SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 3 Episode 4

The Nasty Patty / The Idiot Box

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 01, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • I still love The Nasty Patty and Idiot Box is pretty good too!

    Nasty Patty: This episode is so clever and humorous. SpongeBob just can't keep anything undercover. One of my favorite scenes is when Krabs starts to completely lie on SpongeBob:

    Krabs: He was insane. Outta control! Woulda killed me too if you hadnt've come along! 9.5/10

    Idiot Box: This episode is bit more farfetched (how is the box making sounds?) but it's still good. Funny things: SpongeBob makes a rainbow while saying imagination (and Squidward can't). Patrick hiking up the mountain too fast ("I'm shaking hands with Neptune!") 8/10
  • Nasty Patty+Idiot Box=Nasty Box

    Nasty Patty


    Idiot Box


  • Idiot Box was a little better

    Nasty Patty: Someone named NathanJR94 doesn't know what disgusting is until he sees Glove World R.I.P. which shows Patrick's butt (disgusting!) The only bad part was that the humor was a little dry, but an average episode, but not what I would expect from Season 3. This episode is rated 7/10 C- to me.

    Idiot Box: Hysterical, episodes like this don't come around very often. LOL. So hilarious how Patrick and Spongebob play with a box and Squidward doesn't know how. Pitch Perfect episode: 10/10
  • The funniest season 3 pair (right next to Chocolate with Nuts and MM&BB V)

    Nasty Patty: SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs make a nasty patty for the health inspector. This episode was very funny. This is due to the fact that it boarded by Kaz (he does amazing episodes in this show compare to what he working right now on Phineas and Ferb). There were a lot of funny moments like the inspector needs everything from the menu, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob trying out everything, the news report, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob making the nasty patty, the inspector choking, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs yelling when they found out they killed him, and more. I cannot list all the funny moments so I'll stop there. Overall, a funny episode and definitely in my top 5 funniest season 3 episodes (this but Idiot Box as well). 10/10

    Idiot Box: This one was way hilarious than the Nasty Patty. The humor here was everywhere in every minute. I laughed at SpongeBob and Patrick hopping, all the imagination stuffs that SpongeBob and Patrick did in this episode (funniest was SpongeBob and Patrick in the avalanche, Squidward kept seeing boxes on TV, Squidward playing with the box (then he is one the dumps), and the last part (Patrick's line). Overall, a funnier episode of the pair. 10/10
  • Idiot Box: Perfect Nasty Patty: F-cking HILARIOUS


    Nasty Patty:
    A health inspector shows up at the Krusty Krab, and while he is there, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs see the news about a guy passing himself off as a health inspector to get free food. Mr. Krabs is so mad he and SpongeBob make a Krabby Patty made with a bunch of nasty things. After it is served to the inspector he chokes on a fly and the two think he died from the patty. They later find out that he was a real health inspector, and that the other one was caught. Now, what will SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs do with the dead health inspector?

    Idiot Box:
    SpongeBob and Patrick buy a big screen TV, just so they can use the box using imagination, while Squidward refuses to believe that they are using their imagination inside the box on account of all the noise they are making.

    10 out of 10

    (20 out of 10 for Nasty patty)

  • SpongeBob SquarePants, why do your episodes have to be gosh dang excellent and hilarious?


    The Nasty Patty: I thought that this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". I would laugh so hard watching this episode and it's just worth your time. The health inspector comes in the Krusty Krab to be inspected. SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs making the health inspector a nasty patty was very funny but also a little nasty. Well... it's called the nasty patty for a reason. SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs burying the health inspector was hilarious especially when SpongeBob threw that giant rock and it hit the health inspector's head. SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs confessing to the police officers about the health inspector choking and being killed was hilarious. SpongeBob's line "Aaahhh, it's the zombie" always makes me laugh hard. The health inspector passing the Krusty Krab after everything that happened was hilarious. Also, the narrator's line "Yes, they all are idiots, aren't they?" at the very end of the episode is also pretty funny. Overall, an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10

    The Idiot Box: Just like "The Nasty Patty", this was also an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". I would say that this episode is also considered my mom's favorite episode. My mom doesn't watch SpongeBob with me a lot but whenever she does watch SpongeBob with me, she pretty much laughs hard at the old and newer episodes and this episode definitely made her laugh hard. Anyways, now to talk about my opinion of this episode. SpongeBob and Patrick getting a television but only ordered it to play inside a box was hilarious. SpongeBob's line "imagination" and then making the rainbow was very funny. Squidward watching television that is about boxes is hilarious. Squidward hearing noise from SpongeBob and Patrick's box and then there is no noise is very funny. Squidward going inside the box towards the end of the episode and going to the dump was very funny. Patrick's line "I hope he's not too down on the dumps today" at the very end of the episode was very funny. Overall, an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10

  • Really Awesome Episodes

    The Nasty Patty: It was funny and mean what Spongebob and Mr.Krabs did to the patty. The funniest parts of the episode was Mr.Krabs and Spongebob trying to cover up their "murder". Of course in the end the guy wasn't dead.

    The Idiot Box: Loved this episode! The stuff Spongebob and Patrick were doing in the box and the sounds were funny. I do think they didn't want Squidward to know how the box worked. They like messing with Squidward. The ending was a little funny with Squidward finally "working" the box :P . Overall, really awesome episodes. Over and Out!
  • perfect

    the nasty patty- spongebob and mr. krabs think they killed their health inspector by cooking up a gross patty, thinking he is an imposter.

    idiot box- squidward is annoyed by spongebob and patrick's amusement over a box they got.

    good episodes, nasty patty scared me when i was younger, especially near the end, the whole theme just creeped me out, i am pretty sure everything in it did actually... idiot box was great, though the ending was weird to me when i was younger for some reason, anyways, bot hare great, funny episodes that get, and deserve in my opinion, A+'s
  • "Nasty Patty" and "The Idiot Box" are quite possibly the two best episodes in the entire series.

    These two episodes are my two favorite episodes in SpongeBob SquarePants. In "Nasty Patty," the Krusty Krab has to undergo a difficult health inspection in order to stay open. When the health inspector comes to the Krusty Krab, he has to taste all of the food in order to give a good report. The Krusty Krab's future looks bright, until SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs see on TV that a fake health inspector is going around to get free food. They jump to the conclusion, and think that the health inspector is the fake. To “get revenge,” they create “The Nasty Patty,” that, as the name says, is a very nasty Krabby Patty. When they give him “The Nasty Patty,” he starts to take a bite, but instead a fly goes into his mouth, and knocks him out. SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs then see on the news that the fake health inspector has been caught, and that all the other inspectors are real. Is the Krusty Krab doomed? Watch and see!

    In "The Idiot Box," SpongeBob and Patrick order a large screen T.V. just to play in the box. Squidward thinks that they are both crazy until SpongeBob tells Squidward about using “Imagination.” He thinks this a bunch of bologna, until he hears noises coming from the box. Will Squidward find out the mystery to the box? Watch the episode and find out!
  • Nice ep

    Nasty Patty:
    A health inspector shows up at the Krusty Krab, and while he is there, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs see the news about a guy passing himself off as a health inspector to get free food. Mr. Krabs is so mad he and SpongeBob make a Krabby Patty made with a bunch of nasty things. After it is served to the inspector he chokes on a fly and the two think he died from the patty. They later find out that he was a real health inspector, and that the other one was caught. Now, what will SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs do with the dead health inspector?

    Idiot Box:
    SpongeBob and Patrick buy a big screen TV, just so they can use the box using imagination, while Squidward refuses to believe that they are using their imagination inside the box on account of all the noise they are making.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob . the first part begins with a health inspector coming in to grade the krusty krab thing is they see a news report on tv saying there is a guy going around passing himself off as one to get free food. and so they make a thing made of disuqusting things and its called a nasty patty and they think he died from it and so they later find out the guy was caught and that was the real health inspectory and they must find out how to dispose of the body. the second part spongebob orders a big tv for the box that it comes in and squidward wants the tv and so while he is watching it he hears spongebob and patrick making noices and they seem so real thing he does not belive in imagination and then later he sneeks in thinkg there making the sounds by a button but he starts to belive he is making noies but its just the garbage truck this was funny
  • Where do I begin?!

    Nasty Patty- this episode was kind of gross, especially where they are making the patty disgusting. Ew! {shudder} And Spongebob has to drag the corpse the whole time while he is trying not to barf. The whole episode gave off a creepy, eerie tone, because it also showed it raining the whole time and the dark theme of thinking they commited a murder and trying to cover it up. Total Score: 9/10 for the gross and eerie themes

    Idiot Box-Oh, where do I begin?! This episode was insanely funny! Spongebob and Patrick get a box and begin using their IMAGINATIONS to create different scenes, like climbing a mountain, fighting on Robot Pirate Island, in a cop and robber thing. I love it when Squidward goes back out for the remote and he gets ticked off when he hears Spongebob and Patrick on the "mountain". He kicks the box and as he is turning away, he hears screams from Spongebob and Patrick. He frowns questioningly, then after a scene, he looks horrified. He immediatly begins to worry, because he thinks he killed Spongebob and Patrick. He carefully says Spongebob and barely touches the box, and another round of screams are heard. Before Squidward opens the box, it looks like he was going to be sick because Spongebob and Patrick were talking about cutting off their limbs, which was kind of gross. He gets angry once he opens the box and sees that the two are alright. Oh, man. The rest is hilarious. I say that everyone should see this episode!

    Final: 10/10: Hilarious!!!!!
  • Nasty Patty: After "Killing the Health inspector" Spongebob and Mr Krabs bury him without the police finding out. Idiot Box: When buying a TV and just using the box Spongebob and Patrick have fun in the box which annoys Squidward.

    Nasty Patty: A great episode that is an instant classic. The plot is surprisingly sinister. Spongebob and Mr Krabs are hilarious in this episode and the cops just add to the humour. Idiot Box: A good episode but VERY overrated. Personally I think this is the most overrated episode ever. I mean it's good but not great. There was some funny scenes like the Boxing scene and Squidward is funny in this episode but I mean the rest is quite boring. Not that memorable. Nasty Patty: 9.6 Idiot Box: 8.4

    A great episode and an overrated episode. But I recommenced the first one the most.
  • Two very different but very good episodes

    Nasty Patty: A Must-see. The health inspector comes to the KK and Spongebob and Mr. Krabs "poison" his krabby patty. But before eating it, the inspector chokes on a fly and gets knocked out. Spongebob and Krabs think they murdered him and try to hide their crime. CONS: The only flaw was around the end when the cops were beating up the inspector thinking he was a zombie; that part was just stupid.

    PROS: This episode was suprisingly very dark, morbid and much more adult themed than other episodes. I really liked the idea of Spongebob and Mr. Krabs trying to cover up a murder. Mr. Krabs's nervousness and Spongebob's disturbed behavior were perfectly and hilariously executed. Idiot Box: A classic. Spongebob and Patrick buy a huge plasma screen TV just to play in the cardboard box and imagine things in it. Squidward takes the TV and trys to watch but gets distracted by the sounds of Spongebob and Patrick's imagination.

    CONS: The ending was kind of a dissapointment. Made me feel like there could have been much more to it.

    PROS: Very funny and great original concept. I love it whenever Squidward becomes goes completly insane over something. It's always executed in a hilariously bizarre way.
  • Two hilarious classics!

    Nasty Patty: Very funny episode, probably the best Mr. Krabs episode, and the best Krabs/SpongeBob episode as well. The plot shows the genius of the SpongeBob humor, adult-y a lot of times! Loved the scene of them dancing can-can or SpongeBob's quote "I'll never survive in prison, they'll mop up the floor with me!" lol. Poor inspector, though, he had no idea that the owner and the fry cook of the Krusty Krab are two morons. Overall, awesome classic: 9.6

    Idiot Box: Amazing, hilarious classic! Loved Squidward on it, the thing he does on this episode prove why he's my favorite character; specially because the ending, he just let his "IMAGINAAAATION" flow and had fun, even if it wasn't for real, but hey, at least he believed it for a while! The thing with this episode is that I don't think it appeals too much to young children since it doesn't have a lot of visual action, most of the funny things happen via audio, but for me, that works just fine. Great episode of the fantastic 3! Final Grade: 9.8
  • Nasty patty was disgusting, but idiot box was very funny.

    Nasty patty:
    Gross! It was completely nasty. I dont get why this episode is so good. I felt like throwing up after watching this. The worst thing about this episode is that they were at the krusty krab, and squidward (my favorite character) wasnt there! I despise episodes like this. Come on season 3! You can do better than this gross out episode! Grade: F

    The idiot box:
    Just plain funny. It was quite funny. You just have to use your imagination. How is this episode just "okay"? It was so good, that after this episode was over, I thanked the lord for making an episode like this. Finally, after wasting my time watching nasty patty for 15 minutes, I get to watch this! This episode amazed me (like most season 3 episodes). Grade: A Total: B-
  • I laughed very hard at Nasty Patty, The Idiot Box was okay.

    Nasty Patty: A health inspector comes, and Mr. Krabs needs high ratings to stay in business. When it all works out, the health inspector wants one more Krabby Patty, but after a news report is done on a health inspector imposter trying to get free food. SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs create "The Nasty Patty". When the health inspector chokes on a fly while eating it, another news report comes on saying that the health inspector has been caught, but isn't the on at the resturant. When SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs think they killed him, they attempt to get rid of him when the police comes into scene. This episode had me laughing very hard, the only thing I wondered was "Where's Squidward?"
    GRADE: A-

    The Idiot Box: I liked this episode up until the end, is Squidward always the one to be sabotaged on the show? Please give it to someone else at least once!
    GRADE: B-

  • This is why Spongebob Squarepants became a star!

    The Nasty Patty was one of the best episodes. The idiot box was okay, but I still liked it. I liked how Spongebob and Mr.Krabs put nasty stuff in that krabby patty and how the inspector started to choke. He was like "AHHHKKKOAHHKO!" That was hilarious. The idiot box one was sorta good. It was boring to me though. Not much funny about it. But I did like when he found his sumbrero and said "why haven't I worn this yet?" I wonder why he hasn't worn that sumbrero yet. We'll never know. But this is why people loved Spongebob.

  • When in doubt that the health inspector in The KK is actually a health inspector, Spongebob and Mr. Krabs do something drastic and think that they accidentally murdered him. Spongebob and Patrick try to get Squidward to enjoy the wonders of an empty box.

    I am speechless with amusement. "The Nasty Patty" is so funny I die every time I watch it. This episode has a perfect story, and perfect, daring, jokes to go along with it. Just what Spongebob Squarepants does perfectly. Despite what some night say, they DID NOT go too far with this episode. I would have perished by now if it were not for this episode, I'm sure. You have to watch this episode even if I have to tie you down and force you to. Just kidding. I wouldn't do that. Probably. As for "Secret Box", which is an episode shown briefly in the new version of War of the Worlds (Dakota Fanning is watching it in the beginning), I like this one a lot because it shows that even Squidward has imagination, too! It just took a little of our favorite sponge to let it out.
  • You just gotta use your imaginaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation!

    In Nasty Patty, a health inspector is coming to inspect the Krusty Krab. Everything goes well until SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs hear something on the news about a fake health inspector. So, to get revenge, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob make a nasty patty. Sadly, the fake one was caught and now they killed the REAL inspector. I loved this episode. OK, first of all, I loved it when SpongeBob was making the health inspector feel flattered. Like when he called him handsome or my darling, that was so funny. The patty looked pretty disgusting. I also laughed my head off every time the inspector hit his head on something. That was funny. Like when SpongeBob threw a rock on his head, or when the door slammed right in his face. I also liked it when they thought he was a zombie! My favorite part though, was at the end when the narrator called them idiots. Grade: A+.

    In the Idiot Box, SpongeBob and Patrick order a big screen TV, but they only play with the box. Squidward tells them that they are idiots because they're only interested in playing with the box. Until, Squidward sees how much fun they're having using their imagination. I laughed every time SpongeBob made a rainbow over his head, and when they pretended to climb the moutain. The ending was surprising and unexpected too. I loved the quote Patrick made at the end most of all. Grade: A.
  • This episode is a fine example of the quality that Spongebob Squarepants episode should strive for. It was a little stupid (silly), yet it was so funny.

    This episode is a fine example of the quality that Spongebob Squarepants episode should strive for. It was a little stupid (silly), yet it was so funny. My favorite of the two was The Idiot Box. Lol. It was great. Patrick and SB drove Squidard insane with the sound effects their "imaginaaaaation" was creating. (My favorite part was when Squidward was trying to get his mind off of boxes by watching TV, but every channel had something pertaining to boxes on it. Finally he finds a boxing match, and thinking that it will have nothing to do with actual boxes, decides to watch it. Of course, it literally is a boxing match...between boxes. XD That cracked me up.) Poor Squidward never understood how to "work" the box till the every end of the episode, but his imagination took him to the dump. XD That's so something that would happen to him. So yeah, this was an episode I really enjoyed. (And I can't say that about too many SB episodes.)
  • Imaginaaaation!

    I loved both of these episodes. They were both very funny. The episode that I liked more was the Idiot Box. It was hilarious.

    Spongebob anticipates the arrival of his new big screen T V, but only keeps the box. He gives the t v to Squidward. Spongebob and Patrick keep the box to play in. By using this box, they imagined that they went to many different places, and it sounded so real to Squidward! Squidward didn't understand how a box could make noise and cause Pat and Sponge such enjoyment, and they tell him to use his imagination. He is stubborn and tries to use the box without imagination, and he's in for a surprise -- you need imagination.

    This episode just made me want to go outside and sit in a box. :D
  • Idiot Box really good

    I love this episode so much that I laughed with my dad for a long time watching this. Boy, I love it when Squidward pretends to imagine he is a race car driver but is actually being picked up on a garbage truck!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!!! Now I wonder who else would love this episode more than anybody in the whole world!!!! Suppose you can try that but you`ll probably get yourself in a mess like Squidward. The imagination rainbow is a really good joke! Here is my favorite quote:
    (Squidward racing)
    Squidward: Wooohoohoo!!!
    (Garbage truck picking the box up!)

    I imagine anybody would love this episode!
  • two more good episodes

    Well Nasty Patty was a very good episode to watch. It really could not have done much better than it did however. This is definitely an episode that should come on more often than it does. If they showed episodes like SB129 every day then it would be so much better to watch nickelodeon. The Idiot Box is my fifth favorite episode of all time of Spongebob Squarepants. It is funny and it is full of action and suspense. This is a true masterpiece of an episode. In reality episodes of any show this good are rarely made and when they are made then they never come on like for example the all great episode of SB129.
  • Loved it!

    These two episodes were one of my favorite episodes of SpongeBob. I loved the part in Nasty Patty when they think the health inspector is a criminal and they try and kill him. However, when they give him the rotten patty he eats it and only a fly goes into his mouth and makes him choke for a few seconds. Then, he is knocked out and while SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs are in the kitchen, they find out that the health inspector has been captured and they see his picture. Then, they think they murdered him. Idiot Box was very funny and it was one of my favorite episodes of SpongeBob,too. I loved the parts when SpongeBob kept telling Squidward to use imagination and he kept on hearing sound effects. It was his imagination, but he kept on denying it.
  • Imagination!

    Great episodes, I loved both of them. In Nasty Patty it is about SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs thinking they killed a health inspector when they think he's a fake and give him the nasty patty. He's however not dead and he actually just swalloed a fly. They bury him when the cops come and give them a ride back. They hide the body in the frezzer when Officer Nancy goes to get some ice. The health inspector comes and everyone thinks he's a zombie. He passes the Krusty Krab. The Idiot Box is about SpongeBob and Patrick buying a huge TV just for the box where they can use there imagination, Squidward taking the TV while being jealous, and at nigth using his "imagination" to drive a race car, but it's really just the dump truck bringing the box to the dump. I liked The Idiot Box a bit more. Well yet again: Flats_flounder has spoken.
  • Very funny

    Woo, what a great combination coming in with these two episodes! Nasty Patty rocked! The Idiot Box... didn't rock... it doulbe rocked! Talk about goofy goobers when it comes to The Idiot Box, Spongebob and Patrick order a TV... just for the box! And their imagination awaits them in a faraway land, just 10 steps outside of their houses.
  • Two Funny Episodes

    The Health Inspector comes to The Krusty Krab to Inspect them and Spongebob and Mr.Krabs think they'll pass until a News Report says Their a Fake Inspector about so they Posion Him and later a report says The Fake one was caught discovering he's Real Spongebob and Mr.Krabs try to burry him and Cops and later some Cops wants to give a lift back To the Krusty Krab will get rid off him or go to jail.Spongebob throws a Big Screen T.v out beacuse he and Pat want to play in the Box so Spongebob gives Squidward the Big T.v but Squidward can't relax so he joins Spongebob and Patrick in The Box and does Squidward have imangination
  • "Idiot Box"

    I loved this episode!! It was really funny and fun to watch! Nick should air it more often!! I think this episode was exactly what a Spongebob
    episode should be. It was really well written, and really reflected the kind of characters Spongebob and Patrick really are. It also reflected Squidwards character really well too. It showed that Spongebob and Patrick are fun and fun-loving, while Squidward is dull and boring! I loved it!!!
  • The only one I liked from this was "Idiot Box".

    "Idiot Box" was comic genius. Espescially when Spongebob said "Imagination". If it wern't for Nasty Patty, this would of gotten a 10. But that's just my opinion. I also like it when Packrick repies to Squidward about the tape recorder and then Packrick says, "We have a tape recorder box." This episode is just 1 of the best episodes ever.
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