SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 15

The Secret Box / Band Geeks

Aired Weekdays 5:30 PM Sep 07, 2001 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

The Secret Box:
Patrick keeps a small box everywhere he goes, and refuses to tell SpongeBob what's in it. Curiosity eventually gets the better of our spongy hero, as he decides to try and sneak a peek while Patrick is sleeping.

Band Geeks:
Squidward enlists the aid of SpongeBob and the rest of Bikini Bottom to form a marching band to impress Squidward's old high school rival, Squilliam Fancyson.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Oh my nox!

    I was just scrolling around the episode guide when I saw with nuts,MMBB V,Graveyard Shift,Krusty Love have higher ratings then Band Geeks! However! Both Chocolate With Nuts and Band Geeks have been going under fire for being overrated and meets the strangler and pranks a lot along with krabby land and the camping episode have equal ratings to the episode. How surprising. This just proves if the rating gets too high,it just doesn't work.moreless
  • The Secret Box, good, Band Geeks? Not even close.

    The Secret Box: Patrick tries to stop SpongeBob from looking in his box. So, SpongeBob tries to sneak into his house to steal the box. This is a nicely done episode. I liked it. 7/10

    But why the 1? Let's find out.

    OH GOD!

    Band Geeks: This episode. Oh my GOD this episode! This episode is awful! Wanna know why? Because the song was completely fake and the episode lacks humor! It feels too soap opera-like.

    This episode WOULD have gotten a 4 out of 10 if it weren't for it's fanservice and it's awful airing time. This episode aired THREE DAYS before 9/11. This episode was ALMOST bad but because of the undeserved fanservice it gets and it's unhealthy airing time, it gets a 0/10. This is the worst of season 2, and the third worst of the first three seasons.moreless
  • Band Geeks-Amazing The Secret Box-Great

    For those of you who hate Band Geeks, you suck. It's hilarious. The Secret Box is also a pretty good episode.
  • Medium Average: (Mediocre + Amazing) divided by 2

    Secret Box: 40%. Not funny. The funniest part is when SpongeBob's steps make a huge racket in Pat's house.

    Band Geeks: 101%. Easily the BEST EPISODE of the whole series. I loved all of the jokes in it. The song at the end just sums up this amazing creation.

  • The Secret Band Geeks, lol

    I didn't like the Secret Box.


    Band Geeks was ok

Brad Abrell

Brad Abrell


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David Glen Eisley

David Glen Eisley

Sweet Victory Singer

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Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

SpongeBob SquarePants/Gary/Mr. SquarePants/Narrator/Various Others

Recurring Role

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Various Voices/Squilliam

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Rodger Bumpass

Rodger Bumpass

Squidward Tentacles/Squilliam Fancyson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (37)

    • 'The Secret Box' features an audio track which is about a few milliseconds ahead of the video track.

    • The instrument Sandy stuffed Patrick in into "Band Geeks" is called a Bugle.

    • At the end of "The Secret Box," Patrick needs to pull a secret string in order to reveal a secret compartment. However, earlier in the episode, Patrick was just peeking inside the box and laughing. Maybe before sleeping, Patrick has planned to hide the secret by using the secret string in order to prevent SpongeBob (or someone) to peeking his box.

    • When Squidward tells the drum section to play the beat he did, the end is in their mouths. When it shows Squidward nailed to the wall, the ends are sticking out of the wall. That isn't possible because the front isn't sharp enough. There wasn't even any holes.

    • The entire reason that Squidward needed a band was because Squilliam could not make it with his band. But, he ends up at the the Bubble Bowl just to see Squidward fail. Perhaps he lied just to make Squidward look bad. Obviously, he failed.

    • How could Patrick have a secret compartment in that box, considering how thin it looked?

    • In The Secret Box, Patrick doesn't have a chair.

    • There is a seasonal commercial Nickelodeon plays where the Nickelodeon characters are elves at Rudolph's after-party. The narrator (Rosie O'Donnell in snowman form) shows the viewers embarrassing snapshots of some of them. Included is SpongeBob ripping his pants. This may be what the "embarrassing snapshot of SpongeBob at the Christmas party" is, although it could also be the picture Squidward took of SpongeBob with a sad face.

      Edit: It was probably the picture from the Christmas special. That commercial was from 2002, a year after this episode premiered.

    • The stadium picture used for the Bubble Bowl is the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee. The endzones say "Showboats" which was the name of the old USFL team, the Memphis Showboats.

    • The intro to the "Sweet Victory" song the fish play on the trumpets sounds like the intro to the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    • When Squidward went to conduct in the band, he had a fuzzy cap on and his regular shirt. But he had a band coat on when they got to the Bubble Bowl.

    • SpongeBob stepped on a bag of chips that was never there before.

    • Patrick's house usually has a chair and a TV, but none do appear in this episode.

    • SpongeBob trips over his shoeties, but a few shots later, he has no shoeties.

    • Where did SpongeBob get the mask and gloves?

    • In the episode "Band Geeks," when Squilliam fainted and the four people carried him out, that would mean that all five of them would go out of water and die.

    • Mr. Krabs' piano was pink. In the next scene, it's green.

    • In "Band Geeks," these were the instruments that the people played at the bubble bowl.

      SpongeBob: Singer
      Patrick: Drums
      Sandy: Guitar
      Mrs. Puff: Guitar
      Mr. Krabs: Piano Comb
      Fish: Trumpets
      Plankton: Piano
      Squidward: Was the conductor

    • Plankton is trying to play the harmonica, but it is too big compared to him and he runs out of breath. When the band begins performing at the Bubble Bowl, Plankton is playing a very small piano that is just the right size. If there was a small piano, why wasn't there a small harmonica?

    • In Band Geeks, Spongebob teaches the rest of the band to perform very well, but he never learned how to play an instrument! Even if he did, he couldn't possibly teach the rest of the band, too, because there were several different instruments.

    • When Spongebob was in bed he didn't have sleeves on his shoulders. They come back when he stands up to look out the window.

    • On "Band Geeks", on the first day Mr. Krabs has a accordion but on days 2 and 3, he doesn't have a instrument. But on day 4, he has some sort of Brass instrument. On the day of the Bubble Bowl, Mr. Krabs plays a Piano Guitar.

    • Band Geeks: On the part where everyone is marching on the street. Fred (The fish who says my leg) was one of the flag twirlers. He twirled so fast he went up in the sky and hit the blimp and got killed. Later in the episode he was seen fighting in Band Class.

    • When Spongebob is talking about his secrets, one of the secrets he said is "I like to dance in loading zone announcements" but there was no caption showing it.

    • SpongeBob tells another one of his secrets. He says "I always sleep with my shoes on." That's also not true either. He slept without his shoes on in "Sleepy Time."

    • In "The Secret Box," SpongeBob says that he'd never been late for work, but according to Mr. Krabs he was 2 minutes late in "Hooky."

    • In Band Geeks, Sandy and/or Mrs. Puff was playing the "electric" guitar. If they live underwater, wouldn't all of them have been electrocuted?

      Reply: They were at a football stadium on the surface.

      Reply to the reply: They are still inside a dome of water.

    • In Secret Box, when Pat pulled Spongebob's tongue, shouldn't he have known he was supposed to pull the string???

    • In "Band Geeks" when Spongebob sang the part "the last one to fall" they showed his finger, but when he sang "on the wind closing in" they showed his finger with a ring on it, but never before.

    • In "The Secret Box", Spongebob is telling Pat all of the things he owns that are secret (Gary's bowl, TV, etc.). When he is going to get them, he runs to the left. But from Pat's house, Spongebob's house is to the right!

    • In "Band Geeks", when they are playing Sweet Victory, Patrick is playing the drums. In the first angle, Patrick has no mustasche. In the next shot of him, he has a mustasche. Then, in the next shot, it's gone!

    • In Band Geeks if you look closely at the trumpets in certain scences they don't have the extra pipes and buttons on the top.

    • When everyone starts out in Squidward's band, none of them have any exprience. But when Fred and the other fish hit the blimp, the yellow fish plays, "taps".

    • Mrs. Puff was bigger then normal when she hit Mr. Krabs and the barracuda with the symbols.

    • When SpongeBob said he has 3 pairs of underwear on but when he was in bed he had 1 pair

    • In "The Secret Box" when Spongebob snuck over to Patrick's house at night, you didn't see Squidward's house.

    • The students Squidward was teaching for band switch chair to chair.

  • QUOTES (38)

    • Squidward: Okay, that's perfect, everybody. Bubble Bowl, here we come! Flag twirlers, really spin those things! Okay, turn! Flag twirlers, let's go! I wanna see some spinning! Flag twirlers let's move!!! C'mon, move!!! (Flag twirlers fly in the air and explode when running into a blimp. Trumpet player plays "Taps", then Squidward lies down on the street.)

    • Patrick: Tell me some more secrets!
      SpongeBob: Okay... I love my job at the Krusty Krab, I sleep with my shoes on, I like jelly on both sides of my toast, I got an overdue library book, I think jellyfishing and bubbleblowing are... (much later) ...CD, I've never been late for work, I've said the word fany in conversations, I like to dance the loading zone anouncments, I still don't have my drivers liecence, I'm a little on the short side, and I'M WEARING THREE PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR RIGHT NOW!
      Patrick: ...Gasp! I never would have guessed.

    • Patrick: Good thing he didn't pull the secret string opening the secret compartment of my secret box, revealing one embarrassing snapshot of SpongeBob at the Christmas party! MERRY CHRISTMAS, SPONGEBOB! Hahaha.

    • Doctor Fish: (after hearing Squidward's clarinet) Yeah, we're from the pet hospital downtown and it is to my understanding that you've got a dying animal here.

    • (phone rings)
      Squidward: Hello, you've reached the House Of Unrecognized Talent. Please start after the... (plays clarinet)
      Squilliam: Well, it sounds like someone's got a dying animal to attend to.

    • (SpongeBob makes lots of noise, but notices Patrick is still asleep)
      SpongeBob: (whispering) Gee, Patrick sure is a heavy sleeper.
      (Patrick wakes up)
      Patrick: Wha, who's there?
      SpongeBob: Uhh...
      Patrick: It's the clamburglar. And he's stealing my secret box. Hand over the goods, secret box bandit, and prepare for the MOST UNPLEASANT PILLOW FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!
      (cocks pillow like gun)

    • Friendship Ring: It's the Best Friends Forever, Best Friends Forever Ring!

    • Squidward: I'll just have to find another band to play I just hope SQUILLIAM DOESN'T FIND OUT SQUILLIAM! AAAH!, what are you doing here?
      Squilliam: I just wanted to see you blow it, so where's your band?
      Squidward: They couldn't come, they... died.

    • Squidward: Well you did it. You took my one chance at happiness and crushed it. Crushed into little tiny bite-size pieces. I had really expected better from you people. But I guess I'm a loser for that to. Don't bother showing up tomorrow. I'll just tell them you all died in a marching accident. So thanks. Thanks for nothing.
      Patrick: You're welcome.

    • (reading letter)
      Sandy: Looking to add fulfillment to your dull, dull life?
      Plankton: Then become part of the greatest musical sensation ever to hit Bikini Bottom.
      Mrs. Puff: And forever be adored by hundreds of people you don't know.
      Mr. Krabs: Not to mention free refreshments!
      Larry: Practice begins tonight. Eight-thirty sharp.

    • Squilliam: Squidward this is exactly the way I pictured your band to look.
      (SpongeBob waving his tongue back and forth and dancing)
      Squidward: That's his... eager face.

    • Spongebob: Secretly, I'm a little bit naive...
      Patrick: Wow, I'll never look at you the same way again, Spongebob!

    • Spongebob: What kind of monsters are we? That poor creature came to us in his hour of need and we failed him. Squidward's always been there for us when it was convenient for him. Avelin when you're boy Jimmy was trapped in a fire who rescued him?
      Evelyn: A fireman.
      Spongebob: And Larry when you're heart gave out from all those tanning pills who revived you?
      Larry: Some guy in an ambulance.
      Spongebob: Right.So if we could all just pretend Squidward was a fireman or some guy in an ambulance then I'm sure we can pull together and discover what it truly means to be in a marching band.
      Blue Fish: Yeah, for the fireman!
      Spongebob: Now let's make Squidward proud. A one a two skiddly diddly do!

    • Spongebob: Well it's no secret that the best thing about a secret, is secretly telling someone your secret, therebye secretly adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets. Secretly!

    • Squidward: People, people, settle down. Okay now, how many of you have played musical instruments before?
      Plankton: Do instruments of torture count?
      Squidward: No.
      Patrick: Is mayonnaise an instrument?
      Squidward: No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument. (Patrick raises his hand to ask another question) Horse-radish is not an instrument either. That's fine nobody has any experience, fortunately I have enough talent for all of you. (Laughs)
      Mr. Krabs: When do we get the free food?

    • Patrick: You may be an open book, Spongebob, but I'm a bit more complicated than that. That inner mechanisms of my mind are an enigma. (Carton of milk tips over)

    • Patrick: It's a heavy burden Spongebob, but nobody must know the secrets of the box. NOBODY! Not even, Squidward's house. (Shows house bent over looking but goes back to standing up)

    • Squidward: It just so happens that I don't sell fast food, I do have a band, and we're gonna play that Bubble Bowl. How do you like that, fancy boy?
      Squilliam: Good luck next Tuesday. I hope the audience brings lots of...IB PROFIN! (A form of aspirin)

    • Squidward: Well this is our last night together people and I know you haven't improved since we began. But I have a theory. People talk loud when they want to act smart right?
      Plankton: Correct!
      Squidward So if we play really loud people might think we're good. Everybody ready? A one and a two and a one two three four
      (obnoxious noise sounds breaking windows)
      Squidward: Okay new theory. maybe we should play so quietly no one can hear us.

    • SpongeBob: Is this the part when we start kicking?
      Squidward: No, SpongeBob, that's a chorus line.
      Patrick: Kicking? I wanna do some kicking! (kicks Sandy)
      Sandy: Why you... (beats up Patrick going outside)
      Patrick: (comes in with a bugle on his neck) Whoever's the owner of the White Sedan, you left your lights on. (goes to his chair, sits, then plays a low note)

    • SpongeBob: Well, I have a lot of secrets, too. For example, did you know that you're my best friend?
      Patrick: No... way.

    • Squidward: Stupid rentals clerk made me late! That trilobite didn't know an elbow from an oboe. Oboe...more band humor.

    • Squidward: I've gotta drum up a band. Haha, more band humor, haha.

    • (Spongebob slides under Pat's rock and lands
      on top of a nail supporting a picture. It makes a
      ridiculously loud noise and Patrick is startled)

      Patrick: Huh, mum, num. Huh?! Snizzlefrazzy!

    • Blue Fish: Well maybe we wouldn't sound so bad if some people didn't try to play with big meaty claws!
      Mr. Krabs: What did you say, punk?
      Blue Fish Big, meaty, claws!
      Mr. Krabs: Well these claws ain't for just attracting mates!
      Blue Fish: Bring it on old man! Bring it on!
      Spongebob: No people. Let's be smart and bring it off.
      Gray Female Fish: Oh! So now the talking cheese is gonna preach to us!

    • SpongeBob: I'm going to sneak over there and find out what's in that box. Good idea, eh, Gary?
      Gary: Meow. NO!
      SpongeBob: Ah, what do you know? You're a snail.

    • Spongebob: It's just a string.
      Patrick: It's a SECRET string!

    • Real Sweet Victory Lyrics

      The winner takes all...
      It's the thrill of one more kill...
      The last one to fall...
      Will never sacrifice their will...
      Don't ever look back...
      On the wind closing in...
      The only attack...
      Were their wings on the wind...
      Oh the daydream begins...
      And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah...
      And it's ours for the taking...
      It's ours for the fight...
      And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory
      And the world is ours to follooooooooooooooowah!!...
      Sweet, sweet, sweet victory.

    • SpongeBob: What could Patrick have in that box that he doesn't want me to see? Maybe it's the world's only albino jellyfish... or maybe Patrick's a master jewel thief and it's full of diamonds... or maybe Patrick's a deranged maniac who keeps his victims' severed heads in a box...or worse, an embarrassing snapshot of me at the Christmas party! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    • (Squidward plays his clarinet badly. The bell rings and Squidward opens the door, showing 2 veterinarians)
      Veterinarian 1: We understand you have a dying animal on the premises?

    • Patrick: These are some ugly looking fish.
      Spongebob: Maybe we're near one of those toxic waste dumps.
      Mr. Krabs: I think I'm gonna be sick!

    • Squidward: How's the unibrow?
      Squilliam: It's big and valuable!

    • SpongeBob: But I thought we were best friends forever.
      Baby SpongeBob & Patrick: Ha ha ha ha.
      Little Kid SpongeBob & Patrick: Ha ha ha ha.
      SpongeBob & Patrick: Ha ha ha ha.
      Old SpongeBob & Patrick: Ha ha ha ha.
      Dead SpongeBob & Patrick: Ha ha ha ha.

    • Patrick: Whoever is the owner of the white Sudan, you left your lights on.

    • SpongeBob: And I got my secret TV! (turns it to the beeeeeeeeep channel) And my secret TV channel!

    • Squidward: Well I knew this would happen. They're just gonna have to find another band to play. I just hope that (spots Squilliam) Squilliam doesn't find out! Squilliam! Ah! What are you doing here?
      Squilliam: I just came to see you blow it. So, where's your band?
      Squidward: They couldn't come they...died.
      Squilliam: Then who's that?
      (sees fancy band)
      Squidward: That would be my band!
      Spongebob: We're ready to perform Squidward.
      Squilliam: Well Squidward this is exactly how I pictured your band would look.
      (Spongebob's waving his hands back and forth along with his tounge)
      Squidward:That's his...eager face.

    • Squidward: Now the drums!
      (Spongebob & 2 fish blowed on drum sticks)
      Squidward: Too bad it didn't kill me.

    • Patrick: Nice try, burglar, but SpongeBob's my friend and he wouldn't steal from me!

  • NOTES (28)