SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 1 Episode 16

Valentine's Day / The Paper

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 14, 2000 on Nickelodeon

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  • 2 phenomenal episodes

    The Paper was a crazy but original and simple idea. And valentine's day is a funny and creative episode. One of the best episodes of season 1.
  • Valentine's Day was good and The Paper is perfect.

    Valentine's Day: When SpongeBob makes a chocolate balloon for Patrick, SpongeBob and Patrick goes to the carnival while they wait for Sandy to give him his present, but something goes wrong and SpongeBob has to switch to plan B which is SpongeBob pretending that a handshake is the present. Later Patrick goes crazy when everyone else got a better Valentine's Day present than him. It was funny when Patrick thought SpongeBob was stuck inside the rock he made for SpongeBob and starts smashing it and Patrick's facial expression after he gets his handshake. This was an enjoyable episode and it's too bad it only airs once a year. 8/10

    The Paper: SpongeBob wants the piece of paper from a gum wrapper that Squidward has, so he can have fun lots of fun with it. When Squidward sees SpongeBob enjoying the piece of paper he thinks it looks fun and regrets giving the piece of paper to him. I think this is better than Valentine's Day in my opinion. It had lots of funny sight gags and it's hard for me to choose which one was the funniest. Overall, it's a perfect episode. 10/10
  • Valentine's Day is one of my favorites, The Paper was a huge letdown though.


    Valentines Day was HILARIOUS. I could watch it twice without getting bored. And I could watch Patrick's rampage sixty times before getting bored. Valentines Day is one of the only perfect episodes before Season 3 of spongebob, and is 100% recommended.

    The Paper is a giant letdown. 0% recommended, very off the edge and ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMENDED if you're already bored. If you watch this episode, you will be bored to the plane of insanity. And for those of you who are already bored, after watching this, you will die of boredom! Horrible letdown. SO, DO NOT WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0/10
  • SpongeBob Valentine/love related 1

    Valentine's Day: It's already that day so finally here's my review for these episodes. This Valentine's Day was excellent. I'm hoping to see this episode today. I still remember the parts that I laughed despite that I hasn't seen in a long time. Funny parts were the montage at the beginning, Patrick thinking SpongeBob is in the rock, Patrick trying to know where's his gift, Patrick moving the Ferris wheel, SpongeBob getting Patrick a handshake, montage which SpongeBob has fun while Patrick kept thinking of the handshake, Patrick going on a rampage, and the ending. Overall, the best Valentine's Day episode. 10/10

    The Paper: Another excellent episode. SpongeBob was getting a tad annoying here but it was actually funny that he play with a paper by different things. Nothing else to say about this episode since is just SpongeBob playing with the paper. I did laughed a few more times, especially the ending. Overall, a perfect episode. Now I'm already done reviewing the season 1 episodes. I'm now going to move on to season 2. 10/10
  • This episode was so funny!!!!


    This is my favorite epidode in the fist season. My favorite part was when sandy was flying the baloon made of chocolate. I aslso liked when the clams were flying aroung it and sandy was hitting them with a whip. One clam got hold of the baloon and poped a hole in it i was laughing so herd because she was going all over the place

  • Season 1 ceases to amaze me as we have another batch of perfect episodes.


    Valentine's Day:
    This episode start off with SpongeBob giving everyone Valentines. He goes over to Sandy's house to ask if she has Patrick's big surprise ready. Later, SpongeBob takes Patrick to the fair to wait for the big surprise. While they are on top of the ferris wheel, SpongeBob gets a message from Sandy saying that the present might not make it, because Sandy and the present are being attacked by clams. Because SpongeBob feels sorry for his friend, he gives him his backup present, a friendly handshake, making Patrick all upset, as he thinks it's barely a present. Then he takes him to all sorts of rides. When Patrick gets angry from all of the citizens complimenting SpongeBob on his gifts, he goes crazy and starts being destructive until Sandy comes with his huge candy Valentine's Day present!

    The Paper:
    Squidward tosses away a useless gum wrapper, but SpongeBob is unhappy about it. He tells Squidward that the paper is a goldmine of recreation. Squidward finds it stupid at first, until he sees that SpongeBob can actually do anything with it! When SpongeBob wraps it up by playing a perfect piece of music, Squidward has finally had enough! He demands back the piece of paper by trading SpongeBob everything he owns. When Squidward tops it off by giving him his shirt, SpongeBob finally gives him the paper. That is, Squidward cannot use the paper like how SpongeBob can, so Patrick just takes it and throws it away. So now Squidward is standing in a circle of floor tiles with absolutely nothing.

    10 out of 10

  • Both of the episodes were my favorites

    Valentine's Day: I love this episode, I love it when SpongeBob passed out hearts to everyone in the beginning and it made me smile because it was a cute and funny episode. I also liked when SpongeBob and Sandy were discussing the Valentine's Day surprise gift for Patrick. It was funny when Patrick thought SpongeBob was stuck inside a rock, when Patrick kept on falling off the cliff, and when Patrick was getting angry and destroying the Valentine's Day carnival and when the announcer said "Attention everyone, there's a chubby pink starfish on the loose". I thought the ending was very cute and I liked it when Patrick bit on the chocolate balloon and everywhere was chocolate and Patrick said "Oh SpongeBob, you didn't have to get me anything?". Overall, it was a perfect episode and one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes, it's too bad that they only air this episode once or twice a year. 10/10

    The Paper: This episode was also my favorite episode of SpongeBob but it's too bad that they only air it once or twice a year since this episode airs along with "Valentine's Day", I liked how SpongeBob was just being creative with a piece of paper and uses it as an instrument or a puppet or anything Spongebob used the paper with. I also thought that it was funny when Squidward traded in everything just for a piece of paper. Overall, it was a creative episode that was funny and just like "Valentine's Day", it was one of my favorite SpongeBob episodes. 10/10
  • The Paper brought down the score

    Valentine's Day:
    SpongeBob plans a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise for Patrick, but things don't work out as he'd hoped when the delivery for it is very late. And Patrick is about to lose it when Patrick finds out Spongebob gave out Valentines to all of these people that he barely knew.


    The Paper:
    SpongeBob makes a great toy out of a gum wrapper, much to Squidward's grave annoyance. This episode is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very boring and ugly!

  • Great episodes!!!

    These are two of my favorites! Patrick is hilarious in Valentine's Day. Spongebob is his usual, sweet self. He wants to give Patrick the best Valentine's gift ever and his attempts are thwarted by a set of circumstances beyound his control. Patrick gets upset when he sees the gifts that Spongebob has given others...including a bike. To hold Patrick at bay, while waiting for Sandy to deliver the gift, SB offers Patrick a handshake in lieu of a gift. Patrick spends the rest of the episode getting angrier and angrier, holding up his hand, as if he can't believe it. Finally, his anger turns toward the unsuspecting crowd of Amusement goers and it looks like it's going to turn brutal. Sandy arrives just in time, though, and saves the day!!!
    The Paper episode goes down as one of my all time favorites, also! Spongebob finds a piece of bubblegum paper and has all kinds of fun with it. He fashions it into (MSU WON their game against TN!!! Onto the Final Four!!) oh sorry. This review was interrupted by a whole bunch of celebrating!!!!! Ok, so SB finds a piece of paper, makes all kinds of fun things out of it from a helicopter to something called 'oral'gami! It was creative genius on the part of the writers/artists and so much fun to watch. When squiddy sees all the fun Spongebob is having, he wants the paper. He finally convinces SB to hand it over, and his attempts to be creative fall flat. It's just a piece of chewing gum paper and he's traded Spongebob everything he owns to have his chance of fun. Poor Squiddy....even though we knew what would happen, we still feel bad for Squidward by the end of this episode. And to make his day even worse, Patrick comes by and sees the paper Squidward is holding, grabs it and wraps his gum in it! So the circle of gum life is complete as is our dose of entertainment!
    MSU-fan-on-the-road-to-the-Final-Four- OUT!
  • Perfect

    Valentine's Day- It's Valentine's Day in Bikini Bottom, and Spongebob has gifts for everyone, including Patrick, who gets a special present. Unfortunately it's late, and it drives Patrick mad. Very funny, nice to see another side of Patrick Star. 10/10 A+

    The Paper- Spongebob and Patrick find a piece of gum paper and manage to make a ton of fun over it, muc to the annoyance. Weird episode, I didn't really laugh alot, but I liked the concept of the episode, so I'll give it a high score. 10/10 A+

    2 episodes that among the highlights of s1 of the show. 10/10 A+
  • Valentines Day: This episode is about Spongebob's antics on Valentines Day. This episode includes Sandy and Patrick and glimpses of other characters. Including Squidward. The Paper: This episode is about Squidward and Spongebob of course. Squidwar

    I think that these two episodes are very good. Especially The Paper which was and still is one of my favorites. I have them both on video for three reasons. One is that Nickelodeon never aired them alot. Next is that I'm trying to collect every episode. And last but not least is that I wanted them because I really liked them. Valentines Day is kind of more based for little kids but that doesn't matter. It's for everybody. These two episodes are based on Sandy, Patrick and Spongebob for Valentines Day, and Squidward and Spongebob for The Paper. If you haven't seen these two episodes I highly recommend them.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob its valentines day in bikini bottom thing is spongebob is given out valintines to everyone and is keeping a big suprise for his best friend and he wants to keep it a secret thing is patrick is feeling sad but gets angrey when he finds out that sponge was given things out to everyone eles but failed to realize there was huge thing made a choclate waiting for him and he enjoyed it . and the second part spongebob uses as gum rapper to get excitment from it and squidward fails to realize how he can do that. this was a good ep
  • Good

    What I don't get is how they air The Paper. It is a great episode, but they only air a couple times near Valentines Day. Why can't they air it more often (I think you can tell I like this episode). I liked his humor and this is probably the first time Squidward has actually liked to play around or want to with something of Spongebob's (what a shock). Valentine's Day was good. I liked how Patrick went out of control because he got a handshake for a gift.

    Overall, I give:

    Valentine's Day: A+
    The Paper: A+

    I give them an A+
  • Both of these episodes were great!

    Valentine's Day was a great season one episode! One of my favorite parts was when Patrick went crazy and the announcer said "Attention everyone! There is a chubby pink starfish on the loose!" Hahahahahahahahahaha! I also liked how Pat kept running up to Mount-Climb-Up-and-Fall-Off and the fact that Spongebob gave a present to a girl he barely even knew! My favorite part, though, would have to be when Spongebob shook Patrick's hand and Patrick had the same expression on his face for the next minute or so. :) Overall, this is a terrific episode! The Paper was even better! It was kind of pointless and had a very simple plot, but that definitely doesn't mean it was bad. I loved all the impressions Spongebob did, especially the guy with the mustache, and I liked how Sponge kept trying to give the paper back to Squid! So, overall, both of these were great episodes, perhaps season one's best! Marebear2009, out!
  • Pointless episodes,indeed.

    Valentine's day:
    Way to go,Valentine's day,because of your stupid script people started speculate is SB gay or not.Because of that,you should be shot together with Rock a bye bivalve. But I shall give you 9/10 because the scene when Patrick went on an emotional rampage made me laugh out loud.

    The paper:
    Oh my.
    I never understood why so many people like this episode,and I never will. It hasn't got any point,SB team was obviously in the ˝Let's make a dumb filler-episode because we have ran out of ideas˝ mood. Squidward gets emberessed again, while SB suffers from to much of a creativity and just endlessly plays with that stupid piece of paper which should be thrown in a volcano or brutally stabbed. Definitely the worst season 1 episode.
  • Read on!

    Valentine's Day
    Spongebob is gay,I'll explane.
    Before the term was used as a way of saying that your happy,not what most people associate with it now.
    So when I say that Spongebob is gay I mean happy. So yeah, he's very happy in this one and I love it how he just give random stuff to everybody. Add some good jokes and Sandy has a nice middle sized roll and you've got a episode that's almost worth the sentiment.

    The Paper
    Kind of weird and out of character for all of them.
    Plus wouldn't they have given all the stuff back anyway, Oh,right,lol.
    Good,but it gets a little annoying!
  • Valentine's Day is awesome, while The Paper is pointless, but in a good way.

    Valentine's Day: Oh what a wonderful episode! The 9.4 rating is being harsh in my opinion, that's how much I love it. Truly a fantastic episode with some really memorable moments, like one of my all-time favorite Patrick quotes: "Heart on stick must die!". It was also quite Spandyish, with SpongeBob and Sandy giving each other valentines and saying nice stuff to each other like "I'm nuts for you". So if you're into sea sponge/squirrel relationships, this eppie is the one for you.

    Score: A- 9.4/10

    The Paper: A good episode. It had some really funny moments, like SpongeBob wearing Squidward's shirt and Patrick taking the paper Squidward gave up everything he owned just to throw out a piece of gum. However I did get a little boring at moments, which sorta brought the score down. But still, a great episode, showing how a plot so pointless can really be funny.

    Score: B+ 8.5/10
  • Another great Season one.

    Valentine's Day:A decent episode.It had some clever material like Patrick thinking that Spongebob got him a carnival for Valentine's Day, and Patrick thinking that Spongebob was in that rock heart that he was in there. The only thing I didn't like was how Patrick acted, he was being a jerk. I loved his last line in the episode though.

    The Paper:A better episode.Spongebob plays with a gum wrapper that Squidward threw away. In the end, Squidward is convinced that the paper is fun and he trades everything he owns for it. But it isn't for him, and then Patrick comes along and throws it in the garbage. A little cruel to Squidward, but still a great episode. I liked the beginning where Spongebob kept making sure that Squidward didn't want the paper and when Squidward unintentionally drew a picture of himself with the paper on his nose. An enjoyable episode.

    Overall, another good pairing from the first season.
  • Two fantastic episodes!

    Valentines day:
    This is an awesome episode that no one will ever forget! I love the part at the end where patrick said "oh spongebob, you did not have to get me anything". I also loved "patrick needs love too!". This is an episode like no other! Final grade: A+

    The paper:
    This was an awesome episode also. I loved how squidward gave spongebob his shirt. This episode was funny! One of the best episodes this season! This is what made season 1 exciting! This episode made me laugh until I almost blew up! Super hilarious! Final grade: A+

    Two fantastic episodes! Cool!
  • My two most favorite episodes ever!

    Valentine's Day was the best! It truly was a great episode on a great holiday filled with love and romance! Valentine's Day rocks and so does this episode! I loved how SpongeBob went around town trying to make everyone happy by giving them hearts and letters! Squidward was the only one unimpressed. He really missed out! The best was Sandy and SpongeBob! An acorn with an arrow through it and chocolate bubble syrup! Awesome gifts they gave to each other! But the best part ever to this episode was when SpongeBob took Patrick to the carnival! They had fun at first, until everything went haywire with his gift towards Patrick which was a giant chocolate balloon! The problem was that it was trying to be eaten by chocolate-eating scallops! So when they were on the Ferris Wheel Spongebob only was able to give Patrick a handshake. Then sometime afterwards he exploded and turned into a maniac trying to destroy the whole carnival! That part was scary but exciting and also funny all at the same time! But then at the end everything works out, Sandy was able to give Patrick his gift after warding off those vicious scallops! But it was ironic that Patrick said "Aw, SpongeBob, you didn't have to get me anything!" But when he didn't that is when Patrick exploded! The Paper was also a great episode, I loved how SpongeBob did all of these cool imitations like animals and pirates! "Look at me I'm a guy with a mustache!" "Ar! I am a pirate!" And then animal and other sound effects! "Arf Arf! Coo-caw coo-caw! *Dolphin Noise* *Ship Noise.* Raraw arrooo! Man that was so funny! Also oregami and helicopters! This episode was genius and truly showed how great the imagination really is! This episode and Valentine's Day had really superb creativity! The only bad part to The Paper was Squidward could not do all of those awesome things SpongeBob did with the paper! But it was still funny and had a good ending when Squidward said: "Anyone got any sunscreen?"
  • Hillarious episode + completely pointless episode=a good combination.

    Valentines Day:
    Well, as the title of the episode suggests, it's indeed Valentines Day in Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob & Sandy have got a special plan to give Patrick a great present, but when it fails, SpongeBob has to give Patrick a handshake for a present instead of a giant chocolate balloon. Patrick gets angry and goes on a rampage! But when Sandy finally arrives with the chocolate balloon, Patrick refuses to turn around. Eventually, he does, and after biting into the chocolate, the whole Valentines carnival is covered in solid chocolate! Hillarious! My favourite line is:
    "Attention! There's a chubby pink starfish on the loose!"


    The Paper:
    Wow, who knew you could have so much fun with a piece of paper? Pointless, yet hillarious.

  • wow, its a great episode it was awesome, it rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocked!

    a great episode here is a little trivia that I found:
    -we learn that patrick is driven crazy if he ain't have enough love
    -how can the paper make a helicopter, a clarinet, and how sponge bob can have the head of a dolphin
    -on valentines day patrick bites the baloon indicating that he has teeth, but in wishing you well how can he use a fake teeth if even on later episodes when he said something that ended in y or i he'd put together his teeth.
    -how can sponge bob bounce his paper on his face if he was not doing any effort
    -how can spongebob can do an animation and music with the paper considerating how small it is.
    -when sponge bob said your fake notes make it more original, squidward, look at his three little marks on the cheek, they disappear when squidward is not talking.
    -how can sponge bob fit on squidwards shirt if his head is HUGE
    -how an gary play clarinet he hadn't hands to fill the hole.
    great episode
  • I can't belive they only show this episode on...Valentine's day!

    I'm glad I have the DVD this is on. Because, this is one of the the best episodes ever. Fools in April isn't only on April fools day. Why not this? Maybe because more Nick shows have Valentine's episodes too. Back to the review. I love the way Patrick went crazy! Thinking. . ."Heart on stick must die!" And, Squidward is naked! And, Spongebob looks good in his shirt! But, I wonder if Squidward washed his claranet when, he got it back from Spongebob. Gary used it. Gary's a woese claranet player as Squidward. The end of my review. Thank you, good night!
  • Whoa! Patrick sure goes crazy in this Episode!

    A great Season One Special! On Valentine's Day Spongebob is happy and is Ecstatic to give out all these Hearts and Cards to his Friends and Favorite People of Bikini bottom! Its nice to see Spongebob full of joy when he hands out all those Cards! WHne he's willing to give his Best Friend Ever a Gift on Valentine's Day, but trouble starts when Sandy has trouble with Chocolate Eating Scallops when they try to eat Patrick's Chocolate Balloon, and soon afterwards Ptrick turns into a Mad Destructive Maniac after being Overflowed with Jealousy and under Appreciation when all he gets is a Handshake, while the others get Candy, Roses, and Bikes! So the Valentine's Day Fair is in trouble! But it ends safely and happily when Sandy conquers the Chocolate Eating Scallops and shows up behind Patrick! So it was a Great and Exciting Episode Special to see! As for the Paper, that one was pretty neat too! Its quite funny when Squidward thinks a useless piece of Paper is complete Rubbish, but he's wrong when he sees SpongeBob do all sorts of fun and kooky and talented things with it! The conclusion is when Squidward finally obtains the Paper when he gives EVERYTHING away, including his Shirt! But he realizes that it is a useless piece of Paper, and Patrick thinks so too! Patrick thinks that's the Perfect thing to wrap up his Piece of Gum with and throw away in the Trash Can! Then Squidward says "Anyone got any Sunscreen?" when he's left all alone! I guess that means the Paper is only useful with SpongeBob and others who got Talent and a Creative and Wild Imagination!
  • Valentine's Day in Bikini Bottom.

    Valentine's Day: Good as I expect, in this one, Spongebob celebrates Valentine's Day by keeping Patrick's Valentine's gift a secret which was the chocolate coating ballooon. Nothing else to say, and people you don;t have to give me anything. Good episode.

    Episode Grade: C+

    The Paper: A series classic, Squidward litters a worthless piece of paper and Spongebob starts playing with it, when Squidward doesn't want it back. But proves that the paper CAN be fun! Before that, Squidward does a few activities that isn't always fun as a piece of paper. So Squidward wants it, but Spongebob shows a flipbook of a flashback(that was funny!). Instead, Squidward gave him his shirt(freaky design for Spongebob). This episode was great at the start.

    Episode Grade: B-

    Final Grade: C
  • Review #5

    Valentine's Day – I know I know this isn't a romantic story (though I wish it was) and I also know, that it isn't just about Spongebob & Sandy (another downfall.) This is mainly about our favorite sponge showing love to all of Bikini Bottom, on such a special day. This includes Plankton (even "hot gas" evil people, deserves a break.) I have written about this one, because Valentine's Day is one of my best days. Yes in some ways it is "over" promoted, to make more money off people. But romance is a powerful thing, why do you think I like the whole idea of Spongebob & Sandy being together. When this lovely pair swapped gifts near the start, it was just too bad that moment only lasted for a few seconds. Let me give you a friendly tip, NEVER EVER give your opposite, a handshake for a surprise present.
    The Paper – Can't believe that original paper could be so much fun. Nice insight into paper.
  • the paper epsoide was a classic.

    the paper epsodie was a classic. after i saw it i tried to have fun with paper and its really fun. i couldn't do all the things spongebob did because it was impossbile but made more things up by using my imagation e.g acting like a bird around the house, using it like a sword etc. it is so fun and thats all because of this one epsodie.

    the other epsode was good to. poor patrick but he got the Best present at the end well done patrick but theres one problem spongebob didn't get sandy a present how could he.
  • okay so maybe Patrick did do some messing up in the carnival.

    Valentimes Day: Patrick gets jealous when Spongebob get so many gifts on Valentimes Day. The Paper: Squidward gets jealous when Spongbob creats a lot of fun things to do with a piece of paper. The Valentimes day episode is an okay one. The ending is hillarious when Patrick takes a bite of the choclate balloon and splatters everywhere is funny. The Paper day episode gets the episode rolling. The idea of creating so many ways of fun for piece of paper is classic. And the ending which Squidward trades everything for the paper and Patrick takes the paper to throw out his gum he is eating is the best part of the episode. This idea is extremly hillarious and the creators of Spongebob are extremly smart. The Paper was the best one out of both but the other was great and funny too. In The Paper, Spongebob get's a paper and starts doing all these weird and cool and funny things with it. And eventually, it starts to anoy and get Squidward jelous. So Squidward tries to find another thing that is funner than the paper but fails and trades everything he owns for the paper back. And at the end, he learns that he can't even do the things spongebob did with the paper! Well it stars Patrick instead of Spongebob or Squidward for a change. Lets face the facts here. Patrick rarely ever gets starred in an episode of Spongebob Squarepants. But even though he rarely ever does this episode still shows us Patricks crazy side. Now a couple years ago The Paper was my favorite episode of all time but since the days have went by I sort of lost my appeal for the episode. But it is still a very good episode to watch and is chalk full of comedy. I loved these episodes!I loved the Valentine's Day episode when Patrick got angry and thought that he was just getting a hand shake for Valentine's Day. I did feel bad for Patrick,though. I loved the episode The Paper when Squidward through away a candy wrapper and SpongeBob found it and started playing with it. I also loved the part when Squidward got jealous of SpongeBob and gave SpongeBob evrything he had for a piece of paper.
  • Valentimes Day: Patrick gets jealous when Spongebob get so many gifts on Valentimes Day. The Paper: Squidward gets jealous when Spongbob creats a lot of fun things to do with a piece of paper

    The Valentimes day episode is an okay one. The ending is hillarious when Patrick takes a bite of the choclate balloon and splatters everywhere is funny. The Paper day episode gets the episode rolling. The idea of creating so many ways of fun for piece of paper is classic. And the ending which Squidward trades everything for the paper and Patrick takes the paper to throw out his gum he is eating is the best part of the episode. This idea is extremly hillarious and the creators of Spongebob are extremly smart. My opinion Paper Day is the better one. Valentimes Day an okay episode
  • Valentine`s Day.

    Paper was plain boring. Valentine`s Day on the other hand was pretty disturbing. I really think that this is a gay ( the defintion of gay in this case is homosexual , not happy ) episode. Shouldn`t SB`s gift should`ve been to a female , instead of Patrick. The idea was great , and really got me excited. I was very anxient to watch this episode. I actually thought that SB was going to have a girlfriend. But , instead SB gave the gift to Patrick , which was a gay idea. This episode could have been much , much better.
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