SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 6 Episode 10

The Slumber Party / Grooming Gary

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 28, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Pearl, spoiled brat; Gary, awesome

    The Slumber Party: It had some good comedy, such as Spongebob's attempts to get into the party and Mr Krabs destroying Spongebob's things. However, Pearl is rude and asinine towards Mr. Krabs and she gets her way; and we're apparently supposed to take Pearl's side. My opinion: This episode is bad, but not awful.

    Grooming Gary: There's a lot a great humor to be found in this episode, and the snails' actions near the end are incredibly satisfying. They manage to have Spongbob be a bit insensitive towards Gary while showing that he cares about him, so he doesn't come off as the idiot from "A Pal for Gary". I think that the mistreatment of the snails might have gone a bit farther than it needed to. Granted, it is part of the story and not simple animal torture porn like "Petsitter Pat"; however I think it could've toned back just a bit. My opinion: This episode is great.
  • Underrated pairs

    Slumber Party: IMO, this episode was superb, but not my favorite and it kind of underrated. It featured the first Pearl episode since the season 4 episode Whale of a Birthday (and her previous appearance was in Best Frienemies since she wasn;t in season 5). Pearl still had her bratness throughout the episode but it didn't bothers me that much. The only flaws was certain scenes that were slow, meh, etc. Other than that, there were some funny scenes such as Mr. Krabs talking in an Italian accent ("and a mama mia we got got a pizza pie-a") (that was one of the best part the post movie Krabs had to offer), SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs watching a scary movie, then Mr. Krabs got frightened after seeing the boys burning money, SpongeBob doing several ways to get in Pearl's party, a girl SpongeBob appearing (and Pearl thinking that girl is SpongeBob but it wasn't him), and SpongeBob spouting root beer at the girls. 9/10

    Grooming Gary: Another underrated episode in this underrated season. I thought it was the better episode. I didn't see a problem for this episode. Funny moments: SpongeBob trying to search for Gary (including the tv, bathroom, and at Squidward's bathroom), Patrick's appearance, glow in the dark shell, Gary biting the judge, the pets starting a riot, and the ending. Overall score, 10/10
  • Mmm...they're both okay, I guess...

    I'll be honest: when I read some reviews for "Slumber Party" blaming Pearl for what happened, I was surprised. Quite honestly, I'm on Pearl's side on this one. All she wanted was to have a simple slumber party with her friends. While some of Mr. Krabs' rules were reasonable (such as "No Boys"), him not giving Pearl any pizza money and relentlessly spying on her and her friends was not. That, and he completely dominated SpongeBob's house. If Krabs and SpongeBob had just left Pearl and her friends alone, there probably wouldn't have been any damage to Krabs' house. In my opinion, Krabs brought Pearl's anger down on himself.

    "Grooming Gary" was a little better. It took Gary some time to get it through SpongeBob's thick head that he wanted NO part in the pet contest, and SpongeBob ultimately accepted Gary's decision, which was good. Overall, no real complaints with this episode.

    "Slumber Party" was okay, though I do think Mr. Krabs was more at fault than Pearl was. "Grooming Gary" was an okay Gary episode.
  • pearl has a slumber party and spongebob tries to sneak in, and spongebob enters gary in a pet show but it turns into a riot...

    the slumber party: this was an amazing episode,there is finaly a pearl episode, which are the ones i love because there arnt really many pearl episodes, but this isnt the only reason why i like it. starts off when mr krabs is sleeping on the couch with food on him, lol tht was classic, then when he was forces by pearl to go up stairs hes putting a padlock on the frige. theres 2 funny parts in a couple of seconds, im not going to go through all the parts that i liked because i liked all of it. and it isnt one of those stupid endings like laughing or something it has a good ending with a beach party and mr krabs kept behind a rope guarded by a then spongebob asked if he wants root bear but that didnt help 1 bit.

    grooming gary: this is eppy that was good but ruined the score. it was okay.... but unoriginal, gary was behaving odd and that speach over the microphone gary was saying, what is the point of that, you dont know what he is saying so why put it there and this is what i call a bad ending, funny i admit, but still stupid patrick one it because he acted like a pet. well if these episodes where seperate i would give the slumber party a 10 but grooming gary a 5. i think the slumber party was twice as good. still it was okay but not wat i expected.
  • TSP: perfect GG: awful


    The Slumber Party:
    Pearl's getting ready for her slumber party, but Mr. Krabs' meddling in the party preparations is getting out of control. Pearl forces him out of the house and orders him to stay at SpongeBob's until the party's over, so Mr. Krabs sends his #1 employee SpongeBob to be his undercover spy.

    Grooming Gary:
    SpongeBob enters Gary in a pet show, but when he sees the other pets well-groomed, he decides to gives Gary a makeover. But Gary isn't happy about being made into a pretty show snail, and neither are the other pets.

    5 out of 10

  • Once again,more bad Spongebob episodes

    At this time,the new Spongebob episodes are bad. However,these will be the worst out of all of them. And I will never get why people like these ones. First off,let's start with the Slumber Party:

    Oh my god,this has got to be on of the worst episodes of Spongebob. It's about Pearl having a slumber party,and she wants Mr. Krabs out of the house. That's the first problem with the episode. Pearl herself. She was a complete selfish brat who had no right to kick her own dad out of the house. She's right up there with the people from My Super Sweet 16. After seeing a movie with thugs destroying everything,Mr Krabs fears that Pearl will do that exact same thing. So he sends Spongebob to spy on her. During his plans,those scenes gave me more reasons to hate Pearl. She dropped a piano on Spongebob,made him into pizza and even worse,made a girl cry that wasn't him. So Spongebob goes into the house,but ends up destorying the root beer cellar. So Pearl gets angry,and tells her dad that he owes her money. Umm,no he doesn't. You deserve to be grounded. So she throws a party with Mr Krabs' money. Now,this has got to be the worst episode of the new seasons. Pearl was a selfish brat who deserves to be grounded for a year. I just wanted to cook her into chowder. What happened to the old Pearl who was sweet and sucked at cheerleading. Mr Krabs didn't do anything to punish her. What a bad father he was. Overall,never watch this episode again.

    Next,Grooming Gary

    This was just as bad as The Slumber Party,but it gets even worse. So Spongebob enters Gary in a pet show,and tries to train him. So this is basically a recycled version of The Great Snail Race,another bad episode. He dresses Gary in a horrible fashion. So at the pet show,Gary gets mad,and declares a war. He looks disturbing in that scene,especially with arms sticking out of him. All of the snails act out of hand and were cruel. So at the end,Spongebob wins the whole thing,but it was only for Patrick as a pet. So this episode was disturbing to look at. Don't even watch it.

    These episodes were just horrible. Never watch them again.
  • The Slumber Party is my favorite episode of the season, but Grooming Gary is just okay.

    I love the episode The Slumber Party so much! There were so many good parts! I laughed when Mr. krabs threatened Pearl and she's like, "what're you gonna do, take away my allowance?" and she throws the crackers and ketchup at him. Then, it was so funny when Mr. Krabs destroyed all of Spongebob's things to show Spongebob what he's afraid boys might do to his house, and then, while Spongebob's ruined things are shown, he says, "it must be horrible to invite someone into your house and have them treat your property with so little respect," or something like that. But wait, it gets even better! A female sponge with a valley girl accent shows up at Pearl's door and says she just moved there from, um, Faraway ville, and we are supposed to think it's Spongebob, but it isn't! It was also hilarious when she runs away crying and says, "I am so moving back to Faraway ville!" and then Spongebob sees her and says he doesn't know who she is, but she's uglyyyyyyyy! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    This episode is going to be hard for the writers to beat! Grooming Gary was okay, but not that good. The only part I liked was when Gary gets up and gives his speech, and somehow he gets hands! Other than that, the episode was just kind of silly. Ordinarly I would have given the overall show an eight, but The Slumber Party was so good I'm giving it extra credit. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • "The Slumber Party" was superb but I thought "Grooming Gary" was perfect

    The Slumber Party: I thought that this was a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". Mr. Krabs making all of the rules for Pearl was funny. It was funny when Mr. Krabs was staying over at SpongeBob's house after Pearl kicks him out of the house. Mr. Krabs getting scared after seeing that zombie movie burning money was very funny. It was funny when Girly TeenGirl (who isn't a disguise of SpongeBob) was very funny and it was very funny when SpongeBob's disguise was just a mustache. It was very funny when the root beer made SpongeBob absorb it and look like some monster which makes the house have root beer all over the house. The very end was funny as well. The only thing I didn't like was Pearl... come on, SpongeBob hasn't done anything bad to Pearl and he has always been a good friend to her and Pearl says that SpongeBob is just like Mr. Krabs. Overall, a superb episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 9/10

    Grooming Gary: I thought that this episode was better than "The Slumber Party". It was very funny when Gary was hiding from SpongeBob in the beginning of the episode because Gary doesn't want to be in the pet show. I thought the Mary Poppins reference in this episode was hilarious. SpongeBob trying to make Gary look nice for the pet show was very funny. Patrick crying because he was going to be along behind the red rope was very funny. Gary creating a mob and the other snails getting angry at their owners was very funny. SpongeBob translating everything that Gary said was very funny and nice. The ending was also hilarious when Patrick was acting like a dog. Overall, a perfect episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10
  • Pearl sabotages Mr. Krabs and Spongebob on her first slumber party and Gary causes chaos from him and the other pets being pampered.

    The Slumber Party: We never see Pearl like this before, I'm glad she came back, but her life acts to be broken down, and stands up to Spongebob and Mr. Krabs, this is not a very good episode, the only reason was how Spongebob was sabotaged: being hit by a grand piano, being hurt by Pearl's slumber party guests, and being thrown down into Mr. Krabs' root beer supply. Finally, Mr. Krabs starts to owe Pearl something she wants: money for the party at the Goo Lagoon. One thing good was Girly Teengirl, too bad she was having much pain as Spongebob and Mr. Krabs.

    Episode Grade: C-

    Grooming Gary: Gary hates pampering, and I don't like, however, seeing Gary's honesty until the climax of the episode, at this time, Gary furiously tells the other pets how bad it is to be pampered, causing the pets to riot and stops at the end as soon as Spongebob wins the pet show, which Patrick won, Patrick wins several awards without trying officialy.

    Episode Grade: C+

    Final Grade: C
  • Not the episode I was expecting.

    For some reason, I didn't get any chance to review this episode after it aired. Usally I review episodes shortly after they air. So now is my chance to review another lousy Season 6 eppy.

    Slumber Party: Okay, we finally get a Pearl episode after a season with only her voice. Sounds good. Well, after Whale of a Birthday, I didn't think Pearl episodes would be any good anymore. This episode explains it. Pearl wants a sleepover with her friends at Mr. Krabs house. Mr. Krabs finds out that sleepovers causes damage, so he hires SpongeBob to sneek in the sleepover. The episode wasn't funny espically the root beer part.

    D+ (I'm not using EPISODE and FINAL GRADE any more, you know this stuff already)

    Grooming Gary: Man, this episode was worse. Gary was acting very weird, even weirder then he acted in Once Bitten. This is because he didn't like pets to become slaves. Sorry, my mind is very little on this episode, but what I do remember is Gary shouldn't act like this again and Patrick wining the pet show because he acted like a pet?! That's just plain stupid.


    Season 6, once again you have failed.

  • OK...

    Slumber Party- Pearl was really mean, and Pearl being my least favorite character, or at least one of them, does not help this episode at all. This seemed like a big, unfunny time filler, which is absolutely not a good thing, especially since it is only 11 minutes.

    Grooming Gary- An original idea, with some good gags throughout. But the end always gets to me. Too random, some might've found it hilarious but I personally could not stand the way it ended. It was actually half decent till then. So in a way it was all ruined.

    Slumber Party Grade: D

    Grooming Gary: D+/C-
  • Sorry to everyone who liked this episode, but this is my least favorite pairing of the season. Too out of character and irritating.

    The Slumber Party:This episode had potential, but it went in the wrong direction. Pearl was just out of character in this episode, and it was just plain irritating how mean she was to Spongebob. Mr.Krabs kind of deserved it for how cheap he was, but what she and her friends did to Spongebob was cruel. The only good parts in this episode were at Spongebob's house and Girly Teengirl. The rest just did not make me laugh.

    Grooming Gary:Was not better at all, probably worse. Some of it was funny, but the plot went off the deep end. I hated the pet riot scenes, and the ending wasn't clever at all. The whole episode was just too overdone and stupid.

    Overall, these episodes are not good. They had potential, but went in the wrong direction.
  • The Slumber Party was great, Grooming Gary...eh, not so much.

    The Slumber Party is really the only episode which has Pearl in it that I really like. For once, Pearl didn't really act like a selfish brat all that much. Sure, she did kick her father out of the house, but c'mon! After all that he was doing to her, she had basically a right to do so! So anyway, at first this episode was a little boring, except for the pizza joke, but then when SpongeBob cmae into the picture, it got better. I couldn't stop laughing at the Girly Teen Girl joke. That made me lol. The other ways he tried to get into the Slumber Party where funny as well. The only part I could've lived without was the root beer zombie thing. Other than that, this was a pretty perfect episode. Grade: A. Now for the next episode, Grooming Gary, I didn't really like it that much. I mean, I liked it until the ending. Up till then, it was a pretty great episode. I love how much Patrick was freaking out because he had to wait behind a red rope. I also thought it was funny when Patrick turned out to be a dog (or worm!) at the end of the episode. But the whole scene with the pet riot I didn't like at all, especially with Gary having the arms. But other than that, I gotta say, this episode wasn't too bad. However, the ending just totally killed this episode. Final Grade: C+. All in all, these episodes weren't that bad. And I gotta say, since season six begun airing, SpongeBob has really made a comeback over the horrid season 5 episodes. Teen_Tomboy out!
  • Both episodes sucked

    Okay,this is a repeat review because of bad reviewing and Cap errors.So here's my thoughts:

    IT SUCKED!!!The Slumber Party is my least favorite episode of all time,worse than The Sponge Who Could Fly.Okay so here's my thoughts:

    The Slumber Party:
    It was so terrible.Pearl was such an iconsiderant brat to both Spongebob and Mr Krabs.I hated it how she through a piano at Spongebob or how she threw Tomatoes at that girl.And the ending was horrible.Mr Krabs doesn't owe Pearl nothing.Pearl deserves to be taken away.I was so mad that I wanted to kill Pearl.

    Grooming Gary:

    The most distubingest episode I ever saw in my life.I thought it was disgusting how Gary started a flame war and arms sticked out of him.Totally disgusting.

    Both episodes sucked.So deal with my opinion.
  • Slumber Party: Great!! Grooming Gary: alright.

    The Slumber Party was amazing! I especially liked the part when girly teen girl came to Pearl's party and she thought it was Spongebob. I am so going back to farawayville! I also liked the end, I know what'll cheer you up! An ice could mug of root beer! No, SpongeBob, that doesn't cheer me up at all! I just thought it was a good episode of a possible real life situation. As for grooming gary, I thought it was average, but still pretty good. I liked Gary's "cool" hairstyle . So , I liked this wonderful episode pairing .
  • The Slumber Party was my favorite of the season. Grooming Gary was average.

    The Slumber Party: Pearl has a slumber party and kicks Mr. Krabs out of the house. Mr. Krabs makes Spongebob go to see what they're doing and all his plans fail until Spongebob asks Pearl to let him in the party. Then it turns into total chaos. It was my favorite of the season since I love Pearl. It did have some funny parts like the Girly Teen Girl scene. Mr. Krabs got what he deserved at the end for being so cheap. Final Grade: B (86%)

    Grooming Gary: This episode was so-so. I just hate how from this episode on, Gary's attitude changes and now he's really grouchy. I miss back to the days of Season 4 or 5 when he wasn't so grouchy. Overall this episode was kind of boring but not bad. Final Grade: C- (71%)
  • I hate slumber party!

    I haven't watched Grooming gary yet but I have watched slumber party.
    The slumber party is bad. Why? Because Pearl was a brat in this episode. Also,it's creppy that this episode has beer roof. Not suitable for younger kids to watch. Can you guys notice that? I hate this episode! I hate it! I hate it! Just don't reaired this episode or the children will change program! Anyway,How could Spongebob eye recovered while his eye was eaten by Mr.Krab? Impossible!!! And finally,the ending sucks because Spongebob said beer will cheer Mr.Krab up but it doesn't!!! The worst part of all is Pearl just make a sponge cry! It's HORRIBLE!!!
    Final rate: E
    (Don't do it or I will * you)
  • Two Episodes

    Summarys: The Slumber Party: Pearl's getting ready for her slumber party, but Mr. Krabs' meddling in the party preparations is getting out of control. Pearl forces him out of the house and orders him to stay at SpongeBob's until the party's over, so Mr. Krabs sends his #1 employee SpongeBob to be his undercover spy.
    A- Good Episode Grooming Gary: SpongeBob enters Gary in a pet show, but when he sees the other pets well-groomed, he decides to gives Gary a makeover. But Gary isn't happy about being made into a pretty show snail, and neither are the other pets.

    B I liked this one too.

    Overall, B 8.5/10
  • The Slumber Party was great, but Grooming Gary was awful.

    The Slumber Party- Pearl wants to have a slumber party ,but with Mr. Krabs in the house it would be almost impossible, so she kicks him out of the house an the goes to stay with SpongeBob, who is ecstatic to have him as a guest. After watching a "Slumber Party Zombie" movie, Krabs is convinced that Pearl will destroy the house with her friends and violate the #1 rule: No Boys Allowed. All the attempts of SpongeBob to try to go in the party were hilarious. Girly TeenGirl, a female sponge that looks a lot like SpongeBob, is my new favorite minor character! Well, just because I was dying to see a girl sponge on the show, too bad SpongeBob thought she was "Uuuuugly" lol. Great episode: A

    Grooming Gary- SpongeBob wants to enter Gary on a pet show, but after noticing how the other pet owners dresses their snails and worms SpongeBob decised to give Gary a make-over, and he hates it. The episode was pretty bad, it had some funny moments, but I hated all the growling, teeth and frowning form the other pets. The best part was the ending, which wasn't so great either. D