SpongeBob SquarePants

Season 2 Episode 14

Welcome to the Chum Bucket / Frankendoodle

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 21, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • Great episodes!

    I liked Frankendoodle better but Welcome to the Chum Bucket is still good. Frankendoodle is one of the best episodes of all time.
  • Frankendoodle is better

    Welcome to the Chum Bucket




    OVERALL IS 6.5/10
  • SpongeBob have to work at the Chum Bucket and SB and Patrick finds a giant pencil from an artist at sea

    Welcome to the Chum Bucket: This episode was superb, but it is really no my favorite episode which lowers the score a bit. I did like the song for the episode although it sounds depressing (not as depressing as the song in "Have you seen this snail?"). The plot of SpongeBob working for Plankton at the Chum Bucket after he beat Mr. Krabs on a card was kinda great idea. I didn't laugh that much, but the montage of SpongeBob at the chum bucket was kinda funny. I laughed at the ending as well. Overall a superb episode. 9/10

    Frankendoodle: This episode is better its first pair and it got me huge laughs here. I laughed almost everything from start to finish such as the artist yelling since he drops the pencil, Squidward drawing, SpongeBob and Patrick getting a dollar to prank Squidward, Doodle Bob's appearance throughout the episode, the other half of the pencil breaks at Squidward's house, and the ending./ Overall an episode that is definitly my top 10 for this season. 10/10
  • perfect


    Welcome to the Chum Bucket:
    SpongeBob must work for Plankton after a card game between Krabs and the evil green bean. With nothing else to do, he must deal with working in a new frycooking fashion.

    SpongeBob and Patrick find a magic pencil. When SpongeBob draws himself, it comes to life and causes chaos around Bikini Bottom. So now SpongeBob and Patrick must erase it before things go terribly bad.

    10 out of 10

  • One of the best episodes of the series!!!


    This episode is one of the many that shows what makes this show so great and the best Nick has to offer. It also showcases plankton in his funniest episode and what makes his so awesome. Frankendoodle on the other hand is comedic genius and show what make the partership of the Sponge and the Starfish so special in which spongebob and Patrick fuel each other in a comical sense and doodlebobb also is a class act and I could not stop laughing. Overall one of the best spongebob episode ever and is not to be missed.

  • Both episodes were all-around excellent

    Welcome to the Chum Bucket: I thought that this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". It was kinda emotional in one or two scenes but it was mostly funny and enjoyable and I would consider it my favorite episode. Mr. Krabs lost the poker game with Plankton and Mr. Krabs must give SpongeBob to Plankton so SpongeBob will be working for Plankton at the Chum Bucket now. The song "This Grill Is Not A Home" that both SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs was a very enjoyable song but it was also a little emotional listening to the song and kinda made shed in one or two tears. The scene with SpongeBob having Plankton move the grill was funny. SpongeBob being a spoiled brat throughout this episode was also funny. The ending was funny as well when Plankton couldn't take having SpongeBob anymore and begs Mr. Krabs to take him back. Overall, this was an excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10

    Frankendoodle: I thought that this was another excellent episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". I thought that this episode much funnier than the first pairing though but I still love the first pairing. SpongeBob drawing DoodleBob with the giant pencil that fell from the ocean was hilarious. The artist dropping his pencil in the ocean and yelling "Nooooooo" in the beginning of the episode was absolutely hilarious. SpongeBob and Patrick drawing a dollar to prank Squidward was also funny. DoodleBob hurting Squidward was also hilarious. DoodleBob using Patrick as the bowling pins was absolutely hilarious and classic. Patrick's line "Finland" was also funny. SpongeBob and DoodleBob erasing each other was hilarious and SpongeBob defeating DoodleBob was good. The very ending with SpongeBob and Patrick returning the pencil to the very top of the ocean was good. The artist getting his pencil back and then breaking it and telling "Noooooooo" at the very end of the episode was absolutely hilarious. Overall, an all-around hilarious episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants". 10/10
  • Frankendoodle is excellent (and Chum Bucket was great too)

    Welcome to the Chum Bucket- Plankton beats Mr. Krabs at cards, and wins Spongebob's contract as a winning. Willl Plankton find out the secret formula via Spongebob? Very funny throughout, there's a great visual gag in which through a series of requests, Plankton turns the Chum Bucket into the Krusty Krab. 10/10 A+

    Frankendoodle- Spongebob and Patrick find a magical writing utensil, and create a spongebob look alike with it. However, it turns out to be evil. Will Spongebob and Patrick be able to save Bikini Bottom from his evil? One of my favorites from the whole series, there are so many quoteable moments and great scenes, it is easily a favorite of mine. 10/10 A+

    Overall, two very great episodes, I liked Frankendoodle a bit more, but they both worth watching, fan or no fan. 10/10 A+
  • Welcome To The Chum Bucket was just mean to SpongeBob

    Welcome to the Chum Bucket:

    SpongeBob must work for Plankton after a card game between Krabs and the evil green bean. With nothing else to do, he must deal with working in a new frycooking fashion. This episode is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very mean to SpongeBob.



    SpongeBob and Patrick find a magic pencil. When SpongeBob draws himself, it comes to life and causes chaos around Bikini Bottom. So now SpongeBob and Patrick must erase it before things go terribly bad.

    9.2/10 A
  • Very Good Episode

    Welcome To The Chum Bucket: A good episode. I can't believe Mr.Krabs would play for Spongebob! You could tell Spongebob didn't want to work at the Chum Bucket, but Plankton was Spongebob's boss and Spongebob should of showed Plankton the smae respect he shows Mr.Krabs.Glad Spongebob went back to Mr.Krabs.

    FrakenDoodle: Really good episode, the best of the two. It was great how Spongebob defeated Frakendoodle. This episodes introduces the artist at sea! Haha, he's really funny. I wonder why he lives on the seas. That's just stupid. Maybe he doesn't live at sea? I do't know. Overall Great Episode!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show spongebob it begins with the first part of the ep were mr krabs is excited to be playing cards with planton because he beats him all the time but this time crabs loses and he bet spongebob job and so spongebob goes and works there at the chumbucket but planton cant take it anymore and sends himback and the second part spongebob discovers a penicil that fell down into the ocean and they start to use it to draw and make things come to life by drawing them and then it draws and makes a exact thing like spongebob excepts its bad and patrick and spongebob must stop it
  • perfect

    welcome to the chum bucket- plankton wins spongebob on a card bet. but will spongebob be a good employee at the chum bucket?

    Frankendoodle- Spongebob and Patrick get a magic pencil and everything they draw comes to life. Spongebob draws himself, but the one he draws is pure evil. will Spongebob and Patrick be able to beat Frankendoodle Bob?

    Great episodes, both of these are definitely personal favorites of mine, they are both hilarious and have great plots. The only downer is the ending to Frankendoodle, i did not like it, but the rest of both was great, grade, an A+
  • doodle

    Not nearly one of the best episodes in SpongeBob Squarepants history, but this was definitely a memorable episode, and one that led to a lot of quotes and famous scenes.

    I just have one question: why was doodlebob so angry?

    Patrick simply saying, "What's with all the ruckus?" somehow manages to be funny, and that is just one of the reasons why this show is so great.

    Even having seen this episode a dozen times it can still incite humongous laughter from me.

    For all the haters of this show tell them to watch this episode and I guarantee they will be laughing.
  • welcome to the chum bucket was fantastic frankendodle however was not near as good

    welcome to the chum bucket this is my all time favorite spongebob episode and this episode is not the reason why it gets such high ratings i completly disagree i think this episode was funny detailed and sad and everything im still going to be watching this episode my grade for it is a 11 just like spy buddies and good ol whatshisname frankendoodle meh this episode was okay but not near as good as the first because spongebob makes a clone drawing of him and its comes alive weird huh i dont really have much to say about this episode execpt that its not as good as the first one but i give it a 8.1 kingnicky1 out
  • A simply awesome pairing.

    Welcome to the Chum Bucket: A great, and yet at the same time touching episode. It had a lot of awesome parts, both funny like when SpongeBob keeps asking Plankton to move the stove, and sad, like The Just a Greasy Spoon song. Truly a fantastic episode that shows a different side of Mr. Krabs.

    Score: A- 9.1/10

    Frankendoodle: If there were 3 words to describe this episode, it would be funny, funny and funny. Oh, and you could throw hilarious in there too. Patrick plays a simply gut-bustingly hilarious part in this episode, with many funny moments ranging from when he describes the SpongeBob-inspired DoodleBob as hideous in front of SB to the whole birthday party misunderstanding (Happy Happy Birthday to Me!). The Squidward hair part was funny too, and SpongeBob provided some laughs also. Even Mr. Lawrence, voice of Plankton, makes an entertaining live-action appearance. Simply outstanding. Score: A+ 9.5/10
  • Okay these starting episodes to season 3 are a lot better and definitely make up for the last two episodes that premiered for the start of season 3 (MM & BB 4 and Doing Time.)

    I love Welcome to the Chumbucket and Frankendoodle so much! I could go on all night at how much I love the episodes and all the things and characteristics that rocked about them! But I guess I'll just say what my favorite parts are in these two episodes, and what I loved the most about them, that sure do bring back memories in the good old days of SpongeBob. Okay Welcome to the Chumbucket features another fantastic evil scheme from Plankton, and his plan was to try and cheat and win the game of cards Plankton and Mr. Krabs usually play on certain nights. He was successful at winning when Mr. Krabs bet something big, which was SpongeBob, his number one frycook! Oh noes! What will Mr. Krabs do? If SpongeBob continues to work over at the Chum Bucket, that means the Krusty Krab will eventually go out of business without his superior frycook skills. To get SpongeBob to make a krabby patty for Plankton, Karen suggested he gives him compassion and understanding, then he'll give him what he wants. All is well in the end though, which is great! Because it turns out that plan wasn't the right direction to go in, since it caused SpongeBob to be nothing but a spoiled brat, including his brain in his robotic version! Plankton gives in and successfully gets SpongeBob back working over at the Krusty Krab, by paying him 50 bucks.:P I agree with Plankton that he is better off stealing a krabby patty fair and square.;) I also thought the songs in this episode were quite touching.:) Now for Frankendoodle! This episode was super cool seeing SpongeBob and Patrick getting to draw sketches that come to life with a giant magic pencil!:D I loved all of the cool drawings SpongeBob and Patrick made, like a jellyfish, and a strange shortened doodle of Squidward!:P Squidward also gets to have hair for a while in this episode! Even though technically it is a little black mustache.:P That fake money prank was cool too! But I did feel bad for Squidward losing his hair like that. SpongeBob then draws himself, but it turns out his doodled version is very dangerous! SpongeBob and Patrick now need to try and figure out how to stop him! Favorite scenes with a lot of funny moments include: When Patrick looks like a bowling pin and gets hit by DoodleBob's bowling ball, and also when patrick gets hit on the head with a wrench and says "Where's the leak ma'am?" I think this part is the funniest: Patrick thinks him, SpongeBob, and DoodleBob are having a suprise party, and gives DoodleBob a rock for a present, but he then pounds and places the rock on Patrick's head causing Patrick to have a hilarious facial expression and says "your welcome!" I also think the part where Doodlebob erases a door in SpongeBob's house while erasing his backside at the same time since he had his back agaisnt the door, and then DoodleBob erases SpongeBob's butt, was funny! My favorite part has to be when SpongeBob drew all of those cool features in his room, like a canopy over his bed, and a royal crown on Gary's head! Well the ending is great and perfect! I loved how SpongeBob accidentally had the pencil hit Squidward, where SpongeBob thinks he then got voted for most clumsy than artistic in High School.:P And then SpongeBob has DoodleBob become very happy and relieved by being on a piece of paper in one of SpongeBob's books!:D Oh yeah and the two most important rules for an artist out at sea: Always bring a spare pencil and a pencil sharpener!
  • One was definitely not one the best episodes of season 2, the other one sure as heck was!

    Welcome to the Chum Bucket was not the worst episode of the season. It wasn't really bad to be honest. I just don't like it as much as most of the other season 2 eps because it was a little too emotional and not all that funny. It did have a couple laughable moments like Sponge back-sassing Plankton and the robot chef turning out not to be a big help. Frankendoodle, however, is a whole different story. I'm not sure I can count how many laughable moments are in it, from Gary being the "sweet prince" to DoodleBob beating up Squidward to Patrick getting bonked on the head twice! Also, let's not forget the puns. I could go on and on and on, but that would take forever. Marebear2009, out!
  • Awesome

    Welcome to the Chum Bucket: SpongeBob must work for Plankton after a card game between Krabs and the evil green bean. With nothing else to do, he must deal with working in a new frycooking fashion. A+ Great

    Frankendoodle: SpongeBob and Patrick find a magic pencil. When SpongeBob draws himself, it comes to life and causes chaos around Bikini Bottom. So now SpongeBob and Patrick must erase it before things go terribly bad.

    A+ Great and it was also extremly funny. The beginning and the end of the episode was funny when the guy keeps losing his pencil, that was hillarious!

    Overall A+
  • Awesome pair. Frankendoodle was hilarious, Welcome to the Chum Bucket was very sweet.

    Welcome To The Chum Bucket- I love the fact that Mr. Krabs really cared about SpongeBob on this episode, it was really sad how much they needed each ohter. And then the song was hard braking, and probably one of my favorite SpongeBob songs. The way it turned out was good, although Mr. Krabs ended up winning an extra $50. Really special installment. 8.9/10

    Frankendoodle- I love this episode so much! It was so funny, so many funny gags and excelent examples of SpongeBob Master Pieces. The live action with Mr. Lawrence was awesome, I loved it. And DoodleBob is a great villain, he should return on another episode! Even Squidward's parts were hilarious, even if he was a minor character. Very silly and funny. 9.3/10
  • OMG! The first episode was so sad. The second episode was totally hillarious!

    Welcome to the Chum Bucket was where SpongeBob went to work for Plankton at the Chum Bucket. The song Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob sang was funny, but sad. I felt bad for SpongeBob having to leave Mr. Krabs. I laughed at a few parts. Like when SpongeBob was asking Plankton for a lot of stuff and when he refused to do any work. But, I thought he was out of character when he acted like such a brat. The ending was funny too. Goes to show ya, if you act like a brat, you're brain will be pulled out and implanted in a robot. (Ha! Ha!) Grade: B+. Frankdoodle was hillarious and one of my favorites. This was very suspensful. But, I laughed at so many parts. Like when the Artist lost his pencil. That was funny. I was also laughing when SpongeBob and Patrick freaked out over the pencil and Patrick stopped and just looked at it. Then, when SpongeBob was trying to catch the doodle and they fell down the hole. When that rench fell on Patrick, I started to crack up. Then, when Patrick's head magically turns into bowling pins and he gets hit with the bowling ball, that was funny too. I also laughed when Patrick was calling the doodle ugly. Grade: A+.
  • another pair of not great episodes for season three

    Not a good pair of episodes at all. I gave it a higher rating than it deserved and I really think I should lower the rating I gave. This episode Welcome to the Chum Bucket just sucked out loud. It wasn't the worst episode ever but it certainly is not as good as many others. Frankendoodle actually was sort of good. It was kind of funny and it was fun to watch too. Not only that but it also was a pretty creative episode to be made. It is pretty rare to see episodes made like this. It wasn't a very good risk though because it really didn't go that far
  • Mr. Krabs wagers Spongebob in a bet with Plankton and loses. Spongebob is now an employee of the Chum Bucket. Spongebob and Patrick find a magical pencil that brings doodles to life. A poorly drawn caricature of Spongebob wreaks havoc.

    In my opinion, Welcome to the Chum Bucket and Frankendoodle are the best episodes of the series, and my personal favorite, not to say that every episode of Spongebob is not a work of genius. I found the duet between Spongebob and Mr. Krabs (It's Just a Greasy Spoon") extremely catchy and it hasn't left my head since. Any newcomer to Spongebob Squarepants needs only to see these episodes to get a taste of the style of inventive style of humor Spongebob offers. Expect to see plenty of Patrick's loveable stupidity in his interactions with Frankendoodle, as well as one fleeting moment of intelligence when he critiques Spongebob's doodle.
  • Spongebob goes to work at the Chum Bucket; Spongebob creates an out-of-control monster

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  • This episode starts out as Mr. Krabs telling Spongebob that he lost his contract to Plankton while playing a card game. Then the next one is about Spongebob drawing an evil doodle of himself.

    I absolutely looove this episode because it is sooo funny.

    But I liked the "Welcome to Chum Bucket" segment better than

    the second one. I just like the part when Spongebob and Mr.

    Krabs are singing to each other and wished everything would

    be back to the way they were. It was so good and I sing

    along everytime that one comes on. The second one is okay

    but it can never compete with the first one.
  • Very cool episode. News flash! Mr. Krab's loses SB's Contract to... Plankton!! Spongedoodle tries to destroy Spongebob!

    This was a great episode. Getting to see the Chum Bucket's kitchen was a memorable moment. SpongeBob even became a robot! I especially liked it when Spongebob sang "A stove , is a stove..."
    Then, SpongeBob and Patrick found a "magic pencil" and made DoodleBob, who tried to destroy SpongeBob!
    This was definitely one of my favorite episodes.
    This was suspiciously on the season two boxed set...
  • Welcome to the Chum Bucket/Frankendoodle: Mr.Krabs loses SpongeBob's fry cook contract... to Plankton! Frankendoodle:SpongeBob and Patrick discover a pencil from the surface, and everything they draw with it comes to life.

    This was a great episode. Getting to see the Chum Bucket's kitchen was a memorable moment. SpongeBob even became a robot! Then, SpongeBob and Patrick found a "magic pencil" and made DoodleBob, who tried to destroy SpongeBob!
    This was definitely one of my favorite episodes.
    This was suspiciously on the season two boxed set...
  • Really good

    In Welcome to the Chum Bucket, this one was pretty good, not bad, though. Although, it could've been better. Plankton tries to get Spongebob to cough up some more things about the Krabby Patty, but since Spongebob's stupid yet smart plan, Plankton's own plan failed.

    In Frakendoodle, the sky has a baby... pencil! So they use it, but whatever comes out, comes to life! So what'll happen when Spongebob draws a Maniacbob...
  • Spongebob works for Plankton and Spongebob creates Doodlebob

    Mr.Krabs looses a Card game to Plankton and He bet Spongebob now he works for the Chumbucket and Plankton orders him to make a Patty but Spongebob procanstinates and Plankton is so Mad he put his Brain in his Robot and Convinces Krabs to him Back.A pencil falls from the Surface and Spongebob finds it Spongebob and Patrick make cartoons that come to life and a Prank goes wrong after Spongebob creates Doodlebob and he turns Evil.
  • I Think that The Episodes Was Really Good and Well Written And I Think Its Very Funny But That's My Opinion But It's Really Really Good And Funny!


    Welcome to the Chum Bucket:
    Mr. Krabs bets SpongeBob's contract to Plankton in cards. Plankton wins, and tries to be nice so SpongeBob will make Krabby Patties. SpongeBob doesn't cooperate, so Plankton fessed up -- he cheated.

    SpongeBob and Patrick find a magic pencil. If you use it on anything but paper, the object comes to life. SpongeBob draws himself. The doodle is angry. Spongebob takes the pencil and erases everything, but one arm. The arm grabs the pencil and redraws itself. It turns out the eraser can erase real stuff! The doodle erases 1/2 of SpongeBob. SpongeBob snaps the pencil in two. It is a standoff - SpongeBob has the point, Doodle has the eraser. But Doodle sharpens his end. SpongeBob hides, Paper falls out of the bookshelf. Doodle's foot gets stuck on the paper. It is now a duel, with SpongeBob's weapon of choice being an empty book. That's not all that happened. During the night something happens, but we don't exactly know what had happened
  • Spongebob SquarePants is a funny show for kids adults can watch and enjoy the show too.

    Frankendoodle is one of my favorites episodes the story is pretty funny and the episode is humorous. I like other episodes but this is one of my favorite. Spongebob doesn't stop being silly. Its the silliness of the show that makes it good. I give the series a thumbs up