SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 4 Episode 16

The Thing / Hocus Pocus

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 15, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Decent

    Agree with jmbsonic555.
  • Squidward gets cover in cement; SpongeBob thinks he turned Squidward into a ice cream

    The Thing: A great episode, but not as good as its partner. I didn't liked the beginning that much, but the episode got a little better. The beginning is just the same stuff in most of the Squidward episodes...SB and Patrick annoying him. Also, I dropped 5 more points since this episode was never my favorites but still okay to watch. Funny moments in the episode are Squidward getting in a accident, then he turned into an unknown species, Gary attacking Smelly (Squidward in cement), Patrick playing catch, the chase scene, and the ending where Smelly breaks and now Squidward is back to normal. 8.5/10

    Hocus Pocus: Another of those post movie episodes that get too much hate. When will this nonsense stop? Anyway, this episode was better than The Thing because there isn't any boring parts. My score is just lower because SpongeBob was a little dimwit here thinking that the pastico ice cream was Squidward. But either way I always liked this episode even if SpongeBob was OOC. Funny parts include the beginning, SpongeBob mailing himself, the kid don't liking the ice cream which lands on Squidward's seat, Patrick eating the ice cream (while SpongeBob freaks out...facial expression by the way were amazing), and the ending. Overall, an underrated as heck episodes...I has to be honest, the facial expressions from what I said earlier improved until season 7ish. 9.5/10
  • Very decent pairing.


    The Thing:
    After SpongeBob and Patrick bug Squidward when trying to watch public television, Squidward decides to get away from them by going on a bike ride. However, the bike crashes into a cement truck and the cement falls on Squidward. Squidward is now totally unrecognizable and is unable to talk move or even walk properly. On day, in Jellyfish Fields, SpongeBob and Patrick find him and mistake him for an indangered species.SpongeBob decides to take him home and name him Smelly, but when Gary starts attacking "Smelly", Patrick decides to keep him instead. But once him gets there, "Smelly" goes mad and tries to escape, so Patrick calls animal control. Once animal control arrives, "Smelly" is captured and taken to a zoo. SpongeBob doesn't like this, so he and Patrick sneak into the zoo at night to rescue "Smelly". All of a sudden, the SWAT team arrives, so SpongeBob and Patrick escape through a sewer tunnel. They soon find that the tunnel leads to a forest where a strange group of creatures that looks like "Smelly" live. SpongeBob and Patrick let "Smelly" go to live with his own species. "Smelly" is at first worried, but when he sees that the jazz player from the public television show Squidward was watching is there, he begins to like the place until the cement cracks, reveiling himself.

    8 out of 10

    Hocus Pocus:
    SpongeBob purchases a magic kit in the mail but and tries it out on Squidward, but when Spongebob's not looking, Squidward quickly runs onto a bus to get as far away from SpongeBob as he can. When SpongeBob's still not looking, a kid's ice cream accidently gets thrown out the window and lands on the lawn chair that Squidward was laying on. When Spongebob finally looks, he thinks that his magic turned Squidward into an ice cream cone, but he can't change him back, so SpongeBob treats him as if he were the real Squidward. So, he takes him to places like the movie theater, and even the beach, but "Squidward" starts to melt. SpongeBob then puts him in the freezer, when Patrick arrives and starts to eat Squidward. SpongeBob stops Patrick, however "Squidward" melts completely. SpongeBob realizes that the only thing to do is to go the Mr. Magic himself and ask for help only to be kicked out by security. SpongeBob tries to change him back again, only to fail. Again, once SpongeBob's not looking, Squidward returns and SpongeBob is convinced that he turned him back. When SpongeBob asks if he can do another magic trick on him, Squidward quickly hitches a motorcycle to escape again. Patrick then asks SpongeBob to turn him into a jar of mayo so that he can eat himself. The episode ends with Patrick finally getting his wish

    10 out of 10

    FINAL SCORE: 8 out of 10

  • They were both great episodes


    The Thing: I thought that this was a great episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". Not my favorite episode but it was very enjoyable to watch. Squidward getting out of his own house to get away from SpongeBob and Patrick was funny. Squidward being covered in cement and can barely move was funny. It was very funny when SpongeBob and Patrick brought Squidward (who is covered in cement and they think he is a pet) home and want him to live there. Gary attacking Squidward (who is covered in cement) was funny. Patrick playing fetch with Squidward (again covered in cement) was funny and then Patrick calls animal control because Squidward (once again covered in cement) was going out of control. SpongeBob and Patrick naming Squidward (huh, again, covered in cement) "Smelly" was very funny. SpongeBob and Patrick saving Squidward (covered in cement) and then taking him to the home where the animals look like him except they have fur and are NOT covered in cement like Squidward. The cement in Squidward breaking at the end of the episode and then Squidward says "haha,um... hi" was funny. Score just a little low because SpongeBob and Patrick were a little annoying in the beginning of the episode. Overall, a great episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". By the way, sorry about repeating Squidward being covered in cement... I'm not the best describer or best explainer and I wanted to be descriptive enough for the users who haven't seen it yet. 8.5/10 Hocus Pocus: Just like "The Thing", this was a great episode and I really liked it. SpongeBob ordering the Mr. Magic's magical kit was very funny after seeing the commercial was funny. SpongeBob playing with his magical kit and trying to do his spell on Squidward was funny. It was very funny when SpongeBob thinks that he turned into Squidward into an ice cream when he really didn't. Patrick licking the ice cream (who they think is Squidward) was hilarious because SpongeBob kept telling Patrick to stop and Patrick wouldn't stop licking. SpongeBob and Patrick visiting Mr. Magic was interesting but then things turn when Patrick found out that it was just Horace B. Magic voicing as Mr. Magic and SpongeBob wanted to know how to turn Squidward back to himself (again, not really Squidward). The ending was very funny when SpongeBob turned Patrick into a mayonnaise (which was a real spell by the way). Score was just a little low because SpongeBob was freaking out too much in this episode and it was kind of annoying. Overall, a great episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 8.5/10

  • The Thing really brought down the score.

    The Thing: I don't think I laughed once with this episode. It was just needless Squidward abuse again and again and again. SpongeBob and Patrick were so annoying in this episode it killed me. Bah humbug.

    Hocus Pocus: A decent episode, I guess. It was pretty funny when SpongeBob thought the ice cream was Squidward. Then, there was all the things they tried to make Squidward come back, even going to the company where SpongeBob got his magic set from. It was a pretty good episode, too bad it had to be paired with "The Thing". Otherwisae, it would have probably gotten an 8 instead of a 4.5.
  • Squidward's life keeps going from bad to worse in both of these episode segments! :lol:

    Rumors about "Spongebob Squarepants" cancellation have thankfully been greatly exaggerated! If Squidward thinks if even once he's going to have a peaceful evening to himself, those delusions will be shattered faster than Squidward gets angry with Spongebob & Patrick! Since peace and quiet isn't gonna happen, Squidward tries to let Spongebob & Patrick hang out at his house to watch Squidward's program. Too bad Squidward isn't known for patience in even Trying to get along with friendly creatures as he doesn't even stay for one minute With them! Unfortunatly this is Exactly what Squidward Should've done as he runs into a cement truck, gets covered with cement, falls into a flower field, and gets the be-jeepers stung out of him by thousands of jellyfish! Needless to say, when Spongebob & Patrick see Squidward again he's Literally unrecognizable. Spongebob wants to make him a pet to live with Gary. Too bad Gary Hates Squidward even when disguised! So Patrick volunteers to take care of Squidward in pet form but Squidward isn't about to let That happen, so he runs away only to be captured by zoo officials! Squidward's now zoo-bound being treated & abused badly, making the fate of being Patrick's pet seem like paradise! Spongebob & Patrick can't stand to see their pet in so much pain so they decide to break him out of the horrible zoo & set him free. The zoo officials end up chasing them, & it's only by ducking into a sewer the three manage to escape. Spongebob & Patrick travel the sewer until it's very end where they wind up in the wild where they see many creatures that look like what Squidward looks like right now! Spongebob & Patrick think their pet will be happy among his own kind, & for once are right as Squidward's favorite performer is performing for these creatures. Squidward thinks he's found bliss at last. Too bad it doesn't last! Also, what hi-jinks will ensue when Spongebob Squarepants thinks that he's turned Squidward into an ice cream cone? Apparently a lot of them! This show is funny! :idea:
  • Decent Pairing

    The Thing- Squidward gets stuck in a cement truck, flower truck, stung by Jellyfish, and is assumed to be an animal by Spongebob and Patrick. This episode was ok, but really weird also with it's concept and tons of Squidward abuse, but it was ok. 7/10 C-

    Hocus Pocus- Spongebob gets a "Mr. Magic" magic kit, and tests his magic on Squidward, but he soon thinks he's turned his friend into an ice cream cone!? This was one of my favorites of season 4, pretty silly and inventive, classic Spongebob it felt like. 10/10 A+

    This was a good episode pairing. 8.5/10 B+
  • Hocus Pocus was fine,but The Thing was horrible.

    Spongebob was being such an idiot in both episodes.The Thing?Oh come on,it's worst than that.Spongebob was being wrong again.He thought that Squidward was an unknown specie.He even thought that Squidward was crying in tears of joy.What the heck man?He was crying tears of anger.Patrick was such an idiot at playing ball an it's his worst appearance than in The Splinter.Hocus Pocus,Not bad.It had a bunch of improvement to it,And what the heck?A kid crying just because he got pistachio ice cream?Not pretty awesome.I would rather just tell everything that's wrong with Spongebob.Spongebob was wrong again.He was being such and idiot again.Man,he is like Ed.What an idiot and a bad episode.
  • The Smelly and Pumpkins Focus. (Random)

    The Thing: It's alright. I liked the beginning with Spongebob and Patrick being disturbing to Squidward. I also just loved the plot overall with "Smelly" being taken care of Spongebob and Patrick until "he" gets taken to the zoo where Spongebob and Patrick try to get him back. Not much to say but it was good. Final Grade: B (85%)

    Hocus Pocus: Better. I loved Spongebob thinking he turned Squidward into an ice cream. "Look, Patrick! This isn't your ordinary ice cream cone!" "It's pistachio..." "No!" That was a very funny part. Patrick being careless and just wanting to eat "Squidward". Final Grade: B+ (89%)
  • these episodes were awesome especaillay the thing

    the thing was an awesome episode it was a huge on how funny it was i like to say that this was one of my favorite episodes of spongebob so i give it a 10/10 A++
    hocus pocus another awesome episode i love it too but i love the first one way more than this one dont get me wrong this is still an awesome episode i loved it when spongebob pretended that squidward was an ice cream cone that was so cool and funny so overall this was an awesome episode but not as good as the first one so i give it a 8.8/10 A kingnicky1 out
  • The thing: eh. Hocus Pocus: wow!

    The thing was good I guess but not really as good as it could be. Some of it didn't really make sense. I thought it was funny though that Spongebob called Squidward "Smelly". Poor guy. Well, it turned out he got where he wanted to be. Just not how he wanted to see it. As for Hocus Pocus I thought it was funny how SpongeBob thought he turned Squidward into ice cream. I felt kind of bad when he thought he killed squidward. Well, anyways, I loved it. Nice parody of the Wizard Of Oz. And two extra fantastic episodes.
  • One was very strange, and the other was one of the best of the season.

    The Thing was one of the most bizarre episodes of SpongeBob I've ever seen, but I still liked it ok. It wasn't all that funny, and I felt a kind of sorry for Squidward, but it was definitely very interesting. There was only one part that really made me laugh, and that was when Patrick freaked out about "Smelly" chasing after him and calling animal control. The rest of it was very unusual, especially the ending, but even though it was one of my least favorite episodes of season 4, I still thought it wasn't too bad. Now, as for the latter episode, Hocus Pocus, it really made me laugh! I thought it was pretty funny how that kid threw his ice cream cone onto Sponge's lawn chair and it just happened to look like Squidward. I liked Patrick's part, too. This quote was also funny: "It is I, SpongeBob of the SquarePants." Hahahahahahahahaha! This episode sort of reminded me of some episodes of Rugrats because of the plot, one character thinking he had turned another character into something. So all in all, these were pretty decent episodes of season 4, but definitely not the best episode pairing out there. Marebear2009, out!
  • Better than most season 4 episodes.

    The thing:
    Pretty funny. I thought it was kind of squidward advantage (but in a funny way). That is all I need to say. Final grade: C+

    Hocus pocus:
    I dont have a lot to say, but it was kind of boring even though it was good. It was funny (in a kind of dumb way) that spongebob really thought he turned squidward into an ice cream cone. I was really amused when spongebob yelled "curse you, mr. magic magical magic kit! Curse you!". That was very amusing. This episode was kind of dumb, but that doesnt mean it was bad. Final grade: C

    Total: C
  • The Thing: It was funny about annoying Hocus Pocus: Hilarious!

    The thing:
    This was an okay episode. I mean there were some fantastic jokes in it. like when patrick was like "Shoo! Go away! Youre endangered"
    but there were some things that annoyed me. for example how spongebob and patrick were annoying squidward b4 and after he becomes 'the thing'
    Hocus Pocus:
    This episode was hilarious! It was vvery creative. how they transform squidward into an ice cream with waffle cone. I love how Spongebob tries to have fun with squidward the ice cream dude. and how patrick tried to eat squidward

    In conclusion, it one of the best episodes in the series. and hopefully it would continue to make these type of episodes or even better
  • Probably one of the worst episodes in SBob.

    I didn't really like this episode. It was really weird. Definitely not one of the best in the series. The ones with the ghost sure aren't that great to watch. Like this one was about the ghost, it wasn't that great. I would probably call this episode an annoying one. I'm sorry but it just wasn't well written. SBob acted really weird and completely out of character in this episode, compared to some of the others I have seen before. SBob is just not that great of a show anymore, like it used to be. It really targets little kids now and not a great "family" type show anymore. Sorry to say it, but I will not be allowing SBob to be watched any longer (it's too poorly created now). The writers did have a good idea at the beginning of the series but it's not good anymore.
  • SB thinks that he turned Squid into an ice cream cone.

    Good idea , horrible plot. Boooooring. This is a disgrace to Spongebob , American TV , and the whole universe. Can`t they make something good , instead of this piece of trash? Needs fine tuning and action point. Once again SB and Patrick torture Squidward. Can`t they make it less ordinary? This episode needs to be cleared , wiped , erased , emptied , knocked , kicked , and drained from Spongebob series. That would really change the average of Spongebob grade. Don`t try to catch , because you won`t like it. This is my opinion. Not yours , so remember that.
  • Good eposodes!

    I liked these episodes. I like Hocus Pocus a little better then The Thing, but they're both good! In The Thing, when Squidward turned into Smelly he looked liked a pikmin! I liked the part where SpongeBob and Patrick kept asking quastions about the tv. "Is he the bad guy?"
    I also liked the ending where SpogeBob said that Smelly (Squidward) was best to be left with his own kind. Hocus Pocus was funny! I liked the plotline, it was good! Poor SpongeBob, thinking that Squidward turn into a ice cream cone. I liked the Wizard of Oz parady, and when Squidward came back from his unknown trip!
  • Funny episode.

    This episode was so funny and I just saw it and it was great and funny too. I liked when Squidward becomes Smellie and I like the way he becomes their pet and when they send him to the zoo as an unknown species it made me laugh alot and later there are others like him and also was funny. The other episode was funny too and in my opinion it was about magic and the funny part was when SpongeBob thought an ice cream cone was Squidward and it was funny when Squidward runs away and throws away the ice cream cone in which was one of the most funniest parts in the episode. I give this episode a 9.4 superb rating for my review.
  • Patricko Mayonaiseo!

    I liked this episode better than other ones, especially the thing. I saw the rest of the season 4 episodes and they were good too. But this one was probably 2nd best. I'm not such a long review writer, but I'll try my hardest. The "thing that I don't like is that all the late season 4 episodes were shown way too early. And that's about it.
  • The Thing, Funny Episode Hocus Pocus, OKAY episode Maybe some Spoilers

    I liked the Thing, how everone was thinking that Squidward "Smelly" was ugly because Squidward ran into a cement truck and all of the cemet fell out on him and dried up. They put him in the cage and put a sign that said "Unknown Species" .

    Hocus Pocus was an OKAY episode. It wasn't that funny. Mr. Magic was a guy behind a curtain, which wasn't funny because it was in The Wizard of Oz, and almost everybody watched that movie. If we didn't see Squidward leave and go on the bus, and we thought that Spongebob really turned Squidward into an ice cream cone the episode would be alot better.

    So, I reccomend "The Thing", but you don't have to watch "Hocus Pocus if you don't want to. The summary makes it sound good, but the whole episode isn't that good.
  • Squidward turns into something in both episode

    The Thing:

    Squidward is trying to have an usual peaceful day.Thinking that Spongebob and Patrick are not causing trouble.Altough Spongebob and Patrick ruin his quiet time.He wished something happened to them.When he ended up all cemented.Spongebob thought that Squidward was an creature.

    Hocus Pocus:

    Spongebob buys the magic kit.Where he practice magic.He thought that he transform Squidward into an Ice Cream.In truth which he didn't.

    Ok I don't remembered much of the episode.So sorry if it was in correct.But it was funny.
  • So Wierd and Stupid.....I loved it although its pretty stupid sometimes its really funny.One of my favorite shows.

    The Thing:
    After a freak bicycling accident, Squidward is coated in so much gunk, he's totally unrecognizable. SpongeBob thinks he's cute and adopts him as a pet.He calls him Smelly pretty wierd.Then the police takes him to be in an exibit at the zoo.At night Spongebob and Patrick go sneak into the zoo and night and somehow end up into another place.There they find a species of animal that looks exactly like Smelly (Squidward).They take Squidward and then some guy starts playing the clarinet.He enjoys himself untill his concrete shell breaks.

    Hocus Pocus:
    SpongeBob tries out his new magic kit on Squidward and is convinced he's turned his neighbor into an ice cream cone!Spongebob tries to turn him back into Squidward but he cant because its just an ordinary ice cream cone.Anyway Spongebob goes to talk to the Wizard but they find out that the Wizard is a fake.Spongebob thinks he'll never see Squidward again but,Squidward comes back from where he went and Spongebob thinks he is a real Wizard.At the end its pretty wierd Patrick tells Spongebob to turn him in Mayonaise so he can eat himself.Then Spongebob says Packricko...Mayonaiso then somehow Patrick turns into Mayonaise.Very Wierdd but funny episode
  • The stupidiest stuff in the world... loved it!

    The plot of "The Thing" was so hilarious. All the things that happened in those episodes, I was thinking during the whole episode: this has to be the stupidiest stuff ever. And laughing so much cause all of the bad things that suffered Squidward. He had to lived as a pet of SpongeBob and Patrick. Poor Squidward was exhibited as a freak show in the zoo. Oh, the ending of "The Thing" was so funny (and silly). Then "Hocus Pocus", SpongeBob thinks he had transformed Squidward into an ice cream! When the ice cream fell in the chair in shape of Squidward and SpongeBob thinks it was him, HAHAHAHAHA! SpongeBob takes care of the ice cream, putting it into the fridge and going to see that famous magician.
  • Finally, another new episode of SpongeBob

    The new episodes are "The Thing" and "Hocus Pocus".

    The Thing: This one was a funny episode. Squidward bumps into a sement (SP?) trunk and is covered in sement. SpongeBob and Patrick thinks it's an animal. This is the better episode out of the two.

    Hocus Pocus: This one is okay. Not that good. SpongeBob get's a magic kit and thinks he turned Squidward into an ice cream cone when Squidward actually walked away and got on a bus. The part where Patrick kept liking the ice cream when SpongeBob (Who he thought was Squidward) kept telling him to stop was funny.

    Now, I hope they can finally get done with Season 4 soon and start on Season 5.
  • One of the best couple of episodes of Season 4.

    Squidward is turned into a freak after an incident with a cement truck and Spongebob and Pat adopt him as a pet. This episode was my fav of the two episodes. The whole thing with Squidward being in the zoo was to freaking funny! Then it turns out that whatever Squidward turned into actually exists lmao which really topped off the episode. "Hocus Pocus" was'nt as good as "The Thing", but it was pretty good. The episode really stood out from any of the other season 4 episodes. Spongebob thinks he turned Squidward into an ice cream cone, but it was just because of a kid who was carrying on about his flavor of ice-cream and ends up throwing it, thinking SB turned Squidward into an ice-cream cone. So the episodes were great!