SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 1 Episode 16

Valentine's Day / The Paper

Aired Weekdays 5:00 PM Feb 14, 2000 on Nickelodeon
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Valentine's Day:
SpongeBob plans a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise for Patrick, but things don't work out as he'd hoped when the delivery for it is very late. And Patrick is about to lose it when Patrick finds out Spongebob gave out Valentines to all of these people that he barely knew.

The Paper:
SpongeBob makes a great toy out of a gum wrapper, much to Squidward's grave annoyance.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Valentine's Day was good and The Paper is perfect.

    Valentine's Day: When SpongeBob makes a chocolate balloon for Patrick, SpongeBob and Patrick goes to the carnival while they wait for Sandy to give him his present, but something goes wrong and SpongeBob has to switch to plan B which is SpongeBob pretending that a handshake is the present. Later Patrick goes crazy when everyone else got a better Valentine's Day present than him. It was funny when Patrick thought SpongeBob was stuck inside the rock he made for SpongeBob and starts smashing it and Patrick's facial expression after he gets his handshake. This was an enjoyable episode and it's too bad it only airs once a year. 8/10

    The Paper: SpongeBob wants the piece of paper from a gum wrapper that Squidward has, so he can have fun lots of fun with it. When Squidward sees SpongeBob enjoying the piece of paper he thinks it looks fun and regrets giving the piece of paper to him. I think this is better than Valentine's Day in my opinion. It had lots of funny sight gags and it's hard for me to choose which one was the funniest. Overall, it's a perfect episode. 10/10moreless
  • Valentine's Day is one of my favorites, The Paper was a huge letdown though.


    Valentines Day was HILARIOUS. I could watch it twice without getting bored. And I could watch Patrick's rampage sixty times before getting bored. Valentines Day is one of the only perfect episodes before Season 3 of spongebob, and is 100% recommended.

    The Paper is a giant letdown. 0% recommended, very off the edge and ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMENDED if you're already bored. If you watch this episode, you will be bored to the plane of insanity. And for those of you who are already bored, after watching this, you will die of boredom! Horrible letdown. SO, DO NOT WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0/10moreless
  • SpongeBob Valentine/love related 1

    Valentine's Day: It's already that day so finally here's my review for these episodes. This Valentine's Day was excellent. I'm hoping to see this episode today. I still remember the parts that I laughed despite that I hasn't seen in a long time. Funny parts were the montage at the beginning, Patrick thinking SpongeBob is in the rock, Patrick trying to know where's his gift, Patrick moving the Ferris wheel, SpongeBob getting Patrick a handshake, montage which SpongeBob has fun while Patrick kept thinking of the handshake, Patrick going on a rampage, and the ending. Overall, the best Valentine's Day episode. 10/10

    The Paper: Another excellent episode. SpongeBob was getting a tad annoying here but it was actually funny that he play with a paper by different things. Nothing else to say about this episode since is just SpongeBob playing with the paper. I did laughed a few more times, especially the ending. Overall, a perfect episode. Now I'm already done reviewing the season 1 episodes. I'm now going to move on to season 2. 10/10moreless
  • This episode was so funny!!!!

    This is my favorite epidode in the fist season. My favorite part was when sandy was flying the baloon made of chocolate. I aslso liked when the clams were flying aroung it and sandy was hitting them with a whip. One clam got hold of the baloon and poped a hole in it i was laughing so herd because she was going all over the place
  • Season 1 ceases to amaze me as we have another batch of perfect episodes.

    Valentine's Day: This episode start off with SpongeBob giving everyone Valentines. He goes over to Sandy's house to ask if she has Patrick's big surprise ready. Later, SpongeBob takes Patrick to the fair to wait for the big surprise. While they are on top of the ferris wheel, SpongeBob gets a message from Sandy saying that the present might not make it, because Sandy and the present are being attacked by clams. Because SpongeBob feels sorry for his friend, he gives him his backup present, a friendly handshake, making Patrick all upset, as he thinks it's barely a present. Then he takes him to all sorts of rides. When Patrick gets angry from all of the citizens complimenting SpongeBob on his gifts, he goes crazy and starts being destructive until Sandy comes with his huge candy Valentine's Day present! The Paper: Squidward tosses away a useless gum wrapper, but SpongeBob is unhappy about it. He tells Squidward that the paper is a goldmine of recreation. Squidward finds it stupid at first, until he sees that SpongeBob can actually do anything with it! When SpongeBob wraps it up by playing a perfect piece of music, Squidward has finally had enough! He demands back the piece of paper by trading SpongeBob everything he owns. When Squidward tops it off by giving him his shirt, SpongeBob finally gives him the paper. That is, Squidward cannot use the paper like how SpongeBob can, so Patrick just takes it and throws it away. So now Squidward is standing in a circle of floor tiles with absolutely nothing.

    10 out of 10moreless
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