece: B-, 3.5/5, 7/10, Good

    Whelk Attack

    BEST SEASON 7 EPISODE. This was a classic it could of easily been passed as a season 2/3 episode. The jokes felt fresh and so was the plot. The design of the Whelk's were great not disgusting like the worms in "Pets or Pests". Oh and the animation was great I was amazed at how great it was when the Whelk swallowed Mr Krabs. Amazing Season 7 episode and a great Spongebob episode.

    Score for Whelk Attack: A-, 4.5/5, 9/10, Outstanding