SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 8 Episode 14

Way of the Sponge / Bubble Trouble

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 25, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Awful and Mediocre

    Bubble Trouble: Awful. Just awful. I don't want see Sandy nearly die. 2.5/10

    Way of the Sponge: Well, it's better than most karate episodes of the show (including pre-movie), but it's . 5.5
  • They're both watchable, but Way of the Sponge was better

    Way of the Sponge: SpongeBob wants to earn his belt from karate master Fuzzy Acorns with Sandy's help. I thought this episode was perfect. I must say that this episode was a little better than Bubble Troubles. SpongeBob trying to earn a belt from the karate master named Fuzzy Acorns was interesting. All the karate moves were very impressive. There were some funny parts here, but the funniest was probably the ending. Overall, an excellent episode with great actions. 10/10

    Bubble Troubles: SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally destroy Sandy's air supply and have to help her find more oxygen.Another watchable episode But it is not as good as its pair. I somewhat didn't like the beginning because it was a waste of time. It was a bit hilarious though. Sandy's behavior after her air supply got destroyed was very funny. Pearl helping Sandy to get air back was very nice. I laughed a few more parts, especially the ending. Overall, an almost perfect episode 9.5/10
  • WOTS: A good episode, with good Karate Action. 9.5/10 Bubble Trouble: I agree with tigerdude. Except for the filler, this episode was good! 9.5/10

    Way of the Sponge: This was a funny and cool episode, with plenty of Karate Action. The scenes in here were great and very funny. I really liked it. 9.5/10

    Bubble Trouble: As said in the top, the beginning was just boring filler, which lowered the score a tiny bit. But that was saved by the rest of the episode, where Spongebob and Patrick are causing trouble around Bikini Bottom. The Sandy Antics were hilarious and clever. It was funny when she crashed into the Krusty Krab. The part at the end was thought out and funny.
  • "Way of the Sponge" was funny and amazing AND "Bubble Trouble" was perfect as well except for the first 3 minutes of the episode


    Way of the Sponge: Good news was that I was able to watch all 4 new SpongeBob episodes from Denver, Colorado before we went back to Texas. I loved this SpongeBob episode. It was funny and amazing plus I think it's the best karate episode that I have ever seen. That karate master Fuzzy Wuzzy was hilarious and Rich Fulcher was the perfect guest star. I don't know who Rich Fulcher is but he did a terrific job voicing that karate master Fuzzy Wuzzy, Kinda didn't like how he humiliated SpongeBob... that was kinda low of him to take his belt that holds his pants and just let SpongeBob walk out of Sandy's treedome with his pants down. I laughed hard at so many parts in this episode such as when SpongeBob hurt himself when he tried to karate chop the log, SpongeBob running on Sandy's wheel, SpongeBob training himself such running up and down the stairs and more, Fuzzy Wuzzy trying to fight SpongeBob but then SpongeBob would hit Fuzzy Wuzzy without even knowing such as when Fuzzy was running to SpongeBob and then SpongeBob hits him in the face and says "Oh, I forgot the fries", Fuzzy calling Sandy "Squirrel Cheeks", Fuzzy Wuzzy throughout the entire episode except maybe when he humiliated SpongeBob, Fuzzy giving SpongeBob his black belt and then Fuzzy's pants fell down, and a couple more. Overall, I loved the storyline and there was a bunch of excellent humor to really make you laugh. 10/10

    Bubble Trouble: This SpongeBob episode was perfect as well. I'm not gonna take any points off but I did have a nit-pick about this episode. The nit-pick that I had with this episode was the first 3 minutes of the episode. I just thought the first 2 minutes of the episode was a huge time filler and a little boring just seeing SpongeBob and Patrick blow bubbles with hot sauce and then it would sting their eyes even though it was a little funny. I can let it slide after that since the episode got a whole more interesting and pretty funny after it got to the part when SpongeBob and Patrick blew hot sauce bubbles into Sandy's air container and broke it by accident. There were some parts that made me laugh such as Patrick giving Sandy more oxygen, Sandy going crazy but it was a little creepy at the same time, the ending, and a couple of more. It was a little scary and a bit intense seeing Sandy turn blue because of how much oxygen she is losing. I didn't like seeing one of my favorite characters sufficating and turning blue. Pearl's role was very good in this episode... she didn't cry, she didn't complain or whine.... she was just being a good friend to Sandy by giving her more oxygen. The storyline was handled very well and there were some good humor but seeing Sandy losing oxygen was a bit scary to me. Overall, even though both pairings were perfect in my opinion... "Way of the Sponge" was a tiny bit better to me. 10/10

  • Requested by tigerdude22.


    WOTS: Awesome episode i liked it alot. it had a cool Plot too. Spongebob's Karate moves were just Brialiant. My Favorite part would have to be the ending were Fuzzy Acorn's Pants fell off LOL!.

    Final Grade 9.8/10 A++

    BT: Another Awesome episode it was almost as good as WOTS. I would've given it the same score if it wasnt for one detail. now i loved how sandy turned back down as soon as Spongebob and Patrick came up to where the air was That made me laugh for an hour. Now to the detail i didnt like how pearl Breathed on sandy to give her oxegen that was disgusting. and not funny. Still Great episode.

    Final Grade 9.4/10 A+

    Overall. 9.6/10 A+

  • Way of the Sponge: Exciting! Bubble Trouble: Fun!


    Now I just finished watching the 4 new spongebob episodes and here are my reviews on the first 2.

    Way of the Sponge: Spongebob see's sandy training to get the "even blacker belt" in karateand he wants to be a master also. master fuzzy tells him to train so he can fight sandy the next morning. He trains but trians to hard and falls asleep. next morning he wakes up and shows up to sandys dome but is extremly tired and fails, fuzzy embarrases spongebob and tells him to run off. sandy decides to teach fuzzy that spongebob is good by taking him to the krusty krab, where spongebob is able to prove he is worthy for a black belt, and sandy gets the blacker belt.

    This was even better than I thougth it would be, i loved the masters watch in the episode, the fighting scenes were amazingly done, and spongebob was action packed!

    this episode gets a 10

    Bubble Trouble: Sandy is running out of air, so spongebob risks his life to get O2 for sandy, in the end bubbles get them in trouble again XD

    Well..this episode isnt as close to as amazing Way of the sponge, but this one had its great moments, sandy going crazy, the squidward avenge thing, and spongebobs little action theme.

    This episode gets a 9

    In the end both these episodes did great and had amazing dramatic(funny as hell) moments.